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Of WD products, recently there has been considerable confusion and vacillation, when in one brand can sell various products with sometimes significantly different: air and helium, for example. The first ceteris paribus tend to be slower than the second, but today it can't be important. Model 8 TB is interesting because each terabyte costing a little cheaper than the storage capacity of 10 TB (not to mention large), and the resulting difference in price is sufficient to "eight" is paired with a decent SSD on polterabayta cost about the same as one ten. In addition, WD81PURZ — as it is not the most accessible of the "air" hard drives high capacity. From this point of view, and makes sense today to approach such hard drives in the PC.

, the Main result of testing is "rehabilitation" platform AM4, criticized us last time — in fact, all the mentioned problems are connected with the peculiarities of "old" processors Ryzen and has been fixed in the new one. In this case we are not talking only about support for PCIe 4.0 — improved and working with mass storage devices that are limited to PCIe 3.0 x2/x4. And you do not even need an expensive motherboard chipset H570 — if the queries do not go beyond a single drive (which runs in the majority of cases), you can save. Most importantly, we emphasize, in any case you should choose Ryzen family 3000 — they are good not only as processors, but for quick work with solid state drives.

The Company offers Zyxel switches from entry level to SOHO to models for Telecom operators. At the same time for the first preference is given to convenience and ease of setup, and for the second the latitude of the functions of network management. Line XGS1930 class Smart L2+ is positioned in the SMB segment and supports customization via both a traditional web interface or through a cloud service Nebula. Network switch Zyxel XGS1930-28HP is a manageable Gigabit switch L2+ 24 ports with four SFP+ ports. The presence of the support connections of 10 Gbit/s allows you to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure maximum speed in all configurations. An additional point is the support of modern standards of PoE.

The Device is released in a series of Dreams Collection, which includes eight devices for hair care. The dryer is equipped with all the relevant to the functions and modes: three temperature and two speed mode, the function "cold air" and tourmaline ionization. The capacity of the dryer is high, and tests have shown excellent results in the output speed of air flow in terms of volumetric air flow. Note the low weight, pleasant to the touch rubberized coating of the case and the presence of complete attachments-concentrator and diffuser.

The Camera is a reincarnation of the previous model, Pentax K1, is equipped with the same 36-megapixel sensor and is externally indistinguishable from its predecessor. Improvements affected only electronic filling, which put the accelerating unit — the chip that stands in the way of signals between the sensor and the processor. This innovation, according to the manufacturer, allows to reduce the noise arising from the increase in ISO, and improve the operation of the automatic focusing. Part the image quality, the camera deserves only praise. A unique feature of the Pentax K1 Mark II is its focus on the astrophotography. With built-in compass and GPS receiver the camera is able to compensate for shifts of the sensor the rotation of the celestial sphere and...

The Price of Samsung Galaxy A80 on the Russian market amounts to 46 thousand rubles. Given the excellent technical specifications, as well as the original solution with a rotating camera, this smartphone is certain to attract the attention of users who love innovation and want to stay on the cutting edge of progress. The unit did for geeks and fashionistas, beautiful and unusual, no doubt attracting interested glances. A80 is the real leader of the entire new line of Galaxy A, so that its price at the initial stage of sales is quite adequate positioning and novelty of the product.

Aerocool Tor Pro is a solution to the budget level. Of the features include the availability of the side walls and the front panel glass and the trim body by four fans with full ARGB led, in the case of buildings such value occurs very rarely. At first glance the body design is quite typical for modern day solutions with glass walls, but his contribution here brings illumination system, and the functioning of the body looks very fresh and even with a claim to originality. Separately, a multifunctional controller that controls not only lighting, but also fan speeds, and comes with a remote control. However, very very affordable, this case also can not be called.

In the course of testing, we did not have any complaints or comments to the usability, ease of loading and unloading, adaptive capabilities of baskets and the quality of dishwashing. In the high-tech Electrolux models EMG48200L collected a lot of innovative solutions. The price of the dishwasher is not exorbitant, and the results of tests and field experience have confirmed the highest quality of cleaning even the dirtiest dishes. Especially note the possibility of no pre-soaking and scouring of burnt food debris to wash pots, pans and other large utensil with traces of culinary experiments or daily cooking.

In this year appeared radically redesigned Ryzen family 3000 in which AMD at the same time decided to change the PCIe controller: new processors support version 4.0. And because the specifications of this standard finally established nearly two years ago, manufacturers of controllers for the SSD had time to prepare. In particular, Phison controller, introduced the PS5016-E16 and at Computex this year showed ready SSD format M. 2 at its base. Once officially announced a new version of AM4 — just started and the sales of such devices, and (as usual) under different brands. SSD from Gigabyte range are already present in the Moscow retail — in our country, they the sale was one of the first. So it makes sense to read them in more detail: it is something...

The Main advantage of the Xiaomi Mi TV LED TV 55 4S" it is necessary to consider the use of Android TV and the ability to install third-party applications. However, even a non-native application in the case of hardware decoding can output video at 4K resolution. The main drawback — this feature control the brightness of the subpixels in which region with undertones close look "loose" with a mesh structure. When viewed from a distance this effect is not evident, but a special benefit from 4K anymore. However, matrix contrast, brightness of the backlight can be changed within a wide range, the color reproduction is acceptable, the interface is not retarding. In the end, the deciding factor will be the price, or rather, will it be low enough to persuade the...

The Lens focuses quickly, is easy to handle, reliable, protected against dust and splashes. However, in conjunction with the cameras Micro 4:3 it is too heavy and too big. Chromatic aberrations are detected only with great difficulty. Distortion the eye are practically invisible. On reaching Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 17mm F1.2 Pro vignetare to -1 EV, but that's easily mitigated with post-processing. Subject shows very good sharpness at maximum erection and great — already at low aperturing, and also allows you to draw gorgeous Boke. Since the maximum open and up to F2. 8 the structure of the latter is so good that analogues for comparison don't even come to mind.

This laptop is designed for the wealthy and stylish young people, for which an image component is a priority in life. This model in a solid aluminum housing offers unprecedented thin frame display NanoEdge, which allowed to call Asus ZenBook S13 UX392 the most compact notebook with a 13.9 inch screen. The laptop looks really amazing and the size is more like some kind of silver folder, rather than multifunctional Hi-Tech device. His path — it's a fast and long lasting work in 2D-applications, aided by a hurricane SSD in conjunction with more than enough for these purposes, an Intel processor and a capacious battery. Add to the pros stunning clarity of the display with a huge stock of brightness, his thin frame and hinge ErgoLift, tactilely-pleasant...

Gigabyte Aorus X570 Xtreme is motherboard available for purchase only to a few enthusiasts. She has all the signs of belonging to a class Hi-End, starting with packing and delivery. It is worth noting the original design with the removal of the absolute majority of the connectors on one side. 19 card provides USB ports of different types, including two USB Type-C (one with fast charging). Drives in all three M. 2 slots (support PCI-E 4.0) provides good cooling. Superbly designed power supply system 16 honest phase, able to provide work any compatible processors under serious acceleration. It is also necessary to mention the presence of two Ethernet ports, one supporting 10 Gbit/s. comes with the Fan Commander module to amplify and control the cooling. To...

In the case of Honor 20 the user gets luxurious in terms of design the mobile device with the effect of "dynamic holography", with high quality screen, powerful hardware platform and extensive communication capabilities. The sound of the hero of the review is average, decent autonomy, but not far from the record, however, the multi-function camera (with three or even four modules), with a 48 MP sensor and a bright lens, and support for intelligent AI-stabilization, perhaps, overshadows some flaws.

The Fujifilm X-T3 went on sale some time ago, back in September of last 2018. She devoted a huge amount of material, among which are the publication of our team: a thorough review of the photo capabilities of the device and description for professional use as the cameras. Using tucked opportunity, we in this review we will focus our attention on the details of a purely technical nature, which, quite likely, still not received proper attention. This: the recorded duration and the risk of heating of the device, the available formats and the differences between them, viewing angle, resolution and level rolling of the shutter in different modes of video work in low light conditions, change settings directly while recording and other nuances.