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Kiev Frogwares Studio and the portal Game Informer has published a 15-minute video with gameplay of the detective adventures of The Sinking City, which takes place during the flood in Ormonde, the state of Massachusetts in the 20-ies of XX century. Looks like the flooding caused by the dark forces. The Sinking City inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft and the main character detective Charles reed tries to understand what is happening not only on land but under water. Publisher Bigben Interactive admits that the game is ready, but the company prefers to avoid competition in the period loaded with many great projects. The Sinking City comes out on PC in the Epic Games Store, PS4 and Xbox One on 27 June.

User Reddit under the nickname Trenchman found out that a remake of the original Half-Life called Black Mesa, formally, walked the famous long-term construction Duke Nukem Forever for the duration of the development. To create Duke Nukem Forever, the Studio 3D Realms began in December 1996, as reported in his blog one of the developers of the game, Joe Sigler (Joe Siegler). After all the problems and numerous transfers of Duke Nukem Forever is being finished by the Studio Gearbox Software, was released 10 Jun 2011. Total development time – 14 years 6 months. The development of Black Mesa began in September 2004 when the project was called Black Mesa Source. In 2012 he released part of the campaign world without alien Zen. While the creators of Black Mesa...

After Respawn cheaters started to issue permanent bans for iron in Apex Legends, some players found that a new type of cheats. According to the redditor DarthAesder, after the upgrade the chance to meet cheater fell significantly, but after a time there was a new surge. It seems that the developers cheats "taught" aimbot (auto-aim in the head) to make deliberate mistakes. Algorithm anticheat Apex Legends is now much harder to find cheaters, especially when they know "surveillance". Cheaters specially play worse and still get a huge advantage.

Artist concept art and interface designer from the Studio Blind Squirrel Danny Hyun (Danny Huynh) published a series of images of canceled remaster collection of the first three parts of the series Mortal Kombat. Task Danny was to update the interface and effects while preserving the style of the original trilogy. The project at the time was called Mortal Kombat Kollection Online, and also included a mode Krypt, designed to offer new ways to play in the classical part of Mortal Kombat. Danny instructed to study the interface and interaction of players within the regime. Below are some images of Mortal Kombat Kollection Online. updated effect from specular Sub-zero (the image is clickable) updated specular effect of Scorpion (picture clickable)

One of the leaders of marketing Department Xbox Mike Nichols, commenting on the shortcomings of the streaming service Google Stadia, noted the lack of content. As you know, Microsoft is developing its own streaming service Project xCloud. "The competition that we have now, like Google has a cloud-based infrastructure, there is community thanks to YouTube, but they have no content," said Mike Nichols, and added that unlike Microsoft Google does not have such close relationships with publishers and developers. Google during the announcement Stadia announced that jade Raymond led the division Stadia Games and Entertainment that will be responsible for the development of games specifically for Stadia and to cooperate with other studios and companies.

Today, the Day of cosmonautics, World of Tanks started the event "Space bonus", in which users have already congratulated the members of the crew of the International space station-Oleg Kononenko Alexey Ovchinin. In addition, at 19:00 Moscow time on pass the online quiz with the participation of the cosmonaut of the Roscosmos Oleg Artemyev, which was lucky today to meet our chief editor, Vitaly Kazunobu: the Event "Space bonus" will last until April 15, and users of World of Tanks will receive from the orbit of a mission. As a reward for completing the test players, in particular, "space" images of the crew, the experience bonuses that increase the amount of earned credits, and festive style To the stars for cars at any level. Read more about the...

Users have discovered that the painting depicted on the wall of a house in Washington from The Division 2, upon closer examination you can see the inscription FA6607 the badge of a policeman. FA6607 similar to the word Faggot, which in Russian can be translated as "gay in the bad sense of the word." Ubisoft admitted that the image contains "offensive content", it was removed from the game, apologized and promised to closely monitor all and avoid similar troubles in the future. Some users suggested that the original image – refers to art for the song Police Story 1981, performed by the punk band Black Flag.

In Nepal has banned the popular game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the publication of which in the region involved in the Chinese company Tencent. Deputy Director of Telecommunication Department of Nepal Sandeep Adhikari (Sandip Adhikari) noted that PUBG "distracts the children and interferes with their learning". "We PUBG banned because it is addictive in children and adolescents," said Adhikari. Local mobile operators and Internet providers have been ordered by the authorities lock PUBG. How to punish violators, is not specified.

Managing Director and co-founder of Dutch Studio Triumph, responsible for a series of Age of Wonders and Overlord, Lennart SAS (Lennart Sas) shared their thoughts about the confrontation of Steam and Epic Games Store, and said that sooner or later someone inevitably would challenge the service Valve. "It was bound to happen. Steam for a very long time was in a luxurious position, and then it is logical to expect that someone would try to strike," said Lennart and added that in the foreseeable future, the market for digital distribution can change streaming services. As for Age of Wonders: Planetfall, which now work Triumph, the project will not be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. "The game will appear in many stores. Can't say what, but the Steam one of...

In January detective Agency Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations, founded by Alan Pinkerton, has accused Rockstar in the illegal use of the trademark in Red Dead Redemption 2. Publisher Take-Two immediately responded and filed a counter-suit appeal to the first amendment of the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech. The creators call a video game "historically accurate". The judicial process is completed. Both parties withdrew the claims, as it has reached a mutual agreement before the case in court. Details are unknown, the publisher and the Agency refused to comment.

Rumors about the message of the release date of Cyberpunk 2077 at E3 2019 can be confirmed. CD Projekt Red has published on the official website vacancy release Manager, whose main task will be to support companies in current and future projects and coordination during global product launches. A new employee will take an active part of the product to the market, will coordinate communication and assign dates to groups of developers and publishers, will provide liaison between external partners and the team, and perform several other duties. In jobs, does not explicitly Cyberpunk 2077. It is known that the game will be shown at E3 2019. Some industry experts believe that Cyberpunk 2077 is due out in early 2020 for two reasons: players don't need to think...

According to many players, The Elder Scrolls: Blades can be considered as the AAA project among shareware mobile games. However merciless the system of monetization to accelerate the gameplay has undergone massive criticism. The opinion of our editor-in-chief Vitaly Casanova you can see in the video "the Bottom is tapped. Worst game Bethesda": the Developers listened to the players and released a minor update, which was adjusted and simplified life for those who do not agree to pay for all the Silver chests! Now their discovery is only one hour or 12 gems. (It was 3 hours or 36 gems). Wooden chests, Ancient chests have been added to the rewards. Ancient chests are extremely rare, but possible. Silver chests no longer appear in the Abyss. Adjusted floors of...

At the event Star Wars Celebration in Chicago actress Janina Gavankar in conversation with the cosplayer said that he knows some secrets continue Horizon: Zero Dawn. Gavankar played Eden Versio Star Wars Battlefront 2 and was the voice of a character in addition to the Frozen Wilds Horizon: Zero Dawn. A message appeared on Reddit and one of his first commented on the Kotaku editor Jason Schreier. "I don't want to shock you too much, but also there will be another God of War". In may 2018 game designer Cory Barlog mentioned that he has thought to create five sequels of the series God of War.

Polish Studio The Farm 51, responsible for Get Even and World War 3, launched a Kickstarter campaign horror Chernobylite. To complete the Studio project will need an additional $100 thousand. Patrons who donated from $15 in may will provide a demo version of 60 to 90 minutes. The authors promise a horror-survival open world with nonlinear narrative. Players will form groups and fight with other stalkers of the Zone, monsters and demons, alternate realities. The last five years, the team dedicated to the development of patented scanning technology of the area, which will provide realistic landscapes in the game. The scanning is conducted in Chernobyl. Early access on Steam starts in November 2019. The full version will take place in the second half of 2020.

Not just PC-version Octopath Traveler received an age rating in Korea. Square Enix has officially announced that the game will launch on PC on June 7. Octopath Traveler – Japanese role-playing game developed by Square Enix and Acquire in which the fate of the eight characters are woven together. The characters explore the continent Osterra and fight with thousands of enemies. The game received positive reviews and sales on the Switch has exceeded a million copies. But Gametech my opinion. Read and watch our reviews "Octopath Traveler – the most overrated play" link.