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Healthy way of life

Usually, when talking about a healthy way of life, then POPs up the image of being a vegetarian. This is not correct the Association! On the contrary, vegetarians such a way of living is extremely difficult!

the Three pillars of a healthy way of life

Power - this is the «fifth element» of Your health, youth and beauty! It is from the diet depends on how good You look and how to feel good. Chic appearance of a pledge of confidence in themselves, which in turn is a guarantee of success in life.

the Secrets of correct power:

Drink more water

to Exclude from a diet of simple carbohydrates (sugar, flour)

Complex carbohydrates to eat only with fiber and in the first half of the day

Quick proteins (meat, fish) in the course of a day, the long (milk) before bedtime

Eat small frequent meals

Use a separate power supply

now tell me, how to organize the correct diet for one grass? There are ways! But for this we need to study the principles of proper nutrition and using the table of product formulation, pick yourself a vegetarian diet.

Sports - another important component of a healthy way of life! Diet will allow You look good in clothes, sport without it. In addition, the sport will effectively burn calories, and not only during the training, the muscles themselves consume a lot of energy. Sport will allow to train the heart, through the practice of cardio load and increase the population, dealing with a barbell.

Three Golden rules champion:

Correct technique

the Progression of load

Healthy sleep

Sex - the most important element of a healthy way of life. Sex is not only pleasant and useful for psychological relaxation, but also is necessary for the accumulation of vital hormones. During sex increases the level of Lipina, dopamine and testosterone. Dopamine and Liping allow you to feel happy, and testosterone more productive and confident.

you Can say that a healthy way of life - it is harmony. Harmony of soul and body, physical activity and rest. Healthy way of life makes himself feel better, is a pledge of success in personal life, providing the peace of mind. Not for nothing they say that in a healthy body-healthy spirit!

If You want to look young, fresh, please favorite, to be desired, then take the trouble to fight for this! Morning start from Jogging, by the afternoon train, and the evening spend with loved ones. Do not neglect anything! And remember, the road by walking!


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