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Carving hair, species

Carving hair. There are several types of this method of installation, and each of them basically depends on the length curls, their type and, of course, the wishes of the client. For each of the master will choose the individual method of hair strands.

The most spectacular is considered this type of installation, as carving on short hair. Not very thick strands of hair from the roots straighten up and rise, after which raised direct strands of accrued on the curler. As a result of this procedure are great, the volume of the roots, wavy curls. If there is a desire to give the strands of the effect of very curly hair, you should perform the procedure with the use of small curlers.

Very popular with the representatives of the weaker sex another type of carving – on average hair. With the help of a laying, not trimming their hair can be radically change her hairstyle. As a rule, for this type of carving use large curlers. Long-term laying on medium strands will last about a month. And here is the paint them is possible only after three days after the injury, the dye should not contain ammonia.

Carving on the long hair is a special type of hair. It requires a much more careful approach, as to the procedure itself, as well as to the care of the hair after her. A new hairstyle will last less time than in other cases, because under its own weight wavy curls will be faster to straighten up. What kind of Perm select – soft waves or relief curls, depends on how harmoniously they will be combined with the features of your face, or on your wishes and preferences. Depends on it and select the size of the curlers, which will be used for the execution of the procedure: small or large.

Often carving hair is divided into types, depending on the outcome of laying. The first of them gives a long, thin hair so the splendor and the additional amount. The second is to create a hairstyle of soft and natural strands.

However, in one, and in the other case, all varieties of long-term laying subsequently enable us to simulate the hair, creating or wavy light hair, or elastic curls, you can, if you wish, curled, straighten using the dryer. As you like.

And as if Curling is used gentle composition, update it have often enough, laying hold of a relatively short one and a half-two months. During this time, the curls will gradually straighten up.