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Batteries remain the weakest place for modern smartphones, the average capacity of the battery is usually somewhere between 2000 and 3000 mAh, some models have the power supplies with a capacity of just above 3000 mAh, and very few reach 4000 mAh. However, Philips, which is famous for the long-playing cell phones, now decided to beat all competitors. In China went on sale smartphone Philips W6618, its main advantage is the incredible battery capacity 5300 mAh. This is two times more than the battery capacity the average smartphone, such capacity, the smartphone will last for two weeks of work : in standby mode or 33 hours in talk mode. None of the former "smart" mobile phones such a focus is not capable of. Unfortunately, other technical characteristics of...

I have to Say that the standard implementation of such interaction exists. However, because this article is a continuation of the theme "a Simple call to the remote service methods in a single-page application, it will provide an alternative scheme of interaction necessary to replace ajax obsolete, in the context of the approach(jrspc), described in the above topic. In the first article was the lock-up call service methods, using ajax. In this article describes how you can implement this mechanism, with the replacement of ajax on obsolete, without changing code business logic of the application. This change gives a faster connection(tests at the end), savings of server memory and adds the ability to call methods of the client from the server. To...

It Seems that Motorola have found their market. After the impressive success Moto G, the company is preparing to repeat history, but with the new device. Previously Motorola have already been hints that the company will concentrate on the production relative to the budget, but a good device. Now the Brazilian portal TechnoBlog reports, that once the American company in the sleeve hiding Motoe E, which we will show soon. it is Not clear whether the smartphone issued for the entire world, or will be focused only on certain regions. So far, it is known that it will be released in three versions: XT1021 with one SIM card, XT1022 with two active SIM cards, XT1025 with two SIM-cards, support for TV. Judging by the specifications of the future Moto E marks in just...

A Few days ago there was another important event in the development JS framework Kendo UI from the company Telerik. They released OpenSource version of the product under the Apache license v2 - Kendo UI Core. In practice all has appeared not so simply and clearly. all Previously library Kendo UI was released under the GPL v3 license that was not allowed to use it free for commercial products for commercial applications on the basis of this library was developed Kendo UI commercial license. But for OpenSource, this library was a real gift. Of course there are other similar libraries, and they have a lot of their fans. Pluses Kendo can be considered: 1) Full support for JQuery 2) a Large number of widgets that allows you to do the JS library (not including...

With the release of Windows Phone 8.1 users had the opportunity to set your own Wallpapers to the home screen. And with Accentize you will be able to fill the background with a gradient or create your unique color.... to Read next, Create a unique background of the home screen using Accentize on WP 8.1

List of changes stable firmware version Xiaomi MI 3W - JXDCNBA12.0. Brief designations [+] - added a new feature, previously absent in MIUI; [O] - improve some features, such as: optimization algorithm or interface; [F] - fix errors; [-] - removed [System] [O] Improved stability ...

Yesterday, after a forced update of Ubuntu with version 13.10 version 14.04, apparently happened error and stopped to run a graphical environment. On the same laptop installed Windows 7, as a second OS. In mc, you can log in Ubuntu. How do I save the files that are in /var/www/ and preferably files MySQL database also be copied. Very't want them to lose. Please help.

No matter How perfect, were not design, convenience and modern smartphone, the most critical factor still remains the battery. "No legs - no nuts and rapidly fading interest battery during the day nullify all the pleasures of even the most sophisticated of the flagship. If you believe the rumors, the new iPhone 6 will get more capacious battery, which is very [...]

Daily (Free) | The Idiot Test 3 (Free) | Steps Pedometer (33 rubles) Daily we manually select for you the best offers from the App Store that become free or distributed with big discount. Every day new and better applications for your iPhone, iPad or Mascitti dalee... - Blog about Apple | Comments: no Show all records in the category App Store Discounts.

LG Electronics (LG) has presented to the Ukrainian users the new L Series III - LG L65 Dual. On April 21, 2014 smartphone will be available at retail and online stores. LG L65 Dual preserved typical L-series minimalist design, and has improved technical characteristics and unique features. LG L65 Dual distinguishes seamless Assembly and metal case protects your phone from damage. The smartphone is powered by the latest version of the operating system Google Android 4.4 KitKat, which is also equipped with the premium LG. Android 4.4 KitKat provides improved performance smartphone, extends its functionality and simplify device management. Uninterrupted operation LG L65 provides 2 Dual-core processor 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200) and 2100 mAh battery...

As is known, advertising - the engine of progress. And to promote gadgets (popular as more men) does his best in girls. In today's photorating present you the most beautiful girls of advertisements of various devices. Smotrite also photorating: 20 legendary phones that everyone knows, the Top 30 of the most legendary smartphones, best special effects for 36 years, the Top 30 phones and smartphones for girls and the most beautiful heroine of mobile games.

Less than a week before the presentation of the expected smartphone OnePlus One around which the company has created quite a stir. Yesterday it became known that smartphone sales will be held according to the system prompt. [...]

A Few days ago in the Internet appeared the image of the smartphone LG Isai FL intended for Japanese operator KDDI. The absence of such a device in the portfolio, LG, as well as the design of the smartphone suggest that this is the Japanese version of the new flagship G3. By the way, later appeared image and the G3 , at least according to the source. Thanks to the user evleaks we have the opportunity not only to take another look at LG Isai FL, only in a different color, but also to learn its features. Smartphone will get a display diagonal 5.5 inch. Its resolution is still unknown. The platform will act Snapdragon 801. Complete the picture with 2 GB of RAM and 32GB of flash memory. Will be present and microSD card slot. Battery capacity is 3000 mA•h...

From 10 to 13 April in the exhibition center "Crocus Expo" was held the only Russian exhibition of consumer electronics, our response Las-Vegas - Consumer Electronics and Photo Expo. We managed to attend the event at the height of the first day.

It Became known that Nike is planning to stop production of electronic gadgets and cover the direction called FuelBand. Not surprisingly in this regard the dismissal of all employees. According to rumors, their number may reach up to 80 people. In addition, according to independent sources, the company is planning to focus on software for fitness, which is likely, in the long run will be more advantageous from the point of view of investment and profit. In recent years, competition in the market of devices for fitness has increased dramatically. Nike became sharply to lose, especially at the moment when the battle grounds sales are connected Jawbone and Fitbit. Thus, a step in the direction of software development, from the first is quite reasonable and...

Me increasingly starting to scare division of the people "Church-going" and "unchurched". Such terminology is often defy yesterday neophytes, seeking, apparently, hurry to give up their past, from yesterday. But is it not that they often refuse from their today's neighbors?

" You ask as we? We are all very plohogo, of course, for me and such as I - Ukrainians, who use the Ukrainian language in Crimea. I look at these happy faces, on this General rejoicing and clearly and distinctly see: Crimean people hate us. read more →

Proper metabolism is the major health condition, beautiful figure and constant volume belt. It is a well-functioning digestive system allows the body to properly use food, constantly update and restore cells to maintain circulation functioning of glands that are responsible for the condition of nutrients. Wrong metabolism may be the cause of many diseases and ailments, such as stomach pain, swelling, ulcers, diarrhea, atherosclerosis [...]

In the night from Friday to Saturday many people of Kola Peninsula observed in the sky unusual outbreak similar to the explosion of a meteorite, according to Flash Nord. Flash was seen at about 2:10 Moscow time residents of such cities as Murmansk, Severomorsk, Apatity, Kirovsk and Koashva. However no sound of the explosion was not reported. Official representative of the regional emergency Ministry Department Irina walnut said that the heavenly nature of the outbreak is not yet installed. She also said that "alarming calls from inhabitants of the region have been reported". Earlier, on March 5 the fall of the meteorite has caused similar bright flash in the sky above Yakutia.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday, April 22, will speak to the deputies of the State Duma of the annual report the government work for the year. As reported to journalists by the results of meeting on Thursday of the Council of Duma first Vice-speaker of the lower house Alexander Zhukov, the speech by the head of the Cabinet of Ministers will start at 12:00, RIA "Novosti". In the state Duma has offered no limit the speech of the Prime Minister, informs "Interfax". Also deputies think it is unreasonable to put a time frame for responses premiere to their questions. In accordance with the proposed procedure, each faction will be able to ask the head of the Cabinet on three questions. Procedure a hearing of the report of the head of...

Elimination of YOU had a beneficial impact on competition for judicial office. - Sun corrected the document in which the judge called a falsifier. - The state Duma missed the vices of the CCP in the arbitration process. - Success of the anti-monopoly is not a reason to abandon judicial control. - New in judicial practice copyright and OSAGO. - An unsuccessful attempt to SU to do good for car owners.

Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. During the meeting they discussed the work of the Government over the past year in connection with the preparation of the report of the Prime Minister in the State Duma.

Program "Open school of law" goes on "Avtoradio" more than six months. It actively listening to citizens and ask the experts, at times, it is vital and urgent issues that are topics for future editions. just such an issue was announced on air of one of the programs, and he touched on consumer protection - passenger automobile taxi. To meet listeners permanent expert transmission, members of Association of lawyers of Russia, Advisor to the rector of Tyumen state University, honored lawyer of the Russian Federation Olga Sivashinsky and Executive Director of the public organization of the graduates of TSU Yaroslav Ilyin was prepared together with representatives of Rospotrebnadzor Department of the Tyumen region. They reported that in 2013, the Department...

The Rights of the consumer when the goods shortcomings, provided article 18 of the Law of the Russian Federation from 07.02.1992, №2300-1 "On protection of rights of the consumer". According to this norm of the law, the customer, when the goods disadvantages, has the right to demand: 1) replacement of the goods to the product of the same brand or on the product of another brand with recalculation of the purchase price. 2) Reduction price of goods. 3) to Refuse to perform the contract of purchase-sale and to demand a refund. 4) Repair of the goods. 5) Compensation costs of elimination of defects in the goods. 6) damages, caused by the sale of the goods of improper quality. These claims may be brought by the consumer during the warranty...

Deputies proposed to change the mechanism of penalties on overdue payments for housing and communal services. Relevant amendments in the Housing code introduced in the state Duma, according to the website of the lower house of Parliament. Novelties provide for the payment of penalty in the amount of 1/170 refinancing rate Central Bank for each day of delay. As a reference point selected the tenth day of each month. The amendments will apply to payments for gas, water, heat and electricity. Now the penalty is 1/300 refinancing rate. In case of approval by the state Duma deputies initiatives punitive sanctions against defaulters for housing services almost equal in value to the consumer credit and make up about 18% per annum. Bill distributes...

Bar "STATUS" started working as a lawyer, specialist on matters related to auto accidents. Almost all lawyers can do administrative offences and to help motorists, however, if the attorney chooses narrow specialization, in somewhat higher percentage of success, and the number of cases won.

14 April 2014 office of the Federal Antimonopoly service for the city of Moscow (Moscow FAS Russia) found that "CRISMAR-MM" and LLC "REMSTROY" concluded anticompetitive agreement (cartel) with the participation of 9 auctions for the implementation of measures to improve road conditions the individual transport hubs in the capital

The Request of the tax authority on the provision of information by the operator to receive payments should be formed in accordance with the approved form Operators to receive payments shall be obliged to provide the tax authorities with information about the executed individuals calculations...

In connection with the device of networks of water supply and sanitation at Pervomayskaya Ul. and restoration of asphalt concrete roadway between 9 hours on 26 April to 22 hours 30 April will be temporarily restricted the movement of vehicles on the street from Orel street Pervomayskaya Ul. to Granite.

Wanted to spend a Good Friday for instructive reading and in contemplation of the eternal, but will not work. Again, like yesterday, will have to discuss addict whether "the MP with the help Lisovenko. Just look for quotes from his statements and decide for yourself: that, "since ancient times, the officer-pilot is" was a hit yesterday's meetings. Although, in my opinion Galatians underestimated. After all, it is ridiculous to imagine that a member of United Russia (and in particular "the Head of the municipality") doing something, except for fornication, orgies, hatred, envy and , in particular, of idolatry. The statement reminds me of the classics: - we had 2 bags of grass, 75 pellets of mescaline, 5 packages acid, floor-salt shakers of cocaine, and a...

Had Passed already half a century, as humans began to explore the cosmos. However, he remains a Great Unknown. This once again proves the mysterious surprises on its vast expanses, evidence of which do not appear in the open sources. Tell, that March 26, 1991 in the Atlantic splashed down spustena capsule with American astronaut Charles Gibson, who reportedly went into space in 1963. After the radio NASA with him was broken, and his space ship "Gemini" disappeared from orbit, Gibson was presumed dead under mysterious circumstances. When the capsule was caught and opened, it appeared that the astronaut alive! As he lasted 28 years on the ship with oxygen and food is just six months and where from orbit "Gemini", to this day remains a mystery.

Vacation with a child away from home requires thorough preparation parents to this period of life of the baby. Planning a vacation in Turkey with the child, parents, as a rule, are concerned about many questions: how a little child will take a long plane flights, as the child will take acclimatization, as the child will take new impressions, new tastes and a new food, what to take with you in [...] Read the entire article on the website To do this, simply click on the article title!

Girl decided to end the relationship and evict me. Much suffering, broke the handle of the front door and possibly broke the lock. All because accidentally slammed the door with things inside just when odejalo taxi. Even leaving normally could not. Love her madly.

"the Black castle of Golshany. Month dives into the clouds. Tower in the darkness of misty dreams about the past dense..." Historian and writer Anton Cosmic tries to solve the mystery of old parchment, telling about hidden in the dungeon Olshansky castle treasures. But these treasures are looking for and more.

IcoFX - this program is designed to create and edit icons with transparency support. The program supports the following image formats: BMP, PNG,JPG2000, JPG, TIF and GIF.

, 7 Days To Die is open world game, voxel graphics, in the sandbox genre, which is a unique mix of, FPS, RPG, Tower Defence and Survival horror'a. In the near future, the third world war leaves the Earth in ruins, but the worst was yet to come. No one knows for sure whether this radiation, biochemical weapons or act of God, but soon unknown virus turns survivors in the zombie army. You play for survivors trapped in the land Navezgane County Arizona. release: Version: Alpha 1 Information on the game: Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person Type of publication: Unofficial Language: English Medicine: Present Size: 1.20 Gb System...

Official opening of the attraction was scheduled for today, April 19 and men conducted a test jump ahead of the opening, which was fatal for the owner of the company. Owner died, the engineer of the company were seriously injured when a joint test bungee jumping . Authorities establish the cause of the accident, but it is unclear what led to the tragedy - collapsed whether metal construction or burst bungee. Bungee was erected near the Phuket zoo on Chalong and had become a regular entertainment venue.

Company Beamdog announced the release of RPG Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition for Android. The game is available on Play for 329 rubles. You need the smartphone and tablet with Android 4.0 or later. Previously the game was released for PC, Mac (iPad).

About the film: France XVII century. Young beauty Angelica married the count de Parka with huge state and sliwowica "sorcerer". At first Angelica hates her husband, but gradually begins to understand that the harsh exterior is a charming, kind, sensitive and fair man. Between spouses flashes true love, but the idyll is short-lived. King Louis XIV, travel visited the Chateau De Parka, begins to torment the envy of family happiness and wealth of its citizen. De Peirak imprisoned in the Bastille and waiting for execution. But Angelica ready to fight for his love to his last breath. But help is energetic and independent beauty comes long been in love with her Nicolas - the leader of the Paris robbers. IMDb Rating: a 6.1/10 (55 votes)

Our public VK Channel BDSMovies on YouTube possibly sign, it'll be fun ;-) Voice - Sergey Hell Yeah Sergey Hell Yeah Vkontakte Sergey Hell Yeah on YouTube The post Niger, Pingui appeared first on "CarambaTV - Watch new episodes online.

To Develop Android programming can any experienced Java programmer, because the operating system itself and its APIs allow you to make the functionality quickly and efficiently. This differs from other Android platforms. This tutorial will help any beginner to adapt quickly to the Android programming and monetize their applications.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim was released in 2011 on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The game is scored on GameRankings 95,15% (Xbox 360), and has sold over 20 million copies. Alpha version Skywind appeared in free access in December 2013.

At the motor show in new York debut sedan Toyota Camry made specifically for the American market. The model that will be assembled at the plant in Kentucky, will appear on the roads in autumn of the current year. Leading engineers of the Japanese company has developed two variants of a complete set. Camry SE gained sports bumper with dark accents and a radiator grille with mesh insert and equipment XSE will be more athletic. It includes sports suspension, changed settings power steering and original 18-inch alloy wheels. As for the internal changes, then they are much smaller than the outside: there glossy chrome accents and a new instrument panel with a 4.2-inch TFT-display. Also changed the design of the Central console, which appeared 12V socket...

And I was bored of irresponsible people. Those who first makes something is clearly not the same, and when the result is somehow goes far from the expected, immediately finds blame their misfortunes anywhere, but only not in their own actions and deeds. was Employed by lapped up summary and fake diploma and has not coped with the task - well, of course, in your dismissal under article blame the head of the goat, stupid subordinates, idiotic rules magnetic storm and intrigue envious. the Couple has broken up because one of the parties is constantly scandals, eats brain and walks to the left - of course, blame the other partner that does not satisfy your highest requirements and does not understand the subtle spiritual organization. Behave as sad shit...

One of the most global updates for World of Tanks from Wargaming, added to the game not only a lot, both physical and visual innovations, but also made it less stable. In various fora, including at the official forum World of Tanks ordinary fans tank battles began to complain of periodic game crashes. More about the World of Tanks would often be deleted since the last update Comments

Starting field Grand Prix of China meets the qualification. Pastor Maldonado was punished with the loss of five places at the start of the incident by Esteban Gutierrez in Bahrain, but did not participate in training and allowed to start the decision of the stewards.

Forward "Sunderland" Fabio Borini, who became the author of the winning goal in the match of the 35-th round of the championship of England against Chelsea (2:1), said that his team coming in last place showed character.

On the threshold of the away match "Torch" in Tambov the correspondent of "the Player" is connected with the defender of the Tambov team, recently defended the colors of the Voronezh team. Read more Football: Alexey Mikhailov: "I will Try not to give Antipenko be different" ... source: Sports PLAYER ©

In the home match of the 26th round of the championship of Russia "locomotive" beat "Terek", giving the course of the meeting. The victory allowed the railway workers to return to first place in the table. The best moments of the meeting in the gallery

The Chairman of the world Association of professional Billiards and snooker (WPBSA) Barry Hearn commented on statements by socurito Mark Allen and Mark Selby that in the future world championship will move from England to China.

Coach of "Wings of Soviets" Alexander Tsygankov at a press conference after the defeat in the away match of the 26th round of the Premier League from "Tom" (0:2) stressed that his team conceded two goals because of his own carelessness.

Defender MHC Spartak Vsevolod Sorokin after the victory in the first match of the final series of the Cup Kharlamov with red Army" (4:1), noted that the head coach Oleg Bratash very well-tuned team.

Datsyuk brings "Detroit" victory over the "Boston", "Tampa" for the second time loses "Montreal", and efforts Nechushkina not enough "Dallas" - everything you need to know about the third day of the playoffs NHL.

Mount Damavand (or Damavand) is located in the Iranian province of Mazandaran just below the southern coast of the Caspian sea, and is an extinct volcano of the Alborz mountain range. It is the highest point of Iran height 5615 meters above sea level. Unique conical mountains remember the first glance, and is visible from a long distance. This place holds many Persian legends, one of which focuses on a certain Bearsare (one of the evil spirits in the Zoroastrian religion), which was buried in it. It has another face - three-headed dragon Azi dahaka (Azi Dahaka), who by the will of the ancient gods was immersed in the mountain, where it will remain until the end of this world. Inside the mountain there is a huge cave, surrounded by many secret passages...

CSKA head coach Ettore Messina, commenting on the victory over Panathinaikos (77:51) in the second match of 1/4 final of the Euroleague, said that his team did everything to make the opponent was hard to earn points.

PR Director Anji Alexander Udaltsov said that leased from Zenit midfielder Vladimir Bystrov and striker Aleksandr Bukharov will be able to play against a team Andre Vilasa-Boas without compensation.

After the end of the draw of the Cup of Federation of Russia - Argentina third issue of our national team Valery Solovyov compared preparation for this match with the February quarter-finals in Australia.

Today in Magnitogorsk will start the final episode of the sixth Cup of Gagarin between "metallurg" and "Left". KHL TV simultaneously on two channels to be broadcasted on all the matches of this confrontation. Commenting the meeting in Magnitogorsk will Sergei Fedotov and Denis Zakharov, and from Prague you will hear the voice of the winner of the contest "Choose commentator on the final " Dmitry Fyodorov, which will work in pair with Andrey Hurtowym. By tradition before and after the end of each match on channel KHL TV HD will be aired the program "League. Play-off, where experts KHL TV in hot pursuit will discuss all the key moments of the games. Also the final series of Gagarin Cup can be found on the website of the Continental hockey League...

In the last round we were never able to qualitatively raise the frequency of successful predictions. 3:2 - obviously not what we would like, although unstable France is still normal. Looking at. Lille Valencian. Hardly a soul in the body. Lille won, upsetting our forecast P1 for 1,56. nice - Lorient. Although both teams last five match played on total less in this game, they decided to play more. Pure luck, you are doing....

" And You know what makes casino club pit boss? Of course, you will respond positively if they have ever worked or are working in a gambling establishment. And also a lot of visitors such institutions are perhaps a little distant, but at least some idea about this post. But those gamers clubs who are not so knowledgeable about the work of these institutions, it will be very interesting to know a little more about the responsibilities of staff at the casino.

This Panama Softshell fabric with fields for protection from rain and sun easy to fold and will withstand the test. Features: adjustable clasp-clip, Danio Softshell, vents. Technologies: ClimaUV 5. Width of fields OK. 7 see

Type: Sell, offer, City: Moscow, Information listing: Need a quality repair of apartments? Hello! My name is Victor. I am Professionally engaged in the repair of apartments and bathrooms in Moscow and the Moscow region. I have a small but well-organized team..., Price: 4 500 RUB., Topic: Repair, interior finishing work

Easter 2014 Easter 2014 congratulations short Easter, the day of the Holy and bright, Congratulations, mom, I love you. Let bypass the side of the misfortune, May Jesus Christ holds you. Easter, eggs, bread, sweet mother will sit down for lunch. She will tell me: "Mom, Christ is risen!" And in response: "he is risen Indeed!"

Easter is a family holiday. Send greeting SMS in verses to relatives and friends. *** From the earth to heaven a Great day: Christ is risen! With bell towers gavsim after Three bells are sounding, with the ringing of the bell, have Seen the miracle of miracles: he is RISEN INDEED!!! *** Tasty Easter, Long sausages, Hard jelly, hard-boiled eggs, Delicious fuck, Strong liquor! Christ Is Risen!!! [...]

Commitment to excellence inherent in every person. It appears differently depending on character, personal preferences, location and other features that are inherent in every person. However, there is one thing in common, uniting all people on our planet - the desire

Lists modern appliances for kitchen has expanded considerably. New names. Daily advertised dozens of new devices. Whether these innovations are needed in our kitchen? Do you believe the advertising and buying them? So, modern advertising advises on our kitchen: a double boiler. Multiverse. 1. Steamer. How to choose a steamer? In the steamer cooking food is steamed at a temperature of not more than 100 degrees. The products are not strong heat treated, which contributes to the conservation of a large number of useful vitamins and microelements, compared with baking, frying and cooking products. However, during the cooking for a couple in food are also saved and harmful substances and additives, which are destroyed with other types of heat treatments. So...

How to prevent deformation tile joints. Their narrow, extensions, distortions, etc shown in this video. Laying ceramic tiles as flooring or wall cladding is a process that requires not just a thorough approach, but special knowledge which can be obtained after watching this video. In particular, the arrangement provided by technology tiled masonry joints is a necessary component of the right repair that is sometimes overlooked unfair working-dressers.

How to prevent deformation tile joints. Their narrow, extensions, distortions, etc shown in this video. Laying ceramic tiles as flooring or wall cladding is a process that requires not just a thorough approach, but special knowledge which can be obtained after watching this video. In particular, the arrangement provided by technology tiled masonry joints is a necessary component of the right repair that is sometimes overlooked unfair working-dressers.

In the century not produced from the hands of the gadgets so eager that the main friends of my son steel electronic devices, so it had to be moved messages with your classmates exclusively in the Internet messengers, and had sent birthday virtual postcards. How to start a friendship children in the real world?

In a regular room can be of any design, although it is considered, what host, and such design. Of course people wealthier try to follow the fashion and as the saying goes, Express themselves through the interior of their own homes. Here you can experiment and even get a good result. Not necessarily to have special education, it is enough to have artistic taste and at least some knowledge about the interior. But it's all about the world of adults. Where can fantasize that you try different materials, mix styles, in short, to create a world of its own at home. Another thing, when you need to furnish and decorate the room of their own child. Here we have to follow certain rules and even laws. The child only knows the world, and for this you need the right...

Ingredients Kohlrabi - 1 piece(large) Soy sprouts canned - 150, red Apples - 2 pcs. Sesame - 2 tbsp Lemon juice 2 tablespoons For the filling: Olive oil 2 tablespoons Vinegar or Apple - 3 tbsp maple Syrup - 1 tbsp Salt - 1 tsp

At the Bolshoi theatre hosted a presentation of the XX anniversary of the national theatrical award "gold Mask". Among the winners and guests of the award was Danila Kozlovsky, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Maxim Matveev and other stars.

Sauce: onions finely cut, carrots to RUB on a small grater, then add the tomatoes without skin, cut into cubes. Fry for 5 minutes in a pan. Then add tomato juice, cream and spices. For the stuffing: cheese RUB on a small grater, onions finely...

This seedlings looks not attractive, and besides it while still weakened. Reasons for this may be several. Let's first talk about what leads to pulling seedlings, and then, what if it happened. Why is this happening? One of the main reasons pulling seedlings can be elementary [...]

Souvenirs from China as the perfect gift As it is known today, the goods from China are becoming increasingly popular and various Souvenirs that no exception. This is not surprising, because in the last few years the quality of Chinese goods has increased, and the low price attracts more customers. Buy quality Chinese Souvenirs can not be available everywhere. The richest choice waiting for you on the Internet site Taobao, where you can find anything soul, good quality and at a reasonable price. Chinese Souvenirs can be divided into two groups: standard souvenir goods with inscriptions and logos favorite teams and goods with the imprint of Chinese folk culture - candles, tea, silk products, porcelain, and more. A great demand among buyers porcelain and...

Lead Singer of AC/DC's Brian Johnson was joined on stage by Billy Joel y during his performance at Madison Square Garden, New York City and performed the classic AC/DC You Shook Me All Night Long" - professional video is available below. All about AC/DC

New musical project called Killer Honda, whose founders are Nike Borzov and Maxim Shevchenko, 'll be pleased with their first album. Some songs from the new album published on the official website of the group Killer Honda.

A month later, on may 19, will see the light of another re-release of the documentary film "Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story". Contents double DVD, apparently, repeats releases 2006 and 2007: publication will include a documentary aired on the BBC in 2001, as well as interviews with David, Rick and Nick, about half an hour each, and 55-minute conversation with Roger waters. DVD is available for pre-order on Amazon UK, rate of 6.75. source: Brain Damage

Four friends - poet, actor, artist and film Director-primitive - young maximalists, looking at the young Soviet power the embodiment of their dreams and hopes. Revolution is boiling like a bottle of Apple wine: service dogs with wings and potatoes in the form of hearts, cheerful people's Commissar of health Semashko and sad angels, love to the Sovereign and love to the Secretary Annushka, shootings and pregnancy - all have a refiner and intertwined! Dreams of friends will not come true. Very soon upon him go skating rink our History. But until the characters live in the Future and Love... Trailer Advanced passage №2 Passage №1 Extended passage №1

Season 9, episode 18: Tales of uncle Metatron (Meta Fiction) [MP4] Translation: Voice: Studio LostFilm. Addition: Notes with explanations of concepts, terms, expressions, etc. mentioned in the series. note: If you have the English sound merges with the Russian - check launched whether your player both tracks at once. If so, uncheck the box with the second track.

This is a story about youth in the seventies, narrated mother Yurdanur his twenty-five year old daughter Farihi. Long Yurdanur many events held in secret. The reason for its story was...

Artist: VA Title: Drunk Birthday. Table 200-ka Year: 2014 Genre: Pop, drinking tracks Count: 200 Quality: mp3 | 128 kbps Size: 684 Mb playing Time: 12:17:51

Alexey Ivanov: "the Geographer globe drunk" - "this novel is not that funny guy Vitka cannot in my life to gain a foothold. Not that the young geography teacher Sluggin falls in love with a private student. It is a novel about the persistence of a person in a situation where moral values are not demanded by the society. A novel about how much a person needs the courage and humility to save a living soul, not to fall in anger or pride, and to live in good conscience and love."

This film will tell us about an elite unit to combat drug trafficking. Which leads unequal struggle with narkokartelei. It all starts with the raids on the headquarters of narco-dealers! In the command hides from his superiors ,the fact that the RAID they had been enriched by millions! All anything ,but the further the more difficult it becomes to keep this secret, besides one by one you kill the participants of the operation.

Female t-shirt with a photo of the members of Metallica's James Hetfield (James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich (Lars Ulrich), Pick Hammett (Kirk Hammett and cliff Burton (Cliff Burton). Metallica is an American heavy metal band formed in 1981. Performs music in the style of thrash metal and heavy metal. After Metallica saw the band Trauma, the team asked bassist cliff Burton to join them rather less professional Mcgowne. Burton agreed, but with the condition that the group will move to his hometown of San Francisco. The group welcomed this proposal. In their native Los Angeles were mainly representatives of glam metal, and Metallica did not feel at ease", concerts, while in San Francisco they were received, knew the songs and the lyrics are mostly due to No Life...

Category: HD DVD/BD Remux Size: 29.06 GB Status: no seeders and 7 pumping(s) Speed: 912.58 kB/s Added: 2014-04-19 09:33:09 Description: Funny to tears and sad painfully family history. After the mysterious disappearance of his father, three daughters with their loved ones back home to support his mother and to find the head of the family. (c) HD TRACKER

Book Nina Pavlova dedicated to the event scary and exciting martyrdom of three monks from the hands of crazy Satanist in Optina on Easter 1993 - Ferapont, Trophimus and hieromonk Basil.

About the film: France XVII century. Young beauty Angelica married the count de Parka with huge state and sliwowica "sorcerer". At first Angelica hates her husband, but gradually begins to understand that the harsh exterior is a charming, kind, sensitive and fair man. Between spouses flashes true love, but the idyll is short-lived. King Louis XIV, travel visited the Chateau De Parka, begins to torment the envy of family happiness and wealth of its citizen. De Peirak imprisoned in the Bastille and waiting for execution. But Angelica ready to fight for his love to his last breath. But help is energetic and independent beauty comes long been in love with her Nicolas - the leader of the Paris robbers. IMDb Rating: a 6.1/10 (55 votes)

This world separate from their home planet hundreds and thousands of light years. They pulled out of the baked terrible war. The war, which they most likely would have been killed. Senior Lieutenant of the NKVD. Mayor of the SS. Master Sergeant in the U.S. marine corps. Japanese Admiral, personally developed the plan of attack on pearl Harbor. Enemies in the old life became companions involuntarily. Friends of his heart. Four terrestrial soldier facing an unprecedented challenge: re-teach civilization thousands of years ago voluntary abandonment of its any manifestation of violence, to fight and win.

Wild Onions and Soy Bean Soup: 12 years later Wild onions and bean soup: 12 years later Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion A Soothing Soup: 12 years reunion Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup Russian subtitles: BELOVED ONNIES | Player: Vkontakte

The Government of the USA and Saudi Arabia coordinated and monitored by the supply of anti-tank missile complexes American production in Syria, according to the Wall Street Journal referring to own sources. As ...

United Nations, April 20. /Corr. ITAR-TASS Oleg Zelenin/. The UN children's Fund (UNICEF) on Saturday confirmed the information about the disappearance of two of its staff in Pakistan. This was reported by the correspondent. ITAR-TASS, the official representative of the UN Secretary General Stefan Dujarric Novolipetzk of Moscow and all Russia Kirill in the night from Saturday to Sunday headed night divine service in the main Cathedral of the capital - the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. AFPPravoslavnie believers celebrate this Sunday the main Christian holiday - Easter or Resurrection of Christ. Novostidow the ringing of bells, the clergy and parishioners with lit candles, glorifying the Lord went out from the temple on the procession towards the Savior. News Novozhilova Russian Railways in the Russian delegation in the morning, visited Jerusalem and brought into the temple of Christ the Savior particle of the Holy fire. Novosti the main Church of Moscow gathered about five thousand believers.

According to one source in the Syrian opposition, these shipments are part of a program of special services of the USA and Saudi Arabia, designed to "test the soil" in order in the future to increase the deliveries to Syria latest modern weapons.

At the end of the Easter Matins in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Patriarch came to Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev with wife Svetlana and Sergei Sobyanin, and gave them a box of gifts. In them there decorative Easter eggs. The leaders of the Russian state also congratulated Patriarch Kirill on the occasion and after that he left the Church of Christ the Savior.

Celebration the main celebration of Christian the resurrection of Christ (Easter) - this year is unprecedented, said at the Synodal information Department of the Moscow Patriarchate. A large-scale celebration of Easter in the capital from 20 to 27 April, prepared by the government of Moscow together with the structures of the Russian Orthodox Church, Chairman of the Synodal information Department Vladimir Legoyda called a vivid example "of cooperation between the authorities and the Church" and added that this year the level of cooperation between city hall and the Church in the conduct of Easter is unprecedented." Recalling that this year the Passover celebrates at the same time the whole Christian world, Vladimir Legoyda said, what a coincidence - "a...

Cell of the radical movement "Right branch" in the Zhytomyr region agreed voluntarily surrender to regional Department of the security Service of Ukraine "Molotov cocktails", reports Ukrainian news Agency ...

Another South Ossetian party has determined the list of candidates in deputies of the Parliament of the sixth convocation. Today, April 19, in Tskhinval took place a pre-election Congress of political party "Fidan" ("Future")...

The Holy fire from Jerusalem brought to Moscow at the international airport Vnukovo-1 landed the plane with a delegation of the Fund of St. Andrew (FAP), received the Shrine in the Jerusalem Church of the Holy Sepulchre, informs "RIA Novosti". In Russia the fire was brought by special flight at a special lampstands, designed on the principle those used to transport the Olympic flame. After about half an hour the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of FAP, President of OJSC "RRW" Vladimir Yakunin and the vicar of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Bishop Sabbas of Voskresensk will give the Holy fire Patriarch Kirill at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, where about 23.00 begins festive Easter service.

Particle of the Holy fire brought from Jerusalem to Moscow. The aircraft on Board which there is a torch with a particle of fire, came down earlier on Sunday in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, landed at the Vnukovo airport at 23:02 GMT.

In the South of Moscow robbed point of Euroset. The offender has entered the store, located at number 9 on the Kirovograd street. Threatening with a subject similar to a pistol, employees of the establishment, he took a large sum of money and disappeared.

Action will be held in the capital within the framework of festival "Easter in Moscow", prepared by the city authorities together with the Russian Orthodox Church institutions. "God grant that the joy of the Resurrection, the joy of Easter spread in the hearts of our people, who today need to genuine, not fleeting joy lived in heart," said the Patriarch during the blessing.

18 April 2014 in Togliatti on the street Barykina 61-year-old driver of the fourteenth" hit a woman. While the victim passed the roadway on the unregulated pedestrian crossing, informs Management of traffic police on the Samara region. 26-year-old togliattian hitting received a closed chereponi brain injury. Currently, she is in a coma third degree at the city hospital №2.

Crimean Tatars will hold a national referendum on the status of the Crimea, as soon as there is reasonable for this condition and will guarantee unimpeded. This was stated by one of the leaders of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev, reports Ukrainskaya Pravda. According to him, convened on 29 March Congress of the Crimean Tatar people could not take a clear decision on this issue. Dzhemilev said that some time is needed to create conditions to ensure transparency of the referendum and the presence of international observers. "At a time when no one in the Crimea is not allowed, we these requirements will not be able to do," said the MP. Dzhemilev said that Crimean Tatars did not participate in the referendum on the status of the Crimea...

The Head of state emphasized that if Ukraine will not pay for current payments, then Russia will go on initial pricing formula. © News. Egor Eremov | Buy illustration MOSCOW, 19 APR - News. The transition charismatic nawanawa payments sagas kievom primeupdate debt to Gazprom unbound, statoi upcoming inmay presidential elections nyukraine, said the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin. on Thursday the entrance straight line, the Russian leader said that Moscow is ready to endure the month, noesli iza next month no payment postupit, in accordance with contractor of the Russian Federation passed napredovat. Interesting questions, key statements of commentarii experts entrance straight line of Vladimir Putin - in-report News...

Want to put on your plot with beautiful wrought iron gate? Then call us now. Will prepare an individual sketch and we will make it for you, gates and fences of any complexity. Let's paint and install. You will only enjoy the acquisition and catch goggles neighbors. From not expensive to exclusive. Deaf and sewn polycarbonate ...

Correctly local people say - Goose complete idiot! Wonders why the volume was not on Friday. Not understand the obvious things and also try to teach other sense it is something. The main argument - Bahn and to the point. What to do - birdbrain .

Video details how to set the bowl with his hands, on the tiles, and also how to avoid problems during installation and operation. How to install a toilet in a tile, if you need to replace the toilet and holes in the floor are not the same, or put on a new tile floor, and you want to install, and attach to the floor so as not to be beaten, or to not crack on the tile. Details in the video.

House for Sale with a plot of land 25 acres metro Thamaga Krasnodar region, Seversky district 30 km from the sea. Around the forest, mountains, close by the river. A good place to relax. The owner, the documents are ready - Lydia. Possible exchange

Vibrating feeders provide the possibility of continuous capacity control during transportation and termination of transportation processes simultaneously turn off power to the drive. It can automatically control the production process. This equipment is widely used in mining,metal industry, construction, chemical industry, complete with crushers and mills. Feeders are manufactured separately, in the form of units, and can also be part of crushing units, as transported, and mobile. The composition of crushing units are included: the feeder, space frame, crusher, floor care, electrical equipment, conveyor. Well and continually operating systems to operate with maximum efficiency only in the case when the feed material is strictly meets its processing...

On the last week of each currency received their catalysts. This explains the lack of uniformity in the dynamics. The Euro and the yen ended the week with losses against the dollar, down 0,51% and 0.75%, respectively . The pound strengthened. Its growth was 0.33%. In connection with the celebration of Easter the expired week was short, because on Friday, most European countries had already left for the weekend. the EUR/USD from the beginning of week has come under pressure by opening the gap down after weekend the head of the ECB again made clear that the current Euro exchange rate is not satisfied with either the regulator or the economy of the region. Those sentiments expressed and other officials of the Eurozone. Have not added optimism and published...

Creation of the designer Zaha Hadid called so - "Luqiud Glacier Table". Indeed, an unusual piece of furniture looks like spreading glass. Transparent acrylic, from which made the table, much more robust and secure than glass, but it looks that way. The originality of the design table undoubted, but under it, obviously, you must create a separate interior, in many design styles this subject simply do not fit. Record Liquid glass table first appeared .

Studio apartment in the heart of the city. One minute walk to the Avenue of Independence, STM Park Cheluskintsev. In two minutes walk from the apartment - Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University, Academy of arts, BGP, plant Beam, national Academy of Sciences of Belarus, restaurants Cornflowers, pizzeria Pizza Tempo and many others, the cinema, and entertainment center UFO with fashionable Nightclubs, casinos, Belarusfilm, the Children's railway them. HP Zaslonova, JUICE "Olympic". Two minutes walk - Park Chelyuskintsev with attractions, a Botanical garden with a pond and swans. The apartment has wooden floors, new plumbing, built-in kitchen (gas stove, microwave oven, electric kettle, fridge, washing machine), high speed Internet wi-fi (free of...

In Kryvyi Rih on Saturday, 19 April, it is planned to capture militants city hall. About this on their own page on Facebook said the MP from the "Batkivshchyna" Oleksandr Briginets. According to his information, on 1 database, which is located on the area of the city, have already arrived extremists.

Rent Krasnodar, KKB Near the house Parking, children Playground, abstractors, infrastructure. Review options for furnishing furniture and equipment for the choice and the will of tenants., the sum of 11,000 roubles/month

Russia and the US is unable to agree on the fate of Ukraine on the merits, but can control risks The quadrilateral meeting in Geneva surprised many. Rather than the result and the performance, the fact of having some kind of result. Many, including the author of these lines, it was assumed that if the talks take place, they will end in nothing, even greater alienation of the major players, stating insurmountable differences. Moreover, the atmosphere on the eve of the Geneva rendezvous strained to the limit. The Eastern Ukraine is in fever, Kiev simulates a decisive rebuff to the United States and Russia exchanged accusations, Washington threatens new sanctions against Moscow, etc. do Not export in Yandex: export to Yandex Read more

How to write your articles for a long time to keep visitors on your blog to read the contents with special desire and involvement? What methods of correct writing articles to use so that visitors do not close the page, until the end and not having familiarized with the content of the article? Believe that interests of every blogger. And no wonder. After all, hardly anyone is interested to write articles for themselves. Each author of your blog or site is trying to share any useful information, and it will be a pity if your information will remain unnoticed. The word “unnoticed” I mean that for the author of the NLL (site for people) is important not only his attendance of the resource, but also the behavior of visitors on this resource. One thing if you put...

Political map of the world continues to change. The “right" border smoldering geopolitical conflicts, territorial claims card is always used for the propaganda of views on world order. New technologies picked up the baton of bygone centuries.

Dear customers, April 19, will take place the program " events for the week" on TV channel "Russia 24", which will be attended analyst GK TeleTrade Evgeny Filippov. Start posting at 10:18. Repeat - 20 April at 18:40. Eugene and host of the program will discuss the most important economic information, the receipt of which is expected next week: a block of data and news from the markets of Europe and USA; statistics from other regions of the planet. See today the program "events for the week and get all the latest information from leading analysts Ledger TeleTrade.

Relations Russia and China are developing successfully and reached a very high level of confidence, stated the head of Russia of Century Putin in the process of passing yesterday hotline. “We are neighbors, allies, and we do not put today the issue of creating a military-political Union. Today the bloc system itself Read More... (

Three persons were lost by the fault of the police in traffic accident in Krasnodar territory. On it informs "Gazeta.Ru" with reference to the regional Directorate of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Police, officer of the Ministry of internal Affairs on Tikhoretskiy district, moving by car Renault Megane, left on strip of oncoming traffic on the highway "Kavkaz", where it collided with a car VAZ-2114. The accident killed the driver and two passengers [...] read more...

1925 cap Type of a lamp: H7 light Color:white Working voltage:12V/24V Power:20W the Number of diodes: Current: 1.5A light Source (Type diodes): CREE Color temperature: 6000K. Luminous flux:2400 lumens vibration Moisture protection:IP68 Materials: red copper and aluminum alloy operating temperature:-30 C to +50 C service Life of led lamps: Above 30,000 hrs viewing Angle: 360 degrees Place of origin: Guangdong, China Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS

Well, " Hello everyone . Decided to submit your own review maybe someone will help in choosing their future iron horse. To AXIO I have a toyota carina (smile) 1994 was (smile)faithfully since 1998 and March 2014 tselyh 16 issues were not taken were taken where needed, when needed. But age is the age of 20 machine it's time to change though and was still in order . So I will compare with this machine takes left a very warm vospominaniya and then, after a long agony of choice came to the conclusion that I want fielder 2007 2009 but it is said to want is not harmful harmful not want to fielder denejkov little little lacking and the wife said that the sedan she likes znachit solved take AXIO. Sold on the occasion of his karinko conspired with the father with...

In new York debut Dodge Charger 2015. The novelty has completely new aggressive design and quality materials of furnish of salon. Engines remained the same but there ACP on 8 gear that allowed to improve their performance

Immediately after Easter SUV Chevrolet Niva will be more expensive. Five configurations SUV will rise in price from 21 April 2014. Such information is provided in "GM-AVTOVAZ". All configuration Niva will be more expensive on 10 thousand roubles. The official reason for raising rates

At the motor show in new York was named the winner of the international competition World Car of the Year. "World car of the year" became sedan Audi A3. Just for a victory in one of the most prestigious automobile premiums fought 12 candidates. Audi A3 bypassed of competitors such as BMW 4-Series, BMW i3, Cadillac CTS, Citroen C4 Picasso, Ford Fusion / Mondeo, Infiniti Q50, Jeep Cherokee, Lexus IS, Mazda3, Peugeot 308 and Skoda Octavia.

In the U.S. court sentenced a young mother to 16 years of probation after she, smoke marijuana, went to the car, forgetting rooftop carrier with 2-month-old baby. Moving from the roof fell, but the baby miraculously survived.

Plans automaker Chery to update the model range gradually spill over into reality. Following the sedan M16 and crossovers Tiggo 5 Chinese have started mass production of compact sedan Chery E3 B - class, and on the markets of the CIS (including Russia) is likely to come under the name of Chery A19, however, at the Kyiv motor show in autumn 2013 model presented in this way. [...] Record Chery A19 (E3) is the budget sedan first appeared Sochi Auto Repair. Related posts: Citroen C4 Sedan - model description In the car Citroen C4 Sedan reliability combined with dynamics, status... Spark plugs as an indicator of the condition of the car Many motorists are well aware that the spark plugs as status... Vortex Estina FL-C - updates overview Vortex Estina FL-C...

Nearly 70% of Moscow residents sell their cars themselves. This writes the newspaper "Izvestia", citing a survey conducted by the company "Dymshits & partners". According to a survey of car owners in Moscow and Moscow region, ...

, Vladimir 18 April 2014. The driver of the car Nissan on unregulated pedestrian crossing missed one pedestrian and was almost run over the other, man literally jumped out from under the wheels. The author writes that driving Juka girl-brunette.

Tow trucks will follow the GLONASS System will automatically track the location of the machine, to receive reports about fuel consumption and mileage. Capital tow trucks engaged in the exportation from the streets incorrectly parked cars, will be connected to the GLONASS system. About it writes portal with reference to the press service of the civil code of the Administrator of the Moscow Parking space" (AMP). "The system allows in real time to produce positioning the vehicle on the map of the city from satellites GLONASS/GPS. In addition, it will be possible to obtain data on the movement of the machine, fuel consumption, mileage, Parking. To move independently tow trucks are not eligible. And much more convenient use of GLONASS to get information...

Succeeding generation, Mini hatchback time has added ten centimeters in length. However, the wheelbase increased by 28 mm, but the machine is still perceived larger. Did growing up? Before night test drive the words: "We want to infect you with a virus Mini, we are confident that the new machine is capable of!" Well, the most contagious was uncompromising Mini sample of 2000 with factory index R50/53. The next generation (R56 2006) some people have developed immunity, but many were still feverish. In the end we have two and a half million loyal fans of the brand. How contagious current grown Mini F56? Moscow at night, meet us!

Meeting on current repair of roads today held in Ulan-Ude mayor Alexander Volkov. As the press-service of the city hall, the meeting participants discussed the current situation and told about plans for the coming of repair campaign.

Car a brand new head optics, bumper and grille. Infiniti Q70L has base at 3050 mm Standard version of the car boasts a total of 2900 mm When the overall length of the sophisticated sedan Infiniti Q70L increased as much as 185 mm In such a car, the rear passengers will not feel any discomfort in the foot area.

In new York city with a traditional press days started its operation international motor show. For public the exhibition opens on April 18. Portal Kolesa.Ru found out, will show whether the new York anything interesting for Russian car enthusiasts. As it turned out, Russians should look to the NY Auto Show 2014 more closely.