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This TV is currently one of the most advanced and sophisticated display devices available to the mass buyer. When outputting images from an external source the TV can display true 4K resolution without decreasing color resolution mode, wide dynamic range and frequency up to 60 fps. Built-in multimedia player, a set of predefined and available in the app store, networking opportunities and the potential expansion of functionality through connecting external devices satisfy the demanding user. Support modes with refresh rate up to 120Hz and AMD FreeSync and low values of response times and the output timing will assess avid gamers. All this is complemented by a large curved screen edge-to-edge, elegant stand and a neat appearance, both front and rear.

Exactly a year ago we were introduced to the first HEDT platform from AMD in the form of processors Ryzen Threadripper. This year the company began the process of updating the "core" of the crystals, going with the Summit Ridge in Pinnacle Ridge — updating and modifying the workflow identified in the operation process of roughness. Radical changes in the microarchitecture did not happen, but a small improvement was that, in particular, enabled to improve performance. In any case, the "new" crystals better than the "old", so that the emergence of the second generation not only Ryzen, Ryzen Threadripper but became inevitable. However, not without surprises.

For the test of the glossy papers I have chosen your exhibition project "First ball of Natasha Rostova", which we filmed in conjunction with the design Bureau "Pike". Specially for the presentation appeared a new type of photographic paper Fujiflex we made up a story that emphasises this paper: the contrast and richness of color, glossy finish, reminiscent of the kneading. I firmly believe, to create a holistic perception of each individual project, you need to choose your printing method and paper type corresponding to its style and mood. In this case, it turned out the opposite situation: we came up with a glossy, "juicy" project under the selected paper type. I found it interesting to compare the print on Fujiflex with the capabilities of glossy papers...

Samsung Galaxy J6 is now available in the official Russian retail at a price of 14 thousand rubles. For such an expensive brand like Samsung, this price looks quite attractive. However, the disadvantages of upgraded J6 2018 enough: he has a plastic body, weak and old hardware, Camera, sound, autonomy — at a satisfactory and good, but where is the support for NFC and how to live in the modern world without the ability to use contactless payment? Of the strong points seems to be a good quality screen, but it's Super AMOLED with its modulation at low brightness levels, but still PenTile 720p, but still no automatic brightness adjustment. In General, we have mediocre product well-known manufacturer.

And again we can almost completely reproduce the insights from the previous article about the Chinese shaver: Flyco FS356 definitely worth the money that want for it. She makes it quite quickly and without a strong irritation of the skin to achieve the effect, even when close range you are quite similar to freshly shaven man. Tactile sensation from the face of less than ideal — but hardly any of their meetings you will feel. For business travelers — well simply ideal: shaves on a single charge for quite a long time, water is not afraid to lose or break do not mind. For regular home use... it all depends on how perfectionist you approach the process and result of the shave.

More than a year ago we tested the rechargeable Dyson vacuum cleaner a V8 in picking Absolute. After the tests the vacuum remained at us in edition, and he, of course, not hung. After a while we found that almost ceased to use ordinary floor cleaner with a wire, almost all were removed and cleaned using the Dyson V8. Apparently, several years ago Dyson saw in this situation a new opportunity. The engineers decided to create a cordless vacuum which will completely replace the wired one. In the end there Dyson Cyclone V10. From the point of view of the ordinary user V10 has three main improvements in comparison with the previous model: higher suction power, more amount of dust and easier to empty. In Dyson has decided that enough is enough and with the task...

PNY PrevailPro P4000 is the first mobile workstation with professional graphics card Nvidia Quadro P4000 Nvidia Max-Q. It is not a replacement of a stationary working tool for developers of CAD/CAM projects, but rather a means to showcase finished projects and, if necessary, to make minor edits. That is the target audience PNY PrevailPro P4000 — experts who communicate with customers outside of the office. And here for demonstration projects, this mobile workstation fits perfectly. It is quite easy (convenient to carry) and quiet, and its performance is more than sufficient for effective demonstration of projects of any complexity.

Motherboard AMD B450 was shown in the framework of the exhibition Computex 2018, but sales began in early July. In this article we consider one of the new Asus gaming an Asus ROG Strix B450-I Gaming in the form factor Mini-ITX. Not so long ago on our website reviewed: Asus ROG Strix X470-I Gaming AMD X470, and de facto they are two identical circuit boards. That is Asus ROG Strix X470-I Gaming and Asus ROG Strix B450-I Gaming based on different chipsets but they all use the same PCB, and these boards, of course, provide exactly the same functionality.

Considered in this review MasterBox model MB500 TUF Gaming Edition is another product Cooler Master, which was released under the brand TUF Gaming Alliance. Also in nature there are power supply MasterWatt 750 TUF Gaming Edition and two coolers. Unites them, in addition to the name, the presence of the camouflage pattern digital type on the outer surface of the device. The case, of course, designed for lovers of externalities: glass wall fans with RGB led and elements of camouflage coloring talking about this. Well, when these popular elements of the body could be done quite adequate from the point of view of design, and also consumer qualities in General.

The Game II Wolfenstein: The New Colossus is suitable for entry-level PCs only if medium settings and a resolution of 1920×1080 terms of playability it is better to use at low settings. In principle, all tested configurations balance in Full HD resolution at a minimum playability (except the built-in Intel graphics it this game is not good in any way). But if you select medium quality settings at resolutions below Full HD, some configurations show even good results.

Toshiba RC100 device is a bit unconventional and this is interesting: until recently, format M. 2 2242 did only SATA drives that run noticeably slower. However, RC100 also does not apply to devices with record performance, with only two lines PCIe and the lack of a DRAM cache immediately gave it to understand. In addition, tight design leads to the fact that the drive heats up considerably. In General, in addition to the advantages of this SSD has its drawbacks, but due to its design low price will appeal to many.

2018 At WWDC Apple unveiled the next version of the mobile operating system iOS, and now it will support ARKit 2 and applications created on the basis of this development kit. Apple is clearly trying to shift the topic of augmented reality apps from a dead point, and it is possible that ARKit 2 and iOS 12 will help her in this difficult case. How it is implemented — let's see when the developers prepare their projects. But now is a good time to figure out what is the AR on tablets today, and how it is useful to Supplement augmented reality to everyday life. First of all, in order to avoid further confusion we will understand what augmented reality (augmented reality, AR) and what are its forms we are interested in in this article.

Our testing shows that the cooler Master MasterAir MA410M can be used with processors having a real consumption of 135 watts, while even with the possible increase in temperature inside the enclosure to 44 °C and under the condition of maximum load will still remain very low noise level — 25 dBA or lower. The advantages of the cooler should include a sleek design, anti-vibration pads under an air vent, a decorative braided cable, dimensions that do not prevent installation of memory modules with high radiators (second connector), good packaging and, of course, multi-colour static or dynamic lighting of the radiator, including the dependence on temperature of the processor.

Cleaner Dyson fan Pure Cool is a device with increased safety, as it has no rotating blades. The device is easy to clean because the outer surface is smooth, unlike the grates and blades of a conventional fan. To control the flow of air by the blowing force and incorporating if necessary, the rotation from right to left. There is a convenient remote control, including setting the timer off. The height of the device allows it in outdoor accommodation is well circulated to the seated people. Purifier on low and medium speeds of the blower is quiet enough to use at night. As air purifier Dyson Pure Cool running with not very high productivity, partly kompensiruet high degree of purification from fine particles and gaseous pollutants.

Both lens — high quality optical instruments with excellent picture. The more expensive Nikon AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 G has a higher aperture ratio, the aperture of the nine, not seven petals, has an optical system for one more element and enclosed in a housing made of metal. It shows a very high quality of the background blur (Boke), which is particularly popular in portrait photography. Nikon AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 G is much lighter and more compact, inferior to the rival of podstupeni in the aperture ratio, equipped with a diaphragm of seven, not nine petals and enclosed in a housing made of composite, not metal. The structure of Boke and sustainability in the backlight it is inferior to the older model, but on the field wins.