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Interested in this laptop because it is based on the top mobile processor AMD Ryzen 7 2700U. The advantages of Lenovo Yoga 530-14ARR include stylish design and light weight. The laptop is a good keyboard, long battery life, it's very quiet. As for performance, it all depends on how to use the laptop. If it is used for its intended purpose, i.e. for the Internet to consume content and work with office applications, performance is enough. But for demanding tasks it is better not to use. In addition, when the current situation is absolutely not a gaming laptop.

Through the use of technology increase the resolution (by Texas Instruments) projector Acer P8800 supports emulating a 4K with a smaller physical resolution of the DMD matrix. High brightness allows the use of this multimedia projector for presentations in classrooms are relatively large in size even in the absence of a complete blackout. The projector is valid and to view the video in UHD, but keep in mind that in the regime with good color and brightness balance is reduced contrast. This decline can be partly compensated, possibly by increasing the focal length and covering the aperture, which, however, will lead to reduced brightness and require a complete blackout.

Model BX1 RGB Thermaltake Smart 750W focused on the not-too-demanding users. Notable for some consumers the advantages are RGB-backlit, making allowances for the fact that the custom backlight control is too much pre-planted options. Acoustic ergonomics at BP, even by the standards of the game models, not impressive, this should be ready. The load capacity of the +12VDC is very good, but you have to understand that the maximum consumption of the line 12 may not exceed 670 W, 750 W in the model name should not be misleading. Also note the use of ribbon cables to connect components of the system unit, which improves the convenience during Assembly.

By the standards of televikom our hero has a truly ultra-high aperture ratio: full frame systems it is impossible to find the optics with a focal length of 90 mm and maximum opening F1,2. The lens focuses quickly and accurately, allows you to bring the sharpness manually, and this is important when shooting closeups of small objects with a significant opening of the diaphragm. Excellent sharpness on all field of a frame even at maximum erection. Grayscale transitions are smooth and gentle. Color rendition correct (under typical lighting conditions). But the main advantage Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 45mm F1.2 Pro is its ability to draw magnificent blur in areas of confusion, and not only the background but also the foreground, not just at F1. 2, but with a...

With functionality and performance in these models NUC all is well: desktop middle class they can replace with ease. In practice, much will depend on the prices: the Junior model (8i7HNK) at the time of writing was worth about 60 thousand rubles, and the older (8i7HVK) — 15 thousand more. For this you will need to add at least 16 GB of memory and at least a budget SSD on polterabayta, because otherwise the purchase of a computer of this level makes no sense. However, as has shown testing, the laptop-based Core i7-8750H with GTX 1060 is stable even faster the older NUC 8i7HVK and in "normal" applications and games. However, this decision will cost even more, but not essentially more expensive. Desktop the system might be cheaper and faster at the same time...

Price Tecno Pouvoir 2 in the Russian retail is 9 thousand rubles, but a discount can be bought for 7 thousand — not bad, considering the existence of official support. This smartphone with a larger screen and support all necessary frequencies of wireless modules cannot boast of high performance or luxury sound, but among the attractive aspects can be identified uniquely high level of autonomy. As a low-cost mobile assistant, he is fine, but the multimedia capabilities of Tecno Pouvoir 2 when buying it is better not to count.

Paper with a textured coating is very specific. Not every photo will look good. In my opinion, you should carefully according to the texture of the paper the style of the frame you are typing on it. The story of the image and the paper type must support each other, to the paper texture enhanced visual perception, and looked just "embellishment". In this respect it is wonderful that Lomond is such a wide range of textured papers to choose from. Trying to print on textured papers Lomond different series, I decided I was more suited for my exhibition project "the Estate here."

Alcatel 5V is available now in the official Russian retail in price from 11 to 14 thousand rubles, which is quite expensive for such a simple device. Weak hardware (low-power platform, a humble sound, no fast charging) successfully hid behind the facade of modern design with bangs, support AI in very good cameras, the availability of NFC unlock face and a good autonomy. If the user has enough 5V Alcatel deserves consideration. But for the money, you can find more advanced in terms of hardware is the solution, because in this price range competition is extremely high.

Our testing has shown that taking into account the possible increase in temperature inside the enclosure to 44 °C, under the condition of maximum load and very low noise (25 dBA) cooler PCCooler GI-H58UB can be used with processors with real consumption up to 120 watts. The advantages of the cooler should include good workmanship, dimensions, not preventing the installation of all four memory modules with high radiators on one side and at least two or three modules on the other. The display might appeal to those who appreciate the strict black color and not pushy annular illumination.

Tea set Kitfort KT-635 seemed nice, but a few stupid device. Kettle supplied, was the most common — without the possibility of heating water to a predetermined temperature. And power heating system infuser pitcher is clearly not sufficient to raise the temperature of the water at least 10 degrees. The only sensible use of such a heating system, which we trotted out — brewed some tea to always have on hand ready and a hot drink.

At a price not in excess of 16 thousand rubles, BQ-6200L Aurora has several indisputable advantages. The smartphone has a great display quality with fashionable elongated aspect ratio and thin bezel design and a powerful hardware platform — not the flagship, but the most interesting from the fact that MediaTek is able to offer to date. In addition, the smartphone is very nice sounds good and blur out the background by both cameras. And most importantly, it looks great: the apparatus with such a worthy design looks clearly more your level. There are disadvantages, but they are at a relatively low price do not seem to be undeniable: the screen is cut, and wide, there is no 3.5 mm Jack under the headset, low autonomy, no NFC, and in General to the...

The Auvix Company offers on the Russian market a wide range of brand Lumien screens for the corporate, educational and home use. Lumien Master Picture CSR is a family roll wall and ceiling screens with manual control. These screens are equipped with a mechanism Controlled Screen Return (CSR), which allows to smoothly collapse and expand a canvas, and easy to adjust the height. Screens are available with four types of format workspace— 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10, with the width of the fabric from 151 cm to 276 and retail price from $145 to $360. As an example, consider the model LMP-100101CSR.

Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti OC Edition (11 GB) is an option RTX 2080 Ti. And the entire class of products Republic Of Gamers (ROG), this card is aimed at overclockers (though not extreme), and therefore has an improved power supply system, allows to obtain excellent results raising the frequencies at moderate voltage rise time with a very small step. Note and a well designed cooling system that provides redundant cooling even at their standard frequencies, that is, there is a serious backlog under acceleration. In overclocked card worked stably at the frequency 2100/14294 MHz, which is 7.7% higher than Nvidia Founder's Edition. Illumination system card should really appeal to fans of modding with transparent (fully or partially).

A Hero of our current review is a real tool for professionals. He has a very high aperture which gives you the ability to take reports in terms of lack of lighting and inability to use a tripod, ensuring high sharpness on all field of a frame, starting from maximal, simultaneously outside the selected depth of field it allows you to create beautiful blurred background or foreground. The lens is almost devoid of disadvantages such as vignetting, distortion and aberration. However, because of the complex devices and the considerable weight of the glass, it is not so well balanced in conjunction with the camera as you would expect fans of the system Micro 4:3, but that's the least of faults. The manufacturer guarantees the protection of your products against...

The undoubted advantages of the MSI PS42 Modern 8RB include stylish design and light weight. The laptop excellent screen, long battery life, and besides, he's quiet. But there is a laptop and disadvantages: in particular, it is not very good, the backlit keyboard, the symbols on the keys are completely faded and the lid lacks rigidity. As for performance, it all depends on how to use this laptop. If it is used for its intended purpose, i.e. for the Internet to consume content and work with office applications, performance would be sufficient. But do not expect from a laptop of a miracle: for the resource-intensive tasks it is better not to use. It remains to add that the retail price of MSI PS42 Modern 8RB in this configuration is 70 thousand rubles.