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Based On the liquid cooling Gamer Storm Captain 240 Pro, you can create conditional blocks, equipped with a processor type Intel Core i7-6900K (LGA 2011, Broadwell-E) dissipation of about 170 watts max, and that's even taking into account the possible increase in temperature inside the enclosure to 44 °C and provided long-term maximum load. This system can also cool the AMD, Ryzen Threadripper in particular: it, with some reservations, will even cope with the cooling of such a hot processor as 2990WX, but, of course, already at the limit of their capabilities. Addressable multi-zone RGB lighting pump and fans will help to decorate the interior space of the system unit. Note good workmanship, braided hoses and the power cable from the pump (at least to help...

Xilence XN073 is a fairly budget solution, performed on a modern platform with components economy class. From advantages it is worth noting a very good consumer quality, relatively low retail cost and no noticeable problems from the point of view of electrical characteristics. In General, it's a low-end product (of the order of 80-85 dollars in the Russian retail), which is quite suitable for a quiet system unit is low power. In fact, when you load in the range of 300 W and using in outdoor system unit heard this PSU will not.

Those who USB 3.0 is more than enough, continue to buy drives with this interface, but at speeds of 100 MB/s and below. And for those who this is not enough, do not have the necessary gigabytes per second to high-end devices with Thunderbolt 3 (especially with all their problems "the load"). This group of industry and ready to offer a compromise solution — moderately fast, but comfortable enough and not too expensive. The specifics of the pricing is such that self-Assembly external SSD on the basis of one of these boxes and NVMe drive the middle class may be cheaper than purchasing a ready device on a traditional bunch of USB SATA.

In the Russian retail Nokia 9 Pureview presented in quite a flagship price of 50 thousand rubles, and the price of the flagship family of smartphones HMD justified. Luxury design with good materials, high quality screen and powerful hardware platform, wide-ranging communication capabilities, and pure Android OS without the shell — a good set of obvious advantages. At the same time, pentamera peculiar here. Yes, it's possible to make a lot in manual mode, if you know how and, most importantly, I wish to convert RAW pictures. For most users, accustomed to the fact that modern smartphones are better able to cope with difficult shooting conditions, than they should look to the alternatives, because working with a slow camera system Nokia 9 Pureview really easy.

Like all models ROG series Maximus XI, fee-oriented enthusiasts, fans of modding and acceleration. ROG Maximus Formula XI is the only model in the series, which has the heatsink of the voltage regulator of the processor power with the ability to connect a water cooling system. We also mention the presence of OLED-display for displaying various parameters of the monitoring system or animated user images. Retail price is about 30 thousand rubles. Of course, it is expensive. But do not forget that we are talking about the top solution.

Mul'tivarka Polaris EVO 0445DS seemed to us quite adequate device by which an experienced user will be able to cook almost all the dishes, which in principle allow cooking in a slow cooker.. As usual, best results are achieved using manual modes, and the availability of the program "My recipe Plus" will allow to establish an arbitrary sequence of combinations of temperature/time that can be very useful if a dish requires successive addition of ingredients (or, for example, if you want to pre-heat water). The presence of built-in weights will certainly appreciate those who haven't got a separate kitchen scales.

For a curious user Samsung B-Die is an inexhaustible field for experimenting, and well studied. To stop here, rather the specific Board and processor, but it is unlikely it is the memory chips. A feature specifically Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB is that the other extreme of memory with RGB led on the market is not particularly evident. This is not surprising: for such modules, the company had to actively work in collaboration with the manufacturers of LEDs. Accordingly, if necessary and extreme, and lighting — the choice of the buyer, while virtually simply no. But if at least one of the items the answer is no — it makes sense to first pay attention to other suggestions.

All became clear already after the definition of the used flash memory, which naturally affects performance (even if the budget controller), and to provide the device long a guarantee does not allow. But if this will give you the opportunity to save your money, wishing, as we think, there — after all, they are buying a "cat in a bag", and sometimes even without a guarantee. Here as an alternative low-cost devices with SATA interface SX6000 Lite and interesting — but that's the way the drive is positioned so everything is clear. On the other hand, it is obvious that in the near future we expect the appearance on the market of a large number of such devices, and to draw final conclusions too early, everything will depend on who will manage how the concept of...

Huawei P30 is much cheaper than the Pro version: now officially certified model P30 can be purchased for 50 thousand rubles, while the P30 Pro — 70. Price, of course, also considerable, but for the money the buyer gets a luxury in terms of design for mobile device with great overall performance, great screen, powerful hardware, decent cameras, sound, and autonomy. Easier than the Pro version, but its capabilities are more than sufficient for most users, because it is still at the level of the top solutions, even without the "wow-effect" from periscope cameras, which possess P30 Pro. The apparatus is in its core product line the place of a balanced device, the acquisition of which a prudent buyer will get a double pleasure: and pleasure and excellent...

Of the features of the Thermaltake Commander C35 TG ARGB Edition, you can note the presence of the glass side wall, as well as equipment fan size 200 mm, in the case of buildings such value occurs very rarely. The existing lighting system provides not only manual, but also control software from the system Board. Housing has turned a niche — for those who need to have a transparent wall, RGB-backlight, large fans, and the ability to install large radiators DLC, and all it cost is inexpensive.

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming OC 11G (11 GB) — mighty version GeForce RTX 2080 Ti for those who do not need the acceleration and backlight, and you simply want the most powerful accelerator. Despite the relatively modest positioning (in contrast to the models of the brand Aorus, for example), the card has exactly the same power system as the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition, and therefore are willing to consistently work on regular frequencies, and may provide moderate acceleration. One of the features of Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming OC 11G is effective but rather noisy cooling system.

The Main advantages of Asus PB50 are compact size, robust housing, record amount of USB ports, the availability of the configurable port, which expands the range of possible applications of the device, as well as the ability to install two drives. The use of AMD Ryzen 5 3550H graphics Radeon 8 Vega in this case is nothing more than a marketing ploy, since the "open up" the processor and its integrated graphics core in this case do not give. The disadvantage may be noted that this mini PC is quite noisy, though, on the other hand, the cooling system is very effective.

Technically everything is OK, especially if we consider solutions Marvell 92 series, but the controllers themselves are as a budget SSD on 240-256 GB. In the case of the old system more logical to save money on this controller — or just buy a drive bigger and "better", connect it to ipsecname port SATA300, on what and to calm down, "scoring" on a small loss in performance. In the end, spot the difference in normal operation will still fail. So $15 for ASM1062 — also excessive spending. Moreover, any of these solutions need the corresponding slot, which may not be in your specific motherboard. On the other hand, this option is appropriate if just not enough total number of SATA ports either new SSD works poorly (or not working) with the old chipset. Than...

Elgato Game Capture HD60 S is the capture device is a digital signal. To the HDMI input device is connected a third-party source, you want to capture — this can be a game console, media player, camcorder etc. To the through output you can connect anything to display signal: TV, monitor. The second scenario is the capture of the actual monitor screen. To do this, the input of the capture device connects to the output of the video card and the output device is connected to the monitor. Elgato Game Capture HD60 S is compact, reliable performance, mild, harmless heat. Perhaps his only flaw that is worth noting is the relatively high cost.

Using cooler Xilence M704RGB you can create conditionally noiseless computer with a processor type Intel Core i7-6900K (LGA 2011, Broadwell-E) dissipation of about 120 watts max. However, even taking into account the possible increase in temperature inside the enclosure to 44 °C and provided long-term maximum load will still remain very low noise level — 25 dBA or lower. In the case of the processor type Intel Core i9-7980XE (Intel LGA2066, Skylake-X (HCC)) we got a limit of 170 W for relatively silent PC. The advantages of the cooler should include a simple design, good workmanship, comfortable fastening of the cooler on the processor, the dimensions of which do not prevent the installation of memory modules with high radiators, good packaging and, of...