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One letter of the name - one broken life 10.04.2013 at 16:42

Have you Thought at least once over the fact that indicates your name? Do you like it? I want to tell you on this topic a little story, about a simple boy from a small provincial town. He was born in the most ordinary and unremarkable Russian family. His parents, probably wishing to stand out in the mass of gave him a very unusual and quite a strange name Schwan. Well, decided to everything here, whether the parents influenced by the Chinese TV series, whether a piece of what I know not, but the name had to their liking. Relatives and neighbors laughed softly behind them and calmed down, and by the age of three all have already got used to that name. The boy at this time, there was absolutely no difference what a strange name, he grew the most ordinary...

Later happiness 10.04.2013 at 15:27

A Quarter of a century Tamara Petrovna lived with her husband. She was only forty-five, when she became a widow. But where is written that forty-five - no age for love? Especially, if this love from the school. How to assert the right to privacy, when you do not understand their own children? And then there's somebody else's child... In school, Tamara Semina was the most beautiful girl in the class. Ash blonde with the figure of the model and gray eyes, she behaved with restraint. Summer evening on the dance floor under the plate hits of the sixties in the suburban town took place without her. Nikolai and Sergei were classmates and friends. Both were in love with Tamara. Nicholas is a tall, strong, and a born leader, the soul of any company, the captain of...

How to keep love after the wedding? 09.04.2013 at 10:31

How to keep love after the wedding? We childhood, firmly convinced of the most wonderful fairy tales, that every decent girl will always find a Prince, they love each other and they will have a beautiful wedding. But if in the famous fairy tale "Cinderella" of the wedding, it all ends, then in real life after the wedding, everything only begins. It initiates a normal life, full of routine chores and затягивающего life. And at the end of year two, and someone is calculated even in months, suddenly you realize that a loved one has become annoying. That sex has absolutely do not want to. That vanish the feeling of joy, for the sake of which you were so keen to be together. And then you start asking yourself questions: what to do? and how to keep love after the...