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Food which has to love

Today, many representatives of the stronger sex, and beautiful women are addicted to various culinary recipes.

But not all know some of the secrets revealed one Viennese cooking.

It appears certain products, in the right combination can cause a wide range of emotions and desires. Here for example is a curious fact about how our everyday products that consume millions of people can cause a desire to make love and a fully arrange this.

By a rich set of microelements and vitamins these products strengthen the desire of girls and guys allow you to quickly restore the sex force.

Several times during the night   is not the limit, if there with a love of bed You have is something from this list.

Avocados are a lot of protein vitamin A and potassium.

Bitter chocolate stimulates the secretion of the hormone serotonin, which causes a feeling of relaxation, pleasure and love.

Honey is perfectly strengthens the sexual energy and helps to quickly restore it after lovemaking.

Dates not only purify the blood — they also increase the amount of allocated seed and may even prolong sexual intercourse.

Mushrooms   source of protein and zinc, and therefore sexual energy. Better operate in the form of a mushroom caviar or Julien.

If a man drink before sex raw chicken egg, the girl will remain very happy with the result.

With black caviar problems, and red is easy to afford. Vitamins A, C, PP, B2, B6 and B12. Zinc and protein: what is needed for a sex marathon!

If You get the supper oysters, You won't regret it. Zinc, iron, erotic view!

Bananas due to potassium and natural sugars help get Horny if you suddenly have a problem.

And finally, asparagus — one of the most renowned aphrodisiacs. It is rich in vitamin A, phosphorus and potassium.

Italian sexologists and scientific workers of the Institute of sexual contacts have already proved that proper nutrition and food products, which are leading in the lists of healthy and environmentally-friendly, 100% have men and women of all ages to intimate relationships, to the boundless love, romance, and as a consequence of   the rapid and great sex!

Already on the 5-th, 6-th day after the reception of these products (alternating) in men manifested symptoms of sexual energy, they behaved more actively, often smiling and laughing. Many people have the power to make the lessons in the sport. the halls.

And for women after a week manifested a positive mood, agitation, cheerfulness. Girls bloomed, changed in their faces. Among those surveyed, a great many confirmed a great desire to go shopping and refresh your closet. The question “what You want to buy now?  of   the girls answered: new bright clothing, shoes, beautiful handbag, branded umbrella, lacquered leather clutch or women's purse. And some even showed interest to men's things, thus wishing to please their man she loved.

Proceeding from this, we can make a clear conclusion: Proper diet with supplements in the diet of certain products — this is the secret of eternal youth, happiness and great success!

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