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Scope for creativity. , Valve released another update for the VR-project, Half-Life: Alyx. Now the game has a beta version of the Toolkit to create various modifications. Enthusiasts can create "new levels, models, textures and animations for Half-Life: Alyx and Steam workshop you will be able to view and use any work from the community." It features the latest version of the level editor Hammer for the Source engine 2, as well as tools for creating materials, animations and particle effects. Attached some card examples that allow you to become familiar with the features of the Toolkit. "you Want to create your own physical sandbox in a virtual reality or a giant Goldberg machine? Come up with a new battle with a dozen soldiers of the Alliance at the same...

The great demand for horror publisher was from December 2019-March 2020. In the network there are two new report with sales of the most popular series of the publishing house Capcom. Street Fighter series sold around the world, 44 million copies, Monster Hunter — 63 million. it is Easy to guess that the most impressive results were shown by the Resident Evil — more than 100 million copies. Quite a large jump in sales occurred in December 2019 and continued until March 2020 — only this period it was sold over 3 million copies.

Nothing is impossible to the online stores to trust. Amazon continues to spoil the surprises publishers, prematurely revealing the release dates of the games. This time confessed to the Italian branch of the Internet giant, putting on 15 October in a field with a release date of the sandbox Ubisoft about the most secretive of the Vikings Valhalla Assassin's Creed. the Administration quickly realized it and changed the date to a call center cap, but what gets on the Internet once, remains there forever. However, the last two games of the series Assassin's Creed also came out in October: Origins (October 27) and Odyssey (2 October).

The Developers need time. Christian Daly, the head of the Studio BioWare Austin, was addressed to the users. He noted that the creation of the updated version of the project's Anthem, also known as Anthem Next, is BioWare Austin. Earlier, Daley was involved in the support and development of Anthem, as well as the creation of add-ons like "Cataclysm". More daily in the past year, read forums and social networks, and studied the players ' feedback about Anthem. Now on a new version of Anthem employs a small team of about 30 people. They are working on various ideas, prototypes and experimenting to understand how to improve the project and make it of failed components. Daly noted that this "slow process", and in the development of Anthem Next the creators...

Master chief spoiling for a fight. the other day on the PC came to a remake of the second part of the Halo series. The project was previously only available on Xbox One and remarkable updated compared to the original graphics. Halo 2: Anniversary on the PC is available separately and as part of the collection Halo: The Master Chief Collection. So now on the PC you can play Halo: Reach, as well as remakes of the first and second parts of the Halo. In the framework of The Master Chief Collection on the PC before the end of this year will be released Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo 4. the release of the new series, Halo Infinite, is expected later this year on PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox One. in the meantime, we decided to see the PC version of Halo 2...

Sony is worth a look. Enthusiast XboxPope decided to submit might look like the PlayStation 4 console and DualShock 4 gamepad in the style of action adventure in the entourage of feudal Japan Ghost of Tsushima. XboxPope portrayed PS4 black with dragons. Note that this is only the vision of the enthusiast, not an official design of the device. Ghost of Tsushima will appear on July 17 on the PS4. Previously, Sony shared with the audience details about the project. The players showed a journey through the picturesque locations, battles with opponents, especially the stealth elements of leveling and advanced photo mode. The project is appealing and beautiful types of feudal Japan.

Full speed ahead. the Company CD Projekt Red showed the audience a car "the river" (Reaver - Rogue) from the game Cyberpunk 2077. Bold the machine is assembled on the basis of auto Quadra Type-66, and its capacity is almost a thousand horsepower. On "Rivera" go the representatives of gangs Wraith (Ghost). Publish CD Projekt Red is dedicated to the fifth anniversary since the release of the film "Mad Max: fury Road." CD Projekt Red has noted that the transient shown in the video footage are not staged – this is a recording of the gameplay. the Release of Cyberpunk 2077 is expected to 17 September this year.

Outposts in the scenery of feudal Japan. Sony held a presentation of action-adventure in an open world Ghost of Tsushima from the Studio Sucker Punch, responsible for a series of Infamous. We have shown features associated with the study of the world, spoke about some of the elements of the combat system and demonstrated the sweep of the local outposts. We have seen the presentation and are ready to share with you the opinion about Ghost of Tsushima: what elements of the game we like and what causes anxiety. Release Ghost of Tsushima is expected on July 17 on the PS4.

It Remains only to wait. Problems Epic Games Store associated with the free distribution Grand Theft Auto V continues. After the start of the hand, many users could not take the project because servers Epic Games Store could not cope with the load, and it was impossible even to go to the store. Now such problems are not observed. However, some players still can't pick up Grand Theft Auto V. While trying to get the game people see the message: "currently, your account cannot download free games". Epic Games has commented on the situation and noted that players should wait 24 hours and try again. "If you are faced with this error message, please wait 24 hours. After that you will be able to download the game", - stated in the message of Epic Games. the...

Upgrade the famous last game. recently, the network appeared information about the fact that the company 2K and Studio Hangar 13 is working on a full remake of the first part of a series of criminal fighters Mafia 2002 edition. Also, the store Microsoft has published several screenshots of the remake. Edition gry-online decided to find the screenshot of the remake moments in the original version and assess changes in the game. The footage you can see the docks, the time of the shooting in the restaurant, the chase and the Armory. If you believe leaked to the information network, the remake of Mafia will appear on 27 August this year

Update of the popular game. Enthusiast Razed released a trailer modifications NaturalVision Evolved for Grand Theft Auto V. the Mod is intended to improve the graphics in the game, including the system of global lighting reflection. Attached are the updated weather effects and "much more with the aim to blur the line between fantasy and reality." In the following video you can see the improvement. the Modification is still in development. However, anyone can try out an unfinished version. It is necessary to support Razed in the service Patreon in the amount of $ 10. It is not excluded that the final version will be available for free to everyone. Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto V: 21 may, available for free in the Epic Games Store.

Successful hardcore. the Studio Team Ninja announced that sales battle role-playing Nioh 2, released on PS4 on March 13 this year, has exceeded one million copies. The game also has another update that added a photo mode with advanced picture settings and nine additional missions. In the foreseeable future for the game will be released three "significant and abrupt" DLC with "new story lines, demons, bosses, skills, equipment and weapons". The first expansion, entitled the Tengu''s Disciple will appear July 30.

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite will take on next-generation consoles and Unreal Engine 5. the Incredible popularity and success are the systematic basis for the development of the game and the future plans of the creators. On recent developments in the game told analysts of the mobile market Sensor Tower. According to a Fortnite made a profit of $1 billion dollars just on your mobile devices. This amount does not take into account the money spent on microtransactions console and PC-players. Recall that Fortnite was in Google Play only in April of this year and since then has earned almost a million dollars. The total for iOS and Android game was downloaded approximately 129 million times. Epic Games recently announced that the game met 350 million...

Yesterday was the announced release date of medieval global strategy for Crusader Kings III. However, the developers, besides cute video is not presented gameplay. Omission was corrected YouTube channel of IGN. the Editors were able to play the current version of the game and published two videos to three minutes, demonstrating the extensive wine list and six basic aspects of the gameplay. Crusader Kings III will appear on Steam in the subscription service Xbox Game Pass for PC from 1 September 2020. The game is already available for pre-order.

The following information is not officially confirmed. Yesterday, Epic Games has surprised the players free GTA 5, has launched a major sale and gives coupons for 650 rubles. However on the store page is a kind of secret game that will be distributed next week. On Reddit image appeared with a list of games – they can give you in the coming weeks. According to rumors, in the next three weeks we will be able to Civilization 6 (may 21), Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (may 28) and ARK Survival Evolved (from 4 June). Given the leak that appeared before appearing in the distribution of GTA V, the information may be true. it is Also worth noting that the The Witcher 3: GOTY and sold for 450 rubles.