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Buyers disc copies of Fallout 76 for the PC and consoles were surprised by Bethesda. It turns out that the publisher put in the boxed version not the disks, and the round cardboard with the image of the logo key, and a guide to further action: Go to please Sign in or create an account In the account profile, enter the key and follow the instructions Naturally, the player will have to download the loader and fully load the client weighing more than 50 gigabytes. Owners discs for consoles PS4 and Xbox One had a bit more luck. The disk was present, but contained the data volume of just over 300 megabytes, and 51 gigabytes of data have to be downloaded from the network. Such a "gift" Activision gave the buyer the Spyro Trilogy are reignited. Disk...

Today, users noticed that in the project Trials will be Rising luchbox (here they are called Gear Crates). Of course, not all such decision of Ubisoft had in mind what people said on the forum in Steam. Ubisoft representative commented on the situation and noted that if luchbox not bought, they would not have added to the game. In the beginning of the message representative of the company under the name Ubi_Warlock said that extra stuff will be solely cosmetic and is designed for those who want to stand out or "for the fans, ready to support authors". The employee Ubisoft did not stop there. "Yes, it means that some players will spend more money in our projects than others. As a result, we will get more profit. This will help us to invest more money into...

The Company Square Enix has released a trailer for the action adventure Left Alive, which is set in the universe of Front Mission. The video is dedicated to, in particular, the three playable characters. We talk about the pilot of the wanzer (since then called combat robots) Mikhail Shuvalov, trapped behind enemy lines, captain Olga Kalinina, who is investigating the disappearance of people and escaped convict Leonid Osterman. The heroes have to survive in difficult conditions and face the superior forces of the enemy. Also in the video shows fragments of battles and various ways of killing of enemies. Left Alive will be available on PC and PS4 March 5, 2019.

Now users remember the best and most interesting pages of the biography of Stan Lee, who passed away earlier this week, as well as amusing aspects of using the image of the famous Creator of comics. In particular, the fans remembered that in the project The Amazing Spider-Man 2012 release Stan Lee was one of the playable characters. He has appeared in pay the addition cost $ 4. In the DLC, players play the role of Stan Lee, who got at the disposal of the abilities of spider-Man and collected the pages of the script about the adventures of a super-hero. Even Stan dealt with the villains and saved the common people. After Stan Lee collected all the pages of the script included a staged scene. In the video, the villains of the universe of Spider-Man dancing at...

Staff Sergeant District Mo (Ryan Meaux) on the popular website Reddit announced that the U.S. army now has its own eSports team that will take part in the competitions with the aim "to lay down the attention to the army and provide them with opportunities". The initiative is aimed primarily at young people. Military hope that the eSports team will help "the soldiers become more visible to today's youth." The team already has accounts in Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and channel service Twicth. Want to join the team can apply until November 30. Eurogamer notes that, according to the application form to become a member of the team can and civil. The publication Stars and Stripes noted that this year the U.S. army for the first time in ten years, failed to...

In a network there was video of the modification for The Witcher 3, which is designed to make the lighting in the region Toussant more natural. This region appeared in the Supplement "Blood and wine". The mod author intends to remove the "awful yellow", as well as to improve some elements of the lighting system. According to the idea, the modification will retain the "positive attitude" of the region, but will be removed with the effect that bright colors like the "poke in the face." Beta versions are available in the service Nexus Mods. We have a lot of great news. Subscribe to Yandex.Zen put the huskies!

THQ Nordic acquired two studios: Bugbear Entertainment and Coffee Stain Studios. Now THQ Nordic owns 90% of shares Finnish Studio Bugbear Entertainment, which employs 18 people. The contract has the option, according to which THQ can purchase the remaining 10% stake in the Studio in the future. Bugbear is known due to the fighting races of FlatOut and Wreckfest. All intellectual property Bugbear is now owned by THQ Nordic. The amount of the deal between THQ and Nordic Bugbear Entertainment has not been disclosed. In addition, THQ Nordic bought 100% shares of Coffee Stain Studios, Goat Simulator for responsible and cooperative action of Deep Rock Galactic. THQ Nordic paid of 34.8 million dollars, but if the Studio meets certain conditions, will receive...

In the network appeared rollers new part of the famous series Pro evolution. The project is called Descent (2019), and its development is a Descendent Studios, responsible for Descent: Underground. We promise familiar mechanics, 20 ships, system upgrades, and a campaign with 15 extra missions, side quests and boss battles. Attached four multiplayer modes. In Descent (2019) used the graphics Engine Unreal Engine 4. The game release is expected next year on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

Indie Studio Red Thread Games, talked about his next game, Draugen. Single detective adventure game will appear on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2019. The action takes place in 1923, when American traveler Edward harden goes to Norway to find the missing sister. It is accompanied by a mysterious young girl Lissie. In the midst of magnificent natural landscapes, the pair will plunge into the dark secrets surrounding fjords. On the script and soundtrack Draugen did the authors of previous games Studio, Dreamfall, The Secret World, The Park and Dreamfall Chapters. Planned translations into Russian language.

NVIDIA, EA and DICE talked about the availability of ray tracing in real time using the technology of DXR in the blockbuster Battlefield V. the Owners of videoart series RTX: Ti 2080, 2080, 2070 after installing the NVIDIA drivers, Game Ready will be able to see advanced reflection. to improve the gameplay, it is recommended to update the driver and the players in Hitman 2 and Fallout 76. Battlefield V can now play subscribers of services of Electronic Arts - Origin, Access Premier, Access Origin and EA Access. 15 Nov to them prisoedinitsya the owners of the Deluxe edition, and from November 20 to everyone who bought the standard edition.

Seem is not so excellent with the sales of Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII on PS4. Earlier it was reported that sales of physical copies compared to the previous game in the series has been reduced by 50% and 59% less than Black Ops III. After a month since the release of the PS Plus subscribers can purchase a standard edition of one of the main novelties of autumn with a discount of 30% for 2799 rubles. Discount on Digital Deluxe and Digital Deluxe Enhanced edition less – 4719 rubles (-20%) and 6374 rubles (-15%) respectively. Black Ops IIII was released on October 12 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Oh, Oh-Oh. No game in this goad I did not cause as much concern as Fallout 76. After reports of numerous strange bugs, after smodlaka (or not wanting to leave) the files terrible brakes, ugly graphics and strange gameplay... Friends, let's still try! Then there may be the spirit "of the very" Fallout, yeah just a stupid beta testers to consider it failed? Get involved! YouTube Twitch Chat Read and follow us on Yandex Zen ! Feedback: read us, write to us and communicate via Telegram ! @gametechruchat Our news channel in the Telegram . Join us! @gametechru

Activision scored a fun campaign to celebrate the release of Spyro Trilogy remaster are reignited. The company has created a drone in the dragon Spyro. Two weeks ago, fire-breathing monster announced to Instagram that he was going to fly from new York across America to his friend, the rapper the PPS Doggy (Snoop Dogg). In social networks appeared regularly new videos and photos, which show the current location Spyro. And yesterday, the meeting of friends was held. The rapper met the dragon, put to it a massive circuit and received the gift of a CD with the set of updated classic games. What unites a rapper and Spiro easy to guess. the Spyro Trilogy are reignited available on PS4 and Xbox One.

Grinding Gear Games, spoke about the new addition to dabloida Path of Exile: the Betrayal. "Immortal Syndicate" (Syndicate Immortal) community is able to raise the dead. The player has to declassify the identity of all eighteen members of the secret organization to find and eliminate their leader. The syndicate consists of four organizations with their own objectives. Communication, betrayal, interrogation, execution – all in order to know the truth. Each member owns a secret property that can be given uniforms.Also, the game has been updated craft properties, there is a possibility of combining the system of shelters, new high-level cards, 15 unique items and much more. For more details visit. After the announcement of "Betrayal", fans of the game on...

On Reddit appeared statistics of bans cheaters in PUBG. From October 28 to November 3 was blocked 93599 accounts. The week before, the average number of bans does not exceed 40 thousand accounts that used hack tools and cheat software. Recently, the publisher of Bluehole reported that over the past year and a half it has been blocked for 13 million accounts. According to new data the number of cheaters in the game decreases and reduces the number of players on Steam. But there is another side of the coin. Anti-cheat system often bans players who use any illegal software. For example, in October she was handing out auto-bans for the owners of AMD graphics cards, use driver versions 18.9.1.