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Nintendo Switch to one of the best games of the current generation. The first rumors about the release of "the Witcher 3: wild Hunt" on the Switch came at the end of December 2018. Information published French distributor, which also reported about the Switch-version "Assassin's Creed 3". As you know, the latter is already available in a hybrid console. Now the information appeared on the forum ResetEra. A user with the nickname "Jim_Cacher" he saw is games. According to him, "the Witcher 3" will be released on the Nintendo platform in September. Presumably, the edition Game of the Year will include all the extras. Also in the Chinese online store Taobao some sellers have started to post ads with a picture of the game box and is priced at 368 yuan...

May 24, Quantic Dream released a demo-version of the former PlayStation-exclusive Heavy Rain in the Epic Games store. In the coming weeks, after nearly 10 years since the release, PC players will be able to meet the dramatic story of one of the most impressive games of the PS3 era and tries to stop the maniac "Master origami" to make a new bloody murder. In the network appeared videosevennine three versions of the game: to PS3, PS4 and PC Pro. The PS3 screenshot is very blurry, and the PC version relies more on PS4 Pro-version with minor improvements: the saturation of the colors and a clearer picture. The rest – it's all the same gloomy detective written by David cage and company. the PC version of Heavy Rain comes out on June 13 exclusively at EGS.

EA and DICE have released a video with the announcement of a new picturesque maps for the shooter Battlefield V. the Action will take place on the island of Crete during operation "mercury" in late may 1941. The Cretan operation went down in history as the first large-scale event with the participation of airborne troops. The Germans took the island, which was defended by the British, due to the dominance in the sky. The mercury enters the third Chapter updates the "trial by fire" for Battlefield V, and will appear on may 30. Details about the future plans of EA to support the game know EA Play from 8 to 9 June.

Sony has confirmed that may 29 will show a new demonstration of the Stranding Death, but I guess we are waiting for other news. The portal GameReactor, citing sources close to Japanese giant reports that Naughty Dog will show a new trailer for The Last of Us: Part II this week. It is unknown whether this will happen on the same day as in the case of Death Stranding. Source no details announced that players will also report the release date of the long-awaited exclusive. Recall that the rumors about the release date go for a long time and most of them said that The Last of Us: Part II will be released before the end of the year. Kotaku editor Jason Schreier'm sure the game is worth waiting for the fall.

New material on the zombie Thriller Dying Light from Techland 2 will soon be shown at E3 2019. The developers promise a huge amount of content and multiple ways to progress through the game. Technical Director Paul Rohleder in an interview said that the project will support ray tracing and DirectX 12, and performed on their own modified engine Studio "Chrome", received after rebranding the name "C Engine". The engine is created for 19 years and will provide the sequel to the photorealism and high technical quality. Rohleder says that the engine does not support Nintendo Switch, but the owners of the system at the end of the year waiting for a surprise from Techland.

A month Later after the release of 11 Mortal Kombat ed boon is willing to talk about the first characters that will appear in the first postpremiere paid in addition. Fighting will receive a minimum of three Kombat Pack with additional content. In the first DLC players wait six fighters, including sorcerer Shang Tsung. Previously, there was information about the characters, which is discovered in the Switch file version: Shang Tsung Nightwolf Sheeva Sindel Fujin Terminator (guest character) Spawn (guest character) Ash (guest character) Joker (guest character), the Actor BRU Campbell, who played the part of ash Williams in the trilogy and the TV series "the evil dead", has already denied the rumor about the appearance of his character in the game. With the...

C 28 may to 1 June in the Taiwan Taipei Computex will be held 2019. NVIDIA has prepared a number of announcements, including: Quake II RTX-demo Renaissance the classics and a hit of id Software 1997 is available for free download on the website from 6 June. The game will get an updated look and ray tracing. Wolfenstein: Youngblood — a new game from Bethesda will appear on July 26 and will receive the support of ray tracing effects in real time. When buying graphics cards GeForce Ti RTX 2080, 2080, 2070 or 2060, as well as desktop PC and laptops from may 28 to August 6, players will receive the product as a gift. Sword and Fairy 7 — the Chinese role in the Thriller will be used ray tracing to create reflections and shadows. G-SYNC Mini LED...

The Growing popularity of subscription services that provide access to libraries of games, is an attractive idea for additional income. EA Access and Xbox Game Pass – a great and growing examples. It seems, Ubisoft is preparing to give his answer. Page-filler Ubisoft Pass Premium discovered in the Uplay shop, but after a while disappeared. The French publisher's large catalog of games, both on PC and on consoles, which, in connection with constant increase of the company's products may be of great interest to players. It is not excluded that Ubisoft has prepared several types of subscriptions, for example, with access to all new games or products before going. Perhaps the announcement will take place at E3 2019.

There is evidence of the most successful games in the Steam service for last week. In the first place was the global strategy of Total War: Three Kingdoms, bypassed militant network in the decorations of the middle ages Mordhau. Fighter Rage 2 took off from a list of 10 of the most successful games on Steam, although last week was in third place. But the list, in seventh place, got another project from Bethesda - The Elder Scrolls Online – Elsweyr. In addition, the tenth position is a set of virtual premium currency for The Elder Scrolls Online. Adventure A Plague Tale: Innocence rose from sixth place to fifth. Below is a list of 10 of the most successful games on Steam last week Total War: Three Kingdoms MORDHAU PLAYERUNKNOWN''S BATTLEGROUNDS Grand Theft...

Project Train Simulator, released in June 2009 are well known, not least, a huge number of paid add-ons. A Reddit user under the nickname Shahar603 has published an amusing graph where you can estimate the total cost of the expansions to the game and what the real things you can buy for the money. Likely, the graph uses the standard DLC price for the Western market. As can be seen, in August 2010 the cost of DLC made 148,99 dollars – the price of the most expensive coffee in Starbucks. In may of 2013 for all the extras we had to pay $ 1449 – the price of a new iPhone XS Max (512 GB). In November 2015 all DLC was worth 4302 dollar – flight over the Atlantic in business class. the image is clickable By March 2019, the price of the add-ons reached 8893 dollar...

Programmer Pascal Guilcher (Pascal Gilcher), which has partnered with Nvidia, continues to publish videos of old games with ray tracing implemented by ReShade. This time Pascal has improved the graphics in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition. In this case we are not talking about a full implementation of Nvidia RTX. This is an improved version of the technology of global illumination and "a step forward compared to the standard technology SSAO". "I hope this will get an idea of what the technology DXR and ray tracing, and why all those involved in visual effects, looking forward to the opportunity to add real ray tracing in real time into their games," said Pascal Guilcher

One of the leaders of the publishing unit Gearbox John Winocki (John Vignocchi) reported that left the company. He thanked all the staff, including the head of Gearbox Randy Pitchford and Gearbox Chapter Publishing Steve Gibson, and also added that the decision to leave the company "was one of the most difficult in his life." John Winiecki came to Gearbox Publishing in October 2018 and served as an Executive producer. Now John is waiting for "the dream job", the details of which he did not disclose. Prior to joining Gearbox Publishing John Winiecki worked for a long time in Disney, where, in particular, oversaw the projects series Disney Infinity. Randy Pitchford wished John good luck and noted that the gaming industry "needs more people".

Not a secret that game developers love to copy popular and fashionable ideas from each other, and the creators of China is in this area leading position. Chinese company Tencent has presented the debut trailer of the project Code: Live (rough translation from Chinese). In the video you can see a hero who travels the world on a motorcycle, and shooting crowds of zombies. In the trailer discern the characteristics of the projects and Days Gone State of Decay. According to the analyst, Daniel Ahmad, specializing in the Asian market, Code: Live is a survival simulator in an open world overrun by zombies. Provides online co-op.

If you believe an unnamed source MMOG Fails, the Anthem project is experiencing an extremely difficult period. Supposedly the number of active players in Anthem is much lower than in Star Wars The Old Republic 2011 release. "The numbers are even close to comparable," notes MMOG Fails. And the user base Anthem has declined to record lows, despite the influx of new players in may. One of the main problems Anthem is that users do not linger in the game for a long time, and BioWare is strongly interested in correcting this deficiency. Guide BioWare dissatisfied with the mock game on the network, including materials on the popular satirical publication the Onion, and believes that the project gloat unfairly. One of the ways out of situation, in the opinion of...

[updating] Studio Kojima Productions announced that a new demonstration of the Stranding Death on 29th may. Details about the demonstration are not reported. [original news] the Head developer Death Stranding published in his Twitter the new teaser of the project. In the video lasting 30 seconds shows a handprint and the words Create a Rope that Russian language can be translated as "to Weave the rope." Inside the handprint can be seen strange images. It is not excluded that in the foreseeable future there will be a full trailer for the project. Death Stranding is being developed for PS4. Exact release date of the game yet. #deathstranding — HIDEO_KOJIMA (@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN) on may 26, 2019