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Mobile phone Philips Xenium E580 is aimed at users who are, by occupation, it is possible for a long time to stay in touch in Autonomous mode of operation without recharging. Also, the device is suitable device for children and elderly people, which is much more important, simple controls and large buttons, rather than touch screen and high performance. With its low price novelty are willing to provide. One of the advantages of new items can be noted a robust ergonomic design, bright and sharp screen, big buttons with backlight, support for two SIM-cards, as well as the possibility of charging another device from the battery, Philips Xenium E580.

Last Fall we met with a range of Optane SSD 905P, which appeared then the model terabyte-capacity (more precisely, 960 GB). They were all very expensive by the standards of the retail market is still expanding the range of drives based on 3D XPoint occurs while no significant decline in prices. Release Optane 905P SSD 1.5 TB in principle, the situation also has not changed — of course, it's a beautiful drive, sufficient for many applications capacity and performance record, but... it costs over two thousand dollars! So largely the subject of this article is academic since at the current price level on these drives, the majority of buyers can only read about. But knowing about them is useful — and interesting, in the end.

The Main disadvantage of devices which combines many functions, as a rule, is that they cope with all of these features are not very good. Playme Vega is no exception to the rule: it has rear camera but with a resolution of only 640×480; there is a radar detector- but without the automatic modes and signature recognition; there is a front camera with shooting in Full HD — but and she stars in the heavens is not enough. Perhaps the only element to which there are no claims, is the screen. Nevertheless, will not go away and the main advantage Playme Vega — how many functions combines this device.

Solutions with 802.11 ac is already difficult to call it rare and unique. Today, this Protocol can be found in affordable mobile devices, not to mention laptops. But progress does not stand still, and this time we will look at a router that supports the new Protocol wireless communications 802.11 ax. You have to understand that to fully unfold the new Protocol, the wireless 802.11 ax, which is a key difference between this model only if you have the appropriate clients. According to other characteristics of the Asus RT-AX88U similar to other models of the upper segment of this manufacturer. Of the features we note the presence of eight ports for wired clients, the presence of two USB 3.0 ports, advanced features of the embedded software, as well as very...

Six months after the Samsung Galaxy Watch, which, recall, is now available in two sizes (46 and 42 mm), the South Korean company has expanded the range model Active Galaxy Watch, which is still smaller than the 42 mm version of the Galaxy Watch, and cheaper, but the functionality is largely identical. Today Samsung Galaxy Watch Active — one of the best models of smart watches in terms of price and functionality. By purchasing this new product you get all the same features as in the case with the older models, but in a much more compact package and for less money. Of course, there are associated with these benefits drawbacks: first, the short battery life, and second, less convenient managing interface — for lack of a rotating bezel, which is one of the main...

In the mode of movement of the snake Midea VCR08 removes available area of the room and he returns to base to charge the battery. The quality of cleaning is high. If necessary, the user can manually guide the robot to the desired location, to enable intensive cleaning regimes local area or the route along the walls, to adjust the power of the fan. The robot is able to perform wet cleaning of smooth floors at the same time with a full dry cleaning, as the unit for wet cleaning is installed along with the usual dust collector. A smartphone app to further extend the functionality of the robot: you can remotely control the robot, to set a schedule of cleaning, to see the map of the room that creates a robot, etc., and get video with sound from the camera of the...

Fujifilm Frontier DE 100 — the representative of a class of minilabs designed for inkjet printing on a roll of paper. The device is quite suitable for the role of "means of production" in photography studios and can be used wherever you need fast and quality printing of photos in large quantity. Relatively small size will allow not only to use the printer in the photo, but to carry it for use during various events. Used consumables, paper and ink provide good quality prints. The procedure of filling simple and require only minimal start-up experience.

Impressive from the outside and powerful inside, the new flagship Xiaomi Mi 9 can still be called affordable: the price of 35 thousand roubles it is cheaper than other flagship smartphones, but promises to be his equal. At least if we talk about camera quality, then now Mi 9 in the ranking of DxOMark surpassed all known iPhone and got up to 4th place just behind Huawei P20 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10+. The smartphone, as usual, has their own strengths and weaknesses. The screen and performance, but also autonomy and communication capabilities are great. The camera is also at a high level, although not in all shooting modes, especially with the lack of optical stabilization. The sound does not particularly stands out, there is no possibility of installing a...

Does it make sense for ordinary car owner to purchase a separate dedicated device, or be enough of the usual smartphone with the software installed navigation? The answer will depend primarily on the duration of the upcoming trip or trips. After a few long trips, any sane user will verify the need for specialized Navigator for a long road which knows how to route and not hung over any functions. Reviewed budget Navigator Navitel N500 Magnetic reliable, able to remember the unfinished route, requires a rare intervention to update maps and databases of speed cameras.

We Recently tried to "play" with arrays RAID0 of a pair of NVMe drives and came to the conclusion that it makes practical sense. Even if it turns out that the old small slow SSD is not enough, it is easier to replace with a new bigger and faster, rather than trying to buy a second small slow the old, in order to combine them into a RAID array. However, this approach is not always feasible. For example, obvious by upgrading an old SATA SSD is the transition to NVMe, but in the old system it is not always possible, but buying another SSD, same experience, it may be not very costly and a fairly simple event. In General, the meaning seems to be traced. But what happens in practice?

Despite some moments did not seem very clean and pleasant sound, as well as fatal for the Russian situation, the lack of NFC, the hero review has all chances to become a bestseller and a worthy successor to the legendary kind Redmi Note. So in my family it was definitely an interesting update, it is much more global than the upgrade from Redmi to Redmi Note 5 Note 6 Pro. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 in the minimum configuration (3/32 GB) is now in the official Russian retail 14 thousand rubles. Quality screen, excellent for its level, the hardware platform Qualcomm with high performance and battery life, very good camera — these are the qualities which fully justify the price.

ASRock B365M Phantom Gaming 4 turned out good for the money. The cost at the time of preparation of the review was 7-8 thousand rubles, and the peripheral functionality is very rich form factor microATX. Yes, there are some limitations of chipset, however for regular customers they were not significant. We have 6 SATA ports, two M. 2 slot, you can potentially buy a module, M. 2 wireless networks. Board when its budget is even equipped with a radiator to one of the M. 2 drives. However, there are also disadvantages: full acceleration on the Board is impossible, support USB 3.1 not, and VRM heat was too high, it would enhance cooling.

Sous vide Kitfort KT-2021 "2 in 1" is a joyous exception to the rule depending on price and quality. This solidly constructed device with a low price easy to use and manage, do not exceed the stated deviations in temperature, consumes little power and allows for culinary experiments at home at the restaurant level. The volume of the device is sufficient for the family, help you plan the cooking of Lunches and dinners, and will also facilitate the work of chefs at the reception. Sous vide Kitfort KT-2021 will allow you to learn a lot about cooking those who have already heard of this increasingly popular technology, but was hesitant to try it because of the high cost counterparts.

Aerocool Cylon Mini TG Black — the solution to the economy. From its features we can highlight the glass side wall that buildings of such value occurs very rarely. Illumination system, which here also has (bright stripe crossing diagonally the front panel) is adjustable only manually, switching between several predetermined options. But maybe a full off the backlight. As often happens, there were no savings on the matches: the only regular fan has a size of only 80 mm, and the lining on the legs is made of material which wears out too quickly.

Monitor Aorus AD27QD has a rich set of gaming functions, some of which works in conjunction with special software. The design of the monitor corresponds to its positioning as a game, which further emphasizes the multi-color static or dynamic backlight rear panel and stands stand, a custom from the menu of the monitor or, potentially, from RGB Fusion. Despite the game specialization, the monitor turned universal fit for performing office work, graphics work and video editing and also for movies.