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Studio Big Bad Wolf, known for episodic adventure The Counsil, spoke about the development of Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong. The narrative action role-playing happens in the universe World of Darkness. "Recent events have made society Kindred to reconsider the foundations of the modern nights. As soon as backtracking Clique on the horizon arise unknown threats that can lead to the collapse of the Ivory Tower". Main characters – three of the vampire from different clans of the Camarilla, and the players will investigate the conspiracy and find out the causes of events. The release of Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong will take place no earlier than 2021. The platform is not called.

The Situation with the player Blitzchung concerned not only the gaming community, but also American politicians. On October 18 representatives of the Democratic and Republican parties: two senators and three congressmen sent a letter to the head of Activision Blizzard Bobby Kotick. Congressional representatives expressed concern about a six-month disqualification of the player, which, in their opinion, dangerous on the background of the interest of the Chinese government to influence American company and to suppress criticism of China. The letter provides examples. "Activision Blizzard earns fast-growing Chinese eSports scene, including through investment Tencent, one of the Chinese tech giants. As you probably know, the Chinese government uses the power of...

In Addition to Crusader Kings III during the event PDXCON 2019, was announced and presented, and other products. Surviving the Aftermath In the strategy from the Studio Iceflake Studios need to manage a colony of survivors after the collision of Earth with a meteorite. The game is already available in Epic Games store on the Xbox One in the Xbox Game Preview. The following year, the release of the full version will be on Steam and PS4. Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood Roleplay in the third person about wolves-werewolves on the basis of the setting of World of Darkness. Unfortunately, without a demonstration of the gameplay. Output is planned for 2020 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Also presents the videos of new additions for Age of Wonders: Planetfall...

Dentist Eric Naierman at some point became interested in collecting rare and unique editions of various games. He spent the rare version is already 1.02 million dollars. Collection Eric has about 40 sealed in the factory packaging the games for consoles Nintendo. The enthusiast is, in particular, Mario Bros. 1986, 1985, Golf, Balloon Fight 1986 and Gumshoe 1986. Feature many exhibits of the collection is that these games are sealed, there are single instance. Look for unique items for the collection Nierman help like-minded people who call themselves Video Game Club.

CEO of publisher Paradox Interactive Ebba Langerud during PDXCon commented on the PC games market and the presence there of several services. According to Langerud, and Steam and Epic Games Store are partners with Paradox and the company highly appreciates cooperation with the two services. "Valve – this is probably the best thing that happened with the industry of PC games for the last 15 years. They – our most important partner, and we have excellent relations. However, this does not negate the fact that the more events going on in the industry, the better. All is well when there is a living and evolving ecosystem. Now there are a lot of technologies, frameworks and platforms that allow you to create and release the game, but it becomes incredibly hard to...

Promising information about the plans of Blizzard to BlizzCon 2019 shared informant under the name Metro. Supposedly, Blizzard announces not only a new numbered part of the series Diablo but is Diablo 2. The informant also says that the company will present Latest 2 and show a short staged video of the project with the participation of Mei, Tracer, Winston and the young Genji. The game's competitive modes and the modes in which the heroes fight against enemies under control of artificial intelligence. Attached pumping system that affect the ability of the characters. BlizzCon 2019 will be held on 1 and 2 November this year.

Yesterday, we wrote that patch 1.04 for Control from the Studio Remedy Entertainment has put into play a system of DRM that requires constant Internet connection, and the need to play through Epic Games store. However, it was a mistake, and the developers rolled back the game to previous version. Now in Control you can play offline and the newly supported Steam Controller. The authors apologize and acknowledge that it is solely their fault, but players should not blame the publisher and Epic Games store. The Studio was preparing the project for future paid add-ons and penalties. Soon the update will appear again in the game without DRM, and players will be able to use photo mode.

To 1 November in the Epic Games store is "Selling Halloween", during which you can not only buy exclusives, but games are available in other services discounts. The full list are introduced by reference, we offer the most interesting options: Control (-25%) – 975,25 rubles Beyond: Two Souls (-20%) – 625,60 rubles Heavy Rain (-20%) – 625,60 rubles The Walking Dead: The Definitive Series (-30%) – Ashen 2029,30 rubles (-20%) – 719,2 rubles Darksiders III (-66%) – 679,66 rubles World War Z (-43%) – 683,43 rubles Borderlands 3: Deluxe Edition (-20%) – 2399,2 Observation rubles (-28%) – 395,28 rubles Hades (-15%) – 509,15 rubles

In the network appeared the new trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with a Russian voice acting. A short video dedicated to the possibilities of a fresh game series for the PC. The developers promise a resolution to 4K, the frame rate is unlocked and a huge number of graphics settings. The game supports extra-wide screens and multiple monitors. In addition, will be available crossplay and mode for 64 players "Ground war". The creators promise no lalbekov, season pass and paid DLC, monetization will be via the combat pass. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comes out October 25 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The Player of football club "Fiorentina" Franck Ribery decided to join the football simulator FIFA 20 and have made an unpleasant discovery. As it turned out, a virtual version of Frank from the game from Electronic Arts similar to the real version. "Recently played in FIFA 20 with children. Hey, EA Sports, who is this guy?", - riberi wrote on Twitter and attached to the message presented below the frame of the game. Past observations of the franc has not passed the official Twitter account of the project eFootball PES from Konami. "Hey, Frank! And you know this guy?", - written by the creators of the game and showed the player what he looks like in PES eFootball 2020.

During game conference in Sweden, an employee of the Studio BioWare OSA Roos commented on the situation with emergence in games of representatives of different orientation and genders. According to her, in this case the last value is the fact that the creators have to perform the additional workload. "If you add, for example, Sabinanigo character as a protagonist, then you need to add dialogs for Sabinanigo character. It's a lot of content. Therefore, in some cases there is a question about content creation. However, we are working on it," said Roos. Roos sees no problem in supporting people of all orientations, and sees no problem in ignoring groups of people who call developers fighters for social justice. "The presence in the game nemerenoe one character...

Recently unsuccessfully Capcom releases a new part of the famous franchise, whether it be Monster Hunter World, a remake of Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 and Mega Man 11. The company does not intend to stop there. In a recent financial report, Capcom States wish "to revive the dormant series" and intellectual property. Among the "dormant" intellectual properties Capcom has a lot of interesting projects and series, including Darkstalkers, Dino Crisis, Onimusha, Ōkami, Viewtiful Joe, Rival Schools, Final Fight, and Ghosts ' n Goblins.

According to the head of CD Projekt Red's office in Krakow of John Mamais, Cyberpunk 2077, the developers intend to make the most of the current generation of consoles. In a conversation with AusGamers edition during the event, PAX Australia Mamais noted that the developers wanted to do a lot of "coolest staged scenes" in the game, and it took a lot of resources. Even the creators had to put a lot of effort to implement a crowd of people in Cyberpunk 2077. "That the environment was perceived properly, you must have crowds of people moving back and forth. It is very difficult from a technical point of view, the element, and we are still working on it. When I last spoke with the technical Director, we talked about the fact that in its current form this...

An Interesting discovery was made by an enthusiast with a YouTube channel Modern Vintage Gamer. There is nothing surprising in the fact that released recently publishing The Witcher 3 for the Switch is a port of the PC version running on the lowest settings. However, a modified version of the Switch by simple manipulation cannot access the graphics settings in the game. Moreover, the modified Switch you can overclock the CPU to increase gaming performance. Thus, it is possible to disable the dynamic resolution in The Witcher 3, as well as increase some graphic settings like quality of vegetation and individual effects. Really, even to increase productivity in The Witcher 3 in some scenes, up to 60K/s.

In the official press release on the updated financial position Starbreeze, the owner of the Studio Overkill Software, there is information that the release PayDay 3 can not be expected before 2022 or 2023. The situation in the company complex, but leaders are convinced that in the first half of next year, they will complete the negotiations with one of the publishers interested in PayDay 3. As a result, developers will begin to receive funds on a regular basis. Recall that Starbreeze problems associated with the failure Overkill''s The Walking Dead. The game was even removed from Steam, and then was cancelled the console version. The debts of the company amount to approximately EUR 3.7 million. Starbreeze have a chance for success, as PayDay very popular...