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Later happiness

A Quarter of a century Tamara Petrovna lived with her husband. She was only forty-five, when she became a widow. But where is written that forty-five - no age for love? Especially, if this love from the school. How to assert the right to privacy, when you do not understand their own children? And then there's somebody else's child...

In school, Tamara Semina was the most beautiful girl in the class. Ash blonde with the figure of the model and gray eyes, she behaved with restraint. Summer evening on the dance floor under the plate hits of the sixties in the suburban town took place without her. Nikolai and Sergei were classmates and friends. Both were in love with Tamara. Nicholas is a tall, strong, and a born leader, the soul of any company, the captain of the football team. Sergey - the intellectual and honoured with dreamy eyes light eyes. In the eyes of the girls Sergey lost Nicholas. No one in the school could not imagine that she liked Sergey. Someone once said Sergei that saw Tamara with Nicholas in the movie. This was not true. But the self-esteem of Sergei was piqued, and he invited to the dance friend Tamara. It so happened that Tamara saw them and since then about Sergei would not hear. In a year Tamara married Nikolai.

Nikolai graduated from military school and moved to Tamara from one military camp to another. In the far East with Tamara was born daughter, Svetlana. The endless journeys, joint trouble, of the customs of the military towns, where everyone knows each other and where Nicholas had always respected, " it all rallied around their family. Tamara was proud of her husband and, despite the difficulties of everyday life, was happy. My daughter was growing and well studied. About Sergei they knew nothing. And he graduated from the Institute and worked as an engineer of the defense enterprise in the Moscow region. A few years waiting for that a miracle will happen and Tamara go away from Nicholas. But then stopped to wait. Path school friends went completely.

ten years Passed after the end of the school, when Sergey married... on the tamarinoy friend, which in spite of Tamara invited once to the dance. But children at them for a long time was not. Natalia, Sergey's wife, spent a lot of time in doctors, but without result. Son Alyosha came when both are desperate and both were under forty! Expensive cost Natalya this child. After the birth she never got up. As Sergey namayalsya with his son - in fact all the trouble lay on him! Natalia's developed the illness, passed on to the cancer. aleshke was not and five, when his mother died.

meanwhile, Nicholas was transferred to the Moscow region, which Tamara, skuchavshaya the native land, was particularly glad. Yes, and my daughter had to come to the Institute. Once Tamara drove to the town of his childhood to visit his parents. And met in the yard... Sergei. They have not seen for twenty-five years and at first otoropeli from the scratch of time on the faces of each other. After a moment of shock was replaced by a deep sense of newly dawned feelings. Sergey and Tamara understood that what you have done with your life! But it can't rewrite. Fearing mixed feelings, Tamara turned away. Because it was such a wonderful husband and a nice daughter!

meanwhile the daughter of Tamara Svetlana entered the faculty of Economics. After the first session, she came home with a classmate. «This is Sasha, " she said to the parents, - we have filed an application!». Tamara cried and... bless the young. On the meeting with Sergey it and not remembered. Sometimes they are with Nicholas went to town to the parents, but Sergey is no longer met. Nikolai had never offered to go to Sergey. May be, he still was not sure of the wife?

When Nikolay died, Tamara was only forty-five. No one expected that strong, sturdy man in a moment dies of a heart attack. But not without reason called myocardial disease decisive men. How many times Nikolai take responsibility for yourself, how many times helped colleagues! And a word to anyone! He died, and never see her granddaughter. She was born a month after his death. The daughter and son-in-law all the concerns about baby instructed Tamara - young it was necessary to learn and still work - the death of his father brought in their house material problems, Tamara was spinning like a squirrel in a wheel. In rare moments of rest coming grief, but in General there was no time to grieve - Tamara valilas down from fatigue. When the granddaughter has taken the first steps, Tamara went to visit his parents. She told the parents about the granddaughter of its first steps, when suddenly the doorbell rang. It was Sergey. After returning Tamara in the suburbs of Moscow, Sergey began to come to her parents and ask about it. By the way, he always liked them. After the death of Nicholas they wanted to Tamara married Sergei. The awkwardness quickly passed, and in the evening Sergei... invited Tamara to himself. The son of Sergey sent to stay with his parents. Home Tamara returned only the next morning.

Tamara and Sergey began to meet, vikraivaya for this rare days. But he had a son, her daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter! And they were against all of their relationship. Like when Tamara came to Sergey, Alyosha, quiet and well-behaved boy, suddenly burst into tears and said that does not want this «alien aunt,» came to him. Sergey urged Tamara marry him, and she did not know what to do with their young and to whom to leave granddaughter.

Once Sergey called Tamara to work. His voice broke off. Aleshka seriously ill, and he had need of care, and quit Sergey couldn't - he had expected increase in the service. But with Tamara was the granddaughter in his arms. Young people gathered in the evening to friends. She called her daughter to work and said resolutely: «the visit to friends postponed»...

Week Alyosha was in delirium, and she sat by his bed. She gave him a hot chicken broth, tea with honey, put a wet towel on his forehead. And when the temperature was asleep, he smiled at the «new mom»...

Tamara moved to Sergey, leaving his apartment of the young. The daughter of Tamara herself now raising their child, going to the correspondence Department. She had to leave the job half-time, but her husband began to earn more. Once a week Tamara visits them.

In forty-five years, this woman began a new life. Life with the man she loved since school years. She is raising someone else's child, who could be her son from her beloved man. The weak and the sick baby, sooner has lost his mother, and for a long time do not take this «someone else's aunt.» He had been tentatively began to call her «mom». And his adult daughter, she let go of the sailing on the waves of an independent life...

Takes a close person, and it seems that life is over. And only care about children helps to go through terrible grief. But... life goes on, and it has its laws. The chief of which is " a man should not be alone. Can you deny man's right to happiness? And if in your life, the question arose - how to choose between a child and a new companion of life, if children do not even suspect that his selfish love deprive you of the right to personal happiness, well think, whether really it is impossible to reconcile the love and care of your children with love to a new life companion, no longer young and surviving, like you, a lot? Because each situation there is the exit. The main thing, to make your loved ones realize that you have the right to let the later, but his own happiness!

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