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Polish gaming portal made a documentary "Biały Wilk: Historia komputerowego Wiedźmina" tells the story of a long journey of Geralt from the pages of the book on the screens of players around the world. Game series "the Witcher" is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, but 15 years ago no one thought that she would have such an impact on the video game market. The first story is about the Witcher was published in the Polish magazine "Fantastyka" in December 1986, authored by economist Andrzej Sapkowski. Over the years, the Saga has become the most important episodes in the history of Polish literature, and the publishing rights of computer games was acquired Studio Metropolis. Initially, the game was planned as a turn-based strategy...

Studio Ubisoft Reflections, known for the game Grow Home and Grow Up, announced the release of a new online multiplayer shooter Atomega. We act as actform that is post-biological form of life and "distant relative" of people and cars. The ten minute matches for up to eight players. Asofarma trying to capture a lot of fighting with other actionname or in a peaceful way. Obtaining sufficient mass will enable you to develop from "prompt of an atom in a giant omega". The ultimate goal – to score as many points. Ubisoft explains that the team wants to experiment with "unusual ideas that will surprise and delight players" Atomega out 19 September on the PC.