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Head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty said that Microsoft is not thrown in the dustbin of history the current console after the Xbox Series X at the end of this year. Games from internal studios of the company will be available on all consoles of the Xbox family. "over the next year or two years all of our games will be in play, as a PC, and devices family Xbox. People who spend money on Xbox now or are going to buy the Xbox Series X should be confident that they are investing in something good, and we're going to provide them with the content," said Matt Booty in conversation with the publication MCVUK. However, the developers from Microsoft studios, including the creators of Halo Infinite, are going to "take advantage of all opportunities" the Xbox Series...

In the last Nintendo Direct, the developers have announced the season pass for Switch-exclusive Sword and Shield Pokemon Studio Game Freak. The pass includes two extensions: "Armored island" (premiering in June) and "the Crown of the Snow Land" (premiere in the fall), and the cost is 2249 roubles. the extension will allow players to visit new areas of the province Galar is a picturesque island and snow-covered tundra, will get a new pokemon (more than two hundred, including a large number known), clothing, items, and opportunities for cooperative play. Nintendo also plans to release an update for the base game, whereby players who have decided not to buy a season pass will be able to get the new pokemon in other ways (for example, by sharing).

Best selling game last week on Steam was "the Witcher 3". Amid the release of the series has risen not only sales, but also the online players which often exceeds the figure of 100 thousand. the Second and third places are occupied by the products of Rockstar Games - Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V, respectively. the Addition after the console versions of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne became a hit on the PC, the fourth and ninth (Deluxe edition) places. The main game settled on the eighth row. the Position Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has not changed – the seventh place. the Most popular products Steam 29 December-4 January: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition Red Dead Redemption 2 Grand Theft Auto V Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Star Wars...

Crytek, the Developers plan to withdraw a lawsuit against the Studio Cloud Imperium Games, creating space simulator Star Citizen to get the single player campaign Squadron 42. Crytek thinks that it is pointless hearings scheduled for June 2020, as the release of Squadron 42 more than once postponed. At the moment the beta test Squadron 42 is scheduled for the third quarter of 2020. Originally Crytek has submitted to the authors of Star Citizen to court for copyright infringement and the development of two games on the engine, CryEngine, having the license for development of one project. After that, Cloud Imperium Games began to use the engine Lumberyard from Amazon. In court documents it was stated that Cloud Imperium Games plans to release Squadron 42 as a...

Fans do not believe in the return of the great Silent Hill series, as Konami have almost completely abandoned the console market, with the exception of football series PES. In any case, the news could mean the emergence of something intriguing. the Art Director of the first Silent Hill, who worked on Silent Hill 2 and 3 Metal Gear Survive, and canceled the project P. T. announced via Twitter that working as a key developer on a new game. ito adds: "I Hope that the game will not be canceled" and shares a picture: To cancel Silent Hill ito said that he would like to work on the game Hideo Kojima. His recent work includes the design of monsters for NightCry PS Vita and monster designs in Metal Gear Survive.

The Korean developer of single Yang Bing first showed action role-playing game Lost Soul Aside in 2016. She was interested in the Sony Corporation, with the result that the game got its funding, became part of China Hero Project, and the author works in the team of 14 people. Analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter posted a message that according to rumors in the Chinese media, the release of the Lost Soul Aside will be held until the end of 2020. Recall, Lost Soul Aside will be a temporary exclusive PS4 and can later come out on other platforms.

On Reddit has photos DevKit PlayStation 5 console and controller device. It seems that the DualShock 5 will not be much different from the fourth version, but we see larger touchpad. Probably, the absence of labels indicates that this prototype and the final version may change. according to information published by man share photos, some Studio hired a cleaning company to clean the office. It supposedly shares the discovery and asked not to spread the secret for the masses image.

A member of the Iranian Studio Dead Mage who created the story rogue-lite role-playing game Children of Morta, shared on Twitter stating that the police have a claim to the developers. The authors of the highly anticipated games will be required to report on the following questions "why is the game": there are dances, there are no hijabs, no mention is made of God to combat the demons used magic, not a funeral according to Islamic traditions. Wrote a tweet Amir Fasihi, was soon removed, and now the last entry reads: "We have to solve our internal problems." Recall, Children of Morta was a major success for publisher 11-bit and one of the best selling games of November in Steam.

Conference Sony at CES 2020 will start on January 7 at 4:00 (GMT). It is still unknown whether the Japanese show a PlayStation 5, but the company hints that it will "present a unique vision of the future." the author of the rumor – insider PSErebus previously reported about backward compatibility PS5, price of $499 and the release date November 20, 2020 in the United States. A few days ago he shared information that pre-orders for the PS5 should begin in March. PSErebus previously mentioned that the presentation of the DualShock 5 will be held in the first quarter. this message while should be treated as rumor.

Traditionally, early January is marathon Awesome Games Done Quick, during which the wizard quick playthroughs of games for the week meet to demonstrate their skills and to raise money for charity. In all previous marathons had collected $22.5 million, of which $3 million at Awesome Games Done Quick 2019. If at this time, players will be able to beat the record and raise $3.5 million, the initiative will lead to the result of $25 million over 25 marathons. Speedrunner will take place not only classics for the NES, SNES, Wii, N64 and PC, but also enough fresh game - A Hat in Time, Untitled Goose Game and Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction. the Full list of games and schedule of events can be found on the Games Done Quick website.

On Steam appeared demo version of the project Wanking Simulator. "You play for Winston Gaye, a man whose after the denunciation of neighbors too loud terbongkar seized the house of a corrupt government. And he intends to force the whole city to pay for it," reads the game description on Steam. In a Wanking Simulator hero creates chaos in various locations of the campus gay Bay "recalledthat arranged on the same Bedlam" to gain more points. "Wreak destruction, spread of people, blow up cars (fun), or be a civilized man, quietly Masturbates in the corner (boring)", - stated in the description. the Exact date of exit from Wanking Simulator yet.

After Markus "Notch" Persson sold Minecraft for $2.5 billion Microsoft, he became one of the richest people in the world. However forty-year-old boy, probably got bored, because Persson thinks about going back to the gaming industry. The final decision is still pending, and the billionaire doesn't know yet what exactly he wants from his players. the author of the smash hit considering two options: developing small free games alone or a set of a large team, creating a fully-fledged commercial products. Probably the main thing for Persson is enjoying the workflow. Therefore, Notch is asking for advice from fans on Twitter.

Except For competitive players, few can boast that they have been in the game for about 6000 hours. And when it comes to single-user project? It turns out that such fans exist. the Player GBG loves God of War (2018) from Studio Santa Monica and in the Youtube video shares the skills that I have acquired over many hours of gameplay. GBG is remember all the combinations and having fun with the enemies at the highest difficulty level. "6000 hours and I still play it daily... I really love this game and we deserve to have the sequel out as soon as possible!"

To promote the series "the Witcher" and games franchise continues. A song about the "Hammered coin", which performed the Troubadour Buttercup in the work Netflix got to the TV show "Evening Urgant". 1 January Russian folk choir, Omsk Philharmonic society has published its own version of the song, which became instantly popular in the network. The musicians turned to Ivan Urgant with a request to mention the movie, if he gets 10 thousand views. At the time of publication of news video more than 570 thousand views and the authors of the "stars" decided to invite performers of the composition in guests. the Series "the Witcher" appeared on December 20 and became one of the most popular products Netflix. Along with this significantly increased sales and...

Tactical shooter Sniper Elite 4 came out in 2017, was well received by media and players, it is not surprising that the Studio Rebellion is preparing a sequel. the Director of public Affairs Sadie Playa briefly spoke on Twitter about the publisher's plans for 2020. This year will be released two games: Zombie Army 4: Dead War – February 4 and Evil Genius 2: World Domination – yet without a specific date. The company is also working on Sniper Elite VR and is going to announce the next game the main line of Sniper Elite. Perhaps with the number "5" in the title.