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Sicily and its attractions

Sicily – the amazing and one of the most beautiful Islands in the South of Italy. The main attractions of Sicily – this is the blossoming almond trees, magnificent white beaches with one of the longest coastlines, warm mild climate throughout the year, citrus fruits and sea aromas, ancient architecture and a strange accent of local residents. The main cities of this Syracuse, Taormina, Catania and its capital – Palermo. When the island belonged to Greece, and in connection with this a lot on the island of Greek temples, preserved to our days. On the island there is an ancient monument – necropolis pantaliki, the tombs in the mountainous areas of the 13th century BC. Of course the most interesting place in Sicily – it is the active volcano mount Etna in the city of Catania, height 3329 meters. In Palermo is a beautiful Botanical garden with rare species of plants, the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Holy mother of God of the 12 century, the Royal Palace of the Normans and the old palatinskaya chapel of the 12th century the Byzantine mosaics. Interesting are the catacombs of the Capuchins – the exhibition with the mummies of the local nobility. The town of Corleone is located in 40 kilometres from Palermo and is known for “the godfather” of the Sicilian mafia. Taormina is considered the pearl of the island, there are many picturesque capes – Capo Taormina with a view to Giardini Naxos, the Cape of Capo Andrea and Sant'alessio, ancient towers of Badia Vecchio, naumahiya – the ruins of the old castle and half-ruined Ancient theater, acting and still under the open sky. Syracuse is the most ancient town on the island, it is remarkable that here lived and worked celebrity antiquity – mathematician Archimedes, Saint Methodius, father Comedy epikarm, the Holy Giuseppe, who wrote a lot of Church music.

Online Guide advises you to start with the overview in a city with a unique view of the Cathedral square in the Baroque style, not far from it is the Cathedral, in ancient times, the place was a beautiful Palace of Athens. The cave of Dionysius, this is a huge stone mountain, it is very much quarries. The cave got its name in honor of the God Dionysus, listening according to legend, the prisoners of the grotto, and once there was an ancient theater. Syracuse is still surrounded by fortifications, which since the 16th century were impregnable fortress. Sicily – it is a small universe, a huge cauldron, in which Ancient Rome and Greece “were  together with the Byzantines, the Arabs and the Normans. In the end it turned out mixed “dish” of the masterpieces of ancient architecture, the sun, the warm sea, fragrance of rosemary and lavender, many legends and myths, in which it is difficult to believe, but which are true.

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