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Meizu today held a presentation of 2 new smartphones that draw attention to themselves. Both devices turned out to be quite pleasant and interesting appearance, in addition, use some new technology to which we are not yet accustomed to, because they do not exist in bulk solutions of larger vendors. The Chinese (not only Meizu) today moving Telecom market forward, knowing that consumers will not be surprised and lured by just increasing the numbers in the specifications. Today we need new solutions and chips. Read the full article

Honor 10 Smartphone already went on sale and available in the official online store of the company. Huawei now for purchase even offers gifts, as much as 2. To choose headphones Monster Honor 2 Honor or wireless Sport. Second, the choice: poverbank Honor AP08Q, fitness bracelet Band Honor 3 or Huawei external battery CP07. But today we are primarily interested in the effectiveness of GPU Turbo, which promises a 60% performance increase in games and 30% lower battery consumption. Maybe in this case, external batteries are not needed. Read the full article

The Developers of Yandex.Maps with the next update of the product approached the issue outside the box. We've learned that opening this app or web service will look for an address or company name-institution, route route in the end. But it turns out that you can otherwise. Indeed, many often have to look for some cafes or restaurants that are worth a visit. But it is important that the menu was your favorite dish or something that you intend to try for the first time. And here Yandex.Cards now will help. Read the full article

Gboard — default keyboard in Android from Google. This is one of the most advanced keyboards currently available in the Gogole Play. But it is not without problems, sometimes quite funny. Application of machine learning and neural networks sometimes leads to unexpected consequences. It is felt by a number of English-speaking users when the set phrase "sit on" the application proposes to complete the sentence "my face and". Well and further all depends only on your imagination or desires. Or you can try to trust the tips of the neural network. Read the full article

On the official Qualcomm page in the social network Weibo suddenly appeared interesting teasers. One of them effectively depicted the chipset of the smartphone, on which are engraved the words "smoother", "cooler", "smarter". That is, it seems that the company wants to make some announcement. According to the figures, which are very like the date it will happen today, but later. Assume that Qualcomm wants to bring to market their alternative GPU Turbo, which was previously submitted to their own devices Huawei. Read the full article

Honor 9 Lite Premium sounds! It is a combination of a simplified cropped version of a smartphone and powerful RAID premium chips and bells and whistles that other machines of the series. Even this will not "S" or "C" something, namely the most that neither is "Premium". In short, marketers Huawei great. The company continues to rivet the model, releasing on store shelves for something new just a day, and at the same time delight us with funny names. Well, let's see what it is even in the description. And for the money, by the way, drawn to 16990 rubles. Read the full article

Lately in the smartphone market there is a tendency, when consumers increasingly choose devices average price segment, because right now, Android is already quite optimized and developed in order to work for them. And vendors have learned to make gadgets that are not flagships, not cause irritation. Hardware manufacturers can sell to companies of the productive components at affordable prices. Soon the situation may change in the more pleasant side, as Qualcomm has introduced three new chipsets that we will see not only in the medium price segment, but in the budget models. Read the full article

Vivo showed new technology of 3D scanning and recognition, which actively uses in its devices. However, it can be used not only in smartphones but also in other gadgets and the areas of our life. It was called Time of Flight (TOF). The sensors of the gadget to record the time required for the beam to reach its target and return back. And this, in turn, even smartphone allows you not only to achieve accurate face unlock, and more correct recognition of gestures and to move forward in augmented reality. Read the full article

Today's Telecom industry mainly offers smartphones. But we all know that not all older or even older people can cope with such appliances. For some, it will be too difficult, will not understand the logic and principles of operation. For others it will be too uncomfortable due to the size and that often the font size. Vision, unfortunately, a common ailment. Because some companies continue to produce simple solutions — classic dialer, but with large buttons and contrasting symbols and figures on them. Read the full article

You don't wish to use huge devices. Not only in the camp of the Android fans, there are those who would like to have a relatively compact smartphone in my pocket, are like-minded among fans of Apple technology. Since last year there are rumors that the company will release the iPhone device SE2, which continues the line of compact iPhones. The closer the time the more information in the network about the impending product. For example, there were pictures of safety glasses for iPhone SE2. Probably not official. Read the full article

Google once again updates the Play Store for Android. It happened yesterday, and 2 times. First, the network appeared build version 10.1.30, and then 10.2.05. Generally, in may, Google 6 times updatel client for their applications. Beginning with version 9.9.21 2 may. this time the guys from TheAndroidSoul tell that we are waiting for some changes in the interface. Google designers are working to make navigation among all apps, search and the installation more convenient and understandable for larger number of users. Although, these changes depend not only on the apk file, which was leaked to the network, but also from backend, access to the new chips, which the company included for all gradually. you can also Download the latest version of the software...

In April of this year Philips announced a monitor that made a splash among PC enthusiasts. Display 42.5 inch impressive size, beautiful design, fast matrix, the support of modern technologies. The manufacturer positions the Philips Momentum 436M6VBPAB as a versatile display for work and entertainment. According to the technical parameters, the display is quite suitable to run modern games. But let's not get ahead of ourselves and consider everything in order. Read the full article

When it comes to Logitech products, we can safely say that it deserved the company. Logitech produces exceptionally sturdy accessories, they sometimes offer the market something new and not quite normal. However, this does not mean that every product of Swiss — masterpiece. Sometimes fails to find equivalents, but for a much more attractive price, even from less famous firms. But sometimes Logitech shoot so that the other was not even close. For example, in the case of wired keyboard k280e Pro. Read the full article

In the Google Play Store once again in the campaign, in which anyone can download sets professional icons designer to install the system. Thus you can transform the standard look of Android. To do this, just to have a modern launcher. 99% of today's launcher will be able to work with these packs of icons. A decent choice today — available 24 kit. However, tomorrow some of them will again be paid, because too long to download choice and is not necessary. Read the full article

Statistics show that most Android users change their smartphone approximately every two years. Although, if we are talking about flagships, and you are a super-geek, then resource top-end smartphone you can last for a longer period. For example, now many of those who use the Galaxy S6 though Samsung recently released the Galaxy S9. But does this mean that your 6th Galaxy is hopelessly outdated, and its time to change? Let's see what this think experienced guys from AndroidCentral. Read the full article