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Bosch MSM881x1 made an impression elegant and wise device. Quality performance of all parts and accessories, quiet operation, and the possibility to store the results of blending or grinding straight into the bowls of a blender — all this makes operation of the unit pleasant and comfortable. Ergonomic handle, easy operation will allow you to use the device to anyone. All the experiments were successful.

According to the test results it can be concluded that Redmond RBM-M1909 — a device designed to solve problems associated with mixing different types of dough and baking a variety of bread. Classic bread yeast-free, gluten-free, rye, whole wheat breadmaker is able to cope successfully with any challenge. The instrument is knead dumpling dough, the density of which is subject to special requirements. Mode Multipara allows you to program the device for the solution of special, non-standard tasks. Redmond RBM-M1909 provides the ability to choose the degree of doneness of the crust and to cook a large loaf of bread weighing 1 kilogram that is perfect for a large family or company where I love freshly baked bread. The function of delay start will allow you to...

15-5567 Dell Inspiron 15 — inch laptop with low performance and a very mediocre screen. Simply put, brake this is a very laptop which literally irritates its sluggishness. The problem in this case is not only and not so much a weak CPU and a very slow HDD. In principle, this laptop is perfect for working with office applications and for watching movies, but for the most demanding applications it is better not to use. Keyboard and touchpad here is average quality, audio solution as well. However, the battery life is quite long, and in normal operation modes the laptop is very quiet. The average retail cost of the laptop Dell Inspiron 15 5567-2662 is at the time of the announcement of article about 45 thousand rubles.

Performance Testing of the GeForce in a horror movie from a first person Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. In the tests we used two popular screen resolutions and different settings for render quality: medium to maximum. The game was pretty easy for the CPU and GPU, but only in Full HD resolution and at maximum settings it is very demanding to the video memory.

Performance Testing of the AMD Radeon in the horror film from first-person Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, for example, solutions of Sapphire company. In the tests we used two popular screen resolutions and different settings for render quality: medium to maximum. The game was pretty easy for the CPU and GPU, but only in Full HD resolution and at maximum settings it is very demanding to the video memory.

Heater type convector Electrolux ECH-R 2000E was cute and friendly-to-use device. He adequately behaved during testing, and successfully coped with heating room air and maintaining selected temperature (albeit with a small correction for the inaccuracy of the built-in thermometer). The power of the heater was slightly lower than specified, but the heater uses its ability at 100% — does not require "breaks" in the work and does not overheat. The design of the device is well thought out: heater confidently stands on four legs-wheels and easily mounted on the wall. Ideally, we would like to see this device the ability to disable the backlight and sound that accompanies button presses: more light and squeaking in the bedroom, not everyone will like. Other...

What we have to praise the developers of Fujifilm, is the richest settings of the camera that allows even to reallocate the role of most governments. Also, the advantages of the apparatus can record a high-speed USB interface and a great viewfinder (if its design was a pull-out or inclined — it would be quite good). Video, recording this camera, has a high level of bit rate, coding neat and clear image, even when a sufficient light level.

In the Russian retail the cost of the basic version of the smartphone Sony Xperia XZ with 32 GB of flash memory now is 40 to 50 thousand rubles. Interestingly, the price modification with support of two SIM-cards and 64 GB flash memory starts from 30 thousand. In any case, the amount is very decent, not everyone is willing to pay so much for a smartphone. Naturally, the products in this price range everything has to be perfect, because competitors are the most powerful and popular models of modernity, such as the Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7. What is in the asset, the hero of the review? Sony Xperia XZ a great camera, very powerful, expensive and productive hardware platform, one of the best in its class, plus wide communication capabilities...

Projector Epson EH-TW9300 design and feature set is markedly different from the previous line of Epson projector models of the same class. Meaningful innovations can be attributed primarily to the emulation and 4K support 4K input, the ability to align the color tones of the area, Electromechanical actuators lens and set of interfaces. Terms of use home the Epson EH-TW9300 has a large supply on brightness and theatrical criteria, the contrast is high enough. Due to its characteristics this projector should be attributed to cinema projectors high class. However, it is possible to use it as home entertainment, that is, to view the photos, videos and movies and also for gaming on the big screen in a normal living room, without special training and dimmable.

C some models of very capacious Winchester we are already familiar, but once upon a time in testing did not participate the products of Western Digital. However, if the current level of technology development of magnetic recording is similar to the technical characteristics of devices from different manufacturers, as a rule, and behave exactly the same, however to ignore one of the leading suppliers of hard disk drives is wrong. So today we decided to test three models of WD, the combined used of the form factor, although formally belonging to different segments of the market.

It would Seem that after the bankruptcy of the world famous Polaroid instant cameras of the era is gone forever, but no: Fujifilm has released an updated version of the Fujifilm instax mini 90 Neo Classic, allowing to obtain images almost immediately after shooting, and it happened through the whole 15 years after the publication of the first camera Instax. So there is still powder in the flasks, it is hoped to take even a little market for Amateur photography at a hundred dollar smartphones. Understand what know how new "Instax", I can conclude: Yes, it's a toy. Not expensive and not cheap, but nice, nice, successful. And we believe that it may well become a favorite toy, especially if you give it in the hands of those children who have not yet contracted...

Asus GeForce GTX Expedition 1050 (2 GB) — great mainstream 3D accelerator with a price of around 9000 . This map shows the average productivity is slightly higher than rival RX 460, and is faster the same solutions as the previous generation at a lower price. The accelerator is virtually silent cooling system, heat even under heavy load is small. There is a possibility of flexible regulation of the frequency map has a small size that makes it easy to use it in small system units.

Genius SlimStar 130 is a specialized solution for those who are typing hundreds of pages. Also it is not suitable for hardcore gamers. But it has a number of advantages from the point of view of "normal users" (of which the darkness and the darkness) — quiet operation non-marking and keys to increased loyalty to the consumption of sandwiches and coffee at the computer. In addition, the keyboard has an original appearance that in the era of the triumph of individualism is highly valued. But it is so inexpensive that its hardly someone greatly disappoint, even if the device is not suitable for whatever individual reasons.

Kitfort KT-1603 did not disappoint. The water temperature was pleasant in appearance and very easy to use device, featuring a neat Assembly. The construction is convenient, the control is intuitive, the appearance is quite presentable. The design of the "3 in 1" allows you to use the device in three modes: two-way, when the panels of the grill touch the product, one-sided, when the grill is folded and forms a single griddle surface a large area, and with slightly opened cover. Practical experiments and made measurements confirmed that heating temperature of the upper and lower panels are almost the same, and heating of the panels is uniform in all parts. All the practical tests, the grill managed to "excellent" and "good". The advantages include a timer...

According to the results of inspection and testing of multifunctional steam machine Grand Master GM-Q7 Multi/R has impressed us with quality and user-friendly device. Vertical steamer was pleasant in appearance, very easy to use and care appliance. The idea to combine in one device two functions such as the Stripping of clothes and steam cleaning of surfaces, is admirable. I can assume that especially claimed the device will have users who often need to iron or steam the clothes and also have fans to keep the house in perfect order without much effort. Note that Grand Master GM-Q7 Multi/R takes about the same space as a small vacuum cleaner. All the practical tests the steamer and steam cleaner managed to "excellent" by clearing contaminated with...