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Ubisoft and Blue Byte at Gamescom 2017 unveiled the next part of the strategy in real time – Anno 1800. After the last two games, which takes place in the future, the developers want to return the franchise to the roots, in the era of industrialization. Anno 1800 will include a campaign, a custom sandbox mode and multiplayer mode. Players will be able to create huge cities, to lay the transport network, explore the land, as well as through trade, warfare and diplomacy to dominate the enemy. Developers launch a project Anno Union, which will help the participants to influence the state and future of the franchise. On-site you will gather information, vote, test, provide access to exclusive content and news.

Respawn decided to share the success of the shooter Titanfall 2, and to announce the next add-on called Postcards from the Frontier. The developers claim that the player base is increasing every month and now in muliplier plays a million people a month across all platforms. The average time spent by a player also increases. On 29 August the game will be: Map of UMA for "fire". The close corridors on three of the arena, surrounded by balconies, doorways and Windows. The map will be comfortable to play as the fans near the battle, and snipers. New penalty: a Hall in the Wall will Increase the number of cards in mode Frontier Defense: Exoplanet, Drydock, Angel City the Ability to purchase new skins, weapons with bonuses experience banners Set

Bethesda and id Software have announced the release of the multiplayer shooter Quake Champions of the phase of closed testing. The game went into early access and you can play it through Steam to those who purchase a set of Champions for 859 rubles. All who had access to the game via the game launcher Bethesda, can continue to play. Free version of the game on Steam will appear later. The kit includes all the Champions 11 Champions, future Champions (until the end of 2018 there will be about six), exclusive Ranger and three chest-reliquary. In conjunction with the release of the game in early access, there is a new champion of the Doom Slayer. His active skill "Berserker" allows you to tear enemies with his bare hands, and the passive skill will give you...