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After the announcement of the release date of Cyberpunk 2077 16 April to 17 September, the share price of the company CD Projekt Red on the Warsaw stock exchange instantly fell 16%. However, the company quickly recovered and today concluded the session with a plus of 5.63%. the Authors of "the Witcher" proved that the delay the release of the major games has not affected the condition of the Corporation. Investors believe in the product and responded positively to the online component, which the developers call "a separate project and the second game in a new universe." Recall that the network part Cyberpunk 2077, according to the creators, are unlikely to have time to get out in 2021. Now, CD Projekt Red need to carefully prepare at least two major...

The Project Hunt Down the Freeman 2018 from Royal Radius Entertainment has a bad reputation among fans of Half-Life. the Effect of this project is unfolding in the universe of Half-Life, but the adventure is remarkable frankly low quality and terrible implementation of key components. Difficult in Hunt Down the Freeman about 1.1 thousand user reviews on Steam, only 35% of which are positive. Hunt Down the Freeman was sold for $ 25 (in the West). The creators were accused of using resources from other mods for Half-Life. it Seems, Hunt Down the Freeman proved to be successful enough to announce a sequel. While we only promised to support virtual reality.

Fans of zombie-killers is patience. Studio Techland has announced that action RPG in an open world will not arrive this spring as previously planned. New release date for the game, at least approximate, the developers have not named. the official statement from Techland reads that Dying Light 2 is the "biggest" project of the Studio and the developers need more time for "the realization of the vision of the game." New information about Dying Light 2 promised to report over the next few months. Dying Light 2 is being developed for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden is not the best way applies to video game developers of Silicon valley. In conversation with New York Times Biden recalled a meeting with representatives of companies from Silicon valley, during which was discussed the question of the protection of intellectual property. "during the meeting, one of these little freaks sitting at the table, with a fortune close to billion told me that he is an artist because he can come up with games that teach to kill people," said Biden. In 2013, Biden spoke out strongly about the games and said that cruel projects it is possible to levy additional taxes. during a meeting with employees of companies from Silicon valley Biden challenged the fact that they are an important part of...

Head of the research center Digital Jersey Academy Rory Steele helped her daughter who was struggling with a passage of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. because of the health problems of Ava (daughter Rory) can't comfortably use standard control methods. My parents bought the girl Switch for Christmas, but play Breath of the Wild she could not. So Rory took the adaptive controller Xbox from Microsoft, designed for people with disabilities, bought all the extra parts on eBay and made a controller for the Switch, which allows ava to play Breath of the Wild. The process of creating a controller was difficult. the Work Rory did not remain without attention of Microsoft, which commended the use of Adaptive Xbox Controller. Logitech introduced Rory to...

The Creator of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, responsible for the elaboration of the narrative, Aaron Contreras told that initially the game wasn't unfolding in a galaxy far far away. Contreras started to work on the Fallen Order in August 2017. According to him, initially the Studio Respawn Entertainment worked on the action adventure in the other universe, but then the project turned into a game for "Star wars." "Actually, the team worked on adventure Thriller from a third party for other intellectual property, and then the project became a game for "Star wars." It happened after LucasFilm and Electronic saw that the project has potential," said Contreras. In what universe is unfolding game action before she was Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Aaron said.

On Twitter the European division of PlayStation has a new slogan - It's time to play (time to play). In this generation Sony has used the slogans For the Players (for players) and the Best Place to Play (best play). interestingly, the slogan It's time to play, flashed in the publication on the website 4chan, appeared about a week ago. In publication without evidence or reference to the sources mentioned, in particular, that the slogan of the new console from Sony is the phrase It's time to play. Then the publication did not betray the values, because 4chan regularly flashed questionable information like someone's fantasy. Now at least one moment of "leakage" is partially confirmed. the Publication PushSquare reminded about some key moments of posting on...

User Reddit under the nickname YeaQuarterDongIng shared a short video of the project Godfall from the Studio Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing. In the video lasting just six seconds, you can see footage of the battles. Promise co-op, a lot of awards for his work and bosses. to See the video on the website Reddit . In December last year, creative Director Godfall Kate Lee said that the developers intend to take full advantage of the capabilities of PlayStation 5, including "adaptive triggers," and the SSD, so the game will not work on current generation of consoles. Release Godfall is expected later this year on PS5 and PC.

Low user ratings Supplement Iceborne for Monster Hunter World does not affect sales. Game once again takes first place. The main product settled on the sixth line. Combat role-playing game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, based on the popular franchise, in a release week in the different editions occupied the second and fifth position. Red Dead Redemption 2 with the third line has moved on the eighth. the top ten In last place came the horror shooter GTFO. the Most sold products on Steam from 12 to 18 January: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Romance of The Three Kingdoms XIV Romance of The Three Kingdoms XII (pre-order) Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Monster Hunter World GTA V Red Dead Redemption 2 PUBG GTFO

In 2021 blue hedgehog and the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is 30 years old. Sonic and Sonic Mania Force in 2017 on the series appeared only arcade racing Team Sonic Racing, which received a mixed reception. However, Sega is not going to abandon Sonic and the new initiative "SONIC2020" every month for 20 numbers to share new information about the franchise. Also during the year, will host various events dedicated to the hero, and in February in movie theaters will show the film "sonic movie". on 20 January on the official website of the publisher published Wallpaper for PC, smart phones and avatars for forums.

Former Ubisoft creative Director Maxime Beland at least for Epic Games Fortnite over and returned to his home Studio, which gave more than 20 years. Beland will be part of the company, conducting the restructuring, designed to make a lineup of games more diverse. He is known for works as lead designer and creative Director of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2006, design Director for the original Assassin's Creed creative Director two games of the series Splinter Cell: Conviction 2010 Blacklist 2012, as well as the creative Director of Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5 Far Cry: Primal. Beland is the Vice-President of the influential editorial team of Ubisoft and will be in charge of game company.

British intelligence Taxwatch published a note in which it said that Rockstar Games in 2019 has received tax benefits in the amount of 37.6 million pounds in the framework of the program of support of developers of small game studios (VGTR). The total amount received by the company benefits is 80 million pounds. Despite the fact that the Studio is working on GTA V more than $6 billion, it is four years does not pay income tax in the UK. In Taxwatch believe that Rockstar is working on the next game in the GTA series, which is due out soon. This is indicated by registration of the franchise as being in "British cultural values", which is a prerequisite for obtaining financial support. It is obvious that the budget of the new games will exceed $137 million...

Capcom on Twitter posted a road map of the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne calculated for the first half of 2020. the game will host a variety of events, there will be new monsters, tundra, volcanic region and much more. It is noteworthy that with APR version game for PC will get the same content as the console counterparts. Despite the failure of the PC version, developers are not going to give in and plan continued support Iceborne. Currently on Steam the game evaluates positively only 41% of the players.

Director of the National health service UK (NHS) Claire Murdoch called on the company whose games contain luchbox, to deal with the risk of addiction among young players. She cites various examples in which young players were spending huge sums on luchbox without parental consent. "no company should expose children to drug abuse, teaching them gambling through locbox in video games. No company should try to sell luchbox children and such sales must be completed". the Director of the NHS is aware of the scale of the problem and understand that it is not can achieve alone. "At stake is the health of young people, and although the NHS provides innovative services available to families as part of our long-term plan, and we can't solve this problem, so other...

The head of the Studio Nightdive Steven Kik on Twitter hinted that the team is going to update and go back to selling spy Thriller No One Lives Forever from Monolith Productions, introduced in 2000, PC in 2002 on the PS2. Now the game is unavailable in game stores. the output of the remaster has been impeded by problems with the rights to which were owned by Vivendi Universal, Fox Interactive, Activision and Warner Bros. Now seems like Nightdive is addressing this issue. it is hoped that the team will not abandon the intent and will return to us an updated adventure spy cate Archer trying to deal with the terrorist organization R. V. E. D. Recall, Nightdive is also working on a full remake of System Shock.