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Pleasant holidays

Summer, the sun, the heat. Most of us are already packing their things, take off from work and choose a place where they would like to spend these warm days.

From year to year, the question “where to go» bothers many people. Someone conservative decides to go to a place that he visits regularly, and someone wants to discover something new. Now, in the age of open borders, international relations and unlimited freedom, each of us is free to choose the place to taste. Most people are accustomed to the fact that foreign holiday — this is an expensive and unaffordable fun for the average man. I think it is a great folly. At the moment, there are many countries, high-quality holiday which will be cheaper than a similar vacation somewhere at domestic resorts. Take, for example, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Georgia… or even Turkey! Last minute holiday you can relax in almost every corner of the world, and prices will remain acceptable for any purse. Clearly we should not concentrate on stereotypes. Our — not mean cheaper. Try, experiment, choose, but the most important thing — do not stop. Relax not there, where they are used, and where will like it!

Jobs urgently — it may even get the chance to pozheltenie money on vacation. For example, if You are nice photograph and You have a good camera, You may be hired for an event, holiday, carnival.

Relax in the holiday is very nice and helpful. Some people prefer to travel in Russia, but nevertheless, the resort's tropical countries, where everything is included! Relax travel and fly both alone and in pairs and with children.

the Optimal number of days to rest — 10–14 days. It is so much on the conclusions of the scientists is required for the body to fully recover!

by the Way, do You remember when the last time was flying somewhere? What hotel lived? many photos and pleasant emotions You brought back?!

Or You endless worker and prefer vacation even not to take?!

According to doctors, it is very bad. You need to give yourself a break, change the picture, thus switching head on something positive and new!

do Not forget about leisure at the sea! It is necessary for all, especially in our time!

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