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The President of the transplanted to the domestic limousine

The Leaders of all countries of the big eight, use for their displacement cars of the representative class, made by their fellow countrymen. Only the Russian authorities still drive around in import limousines. Apparently, ashamed of such a «несолидности», the government initiated a large-scale project «Cortege», in the framework of which it is planned to design and manufacture a line of fast cars for the officials of high rank, and the most part of the whole cycle of works will be executed by the domestic enterprises.

After the meeting, which was attended by the President and the Minister of industry and trade, it was decided that the implementation of the project will be the company's «Marusya». The project «Cortege» provides complex development of a whole family of vehicles for the needs of the leaders of the country. Here, in particular, includes the limousine, SUV, sedan, coupe and a minivan. It is expected, that implementation of the future of the model range will be used by a single modular platform to reduce the cost and expedite the implementation of the project.

In the development will be attended by leading world manufacturers. With their help will be created family of engines that meet the requirements of ecological standard «Euro-6». Also foreign specialists will help to create a transmission (including all-wheel drive) and electronics, as well as some of the other elements of the design.

Attraction of experts of the world class will enable the Russian participants of the project to gain valuable experience and skills to implement modern design concepts and, of course, must increase the competitiveness of the domestic automotive industry.

Became known some of the figures appearing in the project. So, for the development of a limousine, which in the future will ride President, it is planned to allocate 18.4 billion rubles, with 12 of them will come from the Federal budget.

the Representatives of the company «Marusya motors» say that has not yet received confirmation of the choice of their enterprise for realization of project. So far all of the design work was carried out at the expense of its own sources of financing.

If the project will be approved in its current form, the roads of the country will appear 3500 SUVs (at the price of 7.4 million rbl.), 2500 sedans (4 mln.) and 1500 minibuses (2 million rubles).

the Design of the entire line of cars is planned to be developed as early as the first half of this year.

In particular, portal together with the Institute of US are holding a contest on the concept of the presidential limousine. Summing-up is planned for may 1.

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