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Recently became aware of the fact that Epic Games Store will be a key participant and sponsor of the event, PC Gaming Show at E3 2019. Also in the Internet appeared the preliminary list of participants of PC Gaming Show, and saw mention of a Studio Re-Logic, known for its extremely successful project Terraria. Some users suggested that the Studio intends to conclude an agreement on temporary exclusivity to its store projects, Epic Games, however, do not worry. The situation is commented Vice President of Re-Logic Whitney Spinks, who said that "not a single Studio project will never be exclusive to the Epic Games Store." "Since the misunderstanding, misleading – none of the projects Re-Logic will never be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. We do not sell our...

According to a recent report publication Famitsu, the console Switch bypassed PlayStation 4 sales in Japan. In Japan sold of 8.13 million consoles and Switch of 8.07 million PlatStation 4. When this Switch started in Japan on March 3, 2017, and PS4 – 22 February 2014. This state of Affairs is quite natural, since Japan is especially strong in the handheld market. It is also noted that Switch during the first two years on the market in Japan sold worse than the Nintendo DS and 3DS. For two years the sales of the 3DS close to the mark of 10 million consoles, and the DS-16 million. In USA Switch sold better than the DS and 3DS, but worse than the Wii. In Europe Switch sold worse than the Wii and DS, but it's better than the 3DS.

Ubisoft has posted a new movie of cooperative action in an open world Ghost Recon Breakpoint. In the video we talk about the development of technology and artificial intelligence, and the company Skell, the chief of which wanted to "change the world" and created drones for use in various fields. Soon, however, to Autonomous combat drones from Skell have any questions, particularly when one of them killed a politician. Soon drones called "the new global threat" and urged the UN to impose sanctions on their sale and distribution. Ghost Recon Breakpoint will appear on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 4 this year.

To the Twitter account of KFC Gaming, which the well-known chain of fast food restaurants publishes funny images associated with the games, there was a picture dedicated to Apex Legends. In the picture you can see the version of the meme "Come on, do something". Obviously, KFC Gaming tried to make fun of the fact that the updates for "battle Royal" from Respawn Entertainment do not go as often as you want some players. Many users did not appreciate the joke. The party remained and one of the employees of Respawn RAM Vinson. "Expensive brand. We plan to release a lot of things, but it takes time. We cannot use the methods of Hyper-roasting, the roasting with fire, the injection of growth or what are you doing with her delicious fried chicken. When creating...

Japanese Analyst at Ace Research Institute Hideki Yasuda has shared his Outlook regarding the PlayStation next generation. The analyst believes that the launch of the PlayStation 5 will be held in November 2020. The cost of the console will be $ 500. By 31 March 2021 will be sold 6 million units, and by 31 March 2022 – 21 million consoles. In addition, Hideki Yasuda believes that cloud computing and Google Stadia not pose a threat to the PlayStation

One of the writers of Borderlands 3 Sam Winker noted that the Studio Gearbox is not going to turn the series into a "deep role-playing game" with an advanced implementation of the dialogues. "We will never be a deep role-playing game with branching dialogues or anything like that," said Winker. In Borderlands 3 main characters will not be silent, and will react to other characters, but the overtures to address role-playing games end. Borderlands 3 – first and foremost, fun shooting and collecting cool guns. Borderlands 3 will appear on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 13 this year.

Square Enix does not intend to abandon plans regarding the format of Final Fantasy VII remake. In the final press release, published on a Japanese website, the company says that the "rebirth" of the famous role-playing games for PS4 will come out on the parts, not the whole adventure, as in the case of the original for the first PlayStation. "In fact, each part will constitute a full game. Each part of the remake will be comparable in scale with one part Final Fantasy XIII" - said the representative of Square Enix on the Final Fantasy VII remake in April 2017. Exact release date of Final Fantasy VII remake yet. New details about the project will report in June of this year.

CEO of Rebellion Jason Kingsley in conversation with MCVUK commented on the policy Store, and Epic Games said that the game company is unlikely to be exclusives to this store. "I don't really believe in exclusives. Important for me is already an established relationship with the buyer and how many people will be able to play my game. We listen to our fans as close as possible. It is not only compensation for lost sales for platform X or Y. Well, risks are reduced, but we can not exclude a negative reaction from people upset by your decision. There is the element of honesty, and I want to be honest with the fans who want to buy games on the platform that they like. This is my opinion at the moment. It may change, but this must be a damn good reason," said...

Informant Klobrille noticed that one of the former employees of Naughty Dog's Robert Ryan from April this year working in the Studio the Initiative, which is owned by Microsoft. This is stated on his page in Linkedin. Robert Ryan worked at Naughty Dog for the posts of designer from July 2011 to may 2017 and has participated in the creation of Uncharted 3, Uncharted 4,The Last of Us The Last of Us Part II. From June 2017, the District has worked with the EA Motive. In The Initiative Robert Ryan is listed as a senior designer for design systems.

Blizzard, despite rumors, is silent about the remaster Diablo II. So fans are trying to experiment. Redditor Indoflaven took the help of artificial intelligence and has published a few screenshots of how it could look like a remaster of the cult game. Indoflaven used model for neural networks Manga109 ESRGAN and have achieved good results using an image with a resolution of 1024x768. Unfortunately, enthusiasts say that in view of a number of difficulties have ESRGAN will not work to improve the texture of the game and release a HD Texture Pack.

A year after the release of tabloid Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr Studio NeocoreGames release a Supplement Rgoes. The premiere will take place on may 28 on PC (PS4 and Xbox One later). The game will be: a New class of Inquisitors – Tech-Adept. The character can summon on the battlefield, allied troops and improve them. New campaign – three new chapters, including fully dedicated to Tech-Adept. New locations – huge monasteries, factories, deserts, worlds filled with lava and volcanoes. A new race of enemies-Eldar and Tyranids. New game mechanics-redesigned the production system, co-op mode, new items. The owners of the base game receive a temporary discount of 30% on Rgoes.

Remaster of the classic shooter with the subtitle Blood Supply Fresh from the Studio Nightdive went on sale on Steam and GOG. The game is visually updated, supports DirectX 11, OpenGL 3.12 and Vulkan. Available resolutions are up to 4K, antialiasing, and unlocked framerate. Supported online co-op, network battle 4h4i and local split screen mode. The remaster based on the original Blood and adds to the "Plasma Pak" and "Cryptic Passage". the Original game came out on PC in 1997 from the Studio Monolith Productions.

THQ Nordic and Studio Pieces Interactive to the surprise of fans released on Steam another addition to dabloida Titan Quest called Atlantis. The hero is immersed in a mythical atmosphere, learn the secrets of an ancient sunken city, explores new locations, get a lot of additional tasks, learn new skills, fight in endless mode Tartarus (possibly in the company up to 6 players) with waves of enemies, get new items, and the ability to spend extra money on a box with a random outfit. Also fixed several bugs and added support for SSAO. Until may 16, addition is sold with a discount of 10% for 404 of the ruble.

On the Youtube channel PlayStation Russia has appeared a two-hour documentary showing the production process of creating one of the best games in 2018. Russian subtitles available. The Studio in Santa Monica for five years worked on God of War. The video tells about the problems of the reinvention of the franchise, doubts and difficulties through which we had to pass creative Director Cory Barlog and the team game. But the result was worth it. God of War has become one of the most highly acclaimed video game, the face of the PlayStation 4 and legend of the gaming industry.

Shop Humble Bundle gives out Steam-version of turn-based strategy Age of Wonders 3 from Triumph studios Software. The game was released in 2014 and received 80/100 on Metacritic. Age of Wonders 3 will send players into a fantasy world where warring factions fight for power. During the game you must explore the map, discover the various places to manage the troops during battles, develop the leader and the Kingdom. For a gift must be before 20:00 (GMT) 11 may be registered in the Humble Bundle, add game to cart, to get it to activate the free key. it is Also on Steam until may 13 will be dealt two games tinyBuild publisher: math puzzle game Divide By Sheep and turn-based tactical role-playing game Fearless Fantasy.