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Linux Operating system Ubuntu has practically grown up version 14.10 - today was released the corresponding beta, moderately stable, but still not finalized. The release of the final build is also not far off - he is scheduled for late October, so beta developers have shared for educational purposes. Beta Linux Ubuntu 14.10 contains quite a few changes compared to the April modification 14.04: in particular, the "fixed" a significant number caught bugs, added fresh "bugs"to what can be released in the following versions and updated almost the entire set of standard applications. Traditionally, stock Ubuntu comes with Unity desktop, but the developers have not forgotten about fans of other graphical environments, so they can download updated versions of...

Startup Nixie introduced the other day an interesting development: wear a flying camera to capture selfe. Device Nixie is a small drone, which is in an inactive state is a bracelet on the wrist of the owner. To "Wake" the device, you just need to wave my hand up, as if tossing back of the hand of an invisible bird. Submitting your gestures, Nixie will track you from the air, to make your photo or record video from different angles, and after the job is done obediently back to you to curl up on the wrist in an unusual bracelet. The project was a finalist Make It Wearable from Intel. I hope that commercial production Nixie not far off! Video next. Nixie - wearable flying camera (+ video)

In October, simultaneously with the release of new version operating system Mac OS X Yosemite, Apple may introduce a 27-inch iMac with 5K-display. Specifically, the screen monoblock computer will be allowed K points that will give a pixel density of 218 ppi. Not much by the standards of smartphones or tablets, but very decent for the desktop. it is Not excluded that Apple will call PC iMac Retina. Initially, the computer will get an Intel Core i7-4790K, and later versions and with Broadwell. As graphics cards promised representatives of the line AMD Radeon. If you talk about the 21.5-inch iMac, but in the next generation he will be content with Full HD display. Comments on the website

Celebrating on the day of his 16th birthday, Google has posted a picture of the cake, the main decoration of which were candy (Lollipop), which was another indirect confirmation of the names of the new version of Android L.

Photo This story took place in 1985, but subsequently was gradually forgotten. Over the years many details were distorted, something was invented. Even those who first told about these events, made obvious mistakes. The operation of the Soyuz-13" for the salvation of the orbital station "Salyut-7" was an impressive attempt to repair in space. Writer Nicholas belakovskiy gathered all the facts together and ready for the first time to provide us with the full story of these events. Read more →

The Market for a long time does not stand still and at the moment the user is difficult to surprise with something, especially when it comes to monitors. Man has always attracted high-quality picture, and much more that was secondary. Let's see what we can offer ViewSonic after the last presentation.

Sayt V Firefox i Opera na knopke "V korzinu" v pravoy chasti otsutstvuet border. Kto znaet pochemu? V korzinu .t-cell { display :table-cell; } .w_simple .CatalogItem .Buy a { display :table; width : 100% ; height : 100% ; vertical-align : middle ; font-family :Arial; font-size : 14px ; color : #fff ; padding : 0 ; margin : 0 ; text-decoration : none ; } .w_simple .CatalogItem .Buy a div { vertical-align : middle ; border : 1px solid #fff ; position : relative ; } .w_simple .CatalogItem .Buy a .Label { border-radius: 4px 0 0 4px ; border-right : none ; } .w_simple .CatalogItem .Buy a .CartIcon { border-left : none ; border-radius: 0 4px 4px 0 ; width : 31px ; background : url ( ./img/CatalogCartIcon.png ) no-repeat center center ; }

Popular arcade racing game Kart Fighter 3 from Red Bull moved with Android. The graphics in it are not very good, but gameplay is fun. According to the developers, in its time, this game has won first place ratings in 25 countries. to Share the news:

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For all users Mi2/2s not so long ago had the opportunity to install MIUIv6 Special Edition and feel all the charm of the new firmware. At this point you will be able to try out already fully English version of this firmware. Be careful with the installation, flash recommended version ...

Many of you probably are already familiar with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the vastness of our customers. In the comments to the reviews readers often complained that the iPhone 6 Plus too large for comfortable use, and make a choice in favor of the "Junior" model. This, of course, their full right, however, there are at least two reasons why you should pay close attention to 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. first, incredibly high (for a family of smartphones Apple) battery life. If the iPhone 6 is capable of a maximum day without recharging mode is not too active use, with the iPhone 6 Plus the average buyer will not be able to connect your smartphone to the outlet about two days. During testing of Autonomous operation of an iPhone 6 Plus one of our...

Tomorrow Microsoft will hold an event where we will talk about the new operating system. And now, the day before, appeared unconfirmed information that Remonty will use the new telemetry system in the next OS.

Many Western media reports that the newly opened social network Ello, christened Network users "anti-Facebook", is slowly becoming a trend in the online space. the social network Itself Ello (located on was conceived as the opposite podnadoevshego already many Facebook. The main principles of functioning Ello declared - total absence of advertising, coupled with the absolute privacy of the users (as, for example, are increasingly doing the same Facebook trying to monetize their project). On the website itself Ello on this occasion said that today every second social network is actually controlled by advertisers, who are behind the users use the myriad of algorithms that keep track of each user action. Then the data corny sold to advertisers...

Article How to find their referrals already published on the Blog of Julia Ivanova Experienced repbody know, earn referral programs can be very solid. Very often, collaborative interaction with referrals beneficial for both sides - as the user sitting on the top of the pyramid (the referrer), and each level of the pyramid (the referral). This cooperation scheme works if the involved partners are trained, informed and a lot of them.(...)Read the rest of How to find their [...] How to find their referrals - find out all the details first. Be sure to visit the Blog Yulia Ivanova -

In our country will soon begin selling the latest headphones KOSS Pro4S, positioned as a Studio and ultra-modern. Release reportedly scheduled for December of the current year, but with their price, the manufacturer has not yet decided. KOSS Headphones Pro4S have a special bowl D-form and the cushions of a special form, made of some sort of top secret material. Inside the Cup is placed 40 mm speakers SLX40 capable of reproducing frequencies from 10 to 25,000 Hz and has a sensitivity of 99 dB/mW when the impedance of the resistance of 35 Ohms. Headphones KOSS Pro4S equipped with single-sided cable length 1.4 m, at the end of which is placed a standard 3.5-millimeter Jack. the Advantage of this model is the fact that the cable is removable, plus it can be...

In the capital of California organized atheist "Church". As the correspondent of “Slavic Sacramento”, the opening of the community of skeptics, agnostics and atheists” took place last Sunday.

The Fourth Chapter of the civil code in the new version is valid month. What are you going to clarify and macrochelate" and what you already have? Their Majesties compromise and a balance of interests. Defeat on the small but important issues. Institute "Masonic lodges" in corporate law. The many faces of the CEO, which will have to get used to Russian, the most resourceful lawyer in the world.

On 29 September, at the end of his primatial visit to the Odessa diocese, his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Onuphrios unscheduled visited Kulikovo field in Odessa, where the House of trade unions performed a memorial service for all the victims in the tragedy on may 2 this year

The Central Bank of Russia reported withdrawal from 30 September 2014 license from the Moscow Sousprofbank, which is 584 line in the rating of Russian banks. "the Bank of Russia informs the decision on withdrawal from 30 September 2014 license the banking operations of the credit institution Society limited liability company Commercial Bank "SOUSPROFBANK KB "SOUSPROFBANK LTD, reg. No. 2965, , Moscow (the order of the Bank of Russia of 30 September 2014 OD-2651)," reads the official statement the financial regulator.

Simonovsky district court of Moscow returned to the prosecution case, the defendant is the former head of the Moscow Department of the Federal property management Agency Anatoly Sesterius, due to the expiration of the maximum possible period of detention, according to "Kommersant". the Case of fraud on a large scale came to court in March this year. At the stage of the debate of the parties, the Prosecutor filed a motion to return the case to the Supervisory authority to address violations of the Criminal procedure code. According to the Prosecutor, the result is wrong to criminalize the act of one of the defendants in the case. The court with this argument agreed and sent the case back to the Prosecutor. the Defendants in the case - former head of the...

L.N. Gumilev. "From Rus ' to Russia". Part Of The "Kingdom Of Moscow". The head of the "Reunion" "Bogdan Khmelnitsky was Orthodox nobleman of Russian origin, who served in the Polish border troops. Like any gentleman, Inc had its own farm and a few workers. The local superintendent (assistant Governor) Catholic Czaplicki disliked Khmelnytsky to such an extent that he even made an attempt on his life. So, once only helmet saved the future Hetman of Ukraine from the deadly blow. Then Czaplicki staged a RAID on the farm Khmelnytsky, was captured together with his family and took all the property, including horses and bread with a barn. When Khmelnitsky threatened to appeal to the court, enraged Czaplicki, wanting to show his impunity, ordered to be whipped at...

Compulsive text messaging advertising of goods, services, promotions and discounts, which advertisers throw mobile phone owners, came to an end. From October 21 through changes in the Law "On communication", this newsletter is available only with prior consent from the subscriber. Mobile operator is now required to enter into a contract with the client about such mailing. However stream advertising SMS from banks (sometimes at two o'clock), in which propose to take credit for the hours, it is enough to show only a passport" - another story. Obsessive Bank advertising, if it does not contain false information, in most cases, is still recognized legitimate. The fact that the recipients of such SMS notifications themselves unknowingly consent to...

Held a meeting of Vladimir Putin with the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev. Discussed, in particular, the current state of bilateral trade and economic and cultural ties.

The Heating season will come, God willing, soon. Let's hope that the problems with the gas will be resolved. Neat payers for utilities still interested in prices for heating and hot water, electricity and gas. The price surge expected a lot, the situation in the country is unstable (yet! let's hope for the best). But make sure to apply for the subsidy where it is put, it is. From October 2014 in Ukraine will operate the new order of execution of subsidy. This is not compensation, which Pamahalaan told before. If payment gives the right to pay the old rates, the subsidy is much cheaper and allows you to pay an amount commensurate with the income of the family. This is a significant relief to those who pays for the bills, but whose income is just not allow...

October 6, 2014 at 11:00 will be held the Eighth meeting of the Expert group of the Council for rail transport of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS Russia). In the framework of the implementation of the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation and the government of the Russian Federation will be discussed the questions of development of commercial infrastructure market in the field of railway transport

The Tyumen city Administration informs about the change in timing of the "round table", devoted to the issues of connection to the engineering networks on the principle of "one window", the beginning of which is transferred from 15.00 10.00 on.

Despite the fact that communism in 1980 believed not all citizens of the USSR, it did not interfere with their desire to make more rapid spurt in the "bright future". Even if you do not believe in the possibility of the end of Communist construction, we strive to Communist abundance. According to OTHER Kishchenko, in the 60s, "faith in a better life doesn't mean faith in communism." Understandable to the ordinary person "consumer communism" was, as shown by the letter and active struggle with it from the official discourse, one of the most common options "bright future". It was noted above that for the population of the most popular and widespread was the time, expressed in the slogan, in the minds of most people associated with communism, "from each...

Clarified the issues related to the reorganization of non-profit pension funds and creation of public pension funds Reported, in particular, that the Charter capital of the joint pension Fund (APF) may not be less than 120 million rubles and more cost...

In today's issue of the newspaper "Vedomosti" published copyright material of the first Vice-President master Yuri Lublin "In defense savings", where the author, including affect the Program state pension co-financing.

On 30 September in the State Duma Okhotny Ryad, 1) will be a lecture in the framework of the lecture series, dedicated to the Year of culture in the Russian Federation. Lecturer - art, fashion historian Ali. Start at 12.00 in the Small hall. Contact phone: (495) 692-77-60.

On 29 September, took place the meeting of the permanent Commission for the resolution of disputes relating to the appointment of all kinds of social benefits. It was chaired by the Chairman of the Commission, first Deputy Chairman of regional state administration Mikhail Palinchak. Was also attended by members of the Komi?... Keep on reading: Considered controversial questions about the purpose of all kinds of social benefits

The teenager was connected to a life support machine in a few hours after insertion of the tampon, which caused the development of potentially fatal toxic shock syndrome. 16-year-old Jody Craig thought he had a heart attack when he became so weak that they could hardly move. In addition, she started having severe vomiting, and the temperature was raised to 47 °C. "I have entered the swab in the afternoon, about three hours. Soon after that I started to sick and my mom took me to the doctor, who said to come back the next day, if I can't get better," recalls jodie. However, already at 5 PM the girl felt very weak and went to his room. According to her, she felt so bad that she could hardly lift her arms. Gathering his strength, she was able to push on the...

Today, the 30th of September all the fans of the funny action game Plants vs. Zombies: Garden warfare could celebrate the release of the next free update called Legend of the green. As part of this update to the game will add two new combat mode, a couple of new bosses, more than two hundred items to personalize the appearance of the characters, as well as additional map in the form, you need to put this kind of lawn or meadow, if you will. learn More about Released an update for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Comments

News Marmaris Yesterday, 29.09.2014, the weather in Marmaris is not happy campers almost the whole day. Although the sun shone brightly, was declared a storm warning. Not without incident. Two tourists from Norway and rent a small 11 metre sailing yacht "Savoritsa" come out into the open sea from the village of Datca (near Marmaris). Lost control due to... Read the entire article on the website To do this, simply click on the title of the article!

© S long ago people wanted to know about his home planet as much as possible. Today we think we know about it enough. The problem is that we think. Below are a few common misconceptions about the Earth and the phenomena that occur on it. 1. Everest moves to the side and not up Everest / © Wikimedia Fifty million years ago the Indian subcontinent has decided that he doesn't like to coexist with the equator. And went North. In the end, he crashed into Asia, which resulted in the Himalayas, together with Everest. Today, it reaches a height of almost 9 km But since the collision of the Indian subcontinent and Asia still continues, Everest, too, must constantly grow, right? No, not so, say the scientists, carefully controlling the height of...

With childhood love sweet, was waiting for the New year stronger than the day of birth,only because heaps of delicious confetti goes, but I'm still waiting for this holiday only for sweets. The only joy in jizni:) #Podslushivaet@overhear

Next week will go on sale in sci-Fi Thriller Alien: Isolation from the Studio The Creative Assembly. In preparation for the release, the developers continue to publish videos from the series How Will You Survive? In another small video the main character fights the androids... and looses the battle. Alien: Isolation will be available from October 7 on the PC, the consoles of the past and new generations. The main character of the game will be Amanda Ripley - the daughter familiar to fans of "Alien" Ellen Ripley. Comments on the website

Sent once from accounting plate. It zapparoli some long password, former chief accountant; when he left, everything, of course, the password is forgotten. Very tearfully begged to open. I was surprised: the file opens without any passwords. What's the matter? Yes I simply opened his OpenOffice, which before all this malkamaki security Affairs no.

KK Launcher (KitKat style Launcher) is the best kastomiziruet home screen. In part of the news. Features: 1. Based on Android 4.4 launcher, support for Android 4.0+ 2. Support icons from Nova launcher, ADW, GO, Apex launcher 3. Transparent status bar and navigation bar (Android 4.4 and some devices c built-in support) 4. Hide applications 5. Support counter of unread SMS and missed calls 6. Editing shortcuts 7. Support gesture to the right to open Google Now (depends on your version of Google Search) 8. HD Wallpapers from Nexus 5 9. High customization: - background Transparency - sets the maximum size of the mesh folder - Change the grid size in the application list, - change the size of icons - setting the main desktop (left, middle or right) - Hide...

Became aware of the availability of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Linux and the ability to install the game from Steam.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a continuation of the cult game Counter-Strike about the confrontation between two parties: the terrorists and special forces.

Estimates for the greeting: "land of fire", Krasnoyarsk - 54554 - 23 "Who's there", Barnaul - 44444 - 20 "Vase", Kemerovo - 45454 - 22 Team the Siberian state technological University, Krasnoyarsk - 54555 - 24 "Irkut", Irkutsk - 45444 - 21 "School. Makarenko", Irkutsk - 44554 - 22 Team Yakutsk - 55555 - 25 [ read more ]

Fishing for carp can be a real test for the novice angler. Cupid is a worthy opponent, you cannot just come to the pond rinse tackle and catch this cautious fish. But I have to show all the qualities and skills inherent in the people really in love with fishing. Required powers of observation to find the habitat of this fish; you need knowledge of the habits of the Amur river, [...]

Appeared fresh long demonstration of Assassin's Creed Rogue with developer commentary. Again shows marine and terrestrial gameplay, Arctic region. The project will be released on November 11 of this year for PS3 and Xbox 360.

As you know, Sunday night in Moscow for the game of the 2nd round of the Champions League against CSKA Moscow flew football club Bayern (Munich). According to official information, the German team is located in the Ritz-Carlton, but the middle of the night almost before sleep the entire coaching staff and the team was urgently evacuated to the street. According to preliminary data, in the Ritz-Carlton fire alarm went off, and that was the reason for the evacuation.

Let us first analyze why there is a desire to change a loved one. We don't like any behavioral traits, qualities of character, Outlook on life... If communication with another person is not episodic nature, unpleasant traits or qualities become too obvious and begin frankly annoying... This article describe tags: change, psychology of communication, weaknesses, character, behavior

More than 500 fans of FC Rubin were arrested during a football match between the teams of "Rubin" (Kazan) and "torpedo" (Moscow) in Kazan, the official website of the Ministry of interior of the Republic of Tatarstan. Fans lit at the stadium 4 fire, 5 smoke bombs, 2 crackers and 6 of firecrackers.

Following the inspection of the UEFA Moscow stadium "Open arena" is registered in the registry of the Union of European football associations for international matches under the auspices of this organization, the official website of the RFU.

Stroytransgaz to build stadiums in Nizhny Novgorod and Volgograd for the 2018 world Cup. According to a representative of the company Anton Kurepina, this week the Board of Directors of Stroytransgaz will approve this decision. According to "Vedomosti", the training program, Nizhny Novgorod region is 55.6 billion, Volgograd - 24,3 billion rubles Recall, when Stroytransgaz was appointed General contractor arenas in Nizhny Novgorod and Volgograd, Federal officials have repeatedly warned that the cost of each of the stadiums, which is built on public money, should not exceed 15 billion rubles However, in the "Stroytransgaz" disagreed, explaining that the low estimate: the cost arenas may even exceed 20 billion rubles According to Kurepina, projects stadiums... and the portal Graphic News using infographics represent the second match day of the Champions League season 2014/15. One of the main events of Tuesday will be the visit of Roma in Manchester. Italians are extremely poorly perform in England, but will do everything they can to break this trend.

"locomotive" - HC "Sochi" 4:1 guests Began well and even led after the first period thanks to a goal by Nikita Panels in the majority. But then the hosts gained momentum, and in the second period Jeff Platt and Yegor Averin (twice) made the score 3:1. Two goals from three acted as assistant to Martin Tornberg, and for 27 seconds before the final siren, he distinguished himself by implementing the most. the Citizens continued to alternate victory from defeat, residents lost their fifth straight. "Jokerit" - "Dinamo Riga 2:3 the residents played extremely aggressive and at times suppressed its activity masters, in total, causing 38 shots on target against 19. But well acted Riku, Helenius, and in some cases he was lucky or helped rod. However, it was not...

Sporting - Chelsea Forecast: P2 - 1,60 Schalke Maribor Forecast: TM 3,5 - 1,55 PSG - Barcelona Forecast: TB 2,5 - 1,88 APOEL - Ajax Forecast: Ajax f(0) - 1,72 miner - Port Forecast: x2 - 1,60 BATE - athletic Forecast: BATE f(+1) - 1,56 CSKA - Bayern Forecast: TB 2,5 - 1,60 Manchester city - Roma Forecast: Roma f(+1) - 1,80

Today Lisky the railroad in the framework of the 13th round of the championship zone "Centre" of the second division played in Podolsk. Read more Football: Lisky "locomotive" against Podolsky "Vityaz": just the facts ... source: Sports PLAYER ©

Caterham their novelties for the Grand Prix of Japan and plan to use in Suzuka new front spoiler. Team leader Manfredi Ravetto hopes that the new product will allow you to achieve significant progress.

All about your victories We continue to keep you apprised of quick games. New millionaire, Rapido, championship week "Top 3" and the long-awaited winner KENO-Sportloto" - talk about the most important in our traditional weekly report. Rapido: North - South the Week from 22 to 28 September in Rapido was marked by two played super. About the first winners we wrote last Monday. Just recall that the winner of the southern Federal district 4240-th edition (September 22) yielded amount 1 484 802 rubles. This is one of the biggest wins in the history of the game! Note the curious fact: since the circulation of Rapido began to be held every half hour, the size of the super exceed one million rubles almost weekly. In General, future millionaires note. Two days...

16-year-old athlete Anastasia Klochkova (Moscow, coaches Oleg and Venus Chereshnevy) spoke about how for her memorable world championship-2014 climbing in New Caledonia (20 - 23 September), where she won a silver medal.

" Many reputable casinos that offer players the opportunity to play for real money before you log in, the game will require banal registration. This sensitive issue and of concern to many visitors to the sites with online games. Many questions arise from players about this. And all because of mistrust players some online casinos.

30 September 2014 Forecast for the Champions League. Sporting L - Chelsea Another portion of the quality of football awaits us during the week. The feast of the Champions League returns to the Jose Alvalade stadium, where sporting Lisbon will compete with London's Chelsea. Far in the 1992-93 season, the current coach of the Seniors started their coaching careers as assistant-translator head coach of the lions, Bobby Robson. Now Jose Mourinho is one of the greatest coaches in modern football, and his arrival in Lisbon very interesting event.

The Russian Team won a play-off match of the world Cup 2015 in Uruguay (22:21), the organizers messed up the guest flag, and fans staged "Polish whistle". Report Vyacheslav Sambur from Krasnoyarsk.

The Main event under the water fall is considered scrapping the thermocline in reservoirs and lakes. It happens, usually in November, when installed long morning frosts. If in the morning for several days puddles covers a good crust of ice, then this period has come. Chilled water become heavy, surface water "falls" on the bottom and displaces warmer, which rises [...]

The Number of our citizens, passionate about bodybuilding today is very great. Millions of them every day thrust "iron" and sit on the simulators. However, it has long been known that the building muscle when powered on normal for the average person's diet for Builder impossible. In the standard set of products just do not have the required amount the body needs athlete substances, not what to build muscle. And the main building [...]

Processing ammonia anaerobic bacteria, living mostly in the sewers, can successfully replace the shampoo and shower gel, and in the future be used for the treatment of skin diseases, stated in U.S. biotech company AOBiome. The experiment showed that bacteria effectively cleanse the skin and scalp, as well as improve her condition as a whole.

Fashionable down jacket straight and comfortable cut. Model with zip made of high quality material saturated color. Perfect to create the image of a modern woman in casual style. Lining 100% nylon. The heater 70% down, 30% feather. fur: raccoon.

Expired coupons: from September 29 until October 31, 2014 (inclusive). Coupon can be used with 1 to October 31, 2014 in the following parks: - Fili - weekdays - Gorky Park - weekdays - Meshchersky Park on weekdays, - Tsaritsyno on weekdays, - Lianozovo - in Friday, Saturday and Sunday, - Izmailovsky Park at the weekend. the Coupon is valid on any category of tickets (one route 2 route 3 route 4 depending on the Park) in the network, rope parks "Andpark". One coupon is valid only on the purchase of one ticket. Buying the first ticket, the second of the same category, the passage of trails in the same Park and the same day, you get a free second ticket can be used by any person).

Sell wooden quake for catching somaligna, durable, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, high quality. Approximate length Kwok - 40 see Weight, configuration and size are chosen empirically for many years of fishing. Tested on various rivers in our country and abroad. In the presence of four types kvokov for waves and calm waters, with convex and flat heels. The cost of Kwok per unit [...]

Mini-skis "Prestige", packing: mesh, color in the range the Bright red mini-skis "Prestige", made of durable plastic, perfect for skiing children in winter. Skis have a notch on the sliding surface and are attached to the Shoe with textile straps with plastic buckles. Every child loves to spend time outdoors, will be happy mini-skis. Active games in the mini-skis are sometimes much more interesting than the sled. And...

Sometimes it is very difficult sometimes to keep yourself, what is called the tone for the entire day. This is especially frustrating when You have a lot of work "at work" (I think it's clear what I said), and You literally hooked nose and fall asleep. What you need to do in order to cheer up a little? Five ways to cheer up. What this means, besides well-known [...]

I Think that probably this post of my blog will be particularly interesting to those who only recently bought an aquarium and is faced with the problem of how to choose a good water for the aquarium. The ideal is in the aquarium to buy water which is clean sea water, however, in cities where the sea far sellers

41-year-old Heidi Klum in the soul of this child - she never misses a chance to have fun with your children on the rides at Disneyland. This time the supermodel has taken with him, and a young boyfriend, 28-year-old Vito Schnabel.

Women's website Womanbook invites you to become the author of a blog on our website. Love to communicate and share your tips with others? Send her a note-the Council on women's issues - and win great prizes. Conditions of competition: 1. Receiving texts will be held from October 1 to 15:00 on 30 October. 2. Send to the address any note on women's issues: whether the recipes [...]

Set of gifts to order in the amount of 2500 rubles* Laboratory Health and Beauty Conditions: *To order in the amount of 2500 rubles attached: 2 tester one presented on the website of brands, packaging bag with logo and mini product Vichy Micellar cleansing solution bottle 30 ml *This gift set is summed with the other gifts on the website. Validity: from 30.09.2014 01:31 to 06.10.2014...

Date old style 18 September this day is celebrated the memory of two martyrs Sophia and Irene, who lived in Egypt in the 3rd century. They were executed during the reign of Emperor Aurelian. In this day in Russia was made to collect and dry the hips. It was believed,...

I fell in love with a colleague at work. He is gay. With him working well, and he doesn't care at all that I'm a woman. Several times I stayed overnight at his house, and the last time he tried to roll up to him and kiss. He didn't kiss me and calmly explained that he is not straight, and nothing between us can never be. But I very much love him and can't live with it. I never had such feelings towards anyone. He wants us to remain friends, but if I get more, I will be very hurt... I don't know what to do with it. Please help. to Read the reviews...

Today, people tend to blame their illnesses anything - pollution of the metropolis, harmful radiation from your smartphone, and now came to their own homes. Indeed, doctors say that the atmosphere in the apartment to be able to influence the health of its inhabitants. Read more in the article "the Judicial process for the apartment."

In each house bathroom is a special place, why so much attention is being paid to its design and construction. Every morning everyone begins with the adoption of water treatment and also finishes his day. Often we are eager to work and we don't always have enough time to thoroughly do their morning routine. But this situation can be corrected, if properly and efficiently organize the space in the bathroom

Introductory overview for fishermen-fishermen, visitors and customers Fishing online store FishComm Shop. When fishing for predatory fish have long, there are several ways of fixing after its capture: hand (hands), sagorika, landing net. Each of them, of course, has the right to life, but in different conditions of catching each of the options is not convenient or not applicable.

Long the project will trace the development of a real person from the moment of birth. A unique chance to see year after year the maturity of the child, the life of his parents and changes of the surrounding world in General

The year 1000 of our era. Silent warrior nicknamed the one-eyed breaks free from years of bondage. Brutally disposing with their owners, he soon meets the crusaders and, joining them, goes to the Holy Land. Trailer

The film tells the tragic date in the history of the Crimean Tatar people - may 18, 1944 - Stalin's deportation of the Crimean Tatars. In the center of the plot of the film - pilot, twice hero of the Soviet Union, Amethan Sultan. In may 44-year after the release of Sevastopol Amethan goes on vacation to his native town. His eyes may 18 and begins deportation of the Crimean Tatars. this page of our site you will always be able haytarma (2012) movie to watch online free in good quality HD 720. haytarma (2012) Watch movie, haytarma (2012) online for free in good quality HD 720 haytarma watch online You liked haytarma (2012) watch online free in good quality? Will share the link with friends, watching a movie! Dear visitor, please, if player haytarma (2012...

Artist: VA Name: ZiRENZ - Utopia (Remixes 2014) Source: WEB Style: Trance, Progressive release date: 2014 file Format: mp3 Quality: 320kbps | 44.1 kHz | Stereo Number of tracks: 02 (no *.cue) Play Time: 00:16:29 file Size: 37 MB

Category: HD DVD/BD Remux Size: 14.55 GB Status: 3 seeders(4 tumbler(s) Speed: 1.67 MB/s Added: 2014-09-29 16:47:48 Description: 1942. The war in the jungles of British Malaya. A squad of Japanese soldiers out of five people who have fallen behind on their parts, to wander in the jungle, hoping to find their comrades. But all in vain. Meanwhile, the soldiers stronger and stronger growing suspicion that one of them is a British spy. To all this, they feel the presence of some evil force. One of the sergeants - military reporter, his 8 mm camera does not stop working even in the most dramatic moments... (c) HD TRACKER

This feud lasted more than four centuries. In this battle hardened and rose the Russian Land. On the battlefields of this ruthless war decided the fate of the Slavs and the future of our people. Aryan Russia against the Jews of Khazaria! Kolovrat against the stars, steel sword against the "Golden calf", the courage and prowess against the exact calculation, the army's honor against greed! So I draw this centuries-old opposition chronicle of bygone years.

Priest Matthew and his family moved to a small town, where he was appointed to the parish. At first glance, life here is quiet for an established track. But this impression is deceptive: for a quiet façade...

Priest Matthew and his family moved to a small town, where he was appointed to the parish. At first glance, life here is quiet for an established track. But this impression is deceptive: for a quiet façade uncovers terrible secrets, and many lives are destroyed because the people here are accustomed to close on all eyes. Father Matthew will alone to understand what is happening in the city actually, and untangling the complicated puzzle, to bring light here. Director: Valery Deviation Writers: Daria Desombre, Alexey Zernov, Rodion Beletsky Producers: Alexander Kushev, Irina Smirnova Actors: Vladimir Kolganov, Rodion, Galchenko, Victoria Adelfina, Maxim Yudin, Ivan Shmakov, Leonid Gromov, Marina Volkova, Artem Fedotov, Catherine Malkowska, Oleg...

Counterculture has become the most important in the life of modern mankind. It was originally directed against technocratism industrial society. Property, family, personal responsibility and other fundamental values of modern civilization proclaimed prejudice, and their lawyers were seen as regressive.

Seemingly easy solution proposed by the designers Fluye Studio from Valencia, but for some reason in the past, we have not met anything like that. Of course, they first proposed to put things in closets, but to hide them behind the tiled walls of the bathroom is, perhaps, their know-how. Ceramic tile is able to hide the huge space, which is useful ... The post Two brilliant ideas associated with ceramic tiles appeared first on Arhimed Today - modern architecture and design.

All of us know that police work is highlighted by the increased complexity and risk, as employees of law enforcement agencies are often faced with crime. The police is one of the most important social organizations, because while there are different disturbers, the current society needs people who violators will be caught. Police often risk their health and even lives, but to work they simply do not know how. The whole complexity of the work depends on what city they continue to work and how it is called criminal... 1 series Original name: Chicago PD Year of release: 2014 the genre of the series: action, drama the Author of the series: mark Tinker, Sanford Bookstaver, Karen Gaviola Actors:Jason beh, Jon Seda, Sophia Bush, Elias Koteas, Archie Kao, Jesse Lee...

New television series "Father Matthew" from the film "Russian" was presented to the audience on 22 September 2014. Released on the "inter" channel tape tells how in a small, quiet at first glance, the town visiting priest. Instead of a peaceful existence among the pious flock, father falls order to tearing the city that hides a dark side for radiant façade.

Besprovodnaya and bleeding onion in the history of the UK and European domination of the Holy Inquisition. This story covers almost 500 years of persecution, torture and painful concen. This history, which in his veins the blood run cold. The story, though the usual innocent people became victims of a pious fanaticism and neprolaznoy truth about the persecution of the Templars, of indescribable torture witches, mystics and healers committed in the name of faith.

Anti-religious Proverbs and sayings appeared in ancient times. They were passed from mouth to mouth, spread in the lists, despite the prohibition of the authorities, on the persecution of the Church. It is no coincidence Century, Belinsky turned to Proverbs to prove the unbelief of the Russian people in God. In his famous letter to Gogol he noted that the Russian people are anti-religious in its essence. The same idea is held A.I. Herzen. He wrote: "Many Proverbs shows the indifference of Russian religion...". Proverbs and sayings are the fruits of the thoughts and observations of many generations of people. This popular philosophy, coming from the depths of the soul of the people. They have great educational value.

During one of the interviews resource dpreview Managing Director & CEO Canon Mr. Masaya Maeda confirmed that the recently introduced Canon camera G7X The post Sensor Canon G7 X made not the Canon appeared first on

The accident Happened on the bed B. in Uzhgorod. the driver of the car “Hyundai Tucson” driving traffic bridge square on B. not able to cope with running and ran into a concrete support circle. as a Result of the accident, the driver died at the scene, and the 20-year-old passenger with injuries of the skull and thorax taken to the city hospital. the Details later. "Carpathian Lens"

Thai Authorities are discussing the possibility of introducing bracelets with identification numbers for tourists. This will help to improve security in the resorts of the Kingdom, as well as quickly find the lost foreigners. Also consider the possibility of using other electronic devices.

Scientists have updated the results of the study on the number of wild animals on the planet. As it turned out, the number of mammals, birds, reptiles and fish over the past 4 decades has decreased by about 2 times.

Well it happens in different ways, not always and not for everyone. Purely for those who are not do otherwise, as very well, according to location, appearance and flogged. Share subjective experiences of rational booking the perfect conditions for a wonderful holiday with children, for children and for their appearance :) Warn. the Subject of fasting obliges, and the island of Bali I absolutely liked it, so the word "good" is in the text fairly be repeated. Well ? :) the Main principle - down with intermediaries ! It is not the Board to beat them, this is a recommendation not to be lazy. And it's not even about the money. All that You do for yourself will be much better than what You are ready to make the best of intermediaries. How to get to get in...

Team finished first group stage of the women's world championship in Italy's defeat in four sets from the American team. It did not prevent the current owners of the title to go to the next round. However, lost in this match points will complicate the Russians struggle to hit the six strongest.

The Accident occurred on September 28, on the bypass road near Simferopol. The car "Lada", which went to the family of the Crimean Tatars of eight, fell in a hole formed because of the failure of the soil. Killing six people. Two children with severe injuries were hospitalized in the Republican children's clinical hospital.

Seoul newspaper Choson Ilbo claims that the North Korean leader Kim Jong UN had operations on both knees. This explains his long absence from the public, informs ITAR-TASS. According to the publication, head of the DPRK injured both legs during one of his inspection trips.

In the Communist party are preparing a law by which to leave the country outside the holiday period parliamentarians will have to apply for permission to the Chairman of the state Duma. state Duma Deputy, head of the legal service of the Communist Vadim Soloviev is preparing a draft law on amendments to the Federal law "On the status of member of the Federation Council and the status of a Deputy of the state Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation". Under the proposed amendments, legislators of both chambers of Parliament, excluding holidays, will be able to leave the territory of Russia only in need of treatment in foreign hospitals or due to business trips. However, the MPs will be required to provide appropriate documents to the office of...

Jennifer Lawrence Another portion of personal photos American celebrities hit the Internet. Hackers have posted on their websites 4Chan and Reddit, later, the administration has blocked these pages, but... the Full news available when navigating to the website.

On Monday, a Federal judge in new York ruled that Argentina "has no respect for the court, refusing to obey a court order for payment of compensation to the owners of government bonds, which the Argentine government refused to pay in 2001. When Argentina defaulted in 2001, the vast number of foreign bondholders agreed with the proposal of the government, and received in exchange the new notes, losing the exchange of more than sixty percent of the capital. About ten percent of securities owners refused to go on the contract and made Argentina a civil suit in a new York court, because the bonds were issued in new York in American law. Long process ended in their favor, the court demanded from Argentina to buy from plaintiffs their bonds at full price, which...

He called to destroy the nuclear capabilities of Iran. Speaking at the UN General Assembly, Netanyahu stressed that "softened the tone of Tehran and demonstration of readiness to dialogue only try to abolish the harsh international sanctions. He argued that all this will disappear as soon as Iran will produce nuclear weapons. Even the Israeli Prime Minister said that he sees no fundamental differences between the Palestinian Hamas and Islamic state." This branch of the same poisonous tree, said the leader of the Israeli state.

Oleg Sentsov will remain behind bars in Russia for another 3 and a half months. Lefortovo court of Moscow extended the detention of Ukrainian Director's detention until 11 January next year. Co...

SU-30 - double fighter 4+generation. This plane is at the Irkutsk aviation plant (IAP). During its existence the company has released more than 7,000 aircraft 20 types. The geography of deliveries of IAP covers 37 countries. In addition to the su-30MK (modernized, commercial) and su-30CM (upgraded, serial), the plant produces combat training aircraft Yak-130, the components of aviation equipment for Airbus, and starts production of passenger aircraft MS-21. (http://ru-aviation.livejo...)

Over the weekend in the Pechora held a regular meeting of straykbolistov. Participated as a local team and guests from Vorkuta, INTA and Usinsk. Only on the territory of the former military unit based in turned the spotlight gathered 60 people. • Read more... Copyright © 2014, Pechora Today | All rights reserved. | Permalink | No comments

In the early 15th century Wallachian Prince Vlad III, in real life, was Dracula,and was captured by the Ottoman Turks for twelve years. Now archaeologists believe they have found the prison where he was held prisoner deep under the castle Tokat in Northern Turkey. The dungeon was found after opening the secret tunnel that is excavated while the restoration work was done on the building. "The castle is completely surrounded by secret tunnels. Very mysterious," said archaeologist Ibrahim çetin. "It is difficult to assess which room Dracula was sitting, but he was here." Despite his extended incarceration is that Vlad wanted to restore the throne of Wallachia before unread Tepes was born in 1431 and died in 1476

List of top gainers of last week led a cross-rates with the new Zealand dollar: GBP/NZD +3,25% and EUR/NZD +2,39%. The reserve Bank of New Zealand by the end of the September meeting was not to tighten monetary policy, which led to a significant reduction in demand for the national currency. After breaking the strong resistance levels cross rates went up sharply, with GBP/NZD has set a fresh high for the last two years. It should be noted that these currency pairs have high volatility and are ideal for intraday traders expect the high yield. Following the leaders settled cross rates USD/SGD +1,53%, USD/MXN +1.76% and USD/CAD 1.74 percent. The bullish trend for the us dollar is gaining momentum, the dollar index basket (USDX) confidently stayed for 4-year...

Comment: the Australian dollar started the recovery from the lows of this year, installed on 0.8660, which also coincide with our short-term goal. We are not surprised that this area survived the first attempt to break out. Resistance is at a level 0.8862 (23.6% correction), followed by a maximum of 19 September at 0.8999 and key resistance at 0.9178 (200-day mA... read more...

Welcome! review of the EUR/ JPY and forecast for September 30. Descending wave on September 19, forms on this instrument the trend of small scale. The reduction potential is not completed. Since the beginning of the week within the current structure is being counter correction. The structure of the correction formed flat flat. In the coming session, expect the end the bullish correction. the Potential rise of waiting is not above the nearest resistance. The probability of a breakout above a zone boundary is small. Next, expect a reversal, return the direction of the bearish trend. the Nearest support area can hold on to quote a pair for some time before breaking down. the support Zone: - 138.50/30 - 137.40/137.00 Below within days not wait. resistance...

CMR, Ul. Ural, 2 K. square, (tie/shirt), 2/9 floor, panel., 1987 G.P., 52/34/9, br., the bulk. the urban., met. Ref. the door, compatible with. - tile, new plumbing, IGOS, tambour for 2 masters, clean entrance, adjoining Parking opposite the school №84, 2 kindergartens, near the end of the bus, market, near the alley, children's playgrounds. Condition: replaced risers, wiring, transaction counter, laminated floor, requires a small cosmetic. repair (Wallpaper, ceiling). Remain wardrobe, 2 split, Kholodilin., kitchen with gas. waroch. pan., warm water heater, stir. Mach., 2 TV, Internet. The hostess. The price of 2.7 million rbl. the Auction. (Call before 20:00)

Any credit history, low interest, no pre-payment, the decision on the same day. the sum of 150,000 thousand to 7 million. Consider the offer as collateral or without collateral. For full details please pochtu or call by phone.

China probably does everything in his power to divert attention from the simple fact that the bubble in the housing market (the largest from the point of view of the involved amounts of assets and from a position of non-market valuation and the fair value) bursts. But even if not there is the very boundaries that define bursting of the housing bubble, the last major Chinese website Soufun, dedicated to real estate and allege that the sale of the plots fell by a significant 22% to 1.7 trillion yuan in 2014, probably, are a clear indication that Beijing is close to panic. And if these numbers are not enough, the publisher Bloomberg adds that the sale of land in 300 cities tracked by Soufun , fell by almost 50% year-on-year to 415.9 billion yuan in the 3rd...

Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry has sold out the first batch of its new smartphones Passport for a few hours. This publication reports Computerworld with reference to the words of CEO John Chen.

Jeanne 49 years old, Russian, live in the center of Donetsk. Obrazovaniia specialeetees. The cook-wagon. with the ability to perform the work pekala 25 years. Organization, preparation pitaniem work a personal chef.

Realtors are waiting for the recovery of the property market, which is traditionally associated with the start of the business season. But do not forget that in the first months of the year, buyers have already used their full potential, including through subsequent periods. Since money from people is not added, and the queues for apartments now. Hence, there is a chance to get a discount.

Monday for most stock indices was "in the red", but not for the Japanese Nikkei, which had continued to go up and managed to add to 0.50%. But Hong Kong's Hang Seng, FTSE and the German DAX suffered losses. American DJIA and NADAQ also showed a decline during the trading session under the action of increasing voltage in Hong Kong. Investors fear that if the existing conflict between the West, Russia" the likelihood of destabilization of the situation in China will have too high a risk for the stock markets. In the foreign exchange market the main event yesterday was the data of the news that in August, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand decided to intervene in the amount of 521 million new Zealand dollars. Moreover, the Prime Minister said that for the pair...

Requirements: - knowledge of business etiquette; - neat appearance; - advanced PC user; - sociability, initiative. Responsibilities: - meeting clients and accounting for the flow; - the organisation of working time of staff; - keeping and reporting on the work done; - documentary support client work: design applications, invoices; - ensure that the image components of the office of the company standards. Conditions: - permanent, full-time work in the territory of the employer; - design, vacation, sick time, etc. according to the labour code; - full day from 9:00 to 17:00; - corporate education and training; - opportunity for professional and career growth; - opportunity; - consider no work experience; - C/p 17-24 thousand rubles

On Monday, the US dollar showed mixed trading, holding near their highs for the last six years against a basket of major rivals, despite the passively configured talk of fed officials. Charles Evans, President of the Chicago fed, said in an interview on CNBC that he believes will still be sufficient time before the time is right to raise the stakes. According to Evans, the increase in rates in the following June it is likely, however, he would like to wait until the end of next summer, before you tighten policy. Concerns about the impact of protests by Pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong kept traders in suspense all day. People in Hong Kong protest against the Chinese authorities in order to achieve greater independence from mainland China. Against the...

For eight months of 2014 in the capital market has added 23 new residential project - 6.5 thousand new apartments. According Yaroslava Chapko, Director of the consulting company City Development Solutions, for the first half came to market 16 new projects, and July and August - 7. It is expected that by the end of October will begin apartments for sale in another [...]

Russian auction house (RAD) November 12, will hold an auction for the sale of a land plot of 1 294 sq m under public and business buildings, including housing and apartment hotel, at the intersection Makarova embankment and Middle Avenue of Vasilievsky island. Now this place is located in a former garment factory. The initial price of the object 185 million.

Myrkridia, Ryazansky prospect in the area TTK -street Nizhny Novgorod, 50, TC THREE (pet products) D. Ph. 8 495 970 84 47, 8 967 131 14 49 district of Nizhny Novgorod. Warszawska -street Warsaw highway 69, cor. 1. phone 8 499 723-10-45; 8 495 764-90 - 21; 8 965 418 73 09; Nagatinsky

Kaluga plant Peugeot Citroen and Mitsubishi "PSMA Rus", which produce Peugeot 408, Citroen C4 and Mitsubishi Outlander, has no right to participate in state and municipal procurement. The Assembly plant has not passed the selection based on formal criteria.

On the track "the Smolensk ring" was the final stage of the Russian championship in circuit racing before the season 2014 was renamed into the Russian series of circuit races (RCCG). The first phase of the season (may 23-25) also took place on this track. After the races 27 and 28 September undecided Champions. In the class "Touring" the winner Mikhail Grachev (BMW 320). In "Touring-Light" this year was not equal Boris upon completing all stages (Ford Fiesta). First place in the "National" by the end of the season took Vladimir Chechenin (Lada Kalina), and "Super-Production" - Oleg Maslennikov. Maxim Belotsky - the winner of the contest "national pilot", "Motor" was held jointly with the Academy Rally" took in "the National" 12th place.

Major premieres in Paris 2014 Teasers Opel, Lamborghini, Infiniti and Mitsubishi to the motor show in Paris Thursday, October 2, will be the main day of the year for all, especially in Europe, the automotive industry, because in this day its doors to the press opens the Paris motor show. "Glamorous" status of the Paris motor show obliges leading manufacturers to prepare for the event bright conceptual novelties. However, the gloss of the prototypes should not mislead us. The main theme of the show this year will still be functional, environmental friendliness and fuel efficiency. Solo on the show, of course, will be the European brands, but also Asians, Americans will not miss a chance to remind myself. Therefore, the list of confirmed Premier Paris-2014...

On the Kerch ferry on Tuesday ended the car turn on both banks, according to the website of the Unified transport Directorate. The previous day was transported 2,927 thousand cars and 11900 passengers. As previously reported, ...

September 30, 2014. Chelyabinsk, crossroads Brothers kashirinyh and Tchaikovsky. The driver of the black Qashqai was very late and turned from the middle row to the left, and the driver of the black car VAZ-2111 was very late and flew to dark yellow...

Automobile spies managed to take some pictures of the new sports version of the sedan Lexus GS F 2016 model year, which will be a competitor to the BMW M5 and Mercedes E63 AMG

Lamborghini previously released tractor. The founder of the company decided to release the car as it is believed that other manufacturers produce low-quality machines. Most problematic, he believed sportscar Ferrari 250GT

All good day . The machine was working mostly traveled on the highway mileages were big Vladeni machine 2 years showed his good side. small roomy traveled frequently together when four people and Luggage in the cabin the engine was breathing harder . The beauty salon liked plastic looks good torpedo of soft plastic hand pleasantly,magnitola well for all staff well can the phone by Bluetooth to connect the USB stick has a aux input,sound 4 even has some little bit column settings but for music lovers of nematic . Driving went quickly aim was to arrive from point a to point b sometimes times 1100 miles built up,the engine turns well maximum speed put 165 further did notbecome the engine in the red zone on overtaking on peredacha down and forward. turns runs...

First appeared on the market combined device of the premium, which combines the most advanced DVR and radar detector. A difficult task that many people tried producers, was on the shoulder specialists of the Russian company Neoline.

Cadillac called the name of the new model, which in the near future will be its flagship. The name is a three-character - CT6. Why CT6? Maybe because this car will be released for the 2016 model year. But more likely the figure will indicate the relative size of the car and its place in the hierarchy of models of Cadillac. As for the two first letters, they should [...] read more...

Manufacturer considers Discovery Sport to CDs, but to us this positioning seems to be incorrect: the new closer in length (4599 mm) and base (2741 mm) to the Audi Q5, with his friends, than to Q3. The situation is very similar to the ranking of interclass SUV Lexus NX, only more transparent, given the considerable size of the wheelbase, rich initial facilities and seven-seat version of the "Briton". And at a starting price Disco Sports noticeably ahead of the cohort compact premium SUVs: from 1.95 million. For the money the buyer will receive a car picking SE diesel 2.2 TD4 (150 PS, 400 N•m), four-wheel drive and a nine-storeyed automatic with paddle petals, Terrain Response, help start up the hill and down the hill, stabilization (including trailer).

Soon start Russian sales of the sedan of business class Acura TLX. Now there is information about the price and specifications of new products. The sedan version Techno will be offered for 1,899 million rubles, and in Advance version - 2,369 million.

The tread of the vehicle tire is our topic today. From how well made car tire, depends the stability of the vehicle on the road surface in different weather conditions. For this reason, some manufacturers produced tires for maximum comfort while traveling in an urban environment, the other is produced rubber for increased stability at high speed. Some manufacturers [...] Record the tread of the tires of the car first appeared Sochi Auto Repair. No similar information

Bridgestone Americas, September 22, held a Grand opening ceremony of its research center, specializing in beataucue from guayule and located in Arizona. As stated during the ceremony the Director of Bridgestone Americas for the development of new business areas bill Niaura (Bill Niaura), learning opportunities rubber of the Bush...

Russian company Jaguar Land Rover has published the price list for the new Discovery Sport and started accepting pre-orders for the purchase of a car. Recall, novelty acts as the successor to the Freelander.