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Despite an impressive presentation, questions people have had more than incentives to buy a new accelerator. , Nvidia yesterday introduced a new generation graphics card that is capable of handling ray tracing in real time. Despite an impressive presentation, questions people have had more than incentives to buy a new accelerator. This unreasonably high price for the brand new GeForce Ti RTX 2080, 2080 and 2070. And lack of comparisons to existing games from the previous generation. And a small number of gaming companies that have decided to integrate the technology RTX in their games. And the lack of leading technology leaders at a press conference. Of course, people have doubts! that's what I decided to talk. What do you think about the new generation...

So who is Sean Murray — adventurer and liar or a lost soul, searching for redemption for his sins? the Teaser for the mysterious game made an impression, similar to the film "Jurassic Park" in the early 90s. Attractive, open for study space, where each planet is unique. Hundreds of thousands of people were ready to pre-order on the day of the premiere. Sony decided to supervise marketing campaign of the NMS and, obviously, influenced the presentation of the material. On stage PlayStation us again fascinated by the vast vision of a magical universe where so many planets. If you spend on studying each one second, it will take five billion years! 18 (quintillion) 446 744 073 709 551 616 heavenly islets. Fantastic! The players believe in the most ambitious game...

Very compact and nice to look at, and to use a mechanical keyboard. the keyboard Housing is made of plastic, base — from pleasant to the touch, slightly rough metal. It increases the weight of the keyboard, but the keys allows you to sink when you print and increases the ease of operation. Over the gauge block is a metal logo VPRO. the keyboard — ANSI Tenkeyless (87 keys), Enter one story. The keyboard has virtually no frame, which makes it extremely compact device. The size of all keys is standard. Read more

Plus a single manufacturer for a key backlight off. Marvo Scorpion G932 — gaming optical mouse with a very original design, adjustable DPI and two extra keys. We also pay attention to the game pad Marvo Scorpion G23, which is combined with a mouse Marvo Scorpion G932 and ensure everything work. the Mouse comes in a colorful cardboard box with a picture of the device. The front of the packaging opens like book, showing the purchaser a transparent blister with a mouse and allowing you to evaluate the appearance of the device prior to purchase. Read more

Summer is the best time to go from blockbusters to emotional games from independent studios. Summer — the best time to go from blockbusters to emotional games from independent studios. Fresh ideas, original mechanics, an artistic style — this stuff here is full! To the question of what football can be answered in different ways. For some — twenty-two bull chasing a ball. For the other — a reason to drink beer in front of the TV. But there are others, for them — is a fun strategy game with an incredible amount of tactical schemes, which must take into account many parameters. Read more

See how very different this model is and whether has sense to overpay. Cooler Master MasterPulse MH530 — a graphic illustration of the fact that "cheaper" does not mean "worse." The high-frequency mild and has better than MH750, uniformity. The area of medium frequencies pleasant, bochkoobraznoj in the sound's compositions is the body. The bass range is expressed moderately, readability bass lines average. The stereo panorama and detail are quite good, the stock max volume when connected to PC is very high. If you remove the side panel of the Cup becoming half-closed design, and the sound gets even better. The bass range gets rid of the characteristic of bad Temperirovannyiy closed structures distortion, becomes more voluminous and elastic. This preserves a...

The Price bites, but... times being what they are. Under the brand name Zephyrus Asus released gaming notebooks, the distinctive feature of which is a very thin body. For the first time on laptops of this series was announced a year ago in the framework of the exhibition Computex 2017, which was held in early June in Taiwan. And now Asus has released another, slightly more simple version of a gaming laptop Zephyrus with the letter M. it is about a 15-inch model Asus ROG Zephyrus M GM501G on the basis of processor Intel Core of the 8th generation (code name Coffee Lake). Read more

Headset-transformer, which combines a elegant and smart appearance, high quality materials, as well as the possibility of portable use. At the last exhibition CES 2018 Cougar introduced a universal headset Phontum designed for use indoors and for wearing on the street. Of the features of the model worth noting is replaceable ear pads, the graphene membrane speakers and a detachable microphone. Cougar Phontum comes in a cardboard box with a picture of the device. Read more

The Company presented the perfect Patriot, at first glance, memory for gamers. Patriot Viper RGB PVR416G300C5KW - set of two laths on 8GB PC4-24000 passport with a frequency of 3000Mhz and the availability of RGB - illumination, which, moreover, can be controlled using the most modern technologies of the light control built into the motherboard. these memory Modules come in a cardboard box with a picture of the device and a description of the main specifications. The manufacturer immediately places an emphasis on lighting. Read more

Nintendo 64 is a great console with great games, but it failed to justify expectations. Nintendo had big plans that included revolutionary controls, advanced graphics and an exclusive list of third-party developers "Dream Team". However, even with their monumental hits created by Shigeru Miyamoto, it even comes close in popularity to the PlayStation. Disk platform surpassed carrigeway in the ratio of three to one. But, unlike Sega, Nintendo's position did not pass and live as the console giant still. Read more

Direction Sony was convinced that video games are childish pranks and the company with serious adult electronics has nothing to do with the gaming industry. Among the huge number of systems of the fifth generation of PlayStation was not competitors. More precisely, they helped PlayStation become a successful product and legend consoles. Sega "too clever by half" c Saturn, Nintendo long "gave birth" to his Nintendo 64 and refused to CDs. Competitors played into the hands of the young player, who has since been holding leading positions on the market of consoles for more than twenty years. the reasons for the popularity are: Read more

For anybody not a secret that SSDS provide a significant increase in the speed of the system, but the impact on gaming performance is sometimes not obvious. We will clarify this question by testing the drive in popular games. the Classical scheme improve performance in games traditionally means the capacity of memory, replace the video card and processor, however, about the update the drive many sometimes forget. This creates the effect of "bottleneck" affecting the load time of games and creating the illusion of lack of performance of other system components. New SSD WD Blue 3D NAND are good and modern solution for creating a fast gaming system, especially considering the high cost of the line Blue in the market. 500 GB is enough memory for most users, but...

History the fifth generation of video game consoles began in 1993 when the market was already booming with the war between Sega and Nintendo. The primary carrier in those years started to become CD-ROMs, and the main battle was between the three leaders, Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64. However, there were other, less popular system, there were a lot, and one time gaming outlets began to predict confusion and the collapse of the market since the third generation. Some of these consoles we will stop in more detail. Read more

Sega Strategy was to discredit the image of Nintendo and to put its products in the eyes of consumers as toys for children. She was correct in those days brought Sega huge success and formed the stereotype not only survived the very Sega as a console giant, but still haunts the products from Nintendo and her fans, called "Mario combat". However Super Nintendo has remained in the history of the most popular 16-bit console, which surpassed the technical capabilities of its main competitor and was decent competition to consoles of the fifth generation. Read more

Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT is designed for those who like command and chaotic fights in the entourage of series of FinalFantasy. Fortunately, the authors have offered many recognizable personalities and unique mechanics. Alas, beyond a couple of modes, the drop online, the project fizzles out almost instantly. Read more