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It would Seem that difficulties can be encountered during operation of the device, which is operated by one button and has exactly one function — to maintain the temperature of the mixture within the given framework? However, the only Kitfort KT-2005 showed that, even with its single task it copes not ideal: at the stated temperatures of 42±3 degrees, the actual temperature of the contents of the bowl rose a much higher — up to 54 °C, according to our measurements. Of course, this could not be reflected in the preparation of such demanding temperature regime foods, like yogurt or kefir. But less demanding sour cream and cottage cheese turned out perfectly.

Canon Lens EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM was presented in the summer of 2013 and to this day remains the most wide-angle lens for mirrorless cameras Canon M-series. He must not disappoint lovers of photography, but the enthusiasm is unlikely to cause. Nevadalas resolution, low luminosity, little stabilization, disputed folding mechanism on one side of the scale, while on the other a really wide angle for besserglik, light weight, compact and yet stable. Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM super wide angle uncontested eminent manufacturer but it is recommended to purchase it only if you are really keen on architecture and landscape.

Our testing has shown that the cooler Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 can be used with the AMD Ryzen Threadripper with real consumption is about 115 W (120 W with two fans), even taking into account the possible increase in temperature inside the enclosure to 44 °C will remain very low noise level — 25 dBA or lower. The advantages of the cooler should include a sleek design, good workmanship, anti-vibration pads under an air vent, a braided cable, as well as a wide range of regulation of fan speed by using PWM. We note a good the package, and a guarantee of 6 years.

The Robot vacuum cleaner Clever&Clean; Zpro-Z10 Series III LPower through the use of contactless sensors of obstacles, and soft rubber bumper minimizes the probability of causing furniture any damage. In automatic mode the robot cleans until the battery discharge and he returns to base to recharge. The user can manually control movement of the robot, to enable intensive cleaning of local area and program it to clean at a specified time on selected days of the week. The robot is equipped with CLAAS harvest block with two brushes that provide good quality cleaning on all kinds of surfaces and on uneven floors.

At the beginning of this year, we met with a senior processor for conditionally-table segment: Core i9-7980XE Extreme Edition. Earlier HEDT platform Intel was limited to a maximum of 10 cores, but with the release of Skylake-X was Core i9 already with 18 cores. Now, we got two more Core i9 with 14 and 16 cores, and this is a good occasion to understand how in General such a huge (by desktop standards), number of cores claimed using normal applications, not specialized programs for scientific and engineering calculations.

The Main gains Canon EOS 6D Mark II — new image sensor with higher resolution and a touchscreen display, mobile in all planes. The latter allows to significantly extend the possibility of using cameras during sequential shooting. New camera allows to obtain images of high quality, looking at that is not to say that they made an Amateur camera — they look quite professional. Autofocus and avtoekspertizy worthy of praise. Auto white balance occasionally wrong, but it is easily corrected during post-processing. Canon EOS 6D Mark II is designed for serious Amateurs who have exhausted the possibilities of APS-C sensors and are committed to developing and improving their skills with photographic equipment as close as possible to the world of professionals.

Our testing has shown that cooler Deepcool deepcool gammaxx GT can be used with processors with TDP of 130 watts, while even with the possible increase in temperature inside the enclosure to 44 °C will remain very low noise level — 25 dBA or lower. The advantages of the cooler should include a sleek design, and RGB-illumination of the radiator and the fan. To control backlight is possible using the attached push button controller, so regular means of the motherboard or other controller equipped with a standard TRRS connector to connect the RGB-illumination.

A Family of SSD-drives Plextor M9Pe combines flash memory type TLC 3D NAND and NVMe controller Marvell 88SS1093. A new series of drives come in three configurations: "basic" Board M. 2 2280 without any additional elements (M9PeGN), the same circuit Board with heat sink, covering the entire surface (M9PeG), and low-profile PCIe card with a large cooler customizable RGB-backlit (M9PeY). M9Pe looks a good replacement for the M8Se the previous generation, however, in comparison with M8Pe on base of MLC-memory, and his performance in a number of scenarios below and the restrictions guarantee more serious. Some of the users will probably be unhappy with the fact that new devices are not only cheaper than old but worse.

Juicer Hurom HZ-SBE17 proved himself as good-looking and adequately working device. The device coped with all the standard tests, and recipe book, included free, can be a source of ideas for a variety of beverages (juice blends). The key advantages of this model is the premium package and low noise. However, the silence will have to "pay" the need to strictly observe the rules for the preparation (cutting) of the feedstock. Send in your juicer whole carrots will not work: this load is too great for the motor with a declared capacity of 150 watts. And, of course, can not fail to impress warranty: 10 years on the device itself and 2 years on non-electrical components.

Sony made another update to its mainstream plantation, which is something clearly better predecessors (the new Snapdragon SoC 630 a miracle as well and the performance and power consumption — not just complain about what), but in some ways it loses (thick rough, the casing is obviously less attractive than the previous generations of Japanese plantations). The main "killer feature" of this model, dual camera on the front panel, the reality is not too interested users: the second module offers nothing but a wide-angle lens for shooting group selfies, but its pictures are noticeably inferior in quality, so that the range of application is extremely narrow.

120 mm fans from the set of RF 120 — 3 in 1 feature RGB backlighting. To control backlight is possible using the attached push button controller, so regular means of the motherboard or other controller equipped with a standard four-pin connector. Fans have a wide range of speed control when control via PWM. In maximum performance mode they create a high air flow or a fairly high static pressure at a relatively low level of noise. These fans can be recommended for use as a hull including filters in lattices, and also for installation on CPU coolers or radiators of liquid cooling systems.

The Reason for upgrade popular models Live Gamer Portable 2 was a wide need for end-to-end visual interface, which would support a frame size of 4K. The new model (with the prefix Plus the title) is already able to pass through itself undeformed 4K video that allows you to view this signal on 4K TVs or monitors in original quality. However, record or stream will still be produced in Full HD. AverMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus features low power consumption, decent enough quality coding offline, the ability of mixing several audio sources and work through DirectShow when connected to the computer.

Noisy — a highly specialized device because they perform only one function: maintain the set temperature within a set time. The temperature range is small and suitable for the preparation of yoghurt, cream and other products requiring low-temperature heating over a long period. The model Kitfort traditionally inexpensive, the unit is equipped with a mute function at shutdown and startup program making yogurt, and the set includes four cute jars.

Today the true professional. The photo as his destiny Igor Tabakov chose in childhood and in the subsequent biographies from the intended path are not collapsed. Due to the specifics of the profession and sustained her Ministry, Igor E., de facto became one of those who can be called the chronicler (we would say more precisely, "votescam") the modern history of Russia. The illustrations to this interview, you will be able to see the familiar faces of famous people in official and domestic environment that will aide us on important events, has become not only a backdrop for our own biographies, and the facts of recent history. And we are talking today about what worries many people, passionate about photography and, as usual, about life in General.

Embedded dishwasher Electrolux ESL97540RO, representative of the upper price segment, Electrolux, today is one of the most technologically advanced models on the market. Here collected a large number of innovative solutions: this system ComfotLift for raising the lower basket to a convenient height, and the AirDry drying technology, which guarantees high quality drying dishes, and a system of careful holding glasses SoftGrips, and some other new items, increasing wash quality, and the usability of the device.