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When I started in the early 2000s to think about earning online, I tried to find the best way to earn money online. I was looking for quick solutions, magic methods and click «salvage». I wanted to get rich quickly. It was my training phase. I had to go through it all to find what really works and what doesn't. The fact is that there is no magic button. There is no universal tactics that raises you to fame and put thousands of dollars into your Bank account. However, there is a better way to make money online, and in this article we will discuss it.

Equilibrium (aequus - equal, libra - scales: balance) - American fiction film released in 2002. The action of the film on the story takes place in the near future in the city Libriya. Only a small part of mankind survived after the third world war. Cause of all the ills considered human emotions and decided to suppress drugs of all survivors. With this purpose steel

Through meditation, Kundalini energy rises and cleanse the chakras from negative energy, which hinders their work. Chakra again begin to work well, more power to enter into the subtle body and improves the health of the physical body, but also of

Besides the physical body of man is subtle energy body. Each energy body has its density and frequency of vibrations, all the bodies nested within each other by the type of dolls. The most flagrant after the physical body is the etheric body, then a more subtle astral and further metal weapons body. All the energy bodies 6,claim various mystics

Sahaja yoga is an efficient method for the development of his own spirit. The word «Sahaja» is translated as congenital, and yoga is Union with the Supreme cosmic energy of God. There are many yogas, but Sahaja yoga relatively, the most simple of them. It has developed an Indian woman Shri Mataji, which attained high spiritual development and helps to develop their spirituality other people. The main work in Sahadzhe yoga

Withdrawal presents my correspondence with one of the moderators of this service. Correspondence presents "as is". I think they're right, and blame the tools for the selection of the qualified personnel. In other for you to decide who is guilty and who is not, dear readers!

There are legends and myths, who walked around for centuries and left a burning trail in our consciousness and culture. Then there are those that have been returned to life through modern technology, reminding us about nightmares that had to be buried and forgotten. One of such legends, is very well known, due to the popularity of the Internet, the legend of slendere. The creature known as slender man, as they say, has a tall, lanky man in a black suit. Not so bad, right? Just read on.

UFO - unidentified flying objects, they can be observed in various parts of the world. There are several hypotheses about what is a UFO, for example, that a UFO plasma clots, or that it's just the missile launches, but this does not disclose all of the puzzles associated with UFOs. Actually 90% of the observed unidentified object is falling stages of launch vehicles, satellites, flying in low orbit, airplanes, or

Levashov Igor is a well known respected writer and highly valued as a copywriter in writing circles. Levashov Igor interviews Vyacheslav Obraztsova, which is called a witch and schizophrenic, but he prefers the word «esoteric».

2070 - 2200 - Power and the creation of thermonuclear reactor, now spaceships fly through fusion rocket engines. Within a few days you can reach any planet in the solar system. Creating the first spaceship, and sent to alpha Centauri. He will be fully automated and with androids on Board. - Distributed surface of the city - platforms in the ocean, underwater akvagoroda and underground settlements. Number of population of the planet

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2040 - 2070 - Robots - androids become more sophisticated, their intellect is like a human. Androids used everywhere, as workers, soldiers, servants, guards, etc. Some of androids is hard to distinguish from the man, because they will be biological fabrics, leather, i.e. they will be a cyborg. - Creation of a powerful laser weapons, laser guns used on ships, aircraft, anti-aircraft complexes, appears laser weapons and soldiers. (by this time

On the Earth, there are places in which there are mysterious, incomprehensible phenomena, such places are called anomalous zones. These include the geo-pathogenic zones, adulterous a place, where people disappear, places where there are ghosts, UFOs, snow men, hronoanomalii, poltergeists and other unexplained phenomena. Geopathogenic zones (GBS) is a place associated with emissions, radiation energy from the earth, as a rule, such radiation are harmful to human health. In geopathogenic zones of increased electromagnetic background, a microwave radiation, the difference of the course of time, also often observed

- the Creation of a new space station, which will be more than ISS. It will be the first space base for sending and receiving of interplanetary ships. It is possible that the station will install a small nuclear reactor. Due to the rotation of some compartments of the station there will be a artificial gravity due to centrifugal forces. - Creation of interplanetary spacecraft with nuclear power plant, the flight to the Mars. Due to the use of nuclear rocket engine, which invented yet in the last century, a flight to Mars will be only a couple of months. (now the work is underway to build a nuclear power plant, it is the

What will be our future? A precise answer can't give one. Many psychics, fortune-tellers and astrologers predict the future, but often their predictions on the passage of time does not coincide with the reality. But it turns out the future can be predicted and without coffee grounds or Tarot cards. Futurology science studying the future of humanity, covering the prospects of social processes and phenomena. Each person can become futurologists and predict the future, but the prediction accuracy depends precisely on the extent to which a person understands