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Enthusiast 2Eggs not happy with users Counter-Strike: Global Offensive playing unfair. 2Eggs created a system HestiaNet on the basis of deep learning. HestiaNet studying the behavior and style of play users Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with the aim to identify suspicious points and to detect cheaters. 2Eggs called his system HestiaNet after the Greek goddess of the hearth and sacrificial flame of Hestia (Hestia). "I called HestiaNet so because, as you know, CS:GO cheaters infected, and Hestia able to heal and is the goddess of the sacrificial fire. I want HestiaNet heal the game from the infection and saved her from an increasing number of cheaters. For many of us, CS:GO is home, and Hestia protects this house," said 2Eggs. HestiaNet studied for about...

In the Fortnite project, as you know, there is creative mode, which allows users to make their own maps, test and obstacle course. However, one team of makers went on. YouTube-blogger Mustard Plays (brother creative Director of Epic Games Donald Mustard) showed the audience The Fourth Dimension – "the first full game created in Fortnite" with the participation of the team TeamCre8. The passage of The Fourth Dimension can take from 6 to 10 hours. The project offers six cards, puzzles, jumping on platforms, finding secrets, and even a kind of narrative with the revelations.

In 2011, Valve has not released a full single-player games. After the announcement of the VR-project, Half-Life: Alyx, the company's founder, Gabe Newell issued a statement: "Valve is pleased to return to the world of Half-Life. Virtual reality gave us the energy, so we have invested heavily in this technology. But we also, deep down remain the game developers and to devote themselves to VR-the game is very ambitious. New Half-Life – the culmination of many things that are very important for us: a really good game, advanced technology and open platform. We are looking forward to when people will try." Half-Life: Alyx – developed from scratch the background of Half-Life 2 that Steam owners will get a free VR. The game will take place in March...

Tireless Studio Hello Games has announced the release of the next update for No Man's Sky called Synthesis. Synthesis will be part of a large Supplement Beyond, which appeared in August. In the company blog published a new article, which stated that the developers, at the request of players, pay attention to improve the gameplay and add useful features. The release will take place "very soon". Currently, Hello Games is working on new content for No Man's Sky. The authors also report that for the second time in a row will compete for the statuette at The Game Awards. This year, the game can get the prize for "Best VR game".

Youtube channel IGN and Studio Airship Syndicate has published a few videos with the gameplay of an isometric action Darksiders Genesis. The game takes place before the story of the first part, when Lucifer broke the balance and blamed the War in violating the sacred law. The first video shows the initial splash screen with the background of the conflict and battles and the basic abilities of the main heroes, of War and Discord. the Second video dedicated to the boss battle, demon Slag. Darksiders Genesis will appear on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch 5 December 2019.

Shop Epic Games decided to hold sale in honor of "Black Friday". Discounts up to 75% and are valid until 2 December. The full list are introduced by reference, we list the most interesting proposal. Red Dead Redemption 2 – 1999 2499 rubles instead of The Outer Worlds – 1499 rubles instead of 1999 Borderlands 3 – 1339 rubles instead of 1999 The Sinking City – 844 rubles instead of 1299 Metro Exodus – 799 $ instead of 1599 Ancestors: The Odyssey of Humankind – 649 $ instead of 1299 Heavy Rain – 625 of 782 $ instead of Beyond: Two Souls – 625 of 782 $ instead of Yaga – 439 $ instead of 549

The Company Cloud Imperium Games has announced that from 24 to December 5 in project Star Citizen will be an attractive event. During the event, users can see an ambitious game and try out all available vehicles and other means of transportation (more than 100 pieces including all variants). However, everyone is available a set of ships will change every day during the event, from 24 November to 1 December. from 2 to 5 December, will be available one set of ships. So for inspection as much as possible the number of ships will have to go into Star Citizen on a daily basis.

An Interesting case happened in China. The player sued his friend and the company NetEase because of the character of the project Justice Online. The plaintiff invested in a virtual character, in total, $ 1.4 million. Defendant received the opportunity to play this character, and sold for 3888 yuan (552 USD). The defendant stated that he wanted to put the price in 3888000 yuan (55138 dollars), but was mistaken due to severe fatigue caused by constant playing. As soon as the character for 552 of the dollar will appear in the service of NetEase to sell virtual things unknown buyer immediately gained valuable hero. Subsequently, NetEase has canceled the purchase. The plaintiff has paid to the buyer of the character 12789 dollars compensation. After the...

Tesla presented to the public electric pickup Cybertruck remarkable original appearance. Video game fans will not have passed the new car from Tesla and noticed that the car is clearly not enough polygons. Elon Musk, found you a driver for your Cybertruck "New car from Tesla looks like a Pontiac Aztek, rendered for Goldeneye for N64 console", - Blazecollie. new Cybertruck delightful Cybertruck. Turret sold separately Ride with the guys on the city on a new CyberTruck "Once Telsa unveiled its Cybertruck, can we start a campaign to add a machine Cyberpunk2077?", - said one user.

Cooperative action role-playing game Wolfenstein: Youngblood was released in July of this year and gained recognition of the critics or the General public. The developers planned to add support for ray tracing, but these effects in Wolfenstein: Youngblood is not so far. Moreover, there is reason to believe that ray tracing will add to the game until next year. Information about noticed in the presentation of the employee of Intel, which was shown in the framework of SIGGRAPH Asia. On one of the slides you can see that the trace will appear in Wolfenstein: Youngblood in 2020.

Yesterday evening, Valve announced a new game Half-Life series, the prequel to Half-Life 2, which will appear only for VR devices. But as it turned out, if Alyx will be successful (see "will sell a large number of copies"), then this is not the only game in the series in the coming years. Whether players to expect a full revival of the brand? Responsibility David Speyrer. "Yes. It is no wonder that many people at Valve have long wanted to return to the universe of Half-Life, Alyx and development only strengthened this desire. When creating Half-Life: Alyx we had to explore new ways of storytelling with these characters and this world, and discovered a lot of new mechanics of gameplay, which is beyond the scope of what we could do before. Of course, we'll...

Microsoft Flight Simulator is not just one of the most beautiful games for the PC and Xbox One, thanks to the cloud and satellite maps all over the world. On assurances of developers, the game will enchant the incredibly complex physical and aerodynamic model, and the flights will be experienced as very realistic. It is on this Microsoft Flight Simulator focuses in a new video from Microsoft. the authors of the Studio Asobo stress that the console version of the game will not be dumbed down compared to the PC version. Microsoft Flight Simulator will appear on PC and Xbox One (probably on the Xbox Scatlett) in 2020.

The author of the Youtube channel SpawnWave, citing anonymous sources reported that Capcom is working on a remake of Resident Evil 3. The game will appear next year. The author of the leak suggests that the project can announce at The Game Awards 2019 (in the night from 12 to 13 December). Resident Evil 2 Remake was a huge success for Capcom, and probably the creation of the "Troika" will require much less time and money, since the game is similar to the predecessor graphically, technologically, in mechanics and style. Many textures, models and animations can be reused. Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi has stated that the company will consider creating the following parts depending on the "enthusiasm of the fans." As of October 2019 was sold 4.2 million copies...

Humble Store gives Steam-version Serial Cleaner anyone who signs up for the newsletter store. Serial Cleaner – a hybrid two-dimensional Thriller with a top and stealth. The action takes place in USA of the 70-ies of XX century. The game is Polish Studio iFun4all appeared in July 2017 and received from players 86% positive reviews on the platform Valve. You should hurry up, as the number of keys is limited. To get a gift must be before 20:00 (GMT) November 24 to register with Humble Bundle to add the game to cart, get the key and activate on Steam.

Critics never liked the Sniper Ghost Warrior series and highest rated video game franchise until recently was the third part – 59/100 on Metacritic. But it seems that the developers listened to complaints and more carefully worked over by the product. After 9 evaluations of the publications on Metacritic the game is 71/100. Not dizzy, but still a success. Good: great sniper mechanics, interesting job, a beautiful location Bad: short campaign, artificial intelligence, technical problems Journalists say that the series has been on the right track and it looks like she has a future.