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Rest at the hotel without a care in Sochi

This is the end of this long winter, as it is not paradoxical, but even in the midst of spring have to say, is half of Russia is covered with snow. But the stronger the man tired from the long snow period, the more he wants to summer and the sun.

And many are approaching the time for vacations. What most want a man, when he sees the white snow and the sun shines from the sky? Can plunge into the warm sea?

Wrote these words and even thought for a moment, as if it was nice to now take a dip in the warm waters of the sea, that would not think of anything, to swim and relax, enjoy your holidays about anything, do not hesitate, and entire surrender to rest. Rent a room in a hotel and walk to the Sunny Sochi and try to forget this tedious and long winter.

Feel the heat of the sun, may of which will soon grow tired, but would like to him now, when the window neither of which this is not. You can of course go and just savage and take off somewhere in the house a room, run the search and guess what it will be the owners of the house, can the rest will be and beautiful, and suddenly, no? Vacation is only one in the year, and despite the fact that the mind money, but time is something that does not buy and not when it has not come back.

But Sochi is even interesting to see in this year, before the winter Olympics 2014. Even already forgot when was there last time, and what they make delicious barbecues and wine to him, not purchased, and his home.

The black sea with its crystal clear water, unless of course there was a storm, and the beach is not floating a large number of jellyfish.

And that is not unimportant, no language barrier, no need to guess, what you said on the fingers and try to explain something, and as a result of so and do not understand what you are being fed.

Book a room in the hotels of Sochi and forget about everything in the world, lying on the beach, drink beer or wine and enjoy the sun. And here to the window though not near, already almost the middle of April, and there is still snow with pools of water.

And best of all take a room in something not a very big hotel, where necessarily will have its own swimming pool and may where the court will be even peacocks wander, revealing its stunningly beautiful feathers. That would go out into the silence and light coolness after a day and sit on a bench and enjoy a cigarette.

And what sort of beautiful girls walking the streets and sunbathe on the beach – that's what he was doing with a man this long winter.

Like in the song – I want to the sea, to the sea I want to.

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