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It is Unlikely that someone will be called Lenovo IdeaPad L340-15IWL laptop of your dreams. But this laptop choose in real life people who need a cheap computer with an emphasis on portability — not in the sense of records of Autonomous operation, but in the sense of the possibility to move the device to another room or even just turn off and put away in a drawer, freeing up Desk. Of course, all these laptops are the fruit of compromise, sometimes even unreasonable. Ah, if not a TN screen!.. Yes, and the processor is rather weak, and memory is not enough. For serious tasks, this laptop is not good for many reasons. But it's pretty quiet, expandable and with a great autonomy. And most importantly — inexpensive.

Asus ROG Rampage VI Extreme Encore is another fancy motherboard premium cost more than 40 thousand rubles. The functionality of it is excellent: 20 of USB ports of different species (including 5 of the fastest today), 3 x PCIe x16 (the first of which always has 16 lanes, and the other configured depending on the generation of processors) with the option of a Nvidia SLI or AMD CrossFire, 4 M. 2 slot (two on the motherboard plus DIMM.2), 2 wired network adapter, including one very fast (10 Gbps), and modern wireless controller, providing Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0. At the device rear panel has two USB Type-C (one of them with a modern, double speed) also have internal ports Type-C for output to the body, so modern mobile devices will be provided with quick...

Smart watches Honor MagicWatch 2 demonstrate, perhaps the best balance of price, functionality, design and battery life. As Honor Watch first generation, the new watch is not built on Android Wear, but on their own operating system. There's no app store and dials, but there is a full display notifications, the ability to make voice phone calls, personalization of the information displayed on the existing dials, sleep analysis, and, of course, a wide range of fitness capabilities. But the important thing is that the new product promises 14 days of operation from a single battery charge, and this despite the official price of 13 thousand rubles.

Most effective way to expand wireless coverage while maintaining high speed is the use of additional access points. Brand Ubiquiti UniFi long known in this market and offers a wide variety of solutions and easy management of large networks. Discussed in the article, access point Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Pro is relatively inexpensive, has an attractive design and small size, good performance and flexibility. However, to operate it requires a supply network cable to the place of their installation, and to implement all the features necessary to use controller on the local network.

Set of characteristics of this TV is a typical representative of modern QLED TVs: high quality image, strong design, 4K resolution and a good implementation of HDR, advanced multimedia and network functions, possibility of connection of external devices via USB and Bluetooth etc. Players like AMD FreeSync and low values of response time and delay output. System administrators and simple users, without departing from the TV, to access a remote PC and your work in Office 365. From the TV you can make the lack of flicker of illumination, the lack of reduction in color clarity, ability to select color gamut, disable Overscan and output 24 frame/s with equal duration frames, but not all three. We can only guess why the manufacturer messed everything up. In any...

In General, the new graphics accelerator AMD Radeon RX XT 5600 6 GB is perfect for gaming in Full HD resolution when using the maximum quality settings, and there are a lot of games in which RX 5600 XT will provide quality and performance at a resolution of 2560×1440 without reducing the quality settings. As for the specific graphics card PowerColor Radeon RX Red Devil 5600 XT 6 GB, it is just perfect from the point of view of consumer properties. Virtually silent and very effective cooling system, a relatively small length of the card (though it still takes three slots in the system unit), the light — it all complements the advantages of the GPU itself.

The First wide angle zoom for Nikon mirrorless system Z provides a gain in focal length of 4 mm in comparison with analogues 16-35 mm and 6 mm in the telephoto compared to analogue 14-24 mm. In contrast to the majority of intra - and interspecific competitors, Z Nikon Nikkor 14-30mm f/4's has optical image stabilization with winnings of up to 5 stages according to the duration of exposure when shooting. This optical instrument worthy of the most flattering words, since it is already at the maximum opening of the diaphragm ensures high sharpness in the center of the frame, which is retained up to F11, and the best for all parameters, results are obtained at F8.

In automatic mode and in smaller spaces, the robot 410 removes Gutrend Sense very well, performing a double bypass the snake and on the perimeter, and he returns to base to charge the battery. In large rooms, the navigation of the robot can lose, which leads to skipping sections, but successive runs of the cleaning will still lead to a good result. Depending on the situation the robot can be run to clean with a chaotic trajectory, in the modes of intensive cleaning local area or the route along the walls. In addition, the robot is able to wipe smooth floors, which includes a special block with water tank. Available and manual movement via remote control or app for a mobile device. There is even limited support for voice commands through an intermediary in...

Is Very attractive in appearance and pleasant to use Realme XT good for its level cameras, handy AMOLED-screen, very powerful, although not top-end SoC, excellent communication capabilities and decent battery life in the official Russian retail offers for 20, for 21 thousand rubles. And there is a feeling that around 20 thousand rubles, now the border, a psychological barrier for the average consumer, above which the smartphones take a rare and meaningful. 20 thousand to afford a smartphone can be very many, and XT Realme with such excellent characteristics, including shrill NFC and looks in this price category one of the favorites.

Already at the time of the announcement of Toshiba RC500, and RD500 was clear that the best company has gotten the older model — and capacity up to 2 TB, and eight-channel controller. Younger "brother" would remain in the shadow of an older relative, but it uses a very interesting combination of Phison E12 and a new 96-layer memory, working together with them faster than the "old" 64-layer. Most drives based on this controller uses just 64-layer memory, and BiCS4 — almost exclusive to Toshiba on the rights of the manufacturer. In addition, this memory is cheaper, which allows to reduce the price of light "bullying" over the controller: in fact, he only lost half of the channels, but kept the DRAM buffer. First at low capacity is not so important, and the...

Asus ROG Zenith II Extreme has all the signs of belonging to a class Hi-End, starting with the packaging and package contents, and ending with the possibilities of the periphery. Functionality is excellent: the USB port 21 different species (including 10 USB 3.1), 4 full PCIe x16 slots, two of which always have 16 lines, a total of 5 slots M. 2. The power supply system has 16 phases for the core, it can run any compatible processors under serious avtoradgona. Note opportunities for cooling: 6 connectors for fans and pumps, plus expansion card Fan Extension Card II, and the radiators for drives all the onboard M. 2 slots. Wired network ports or two, and one very fast (10 Gbps). At the rear of the Board there are two USB Type-C (one of them is the fastest...

Harper 65U750TS is one of the cheapest TVs with a large 65-inch screen available on the Russian market. Without compromise this is not achieved — in particular, in the matrix, each second pixel instead of a triad of red, green, and blue subpixels replaced with a white one. It definitely cheapens the matrix, but also leads to artifacts, clearly visible from that distance, which varies the resolution of 4K. In addition, the brightness of a white field overstated, making the colored areas dim. Platform performance is low, Wi-Fi single band and not a quick, sound quality very average, etc. However, if the main requirement will be a big picture for cheap, this TV can be considered as an option for the purchase.

Of Course, technological innovation, non-obvious advantages of a clamshell form-factor and concerns over the fragility of the folding mechanism and flexible screen discourage many from trying to touch the future through the hands. However, the main obstacle to broad consumer recognition probably was the price: in Russia, it is today officially is 160 thousand rubles. Overall, this is an interesting gadget that is able to brighten up the long way, turning into a tablet — a powerful multimedia processor with good stereo sound. However, the movies on it to watch not too convenient (because of the screen aspect ratio 4:3), and the games are not all obvious. Of course, the "filling" of the hero of the review advanced, however, for technical characteristics, it...

In mid-November 2019 Apple unveiled the long-awaited new — 16-inch MacBook Pro. Hearings about it went since summer, and finally the device went on sale. Special attention to him naturally. First, Apple uses a diagonal: to date, the largest model in the line laptop was 15 inch, and even earlier, until 2012, you could buy a 17-inch "Proshka". But the 16 inch was never. And secondly, it is not only the biggest but also the most powerful MacBook Pro: the Intel Core i9 and discrete graphics, which is not in the 13-inch models.

We decided to determine the relevance of graphics processors AMD and Nvidia, released about five years ago, in the modern world. This was tested almost half a dozen games in Full HD resolution and two modes: with medium quality settings and graphics settings close to the maximum. We took two pairs of Radeon and GeForce graphics cards from the old series, and the results of the tests showed that the difference in performance between them, though not always great, but even average is 7% -10% in favor of the decisions of AMD. And some modern games and conditions, the difference did reach 20% -30%!