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ASRock X399M Taichi in the time of the announcement was the world's first microATX Board for AMD Ryzen Threadripper and continues to remain so still. The reason is clear: the development of such models is perhaps more complicated than Mini-ITX bulk platforms, and the demand will be limited, as enthusiasts of the great cost and large buildings. On the other hand, its only serious limitation compared to the full — size models- RAM. Yes, expansion slots less, but in practice, in most cases, they will be more than enough. The rest of the functionality ASRock X399M Taichi match the other solutions for this platform. Yes, it looks this Board is at least unusual that it is impossible not to be encouraged.

Asus ProArt PA27AC attracts the attention of a frameless screen and a rather unusual cylindrical stand stand, made of aluminum. The monitor has a rich set of interfaces, which is particularly appreciated by owners of laptops, as connecting via Thunderbolt 3 monitor creates the basis for a convenient workstation and provides charging of the mobile computer. In General, the monitor Asus ProArt PA27AC can be considered universal, suitable for performing office work, including those related to displaying large amount of information to work with graphics and video editing (if you have enough coverage of sRGB), for gaming and for viewing movies. Due to the low peak brightness and color gamut restricted to sRGB, support HDR10 mainly lies in the lack of stripes on...

Huawei all summer kept the price P20 Lite in the official Russian retail at the level of 20 thousand rubles, and only with the advent of autumn, this psychological barrier was overcome, the price dropped to $ 19 thousand. In the end we have a balanced smartphone the confident average level of still affordable price, with a spectacular design, good ergonomics, fashionable FullView-display and decent, though not the flagship hardware platform. The sound here is at a decent level, autonomy is weak, camera is average, but the communication capabilities great. The smartphone is quite interesting even at the current price, it is worth paying attention to everyone who passes by Chinese online stores and prefer to choose from the range that is presented in official...

In automatic mode iBoto Smart X610G Aqua sequentially area by area removes the available floor area and returns to base to charge the battery. The quality of cleaning in this mode is high. If necessary, the user can increase the power of the fan, activate the classic mode of cleaning with the random nature of the movement, manually control movement of the robot, to enable intensive cleaning of the local area, also the robot can be programmed for daily cleaning at a specified time. Functionality iBoto Smart X610G Aqua complemented by the ability to perform wet cleaning of smooth floors. To the characteristics of the robot applies a lint-free rubber brush, which to a lesser extent, are wound with hair, wool, thread, etc., so this cleaner can be recommended in...

New 13-inch MacBook Pro, unlike the 15-inch top models, show records, and in General the changes are not as significant. The change of generations the CPU gave a definite advantage, but not significant. So if you have 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar any previous generation, the upgrade is hardly advisable. However, not to mention a few not very noticeable, but still useful innovations that appeared in the 13-inch model. This coprocessor Apple T2, the technology of adaptation of the color temperature of the screen True Tone, less noisy keyboard, the improvement of the situation with heating. In General, we have a very good laptop, primarily for mobile use, but at the same time quite suitable for serious steady-state operation.

In Spite of the same capacity built-in battery and very similar in appearance, the survey participants still have individual characteristics. Thus, the model Deppa NRG Power 10000 slightly worse transfers the overload, but quite suitable for operation with very small output currents. In addition, it allows you to connect two arbitrary devices at the same time, if only they consume the total current is not too great. And powerbank Deppa NRG Cable 10000 coped with the 10 percent overload, but at light loads it outputs will be disabled. It is also designed to connect two gadgets at the same time, but one of them certainly should be Apple. And due to compatibility with the devices this company price external battery turned out significantly higher. But for the...

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 today a second speed accelerator game class for the resolution of 2.5 K (not to mention Full HD), and besides, he, like RTX 2080 Ti, the most high-tech. The announced price for the new accelerators (including RTX 2080) many very unpleasant surprise, but we hope that innovations such block of ray tracing, "smart" tensor kernel will really help you in the near future developers to make the games more exciting in terms of graphics and using these technologies, the new 2000-series needs to sparkle with new colors. Meanwhile, RTX 2080 demonstrates decent performance gain in high resolutions even in normal (without HDR/RT) with respect to its formal predecessor, a GTX 1080 and bypasses 10% of the former flagship GTX 1080 Ti, not to mention...

In automatic mode or in cleaning mode snake iLife A7 sequentially, section by section, removes the available floor area and returns to base to charge the battery. The quality of the cleaning in the cleaning mode the snake is high, but this mode is not used when you run on a schedule. If necessary, the user can increase the power of the fan, which will improve the efficiency of cleaning of light debris, but will shorten battery life. Also, you can manually control movement of the robot, to include the modes of intensive cleaning of local area and cleaning up along the walls. The robot is equipped with a rubber lint brush, which to a lesser extent, are wound with hair, wool, thread, etc., it is especially appreciated by pet owners.

Xiaomi Redmi 6A now presented in the official Russian retail at the price of 7 thousand rubles, which is a very attractive option, the smartphone good screen, albeit with a low resolution, modest sound capabilities and weak camera, limited set of communication modules, but full support for 4G networks. Interesting budget platform, solid non-slip polycarbonate case and good battery life complete the portrait of this very good budget. Yes, this phone has no fingerprint scanner or NFC. no recognition on her face. But for its price it is perfect as a second/spare phone or first smartphone the child, and the high popularity of its predecessor, the Xiaomi Redmi 5A can not doubt that Xiaomi Redmi 6A your audience will certainly find it.

Network player Aurender N100C supports the vast majority of modern formats high-quality audio: MQA, DSD (DSF, DFF), WAV, FLAC, ALAC, APE, AIFF, MP4 etc. the User has two digital output: USB 2.0 Audio (DSD64/DSD128) and coaxial RCA. With the advent of asynchronous USB Audio 2.0, the assertion of insolvency, USB Audio ceased to be relevant, remaining, perhaps, only in the circles of fans of audiolife. As content source, there may be a local network, Internet, external USB storage built-in HDD. The player is controlled with its own small screen on the front panel or from mobile devices. From Aurender N100C strict attractive design, the body is made of thick aluminum die cast and the exceptionally high quality electronic components.

Z370 Ultra Aorus Gaming 2.0-OP can be seen as a slightly improved version of the Board Z370 Ultra Aorus Gaming 1.0, which we already tested. The equipment here is better due to the presence of the drive Intel Optane Memory, but how it is justified. Because this drive will have to pay, and he needed not for everyone. For example, if you use high-speed SSD, Intel Optane Memory capacity of 32 GB just makes no sense. So isn't it better to allow the user to decide on the acquisition of Intel Optane Memory, and not try to force this drive along with a fee? Otherwise, it's very decent and, in General, is typical.

Chassis case Thermaltake Versa H25 was designed at a time when liquid cooling, glass walls and RGB-backlight in large buildings was not so popular, but in terms of support of all kinds of drives and devices with external access is in order — set can be almost everything and in large quantities. Of course, trends 2018 the layout of Versa H25 not much fits, but the presence of a large and, importantly, well-ventilated disc bays paired with reliable dust filter will please many potential buyers.

IPhone XS Max — record-breaker in many ways. He has one of the largest screens on the market (if you take the flagships of well-known manufacturers): 6.5 inches is almost a tablet! While overall dimensions device no bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus. He, like the iPhone XS, outstanding performance from all the current iPhone is the most "long-playing" machine from the point of view of Autonomous work. And finally, a record price. The model with the flash memory capacity 64 GB will cost 97 thousand rubles, and for the most expensive version (512GB) will have to pay as much as 128K. Never has the mainstream smartphone segment was not worth the money. However, no differences in the capabilities of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, the only difference in the dimensions...

We tested the GeForce manufacturing company Tongfang co-op third-person shooter Strange Brigade, using the most common screen resolutions with different quality settings: medium to maximum. The game was not too demanding and works fine on all tested graphics cards, especially in Full HD resolution. However, increasing the resolution up to 4K requirements at maximum settings has grown so much that only the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti provides a stable 60 FPS.

During testing, blender Redmond RSB-M3401 us was not feeling "a little more — and it would be perfect." In fact, the device coped with all the suggested tasks, but in many cases, we have a chance for criticism, not allowing to talk about the perfect result. Nevertheless, the overall impression of using the device we have remained positive. Blender adequately worked as a "personal blender", turning fruits and berries in smoothies, and fared well as a kitchen gadget, to cope with the pate, and pesto, with tomato sauce (really, demanding from us hand-stirring the contents of the pitcher).