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Yamaha YAS-209 — a successful product in the medium price segment is released from a number of devices of this form factor balanced sound. It can be regarded as a good way to expand the capabilities of your TV and to achieve higher-quality sound, allowing not only to obtain a greater emotional impact from special effects in movies, but also love to listen to music. And to do this both using a wired connection, and through Bluetooth or over the network. Not to mention the quite remarkable "bonus" Soundbar work with popular streaming services and voice assistant, Alexa.

As successful as its predecessor Moto Plus G7, a new smartphone could touch. Moto G8 Plus somehow smoothed and simplified, the machine lost even that flavor in appearance, which he felt was the creators of Moto G7 Plus. Yes, there is a good screen, a curious action camera, decent autonomy, has stereo sound, but the hardware platform is "written on the package" for this price, the camera does not know how much (no optical zoom, no macro, no wide angle). In General, such models are usually assigned the epithet of "checkpoint" and decide to wait for the next model or take the previous one, which by this time had already become cheaper.

EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 KO Ultra Gaming (6 GB) — interesting version of the GeForce RTX 2060. First, it is the younger decision, which still supports all modern Nvidia technologies, including hardware ray tracing. Second, the map is extremely compact (for accelerators this level) dimensions that will allow it to be used in the system blocks of small size. Compact packages is illuminated, as a rule, do not pay attention, so it was logical to see the complete absence of illumination of the card EVGA. The price to pay for compactness was the noise of the cooling system under load, then there is a compromise between the thickness of the cooler and the level of noise. While in idle the cooler is noiseless. As a plus we will mention another brand BY EVGA Precision...

Asus Prime TRX40-Pro — balanced motherboard for HEDT cost about 40 thousand rubles. She has a nice set of peripherals: 19 USB ports of all kinds, 3 PCIe x16, which always have 16 lines, without splitting resources with other peripherals. Also the motherboard has 3 slots M. 2, support various module sizes. The power supply system has 16 phases for core and 4 for SoC, it can run any compatible processors under full avtoradgona. Note opportunities for cooling: 7 connectors for fans and pumps, and radiators for drives in the two slots M. 2.

We optimized the methodology to test computers running macOS in accordance with the realities of 2020: removed benchmarks and scripts are outdated, I added a test in Compressor for heavy duty configurations included Apple Logic Pro X and a new GPU tests. So now, at least until the next version of the operating system, we'll have a pretty versatile set of tools to determine the performance. It is important that there are real-life scenarios in the leading professional applications, and very clear benchmarks; the tests allow to load even a very cool configuration, and the part (including some professional) suitable for very weak models.

The quality is just devices to move the air Corsair SP120 RGB LED in this set is the average over the parameters and is versatile enough fan to be slightly better running in low resistance to air flow. User can draw a ready-made solution in the form of a set of three fans and the lighting controller, unless, of course, his suit is a simple RGB-lighting and simple effects. The advantages include the convenient unit with the buttons on a long cable, optional use of external, for example the hull of the buttons, just the flat cables without braid, using the SATA power connector as well as the ability to connect up to three fans from the same series to complete the controller. The disadvantages — the lack of PWM control, and even the splitter to power the fans....

Headphones have a high price (365 thousand), and immediately allocated an impressive appearance with a proprietary design, and bowls from the wood of 30-year-old Makassar ebony. These are the most beautiful headphones in the entire range LCD. Included with them is a special expensive cable Audeze LCD and Premium hard case for storage and carrying. The model has an impedance of 200 Ohms and relatively low sensitivity. Compared with other planar-magnetic headphones Audeze LCD-4 can be called the most demanding plug-in amplifier and the source of the sound.

Miniature projector Acer B130i is not a reference display device, he has a lot of inconsistencies between what should be and how it turned out actually. Blame the need of the software, as the hardware has no major complaints: the image is for such a small device with bright, contrast (both ANSI and full on/full off) high, white and black field uniform and without significant artifacts, the geometry of the projection is correct. However, the projector is pleased with its neat design, good for this size sound and a long battery life. Perhaps the main scenario, in which case you can close your eyes to the shortcomings, will be projecting an image from a mobile device or playback of multimedia files from USB devices or from memory cards. The self-sufficiency of...

At the time of the publication of the review Meizu 16T in the Russian retail was not available, from China it can be ordered for about 26 thousand rubles for the younger configuration (with 6/128 GB of memory). And it's very good considering the power the top of the hardware platform Qualcomm, high quality display, stereo speakers and a 3.5 mm audio output, and very high autonomy (and the dollar against the ruble). Upsets the traditional lack of NFC, and camera are in any case not the flagship — soon, added the principle of "to be".

Model ROG Zephyrus G15 is offered on the market for some time, it is relatively lightweight, relatively compact laptop with serious graphics, so it can be used as a playroom. In top configuration it has a 15.6-inch IPS-screen with a refresh rate of 240 Hz and a response time of 3 MS, so that the orientation of the gamers is obvious. But let's be honest, with all the advantages of this laptop (and they had, of course, is) an updated modification GA502IU attracted us in the first place because it is one of the first laptops in the world on 7-nanometer AMD Ryzen new line of 4000 Zen on the core 2.

Carob coffee machine (or espresso machine) — technically simple, but challenging to select the device. The fact that the proper preparation of espresso requires strict adherence to several parameters, including water temperature, time of its Strait and pressure. The resulting confusion adds to the fact that the unskilled user can weld tasteless coffee even on a good coffee maker. For example, if you make a mistake in the grinding of the beans. Anyway, choosing a carob coffee maker almost always has to remember that the device might be good enough of a relative. You can almost always find a more "proper" coffee which will be better than what is in your kitchen. The only question is price of this device.

In this review we will look at a couple of inexpensive NVMe-Terabithia. Relevant devices this capacity in conditions when flash memory a few months only go up (albeit much down for the previous two years), which also added jumps in the currency market? The issue is complex and everyone is looking for the answer yourself. In the end, any crisis will eventually end, and the drives remain. To navigate well in the tests just for the budget drives minimum capacity with SATA interface just boring. However, dedicated a lot of material we are preparing, but today a different topic: 1 TB in the "trendy" design, but relatively inexpensive.

For many users a wireless headset is not only a way to listen to music or chat, but also a stylish accessory. There is a considerable demand for headphones, which can be one of the key elements of the appearance of their owner. And it does not cause too much damage to his budget, which is important. The proof is one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns on the Indiegogo platform, in which tens of thousands of users supported edition headset PaMu Scroll already quite famous by that time, the manufacturer Padmate. The appearance of the headset is really impressive and even brought her iF Design award 2020.

Based On the liquid cooling system of the Cougar Aqua 240, you can create conditional blocks, equipped with a processor type Intel Core i9-7980XE if the CPU consumption under maximum load will not exceed 220 volts, and the temperature inside the enclosure does not rise above 44 °C. by reducing the temperature of cooling air and/or less strict requirements to the noise level limits of power can be substantially increased. Fans of modding will appreciate the multi-colored and multi-zone lighting pump, which can be controlled via RF remote control or via an external controller/motherboard. Note good workmanship, braided hoses long hoses connecting the pump to the SATA power connector, durable frame on the opposite side of the motherboard.

Model Super Flower Leadex Gold 850W II was very balanced with no obvious shortcomings. We can say that this PSU is well adapted for home and other systems in various capacities, including systems with two graphics cards on the basis of desktop platforms. Technical and operational characteristics of the Super Flower Leadex Gold 850W II are at a high level, facilitated by the high load capacity of the +12VDC, relatively high efficiency, low termomassazhnoe, the fan on the hydrodynamic bearing with high resource of operation, and the use of capacitors Japanese manufacturers. Therefore, it is possible to predict a sufficiently long service life of the model even at high loads and active operation.