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Penaudio 6.6 CX 20 Anniversary Limited Edition fall in love with the first sight and sound as amazing as they look. This is the best I have heard, the embodiment of the coaxial design speakers; acoustics, in which the developers managed to use the best features bass reflex designs and successfully to overcome their disadvantages. Among the advantages of the model: no genre preferences, live sound at any volume level, outstanding positioning of sound sources in the absence of localization most acoustics, detailed and sufficient for the level of the bass range, unusual and stylish appearance.

In the new version of macOS has almost no innovations that would be useful in everyday life to everyone, but every one of the major innovations can be a real gift to a particular category of users. The main feature is, of course, Sidecar: the expansion desktop PC with macOS on a tablet. However, macOS Catalina is also a condition for the use of new subscription services Apple TV+ and Arcade. And "Screen time" — for some a very necessary thing. In addition, Apple's developers have worked on the safety, the convenience of the individual apps (Photos, Safari, Mail, etc.), greatly expanding the possibilities of voice control, and this does not include any cosmetic improvements.

Model Fractal Design Ion+ 660P is ambiguous. From advantages there may be mentioned a relatively high efficiency, low termomassazhnoe, the fan on the hydrodynamic bearing with high resource of operation, the use of capacitors Japanese manufacturers. Thus, you can count on a long life of this power supply even at a relatively high constant loads. Among the shortcomings it is worth noting the deterioration of parameters of channels of +3.3 VDC and +5VDC while increasing the load on the +12VDC, particularly in the range above 300 watts.

Cosmetically updated design, a wonderful new materials, expected performance, three cameras with night mode and improved telephoto lens, and a slightly increased battery life are the main advantages of the iPhone 11 Pro Max compared to its predecessor. While we do not believe that they justify striking the prefix Pro: it could equally well be called the iPhone 11 Max. It is a true flagship — not exceptional, but it's how it's supposed to be a new iPhone. One disappointing: a huge price in Russia.

Fee applies to the premium segment of PC components and has a high cost (at the time of writing — from 30 thousand rubles). But she has a very wide functionality, 19 USB ports, including fast USB 9 the 3.2 Gen2 Ethernet controller with mode 2.5 Gbps, very efficient Wi-Fi controller, two PCI-E x16 slot, two M. 2 slot supporting modules with interfaces PCI-E or SATA. It is worth noting the power supply system, providing not only tangible headroom for overclocking, but also the flexibility to control voltages. Huge selection of connectors for fans connection allows you to organize any sort of cooling system PC. In pluses it is necessary to add beautiful lighting of the Board, including ample opportunities for connection of additional ARGB/RGB devices. Perhaps...

To Talk about the migration of the lens from one mount to another is incorrect. In fact, this is a brand new lens with a different optical system, including refractive optics, the new blue spectrum (BR) for significant suppression of chromatic aberrations at wide aperture settings. The total number of items increased from 8 to 13, as a result, the lens have put on a little weight and size. And we got a masterpiece lens with almost incredible optical properties. A maximum of sharpness at wide aperture, excellent detail, magical side — having on hands such trump cards, it is easy to experience a far more correct things like vignetting and slight distortion. Canon RF 85mm F1.2L USM is a tool to achieve the most professional result, which always had to pay...

The Good news: portable external hard drives in recent years have accelerated a bit and fell. The bad news: they accelerated slightly, and the dimensions have not seen portable hard drives. The majority of modern flash drives much more compact and much faster in almost all scenarios, even the most for himself "uncomfortable". But they are much more expensive, so when high speed and extreme compactness is not needed, but 1-2 TB of disk space are required — the choice as such remains. Eventually external hard drives gone nowhere and will soon disappear is not going to, although all their manufacturers have already mastered external SSD: advantages and disadvantages are different, so buyers need both (and sometimes simultaneously). Unfortunately, fundamental...

In our view, this fixture is ideal for the urban environment: it is compact, quiet, beautiful and comfortable. The dehydrator is equipped with two drying modes — shadow and sun. Five automatic modes will allow without thinking and finding the optimum parameters to dry vegetables, fruits, meat or cook the yogurt. If the requirements results in more stringent, it is possible to set the desired temperature and the duration of the process. Drying on test results found to be quite uniform vertically and more or less uniform horizontally.

New laser printers Ricoh P 800 / P 801 provide monochrome printing speed up to 55 / 60 pages A4 per minute respectively. The device is designed for uninterrupted high-performance operation and do not require frequent maintenance, which in combination with the toner cartridges extended life ensures a low cost as a print and possessions. These printers are equipped with a regular automatic two-sided printing, wired interfaces USB 2.0 and Ethernet. They replaced the previously manufactured models Ricoh SP 5300DN / SP 5310DN.

The Previous version of the combo device Playme Vega we have already studied. The main difference from the new version is listed right on the box, appeared the icon of the touch control. Like any "processor", device is not efficient enough to cope with its responsibilities — a separate specialized gadget is always better than a multi-factor device. Some disadvantages considered by the Registrar is a direct result of increasing complexity in the design "combines": the bounce unit buttons, low quality encoding, the low sensitivity of the camera sensor. Pros combo device also obvious: touch secondary camera sensitive radar detector and GPS informer with updated databases of the cameras.

Projector LG HF80LSR for its brightness is a very compact device. It can be used for presentations on a small screen and at home for gaming and viewing entertainment content, even in conditions of partial occlusion. The movie, of course, best to watch in complete darkness and on the screen more. The projector is a self-contained device, as in principle he does not need any external player, no phonics, but it is still better to Supplement a good multi-channel sound system because the built-in speakers are suitable only for voice conversations.

Motorola moto g7 play sold for a modest 10 thousand rubles, and unlike the overpriced basic model of the series, in fact the moto of the g7, has everything to justify the cost. Good IPS-screen with low resolution, mid-range platform Qualcomm, 2 GB RAM, average camera, only one speaker, a USB Type-C minijack, support for 3 cards, no NFC, good endurance, and relatively small practical case — here are the main pros and cons of this affordable smartphone for those who like to make informed decisions and not accustomed to pay.

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Super OC Gaming 8G (8 GB) — good version of the accelerator cost under 30 000 for those who don't really need the acceleration and backlight, and are looking for a simple yet the most modern accelerator game level. In General, GeForce RTX 2060 Super — one of the best boosters with a price in the region of 28-30 thousand rubles. Despite the relatively modest positioning, the Gigabyte card has an improved power supply system (affected use the PCB from more powerful counterparts), as well as dvuhlitrovuyu thickness. The cooling system is quite effective, but her quiet call will not work. The factory overclocking of the card is purely nominal, he adds no more than a couple percent performance.

Model Thermaltake Toughpower 850W Gold ARGB GF1 came out very balanced, no obvious deficiencies. We can say that this PSU is well suited for home systems of different capacities, including systems with two top-end graphics cards on the top-end desktop platforms. It has a high load capacity of the +12VDC, a relatively high efficiency, low termomassazhnoe, the fan on the hydrodynamic bearing with high resource of operation, the capacitors are Japanese manufacturers. Thus, you can count on a long life of the power supply unit even at high permanent loads. The power supply allows you to include a hybrid cooling mode, at low power it can have long stopped fan. Note the presence of dual annular illumination fan with the opportunity to use a mechanical switch, and...

The main advantages of the Canon RF 50mm F1.2L USM is attributed the degree and quality of the blur area, which are a powerful artistic tool in many genres. Optical characteristics deserve subjective a-minus: minus — for the corners of the frame at open apertures and "rabbits." Not to mention the significantly increased size and weight fix. We used to compact the "coins", and this lens in the bag easy to confuse with the 24-105mm or other dimensional glass. Overall, it is a tool for those who do not tolerate half-measures, for those who need maximum aperture and the magic side and who is willing to pay for this excess weight.