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In the 21st century, the increasingly popular online cinemas — and this is due to several factors. The most important factor is not saving money, as You might expect, and banal lack of time to visit the theaters. According to the UN report on employment of the population of the planet, over the past decade has increased the temporary upload to employees of large companies, and this despite the fact that companies increase the share of robotics. Based on reports from who, because of the high stress at work, more than 30% of employees in consequence of the fall in the risk of complications of the cardiovascular system.

After the above factor is the factor of economy. According to the results of sociological research, in developed countries the share of lovers freebies prevails fans of freebies in less developed countries. So, for example recently in Germany in the Bundestag was elected party Pirates. The purpose of this party — to discredit the anti-piracy laws, the introduction of full freedom in the Internet space.

Given these factors, the major players of the market have decided to reduce prices on movies. For example, several major Russian project, offering to buy a monthly pass — not more than 70 rubles. According to many analysts, recently adopted by the State Duma anti-piracy law is nothing but an attempt of these large-line cinema eliminate illegal projects competing to increase their profits. According to the researchers, the turnover of funds on the market illegally online cinemas in Russia reaches more than 1 billion rubles. If you get a completely defeat the market of pirated products-all of these amounts will go in legal projects.

However, as rightly say experts, to completely defeat the pirates in Russia — will not work. Not got it abroad, will not work that we do. Because of pirated products there is a huge demand — and, mainly, in pirated goods interested copyright holders. In order to escape from paying taxes, they manage to agree with illegal projects, and get with this much money, which are not paid taxes to the Treasury.

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