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Tricks beginning fisherman

If you like, and are fond of fishing, then you simply need to know these few fishing secrets and tricks. Following them, you will never come home without a catch, and your gear and fishing accessories remain intact.

Choose fishing hooks

Without a hook is no Amateur fishing tackle. He must be very sharp and firm. Check the sharpness of the hook can be, having headed sting nails with a little pressure. Sharp hook will leave a thin trace with a chip. Stupid just scratched the nail.

In the Arsenal of the Fisher must be hooks of different sizes: from № 2.5 to № 16. Because sometimes, driving, say, carp, you can inadvertently find that in the same pond full of pikes. And catch them you without the appropriate size of the hooks will be problematic. Hook number is calculated in millimeters distance from the sting up of the marker.

Sometimes in the fishing shop overheated hooks, which would break even with a little effort. To weaken the hardening, the hooks are placed in a canning jar, in which pre-fill sand. The Bank is slowly heated tile. When the metal will get a blue tint, then, hardening the hook is normalized. To the contrary to harden soft hook, it is necessary to heat it up to blue and dipped in olive oil, corn or sunflower oil.

For sharpening hooks always take with itself on fishing small file. Keep hooks so that in a box or a jar to store never gets wet. Because they are rusting very quickly.

How to protect screws from damage?

During fishing for the last ice, when fishing takes place at coast of the very small depth, be careful when drilling holes. The bottom of the reservoir can be almost immediately beneath the ice. Drilling the hole, you risk damaging the sharpening of knives of ice screws on the bottom, stones or a snag.

Caution do the first hole on the shore, trying to determine how thick the ice in this place. Having drilled, be sure to measure the distance to the bottom. Consider the information obtained during drilling of the remaining holes in this place.

How to go on spring ice?

In March on the reservoirs of ice near the shore melts. Solid areas are located 3–5 m from the shore. To get them, use for crossing single rubber boat. Just do not do it alone!

Bind to the boat strong rope for insurance. While one of the fishermen sit in the vehicle and moving toward the solid ice, colleague, located on the Bank, insures it.

once Out on the ice, the first angler binds to the boat second rope, then the fisherman on the Bank gradually tightens the boat to ourselves. During the crossing of the second fisherman it insures a friend who went out on the ice first.

the same actions are performed and reverse crossing on the beach. Remember that in the morning, ice along the coast is always less than that which would be in the evening. The spring sunshine per day will melt the ice. So mark your place of going out on the ice with some notable subject: box, a bright piece of cloth or hanging on a pole in a plastic bag.

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