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Electronic Arts now is a kind of collective image of "infinitely greedy Corporation" in the eyes of the crowd of containerization, armed with virtual pitchforks and torches. All seemed to have forgotten about the fact that other companies sometimes behaving no better if not worse, in relation to the buyers. Read more

Inappropriate behavior of enemies, unprincipled staged mission, demoted to travel on control points chase with the police and do not want to shut up the characters kill any desire to somehow justify this part of the once great series. Read more

The Most significant event in 2017 this year's BlizzCon was the announcement of a new add-on "Battle for Azeroth" (Battle for souls) to a major game company — World of Warcraft. Too long have the Alliance and the Horde put up with each other, solving common problems. In a stunning animated video of the new additions we see Alliance forces besieging the Undercity belongs to the Horde. What inspired them to take this step? Another issue is demonstrated by the picture of the burning Horde world tree Teldrassil, home of the night elves. Read more