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Both devices presented in the review, is only for one operation — grinding. Electric grater and shredder quality made, a visual inspection revealed no comments or deficiencies. The apparatus is simple in operation, maintenance and management. Both devices not just coped with all the tasks, but also demonstrated good results. However, the chopper Kitfort KT-1345 made a more favorable impression and made me think of "gravity" and the legitimacy of this device in the kitchen of an ordinary person.

Fans SilverStone FW123-RGB and AP142-ARGB are of no ordinary design and feature led light — addressable in the case of AP142-ARGB. In addition, the second model has a grid of special design, which helps to create a flow of air of increased focus. Note the use of double ball bearing and easy to use wire without braid. The shortcomings include a relatively short power wires. These fans can recommend for modding open a computer case or enclosure with transparent panels.

ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 9, despite the title of leader, refers to the average price segment boards on Z390. This model has very rich peripheral functionality: many SATA ports, USB all good, there is a very fast gaming network controller. Plus a nice lighting, combined with stylish design. Board is very good support from the software, including the implemented sound system Sound Blaster Cinema 5. At the same time, this flagship (according to the current distribution of series from ASRock) has been clearly retopology package delivery.

Any drive interacts with the system through a vacuum but through a different interface — usually a PCIe or SATA. The second is considered to be insufficient even in its fastest version, which is regularly emphasized in all the reviews. It would seem that if performance limit SATA600 ports, ports the previous version of the SATA standard (half-bandwidth) must do so even more — up to losing the meaning of using an SSD in the system. And because of the system with these ports, continue to operate, their owners the question arises: is it worth buying a SSD if you only have SATA300 and not it worth while to buy more at the same time and a discrete controller with support for new versions of the standard?

The Official price of Huawei nova 3 in the Russian retail amounted to 30 thousand rubles, and though after the New year it dropped to 27 thousand, is clear: Huawei has ceased to please the Russians with affordable prices, believing that "buy". Nothing unique about nova 3 no, appearance, filling, cost — all that became a habit for Huawei/Honor level. Smartphone on its own is not bad, but no "highlights" to us it was not possible to find. We expected increased autonomy with this battery, but these expectations did not materialize, and the doublet cameras are not impressed.

ATH-DSR5BT are the first in-ear headphones Audio-Technica technology Pure Digital Drive. At our disposal were the headphones for weeks, and during that time we could verify the practicality and convenience of the new model. Subtle shackle is almost not felt on the neck, all the controls are conveniently located at hand. Temporarily removed from the ear earpiece is always there and, at the same time, not loose and not get confused as the conventional wired models. As for sound, you'll have to listen to headphones before buying. Their sound is quite interesting and vibrant, to match the advanced technology used. Headphones are well suited for listening music at home and outdoors in conditions of high external noise.

Part so greatly appreciate the sharpness and nice pattern of images this lens can give odds to many, but advanced age of our hero, which excludes from his Arsenal achieve OptionState the last two decades is the reason that he absolutely folds in the backlight. But nevertheless: excellent sharpness from the open aperture, nice pattern blur background, preservation of the wealth of colors and tones, and also unique pattern. According to our data, the lens works well in a wide range of diafragmirovanija, from maximum open and up to F8. With its relative affordability Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM is quite worthy to become one of the favorite tools not only professional, but also the photography enthusiast, as well as the advanced photographer. We recommend you to...

The Scales have a simple design and size of the measuring platform. Weighing capacity up to 15 kg. the Device is simple to operate and provide a number of necessary functions — the choice of units, tarraconensis. Interesting the Hold function — saves weight in the device memory and removing it on the display after removal of the product from the platform. The measurement accuracy is deemed sufficient by us. In most experiments the error does not exceed specified in the documentation of ±1 g, regardless of the location of the product on the platform.

Motherboard based on chipset Intel Z390, are the obvious choice for those who intend to use the Intel Core processors of the 8th and 9th generations, and not willing to limit themselves to their in-house capabilities. Z390 is a senior chipset in the Intel Arsenal today, it offers the most extensive functionality: support CPU overclocking and two slots for graphics cards distinguishes it from the mass series chipsets, like H370, and support for USB 3.1 interface and CNVi — from the previous flagship Z370. Thus, an uncompromised gaming station it is logical to collect it on the motherboard on the basis of Z390, a good option may be the model Z390 Master Aorus Gigabyte.

Case Cooler Master MasterCase H500 is a cost-reduced version of the model H500P, and the price reduction is mainly due to a more modest design. The size H500 smaller, and it affected the size range of the installed motherboard. Equipment is also a bit more modest: a different mount 2.5-inch SSD/HDD, smaller size of the rear fan, missing some internal items. But included a removable front panel: mesh will provide better air flow of the front fans, but if there's no urgent need, it is possible to install a translucent acrylic, which will give the unusual appearance of the computer. In addition, H500 appeared staff the lighting controller. These two factors combined with much lower than H500P, price make case Cooler Master MasterCase H500 interesting option...

Ryzen 3 appeared in the second half of 2017 and then we fall into the ranks of the budget proposals. Radeon RX 480 a year earlier and in the orientation of the middle segment. Now began 2019, and, as you can see, obtaining a comfortable framerate (at least 60 FPS average), even in Full HD resolution, but with maximum image quality it is sometimes not in the case of faster graphics cards, but the CPU is enough. No, of course, different processors sometimes give different results in the games, but it's when the frame rate is already high, can compare: where it is higher, and not quite high. And when gaming performance is not enough — the CPU won't change anything. The graphics card on the results is affected in any way, and although the more powerful...

Based On the liquid cooling system Corsair Hydro Series H100x you can create conditionally noiseless computer with a processor with a heat dissipation of about 170 watts at the maximum. However, even taking into account the possible increase in temperature inside the enclosure to 44 °C and under the condition of maximum load will still remain very low noise level — 25 dBA or lower. White pump light slightly embellish the interior space of the system unit. Note good workmanship, easy to use flat cables without sleeving, connect to a SATA power connector, easy mounting water block.

To Speed up SSD external caching means to fix something that is not broke. In terms of scenarios, they have a performance of everything is good, and where not too well — there the cache will not help (in fact, "not good" is often just because can not cope "internal" SLC caching). Accordingly, there is no point in spending money to accelerate the slow SSD — it is better to put the budget on purchase fast. This should not draw conclusions about the futility of hybrid SSD — they can use other algorithms. But it would make sense to test when we get a hybrid Memory Optane H10. The question of the use of modules Optane Memory to speed up the system with "normal" SATA SSD, we think, can be closed.

Chieftec BDF-600S is a budget product, which in itself limits the expectations from its consumer qualities. However, for a budget product everything very well. The load capacity of the +12VDC is at a good level, both General and individual, budget products found not always. Acoustic ergonomics quite decent, as do the high noise appears only between 500 W and 300 W power supply unit works very quietly. In General, buy something noticeably better with a power of 600 W for 4000 rubles, you are unlikely to succeed.

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Gaming OC Pro 6G (6GB) is an excellent option GeForce RTX 2060 for those who do not need serious manual overclocking, fancy lighting and other luxuries. This is the best accelerator in the price range of 28-32 thousand rubles. Despite the positioning, the card improved power supply and slightly increased frequencies, but the main advantage Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Gaming OC Pro 6G is the perfect cooling system for low temperature core and the card in General, but fairly quiet and not excessively increase the dimensions of the accelerator.