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SpellForce 3 stands out from many projects, but in the final part of the campaign is bursting at the seams because of the repetition. This, coupled with the expected trade-offs leads to the fact that on the shoulders the fact of unification of command role-playing and strategy in one project is a big responsibility. Read more

Independent developers can afford that, what are the major publishers: to experiment, to try fresh mechanics, and to propose breakthrough ideas. I Hope this article was useful for you. Indie developers have been doing such emotional and challenging game, which you will not find in the sector of AAA products. So, go for it! Read more

The Outgoing year was no exception, the failures, both commercial and related to the reputation of the publishers in the eyes of the audience, were commonplace. However, some companies and studios can be proud of its achievements in 2017. On these winners we recall in this article. Read more

We continue to summarize 2017, and this time we present to your attention 10 almost perfect games, which to the title of "best" did not suffice absolutely slightly. In addition, we will discuss the sad situation on the Russian gaming market and the blindness of effective managers. Read more

The Slogan "the mechanics in every home" has long been looming over the entire gaming community, but the community, unfortunately, has not always kept pace. The market cost membrane keyboards, amid market growth of the game mechanics, it becomes narrower, but the mechanics had not yet become so budget to be available to everyone. However, companic Genius introduced a gaming membrane keyboard Genius K10 Scorpion, having on Board a full breathable RGB illumination, the application for fine tuning and suspiciously similar to the mechanics of the keys. Go! Read more

In the past year there were many reasons for disappointment. Reasons for negative emotions were found even in good overall games, helped by publishers who dream to cash in on the citizens. In the news regularly flashed notes bursts of discontent from the audience. Read more

The Second generation of gaming consoles seriously different from the first. The only thing that unites them is the ability to run games. Design has changed greatly, and rapid progress was achieved thanks to the use of a processor. Read more

Friends, let's start with the bad news! Game Xenoblade Chroniocles 2 did not meet our expectations. She was not brilliant, just good. However, fans of Japanese role-playing genre, complex mechanics and a long history this will definitely appeal. Read more

Overclock by increasing the frequency gives a slight performance increase, but the use of dual-channel mode is much more simple and effective way to increase performance at a similar amount of RAM. Contra Read more

Elex should be approached with caution, be prepared for annoying battles, the same type of jobs, the poor staging scenes and the Bahamas. As compensation, the game offers a sophisticated world with different factions and ideologies, as well as some great missions. Read more

In the center of our attention this time is the Latest RPG from the creators of the Gothic series. She really deserves attention! We remember the series Neverwinter Nights, surprised by the strange policy of Sega and rejoice in the announcement of Valkyria Chronicles 4. Read more

It is now the Nintendo is a Corporation of good, which is trying to surprise everybody with something innovative and brilliant, the aggressively protects its intellectual property. In the late 70's she borrowed ideas from other markets. Read more

For a beginner World of Warcraft: Classic can be compared to the 90s — nothing to buy, everywhere a huge queue, all squabbling with each other to earn something you need to work hard, but wages are only enough for food. the announcement of the rebirth classic World of Warcraft was a surprise and one of the nicest surprises at this year's Blizzcon 2017. The curious situation is that the announcement was made by the Executive producer of the game John. Allen Brack. But in 2013 the question about the possibility of servers with earlier versions of the game, he replied: "You think You do, but you don’t" ("you think You want, but you don't need it"). Work on creating and maintaining servers for World of Warcraft: Classic will do a separate team, which will work...

The Keyboard can be a good option for those looking for a low cost solution for work and play. While typing or while playing the noise level is minimal, in addition, the keyboard has a switchable backlight and allows to create macros and assign them to dedicated keys. Read more

Electronic Arts now is a kind of collective image of "infinitely greedy Corporation" in the eyes of the crowd of containerization, armed with virtual pitchforks and torches. All seemed to have forgotten about the fact that other companies sometimes behaving no better if not worse, in relation to the buyers. Read more