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During the testing, we did not have any critical comments. Kitfort KT-131 was used as a regular plate for a family of three people, each of whom loves to eat. So the device had to show what he's capable of, and he coped well with the fighting, longing, fast, roasting, cooking the broth, cereals, and other dishes. Power was sufficient to stir-fry dishes. There are a couple of features: both plates are the same diameter of the heating area is 17.5 cm, and during operation, the tile is noisy because the fan cooling control system.

Grinder Bosch SmartPower MFW2517W manufacturer describes by the formula "compact size — great opportunities". The device consists of four devices in one: the actual meat grinder, grater, juicer and sausage filler. A meat grinder allows you to prepare meat for traditional dishes as well as smoothie and soufflé for baby and clinical nutrition. The kit nozzle-grater drums included for cutting slices for chopping the straw and for chopping cheese and nuts. Attachment for extracting juice from berries and soft fruits will allow you to get pure juice and of distillation can be used for other dishes. The syringe nozzle will be useful for stuffing homemade sausage.

Gigabyte Aorus Z490 Xtreme is one of the most popular motherboards on the market with a very high price in this respect it may compete with the segment of HEDT. Also expect an excellent package. The Board provides USB ports 17 different species (including 7 USB 3.2 Gen2), 3 PCIe x16, 3 M. 2 slot, 6 SATA ports, 8 connectors for fans. The power supply system of the processor is very powerful, it can run any compatible processor with a huge stock acceleration. The Board has a great cooling system every potentially warming item, including drives in the M. 2 slots. Plus excellent networking opportunities: two very fast wired controller (2.5 and 10 Gbps) and one of the most modern wireless. Also, the Board has Thunderbolt and good lighting, including...

By Itself the Oppo Reno 3 Pro is definitely a good, but affordable price to boast of certainly not — for the price it is at the level of the other flagships, it has not all the flagship features. This beautiful slim smartphone with a high-quality AMOLED screen and lightning-fast charging, pretopology, but still not the flagship platform, good, but certainly not top-end cameras, and part photo and part video. Support 5G networks in the absence of such in our country, yet the advantage is not. In General, Oppo Reno 3 Pro — decent but overpriced device with a mass of competitors and their own, and even for less money.

In the line of Mercedes-Benz in all there are eight series of SUVs ranging from the compact GLA to the monster G-Class. But that model GLC is the most popular among off-road vehicles. Moreover, the GLC crossover — the best-selling model after the E-class. Series GLC appeared in 2015 as a replacement for the GLK is quite popular, and then Mercedes-Benz has completely corrected the discrepancy in the letters, according to the new naming Convention crossovers. The model was positioned as a competitor to the Audi Q5 and BMW X3. A year later, in 2016, appeared on the Coupe version, which was supposed to compete with the rapidly growing popularity of the BMW X4.

Redmi Note 8T fairly simple features, "multi-chambers" here is only for show, no optical zoom, no stabilizer, but the main and selfie camera for its level good. Nice big screen, but IPS, Gorilla glass Glass 5, but a glossy frame made of plastic with a fairly large battery, but low autonomy. And, of course, is not pure Android, and the Chinese shell MIUI. In General, the device is controversial, but that "Xiaomi NFC", as until recently it was the dream for many, and sales show that the smartphone is quite "popular". The price of little modification (with 3/32 GB of memory) starts with 11 thousand rubles in the official retail be 13 or 14 thousand, plus discounts. Turned out quite good and cheap smartphone for undemanding users.

MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk — motherboard on a mainstream chipset, related to the lower MAG series, that is designed for those who are not interested in overclocking, is content with the normal operation of the processor and memory. In return they get stability and reliability, excellent quality of the boards, which is not enough for one year, as well as support for future AMD processors under the same socket AM4. For a mainstream Board functionality of MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk good. It has 13 USB ports of different types, 1 PCIe x16, "long" PCIe x4, two PCIe x1 slot 2 M. 2 slot, 6 SATA ports. At the Board 8 connectors to connect the fans and pumps, radiators equipped with all the drives in the M. 2 slots. Complete the picture two wired network controller...

In Russia certified Samsung Galaxy S20's on sale for 70 thousand rubles, while its big brother Galaxy S20 Ultra — 100 thousand rubles. Of course, the prices from spring to fall, at the time of the survey the Galaxy S20 was formally purchased for 55 thousand rubles, but Galaxy S20 Ultra fell proportionally. In principle, the low-end smartphone in the updated line looks and feels in the hand more advantageous because of the small size and weight, while it is also able to record 8K video and well photographed. He has no "extreme" features, like the zoom factor or resolution of 108 Megapixels, slightly worse autonomy, no support for 5G. But if you think about it, many didn't have.

The First generation Ryzen revived AMD — not without its rough spots, but the competition returned to the market not only in the budget segment. The second generation was transitional — winning time perfecting Zen2. And after getting a new microarchitecture being delivered to the market in mass quantities, "Oldies", it became possible to go into retirement. Especially after the release of this year new Ryzen 3, great pererabotchik the budget segment. However, the gap between lines is too large, and "semi" Ryzen 5 3500/3500X situation has not straighten, so you just need to reduce prices.

Fans Corsair RGB QL120 this set by the ratio of performance/noise occupy the middle position among those tested by the current methodology models. In this regard the fans are working a little better in terms of high resistance to air flow, that is, they will be appropriate to use when pumping air through the dense filters or radiators DLC. Feature set are the four annular zone illumination with 34 independently controlled RGB LEDs in each fan. With iCue, the user can select one of the preset illumination effects or to create your own dynamic and static color options. In General, this set can be recommended for use in cases where one of the main goals is modding open a computer case or enclosure with transparent panels, and not, for example, extreme...

Sometimes creates a Thermaltake case with a completely custom external performance. And now the company introduced to the public body, styled the "lamp" of the cockpit of combat helicopter Mi-28N or similar solutions. The course design is interesting, and the result is a highly original and memorable. However, rich set it is no different: there are no fans, no backlight, no any fan controller or riser. That is, we have just the original and very heavy shell for further self-filling components.

B550 Gigabyte Aorus Master — motherboard on a mainstream chipset, but presented under the top brand Aorus and expensive. The functionality of the model is very good: 18 USB ports of different types (including 6 fastest for today), 6 SATA ports, wired in 2.5-Gigabit LAN and wireless 802.11 ac Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 5.0. And most importantly — a unique set of slots M. 2. Here is not the usual mainstream boards two slots, but three, and all connected directly to the CPU, which means that when you install Ryzen 3000 they will get all the benefits of PCIe 4.0. However, the processors Ryzen only have 20 free high-speed ports, and 16 of them are PCIe and M. 2, so this motherboard only have one PCIe x16 slot, and he is forced to share resources with two M. 2. However...

Canon Selphy Square QX10 allows you to turn your smartphone into instant camera print. The printer operates from the battery, charged via Micro-USB, connects to smartphone via Wi-Fi with one — click simple. The prints look great in colour and alignment. If the pictures are vivid and bright, the prints come out well. However, compared to a smartphone screen is worse are distinguishable undertones, especially in the shadows. In General, some advantages of such gadget is. Another question is whether these outweigh the benefits of its cost. Sorry, price comparison turns out not in favor Selphy Square.

List the merits of the headset is very solid. Build quality, attractive design, comfort of use is also excellent. And if Corsair will eventually release a replaceable fabric ear pads and allow users to choose between the extra convenience and insulation — is generally good. The microphone is wonderful, for settings available. Again, three types of connection, each of which is working correctly. The sound is quite unique, more focused on gaming, well gaming headset — also without reproach. Perhaps some of the users "scare" is not the lowest cost, but given the "premium" device, it does not look excessive.

Skyworth 40E20 is cheap (apparently, on it can be bought for 11 thousand rubles) TV with a minimum of the beginnings of "wisdom" that lies in the fact that he can basically play back some multimedia files from USB storage media. But especially count on it not worth it. At the same time, just as the TV he is good: confident reception DVB-T2, high contrast, sufficient brightness close to that of sRGB coverage and not visually the most disgusting color balance, plus conventionally modern frameless design. The obvious advantages include no flicker and good quality picture when connected via VGA. This analog interface, not HDMI will allow you to use this TV as a more or less full-fledged computer monitor. The following are significant shortcomings, from...