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The Idea of space travel have fascinated mankind for centuries: it was the inspiration for the myth about Icarus and the first flight to the moon 50 years ago. The opportunity to explore our world and what lies beyond, was the main motive for adventure lovers, explorers, artists, and dreamers. The spirit of adventure has not dried up today: Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic and his team continue to translate into reality the dream of space tourism, more and more closer to launch regular flights into space on a commercial basis. Read the full article

Company BQ seems to be able to read the minds of his fans. More recently, some have asked what can you advise in the spirit of the smartphone BQ Intense, as the company has announced that it is on sale updated Intense 5530L received at the same chip – more capacious battery. In addition, after the publication of the release, we noticed many inquiries about this model, but the opportunity to write a review it appeared only now. This model came to our office, and we were puzzled how she is a good and relevant today. Let's look at the device more closely. Read the full article

Adidas and Zound Industries have had a mini presentation of new wireless headphones. Adidas with the national consumer sure is. Zound Industries well know for the production of equipment Urbanears and Marshall Headphones. In nojo the headphones were sold a solution to a real pain modern athletes. The company sought to create a headphone that would satisfy their needs and was comfortable to do for physical activity helping through your favorite music to achieve better results in training. Read the full article

You Know how it goes — you start the game and first thing you know, the Intro with the tippet, with the horrible dubbing and no subtitles, skip it to go to the settings and include the original voice acting and subtitles, and then looking to restart the video? For me, the most typical scenario. And for this reason, Caligari Games, creators of The Great Perhaps, endeared himself at the outset of the dialogue, before the roller by displaying the choice of language voice and subtitles. Who knew that exactly in this game, these manipulations are unnecessary... Read the full article

This week, the company Yota held a presentation of a new product, which probably no one expected. From the service provider out of habit expect some new line of tariffs or fresh router/smartphone/tablet. But the blue operator unexpectedly offers to the market a format the application Yota Sky, which is aiming to grow into a potentially new social network. In addition, representatives of the company suggest that with the new software will create a fresh and unusual advertising space and tighten budgets. Read the full article

Master Lu is a Chinese benchmark, which, as we are more used AnTuTu gathers a huge number of statistics on device performance, which ends up in the pockets of consumers. But unlike AnTuTu, which considers the performance of the gadgets, Master Lu provides data on devices that run the most smoothly and less brake. Moreover, measured devices, with pure Android from Google and the corporate shells of different vendors and the customization with different degrees of "seriousness". Read the full article

Not no secret that in today's world the media play a key role. Given the volumes of data that we generate daily, many digital gadgets are not able to fully function without a small card on which everything is stored. Wherever we went, always with a smartphone loaded with your favorite performers, the tablet is overloaded with video content, or fancy toys, digital camera and more. All these gadgets have one thing in common — in operation we are quickly running out of space. So today we have tested MicroSDXC memory card Verbatim Premium 128 Gb. Read the full article

You're an intelligent geek, read the scientific literature and are always aware of all modern technologies? I want to gain new knowledge and upgrade their skills? Then come out to the people! From 13 to 14 July on the Sparrow hills will be the largest Open air science and technology Geek Picnic 2019. The festival brings together on one platform educational program with lectures and discussions on topical areas of science and technology, and WOW-the facilities, the recreation area PICNIC and a lot of cool geek-entertainment. Still in doubt whether to go or not? We have a strong case that you made the right choice. Read the full article

OnePlus 7 Pro presented together with a younger model OnePlus 7 on may 15. At this time, the company did not do a breakdown of 2 events dedicated for each device. Not to waste time, immediately stuffed the Pro version of the modern "hardware" and technology, and the usual making decent and attractive, but still simple. Curious how this behavior at this time will affect the company's revenues. Moreover, the price tag on the device OnePlus every year becomes more and more tangible. Read the full article

AOC AG251FG all kind of gives the game focus: we were sure that he will not leave us indifferent, even before we hooked it to the computer. Red and gray elements, sharp edges, cold metal – and I want to quickly start a virtual combat. Was surprised at the frequency of 240 Hz for smooth succession can not survive. Was a little confused by the matrix TN, but as it turned out, the fears were totally unfounded. Let the emotions, let's not get ahead of ourselves and look at everything sequentially. Read the full article

With the onset of warm season in Moscow, many think that soon will start the planned shutdown of hot water. This goes a lot of jokes and memes in social networks. The city authorities explain this by the fact that in these periods there is a preparation of heating systems for the future heating season. Because somehow those who do not have personal devices of water heating, as a rule, it is necessary to wash in the basin for almost 2 weeks. 10 days, to be exact. Where can you watch when your home is turned off the hot water? Read the full article

Samsung galaxy Fold — one of the most interesting recent innovations. The massive demand for the device, of course, can be at issue, but the attention he attracts exactly. Of course, the unusual form factor immediately raised questions whether the machine is reliable, Samsung, to allay possible fears has released a spectacular video showing how testing the device in production, providing it with a review that resource a hinge mechanism and screen will last for several years with active daily use. Read the full article

How do you like the idea that Huawei is starting to release laptops not only under the original brand, but also under the sub-brand Honor? we were surprised and pleased at the same time. Because, honestly, did not expect who the company of the smartphone market will climb into the laptops. But decided to try your forces and released a solid device, according to a press release, with a fairly nice price tag. Q in doubt almost not necessary, because Huawei already has experience in the production of tablets and ultrabooks, and because Honor is unlikely to disappoint. Read the full article

When choosing a monitor gamers focus on a few things. First, in the matrix type: professional displays are set to the TN panel, which is different from other matrices, fast response time and high refresh rate. Secondly, ergonomics: it is important that in the process many hours of game play you can change the monitor position to be comfortable. Thirdly, on the design: the aggressive look sets the right mood. In AOC AG271QX, we tested a combination of all these qualities. Let's look at all the details. Read the full article

If you use Dropbox, will sit on the free fare, perhaps, you will relate to the innovation of the service. Although, if the gadgets you have is not much, can not be noticed. Cloud service decided to reduce the number of simultaneously used devices, allowing to connect now just 3. If there's a new device that needs access to the data using proprietary application, you will have to disable some older devices, or to pay money for more advanced fare. Read the full article