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Universal adapter like Q-Dion QD90 needed in the case where the "native" adapter for your laptop is lost, stolen, etc. unfortunately, this happens not so rarely. In such situations, you can certainly buy a new native adapter, but, first, it find necessary, and second, it will cost you dearly. Specific tested model Q-Dion QD90 company, FSP, we have not had any complaints. All that is stated in the specification, corresponds to reality. At maximum load of 90 W efficiency of the adapter is of 86.9%, which is very good. Deviation from the stated output voltage does not exceed 3.3% in the entire load range.

Smartphone Meizu M6s received many innovations, such as the fingerprint scanner (never previously encountered in devices of this manufacturer) screen 18:9, he is back navigation option button-circle. Estimated it is not so expensive: Junior version (32 GB) officially worth 14 thousand rubles, and the highest (64GB) asking 16 thousand. At the same time to find fault with virtually anything: here sturdy all-metal casing no plastic inserts, hardware platform is quite modern and efficient, camera, sound, screen, autonomy — good communication capabilities are better than many (especially Xiaomi, a similar level). Support fast charging is also an important point, few of mobile machines in this price range it is. In General, the smartphone is clearly worth the...

The Company Gigabyte has recently announced the motherboard on the new chipset Intel B360 for processors Intel Core of the 8th generation. In this article we will examine one of the models of this new family: the cost B360 Aorus Gaming 3 Wi-Fi. It's a good cheap motherboard with no excessive frills. It implements only the basic functionality of the Intel B360, complementing its installed wireless module Wi-Fi + Bluetooth. It is clear that to overclock on this Board nothing will, but not all need it. The retail value of B360 Aorus Gaming 3 Wi-Fi at the time of the review amounted to about 8 thousand rubles. In principle, Board on chipset Intel B360 with Wi-Fi module in the average and stand.

Oppo F7 are estimated quite adequately: for the smartphone in the official retail asking 23 thousand rubles. At the same time to find fault with virtually anything: a good case is beautiful and ergonomic (though someone metal like glass), the hardware platform is not only modern, but also quite productive and, moreover, economical. Sound, screen, communication capabilities is quite satisfactory, and autonomy is that the smartphone is fit to rank as almost to record this parameter. In F7 features a sweeping characteristics 25-megapixel front camera, and applied advanced AI technology to create self-images. In General, this is one of the most interesting models of the manufacturer for the combination of price and features.

Most of these drives has already been studied by us earlier today, we just decided to spend another debug testing testing methodology, taking the device significantly different classes. And, at the same time, once again convinced that it is not worth to chase formally the top-end models, nor attempt too save. A good budget platform with capacities up to a quarter terabyte, because they allow you to buy an SSD to everyone, and it is better to buy the cheapest SSD 120 GB (for example) than none at all. But it is not necessary to save on matches in other segments.

Monitor Asus ROG Swift PG27VQ has an excellent range of gaming functions, a recognizable corporate design and widescreen display with a bending radius of 1.8 m. Additionally, the monitor allocates a red projection on the table, and a static or dynamic multicolor lighting at the rear, custom as from the menu of the monitor and using Aura Sync. The use of a matrix type TN allowed us to obtain a very low value of response time, but naturally resulted in very large distortions when viewed at an angle to the screen, especially when the deviation down.

Cooktop Electrolux EKC954908 W has a set of qualities inherent in the present device. Ceramic hob is equipped with expandable depending on your cookware cooking hobs. The oven can accommodate multiple levels with the cooked meals or workpieces and has a wide temperature range (50 °C). Another oven is equipped with telescopic guides for one of the levels, fan hot air, timer, and the main feature of the model: function PlusSteam, allowing you to make cakes with steam.

Our testing shows that the cooler Master MasterAir G100M can be used with processors having a real consumption of about 75 watts, while even with the possible increase in temperature inside the enclosure to 44 °C and under the condition of maximum load will still remain very low noise level — 25 dBA or lower. The advantages of the cooler should be attributed the unusual design, anti-vibration pads under the fan, a decorative braided cables, good equipment and, of course, multi-colour static or dynamic lighting of the impeller and casing ring.

In principle, the products from the AX(i) never had significant complaints. As for AX1600i, it is a premium product, continues the tradition of this series. From the point of view of consumer qualities, he is as good as its predecessor (AX1500i), but was slightly smaller and slightly more economical. AX1600i and suitable for operation with a constant load close to its maximum, in severe temperature conditions. On the other hand, this model has excellent acoustic ergonomics in a wide range of capacity even at high ambient temperatures. Also it is worth noting the presence of complete software for monitoring and control of the supply. In short, for fans of the this model is the best fit. However, if you already have a Corsair AX1500i, then change it for the...

In the new buildings MARKET, for example in models H200i, H500i and H700i, to control the RGB led and fan controller Smart Device that has one channel to connect the RGB-backlight, and three independent channels for fans. The controller operates the CAM. The interface of this program for each channel fan user can choose a fixed speed of rotation or profiles with a preset or editable by the dependence of rotation speed on the temperature of the CPU or GPU. Innovation is adaptive mode, in which, as stated by the manufacturer, in the current environment is supported by the rotational speed of the fans for minimum noise level subject to a safe temperature of the CPU or GPU. In this paper, we propose our report on testing this looks very promising adaptive mode.

Smartphone Asus Zenfone Max Plus is fashionable elongated format screen and a smaller bezel (and thus a large percentage of the useful area of the front surface) and the presence of two rear cameras, one wide angle. Of course, with the price of a smartphone in the region of 15 thousand roubles it is strange to require cameras excellent images from the SoC — high performance, and the design of housing — a special originality. Overall, the compromises that had to go to the manufacturer, can be approved. MediaTek SoC are frankly budget, but, by and large, high performance is needed only for games, but not all, and not just the graphical component of the platform's not so bad. The camera does not affect the quality, but still allow you to get good pictures in a...

In fact, the basic features of the Pentium and Celeron processors have not changed since LGA1156, that is for seven years (and went to Celeron for the ninth year marking time). New Pentium Gold in 2018 compared to Pentium 2017 only changed the socket. And changed the name: to avoid any confusion between the Pentium on the basis of Core and Atom-based, the first "Golden", and the second — "silver". However, before the performance of these families still continued to grow slowly, but the transition to the new platform has led to the fact that it even decreased. In General, we see no reason to buy new processors on the market there are plenty of more interesting products. Moreover, for solving problems of available systems on the basis of our today's heroes do...

In a series of Easy-UPS BV includes four uninterruptible power supply 500, 650, 800 and 1000 V·A horizontal housings. There are three options of output socket may be different and the method of connection to AC mains: cable with fixed or detachable connection. And the Easy-UPS BV800i, and the whole series is quite new, at the time of preparation of the review they have not met in retail. The number of power outputs from BV800i enough for such power, and the absence of low-voltage ports for low-cost UPS is a major lack of will. The same can be said in relation to simple system display and management. Battery loads that are close to the indicated in the specifications the max, is very short, however, with small loads, the UPS can operate in battery mode...

At the time of the review, the recommended retail price Neffos C7 was 8 thousand rubles, which is not bad, given the realities of Russian retail, as well as the official certified support. It's really inexpensive, but at the same time balanced smartphone known manufacturer with a good for its level cameras, great bright screen, nice ergonomic body. Performance, sound, autonomy, communication capabilities — all at a satisfactory level, without obvious failures and outright marriage. As a cheap workhorse it is fine, resembling those of the first devices from the once "popular", but now many line is unavailable Huawei Honor.

Air Purifier IQAir HealthPro 250 NE has a high filtration efficiency against the smallest particles, and the activated carbon filter and integrirovannoi activated aluminum oxide removes from the air of harmful and/or odorous contaminants. At low speeds filtration purifier operates quietly while maintaining adequate for a medium size dwelling performance. If necessary, the filtration speed can be increased to maximum, the noise will also increase, but its nature allows you to be in the same room with the purifier without much discomfort. The IQAir HealthPro 250 NE we liked the utility of the design, an advanced system for prediction of service life of each filter, timer on and off, detailed guide in Russian, the availability of additional accessories, as...