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How to keep love after the wedding?

How to keep love after the wedding? We childhood, firmly convinced of the most wonderful fairy tales, that every decent girl will always find a Prince, they love each other and they will have a beautiful wedding. But if in the famous fairy tale "Cinderella" of the wedding, it all ends, then in real life after the wedding, everything only begins. It initiates a normal life, full of routine chores and затягивающего life. And at the end of year two, and someone is calculated even in months, suddenly you realize that a loved one has become annoying. That sex has absolutely do not want to. That vanish the feeling of joy, for the sake of which you were so keen to be together. And then you start asking yourself questions: what to do? and how to keep love after the wedding?

there Are a few immutable rules, observing that you will be able to bring their feelings for each other after many years and your family will be surrounded by happiness and love. These Golden rules.

1. Do not hold in themselves discontent and resentment. Quietly discuss with each other what people don't like. It is very important to every one of you be comfortable. Accumulated resentment destroy the proximity of both physical and spiritual.

2. Do not try to alter each other. This does not lead to anything good. Any violence against the person, moral or physical, cause rejection. Another thing, when man himself wants something in it change. It is his decision and always need to help him out.

3. Support each other in everything. Each one of you must be sure that when he came home he will find there coziness, warmth and understanding.

4. Living together, we learn a lot of disadvantages of each other. And a lot of weaknesses that each person. Never use this knowledge against each other. After all, when you talked about their weaknesses and shortcomings, it is done it is of great trust to you. And if you use this knowledge to cause moral pain - then you betray their faith in you.

5. Watch for the appearance of the house. Do not allow grubby-looking. Type of foul linen, the unpleasant smell of the killed all the feelings. After leaving the house you are always trying to put himself in order. You don't suppose that foreign people can see you in неопрятном form. Although these unauthorized people do not mean to you absolutely nothing. So why do you think it possible to wear long pants and stained the robe in front of the most expensive for you people?

6. Take care of each other. Little surprises will bring to your life a joy and romance.

7. Never stoop to the insult. The word of the same material and they can be easily hurt. All conversations should be gently and calmly.

8. Pay enough attention to sexual relations, try to diversify them. It is very important how to maintain your relationship, as well as for physical health.

9. objective Say the truth to each other. In relations is very important as criticism, and praise. Each of us makes mistakes and this is normal. Do not mistake only he who does nothing. But so each of us is worthy of praise. Be careful and do not miss the opportunities bred praise each other.

I Agree, it is simple rules. In this way you can easily save the love after the wedding.

the Author: Svetlana Katkova

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