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One letter of the name - one broken life

Have you Thought at least once over the fact that indicates your name? Do you like it? I want to tell you on this topic a little story, about a simple boy from a small provincial town.

He was born in the most ordinary and unremarkable Russian family. His parents, probably wishing to stand out in the mass of gave him a very unusual and quite a strange name Schwan. Well, decided to everything here, whether the parents influenced by the Chinese TV series, whether a piece of what I know not, but the name had to their liking.

Relatives and neighbors laughed softly behind them and calmed down, and by the age of three all have already got used to that name. The boy at this time, there was absolutely no difference what a strange name, he grew the most ordinary child and did not think, why he had no namesakes among friends.

And that's shvanu was seven years old and he, like all of his peers, he went to school. Recorded shvana in the regular school, where studied the same as his children, quiet, quiet, clean and nice, only the names of them were others, such as Vanya, Lesch, Dima and Masha, Ira, Light or Natasha.

From the first days of in-school peers constantly teased the boy, calling him: the shvanchikom, the shvanikom, and believe it like it is not for everyone. Walk shvanu in the school did not want to, he was a melancholy, to invent all sorts of reasons, what would it skip. Was constantly frustrated and sad, trying to avoid contact with others. Looking at his permanent misery, its surrounding guys, ceased to invite shvana all kinds of games.

School time was for him a just punishment, but to apply to study further at shvana there was no thoughts. So he and ache in life, without education, without the good work and without friends. About a relationship with a female sex could not be and speeches, because he had only to utter their strange name, as the girls began to strange smile and almost immediately lost any interest in him.

Do not already know who it is, but once shvanu advised to change his name to standard and more common, for example Dima or Sasha. After a brief discussion on the family Council, it was decided to change the name on Ivan. To select a new name covered many

Men's names, but Schwan decided to stop on this simple name. Moreover, he had to change only one letter in the name.

It would seem that this changed just one letter, but after this had changed the life of man. He was the same as all others, the most ordinary and nothing stands out in society. It took a little time, after the name change, and Ivan became more confident in himself, he has appeared new acquaintances, friends and even the girl. He went to study at the Institute, found a new interesting job.

I think, in the history of the parents recognized his mistake with the boy strange name, but it was worth so play with his destiny, because the lost of the best years of his life has not returned.

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