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If you believe the Destiny resource Tracker that tracks the number of playing users, Destiny 2, a new project from Bungie, it seems, failed to keep the significant part of the audience for a long time. Floor according to Destiny Tracker, September 16 (10 days after release on PS4 and Xbox One) in Destiny 2 was seen more than 3.6 million unique players in cooperative modes, and more than 3.5 million players in competitive multiplayer. However, on 18 October in Destiny 2 was only about 1.5 million unique users in the co-op modes and 825 thousand in competition. a month after the release of the first part, Destiny the game every day came about 3.2 million users. Destiny 2 now available on PS4 and Xbox One. PC version will appear next week, October 24.

19 Oct Steam there is a new puzzle game with infinite process from the Studio Zachtronics, known for the highly acclaimed hits SpaceChem, Infinifactory, TIS-100 SHENZHEN and I/O. we'll play the role of the engineer alchemist, who must master the mechanism of transmutations to create drugs, gems, weapons and other useful things. the game Features: Designing of machinery – must come up and programming the manipulators, using different items. Endless puzzle – you can play with friends, solving various tasks. Interesting story – we are faced with intrigues and conspiracies with the participation of the oldest tribes of the world. Support for the Steam workshop – you can share your puzzles with other users. Magnum Opus is in early access, but the developers say...

On 7 November, as repeatedly reported earlier, will be the first and only addition to one of the biggest hits in 2017 for PS4 - Horizon: Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds However, as it turned out, the name of the add-on is already occupied by a game for mobile devices – Frozen Wild. The product from the Studio Guerrilla Games can not be called so until the conflict in order to avoid misleading consumers. Solutions to problems: to change the name for the DLC, which is widely advertised and guaranteed must generate a large income, or ask the owner of the mobile games HUUUGE Games to change the name. Both options for Sony unpleasant, and the second still is likely expensive. Perhaps Sony lawyers will be able to come up with something else. It is unlikely that this...

Almost always before the big sales on Steam anyone of the developers be sure to relieve any private information to companies in the network. It happened at this time. The dates of the sales originally appeared on the Reddit forum, and then on the major portals including Eurogamer. Sale on Halloween: October 26-November 1, Sale Black Friday: November 22 – 28 November Winter sale: December 21, 2017 – January 4, 2018 as a Reminder, all discounts will be available from the first day of the sale.