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The Prototype was called "Survival". As it became clear from an interview with a former employee of Respawn Entertainment's drew McCoy, the Studio began working on something similar to battle Royal back in the summer of 2017. "It was more something like 'let's shove the elements of the battle Royal universe Tiatanfall'" McCoy explained that the Studio used the engine didn't support large locations and the maximum number of players does not exceed 24. At the beginning of the game all participants could use zip-online to land at any point of the map. Mode was squads, and the characters were different abilities. "We called a mode of 'Survival'. He was not quite a battle Royale, it's more like 'every man for himself': one life, we need to run and open the...

The Dog was traded for a banana. well-Known screenwriter and producer Derek Kolstad, famous as the Creator of the series "John Wick", in an interview said that currently lint on porting two games to the big screen. One game Kolstad Mr. chose a two-dimensional shooter My Friend Pedro, remembered last year players eccentric storyline, bullet time and insane choreography. the Source of the second draft is released in 2017 episodic horror Bendy and the Ink Machine. However Kolstad immediately explained that both projects are at an early stage and it is unknown how soon we will be able to see them and will we see them at all.

The Original design from the Studio The Farm 51 has received a new content. To the unfinished version of the horror with elements of survival simulator Chernobylite released the fourth major upgrade. the Update is called "Web of lies" and includes a new location: the Center of Pripyat. Players can visit Lenin square, amusement Park and some buildings, including the Palace of culture "Energetik" and the hotel "Polesie". In the game, new character (Olga), four new jobs, and in the red forest to meet the unprecedented event. In addition, Chernobylite received support DirectX 12. "Web of lies" is the fourth of eight planned major updates for Chernobylite. Previously, The Farm 51 was going to release in the spring and the fifth update, called "the Black...

Neil Druckmann will talk in detail about the upcoming adventure of Ellie and Joel. Sony has announced that on Wednesday, 27 may at 23:00 Moscow time will begin a new edition of the presentation of the State of Play on the draft The Last of Us Part II. during the presentation lasting 25 minutes, the head of the developers of the game Neil Druckmann "will share new details about the gameplay, and the dangers of the world game ahead of its release on the PS4 on June 19". At the end of the issue we will see an extended video of the gameplay. News about the PlayStation 5 in this edition will not.

Loyal users of the service Valve is free to try out the project from Quantic Dream. on Steam left demo interactive adventure Beyond: Two Souls. Exact release date of the Steam version of the game yet, but the wait is long. Beyond: Two Souls was originally released on PS3 in October 2013. PS4-version coming out in November 2015. Before the PC game arrived on 22 July 2019, but has become a temporary exclusive store of Epic Games. Also in the Epic Games Store came two other interactive adventure from Quantic Dream: Heavy Rain vs. Detroit: Become Human.

Young Sherlock Holmes to go on an adventure in an open world. Frogwares Studio have announced a new part of a series of detective adventures dedicated to Sherlock Holmes. Action Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One takes place on the island, lost in the Mediterranean sea. We will talk about the 21-year-old Sherlock Holmes, who investigates the mysterious death of his mother. the Game will offer open world including the city and the family mansion of the family Holmes. Young Sherlock does not hesitate to lie and to extract the important information is not the most honest of ways. The creators want to show "the events that have shaped Sherlock as an outstanding detective." as for the realization of the open world, the developers try to avoid the mistakes of The...

Famous adventure of Tommy Vercetti is now available in Russian. a Team of enthusiasts "GTA: the Correct translation of" released a Russian voice acting for the militants in the open world of GTA: Vice City. The players offer "not just a voice on the subtitles, this voice is new, made from scratch with the translation." "the translation we came up with extreme precision, to convey all the jokes and the ideas of the developers. Voice was created with maximum authenticity to the best of our ability", - stated in the description of Softonic. GTA: Vice City came out originally on the PS2 in October 2002. Before the PC game got in may 2003. Now fans of this series have a reason to get back in the game. Download crack here .

You Can see how to change the graphics in a popular game. On the YouTube channel GTA Lab there was an amusing video. The video compares the version of Grand Theft Auto V with the modification NaturalVision Evolved, designed to improve the graphics in the game, and the original version of the popular Thriller in the open world. We show how the Evolved NaturalVision change the location in the daytime and at night. It is possible to evaluate changes in the lighting system and the display of some effects. Now NaturalVision: Evolved is available only to users who financially support the Creator of the modification in the service Patreon. Probably in the future the mod will become available to everyone.

Sony originally approached the traditional monthly news. Sony has announced that the shooter Call of Duty: WWII will be available for free to subscribers of PlayStation Plus service in June. And the game will be available to download on PS4 on may 26 this year. the Second draft of the June collections will be reported during the week. Earlier Sony had named the two games that get for free PS Plus subscribers each month. it is Not excluded that the second free game Jun for subscribers PS Plus will be an action-adventure open world Spider-Man from Insomniac Games. Observant visitors have noticed that the standard edition of Spider-Man appear in the PS Store "free".

Who needs a fancy "guns", when there is a sword?! Enthusiast zheg has published an amusing mod for classic Doom. Modification Doom Eternal Slayer turns the famous shooter in a third-person shooter. The main character deals with enemies using melee weapons. Now the protagonist does not runs and shoots and runs and cuts enemies to pieces. Just like the militants from Platinum Games. currently available incomplete version of Eternal Doom Slayer. The final version will offer three types of melee weapons. Download an unfinished version of Eternal Doom Slayer is from the website ModDB .

Battle with Microsoft promises to be hot. the Streamer and respectable member of the community of fans of fighting games Maximilian Dood with reference to "friends in the industry" mentioned that Sony is preparing a "helluva game lineup" for the launch of the new console generation. According to Maximilian, he hears about it for the past two years. Previously Sony has promised to provide the public "a compelling lineup of games" for the PlayStation 5. the Official data on the presentation of the next-generation consoles from Sony yet. The network flashed just rumors of varying degrees of credibility. Journalist Venturebeat Jeff Grubb believes that the presentation of the PS5 could be held in June this year. During the event we will show the projects from...

The Famous role-playing game becomes even more beautiful thanks to the talented fan. Enthusiast Halk Hogan PL posted a video of the modification of The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project 12.0 Ultimate. This time the user has focused on improving the appearance of non-playable characters. We show the "more realistic materials and much more detailed surfaces" on the character models. Comparison of the modification of the original stock. According to Halk Hogan PL, updated characters are only "a small part of what will offer HD Reworked Project 12.0". In the following video fashion, we will show the main changes in the equipment of the Witcher. the Exact date of the release of the modifications The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project 12.0 Ultimate yet.

Enthusiast shares the results of their labor. the user under the name Ivan Sorce continues to recreate and change in certain elements of the game S. T. A. L. K. E. R. on the basis of the graphics Engine Unreal Engine 4. Previously Ivan Sorce showed the public that he is doing. In a new video you can see a fragment of the location "Pripyat" and changed the aiming system for weapon FN 2000. Enthusiast said that he wanted to make the animation of the weapon "smoother and more realistic." The next video will be dedicated to the weapon. Also Ivan Sorce demonstrated the equipment. According to Ivan Sorce, he is going to produce your project as a standalone release. That is, to run this version of S. T. A. L. K. E. R. on Unreal Engine 4, you will not need the...

Talk about this men's cooperative action. Recently released version 1.0 of the cooperative project Deep Rock Galactic. In the game a team of up to four military dwarves sent into the mines, where extraction of minerals and fighting monsters, including the ferocious bosses. There are four classes of characters with unique abilities for each and the system throughput. In between jobs, you can relax with comrades and have a beer at the bar, and then dance in the company of bearded men. We have read with Deep Galactic Rock and ready to share with you our video review of the game. With a text overview of the project can be found here .

Famous Robocop deals with opponents. In the network appeared the new video of the Aftermath Supplement for fighting game Mortal Kombat 11. The video shows the outstanding skills of Robocop. He reminds his opponents that they have the right to remain silent. In battle, Robocop uses a variety of weapons, including a gun and a grenade launcher. The famous phrase "You're coming with me dead or alive" attached. Robocop will appear in Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath along with Fujinon and Siva may 26 this year. The addition will also offer new story content, but Robocop participation in the history of Mortal Kombat 11 does not accept.