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This smartphone in a pretty protected case has a small filling chamber, for example, is very weak. Strange, but most manufacturers in the production of such devices focuses on the protective properties of the body, ignoring more traditional aspects of a smartphone, and this applies equally to the unknown to the Chinese, and to quite popular brands. Apparently, the public has not yet matured to the "roadless flagships". Well, anyway, as a phone for use by sportsmen and travelers BQ 5541L Shark Rush has a good autonomy, well protected from dust and dirt, and also has a good set of communication modules.

For the second generation of their drives with an RGB backlight, the company chose a very fast platform. And if the lighting you need (and its implementation in this case is very good), then there is little choice. However, for laptop users it is not only useless, but harmful — the 9.5 mm is incompatible with many drive bays to install drives. In addition, existing opportunities will need to pay — and pay quite a lot: in fact, Delta Max are proving to be one of the most expensive SATA SSD in any capacity.

Dyson vacuum Cleaner V11 is the result of the evolutionary development model Dyson Cyclone V10, nothing revolutionary in the new vacuum there. He became noticeably heavier, a little bigger, but has received more capacious battery, allowing how to increase the time of work and very significantly increase the suction power. All this further brought Dyson V11 to ensure that he became a full-fledged replacement of network cleaner, but alienated him from his portable helper around the house. However, optional flexible extension hose erases the difference Dyson V11 from more compact models and makes it even more versatile, is really able to handle all aspects of dry cleaning in the house.

Gigabyte X299X Designare 10G belongs to the class of premium products. This motherboard for more than 50 thousand rubles will be able to afford a few. On the other hand, she has all the signs of belonging to a class Hi-End, starting with packing and delivery. The positioning from Designare specific: serious opportunities for overclocking here, but there is Thunderbolt (the mass of casual gamers, this technology is absolutely no need) and two ports 10-Gigabit network, is missing a huge number of USB ports on the back panel, but a rich assortment of high-speed slots for peripherals and drives, support for Intel VROC, etc. Complete the picture of a strict PCB design and low lighting.

The Device is designed for use in offices and workgroups with a print volume of 2,000 to 10,000 pages per month, it is equipped with a duplex (by automatic two-sided printing), reverse automatic document feeder has three interfaces (LAN, USB and two network, wired and wireless), as well as ports to connect USB storage media and SD cards, which you can print or save the scans offline. Ease of use is enhanced by the large color LCD screen and the ability to change the angle of the control panel. In our tests, the device showed itself worthy: performance in different modes either correspond to the stated or very close to it, the quality prints and copies quite normal for office printing devices.

Model Chieftronic PowerPlay 550W is well-balanced. It is quite a good solution when used in a gaming system unit with a single graphics card. Technical and operational characteristics Chieftronic PowerPlay 550W are at a good level, facilitated by the high load capacity of the +12VDC, a relatively high efficiency, low termomassazhnoe, fan on ball bearings with high resource of operation, the use of capacitors Japanese manufacturers. Thus, you can count on a long life of the power supply unit even at high permanent loads. The power supply allows you to include a hybrid cooling mode, at low power it can have long stopped fan.

What did it cost Intel to conduct such "optimization" not now, but a year ago? These "little animals" 10-18 nuclei and, more importantly, at that price a good addition would be LGA1151... IN this case I have more fun with real direct competition in the HEDT segment. And now — a little late because Ryzen Threadripper in the near future will change significantly: even with the change of platform, but it will have processors with "new" kernels in quantities of 24 pieces and more. And compete with them can only new (more expensive) Xeon W. Yes, in General, even the new HEDT platform from AMD don't have to wait: Ryzen 9 significantly changing the idea of what you can get from a massive. Therefore, the announcement of new mnogoletnikov Intel looks much more...

Samyang 85mm AF F1.4 F was very controversial. Lightweight, compact, beautiful, with a rugged casing, no geometric distortions, resists controvosy light. On the other hand, the weak performance of field and more weak indicators for chromatic aberrations, which "cure" in the editor is almost impossible. An acceptable image can be obtained only by substantially covering the aperture. With this in mind, it seems that the younger native fixes that can give you the better picture for less money at f/1.8 or competitors is not increased.

The Device was high-quality and highly productive. The kit includes nozzle-slicer and tips for making kibbeh and sausages. Convenience for storage is provided with compartments for storing accessories and cable placement. The device performed well in: well-cut sinewy beef and effortlessly coped with pork and Turkey. Separate kind words deserves a mandolin that is quickly and virtually without waste you RUB or cut vegetables. During our interaction failed to reveal any fault of the grinder.

AfterShokz Headphones Aeropex difficult and not always correct to compare with other devices tested in our testing. The use of bone conduction gives them several advantages, but it also imposes a significant imprint on the sound. It is unlikely they will be for someone the only headphones in my collection all occasions. But they are comfortable, reliable and demonstrate during various activities — from strength training to Jogging, Biking, just walking around the city. And is designed for people who want to listen to headphones, but don't want to cover my ears.

Motherboard Gigabyte Aorus Pro X570 on the chipset AMD X570 is an optimal combination of performance and functionality at relatively low cost. The system processor power able to withstand any existing CPU, including during acceleration and the efficiency of its cooling is at a very high level. RAM support with frequency up to 4.4 GHz and the limitless possibilities for configuring the timings in the BIOS will help persistent and painstaking users to squeeze the maximum performance from current AMD platform. Not for this Board Gigabyte and known issues with chipset cooling — radiator with fan do their job without fanfare.

Video card Testing in the demonstration program multiplayer arcade tank simulator World of Tanks with the use of ray tracing showed that the game is very well optimized for multi-core processors and graphics processors and makes high demands to the system only at the highest resolution rendering. And particularly affects the performance of the inclusion of shadows when rendering using ray tracing, running on all modern GPUs and not using DXR API for hardware acceleration.

ASRock X570 Gaming Phantom X — the flagship Board, the older model today is the ASRock chipset H570. She has a lot of attributes belonging to the top class: 16 USB ports of different types, including 3 of the fastest USB 3.2 Gen2, 2 port USB Type-C (internal supports fast charging), for storage in all three M. 2 slots (support PCI-E 4.0) provides good cooling. Overall a well designed system power supply, able to provide work and overclocking (under AMD Precision Boost) any compatible CPUs, but in the power supply system 14 no honest phases. The highlight of the Board is the presence of the second Ethernet controller with a speed of 2.5 GB/s. it Should be noted and the excellent support of corporate software to offer fan control and lighting. In fact, the...

The Price of TCL Plex for the Russian market is determined in the amount of 20 thousand rubles. Price is not the flagship, but the flagship smartphone is absolutely not, albeit he is a senior in your family. This is quite a common peasant will fight in your price range with the same little-known, but no less quality beginners market, like Realme XT, as well as innovations much more well-known brands like Xiaomi Redmi Note or Honor 8 Pro 9X. Overall, with its good hardware and a good screen, with the availability of NFC and a very good camera, TCL Plex have something to catch. Perhaps the only thing that we claim to solve this class of weak autonomy. But the real selling smartphone new for the Russian market brands such as always, will depend on the...

Aorus FI27Q has a rich set of gaming functions, some of which works in conjunction with the program OSD Sidekick. The design of the monitor corresponds to its positioning as a game, which further emphasizes the multi-color static or dynamic backlight rear panel and stands stand, a custom from the menu of the monitor or RGB Fusion. Despite the game specialization, the monitor turned universal fit for performing office work, graphics work and video editing and also for movies.