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Galaxy S10 shrouded in rumors. The vendors loved to grow your "bangs", but Samsung has long been held from such actions, offering the market one of the most spectacular designs, guys, really podnadoest to consumers. In trying to change something and refresh, the company's designers decided not to join the common herd, but much of the original can't be. The result was a lot of talk already about the cutout in the screen and the slits. This is likely to be the Galaxy S10. And some Chinese companies are already involved in the race. Read the full article

Over the Devices known under the name of "simplicity" appeared on the market recently. The new form factor of the audio systems for the home. If you previously had to purchase a set of speakers with a subwoofer, to hang or to place them to get a good sound, now the process is simplified. consider, for example, Sound BlasterX Katana, which is today on our review. It is, in fact, the bar that is taking up quite a bit of your wall space, ensure you have a decent sound. This convinces us manufacturer. Today we will check the validity of this assertion. Read the full article

Hi all! This beautiful day we are met with portable wireless JBL Go 2 column. JBL needs no introduction, because at the moment this is the most popular brand in portable audio technology. According to the shop "M. Video" (for 2017) the greatest demand is for the products of the brand JBL – in "M. Video" they account for more than 60% both in money and in pieces. Regarding the model – in figure 2 we can understand that before us is a continuation of the first version of the column. But since I have never had it, then we will not compare the differences between the first and second version. Consider JBL Go 2 as a standalone product. Read the full article

The Whole rigmarole with the gaming devices to Android beginning, the company Razer, releasing your smart phone, which really is not much different from the usual flagship of any other company, except for the design. A significant difference was only increased refresh rate, which raised the bar to 120 Hz, which was supposed to provide a smoother in games. However, the list of games that can run at 120 Hz, using this ability to the full, still not too great. Read the full article

Chinese smartphone Market is regularly updated with a more functional and comfortable devices, flagships are always equipped with the most powerful "iron" and excite the minds of ordinary users. The giant Chinese smartphone market, Xiaomi, launches shocking in its characteristics smartphones. Over the past year has been a lot of releases, and one can choose the three smartphones, each of which is the best in its range. Redmi 6 pro This smartphone is almost frameless, design is almost completely copied from the iPhone X. Its display is limited to a barely visible framework, and on top of a black curtain, hidden front camera and useful sensors. It is important that the display – 6,26," and because of this, the phone is not very comfortable in the hand...

Developing Android 9 Pie, in charge of Android, seeing the market situation, decided that the system must learn the native to work with "bangs" on the screens of the devices. In the end, Android 9 able to work with cutouts of various formats and in different numbers than not fail to take advantage of some manufacturers of devices, issuing a very controversial invention. We even at some point could see the bug when Pixel 3 has a second "Bang". But it is not a bug it is in the case of the smartphone Sharp Aquos R2 Compact. Read the full article

The Modern world, although not similar to how it saw the heroes of the trilogy "Back to future", still very technological and complicated. Everywhere we accompany the gadgets: on the body, in a bag, backpack, gym locker, part of waiting at home and at work. The pay phone on the street for a long time you will not find, and to know the time looking at a mechanical watch instead of smart, or at least mobile – is also obsolete. all The more strange now perceived Smoking. Some dried grass, wrapped in a piece of paper, smoldering in your hand, and you draw smoke and combustion products. it is not surprising that there jouz – a device for Smoking, but in a modern more secure organisms themselves and others, more fireproof and more stylish and high-tech. Read the...

Fashion Note devices in due time introduced by Samsung. It was smartphones, which, in principle, many called phablets. They stood out among other gadgets not only size but also other characteristics, which always here were the top. Then line Note appeared at other vendors and changed tactics a bit, but these gadgets still can be safely attributed to the middle or higher level. Meizu Note 8, the company will soon begin to sell in Russia, too, boasts an excellent camera and a bigger battery. Read the full article

DIGMA reported that soon in Russia start sales of the device 4G Pay Linx, which is only one title hints at NFC support, which is critical today for many smartphone users. let's look at the specifications of the smartphone and try to figure out the price tag. In the official press release numbers are not known. But the interesting point that the device will run on Android Go Edition 8.1, while the specifications are not the most terrible, would and the full version of the "green robot". How much do you think will build the device? Read the full article

Recently in the line of gaming monitors AOC AGON appeared one unit – 27-inch G2790PX built on a fast TN matrix with response time of 4 MS and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. In the description of the monitor on the manufacturer's official website States that it supports advanced gaming technology, among which the Input Lag and Overdrive, and ShadowControl, which brightens dark areas of the image, thereby allowing the gamer to detect an opponent and give him a worthy rebuff. So, let's start the review. Read the full article

Than today interesting smartphones of Google — they are not looking for huge numbers, but pleased with the quality of the user experience and camera. That is, the opposite tactic many vendors who like to add 1 more lens, or to increase the number of gigabytes of RAM, hoping that it will attract users. Thus, it appears that moving forward can only increase capacity, but the increase in the cost of iron. But no, Google tells us plainly that I can think about optimizations. Fresh smartphones Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL that another prominent examples. Read the full article

Yesterday, ZTE held in Moscow the presentation of its new flagship, which we haven't seen in about 2 years. Remember a beautiful phrase from the employees of the brand that the release of a major smartphone on the market requires serious preparation. And it sounds true, on the background of running conveyors from a heap of various vendors, which are long forgotten about what it means to do something new, but to put fresh hardware in the new generation of gadgets. However, we cannot say that ZTE updated Axon 9 Pro throws innovation. For the market and the consumer is by and large another flagship. Read the full article

Today, there are several Chinese brands that offer smartphones with the characteristics of the flagships, but lower price, including working on the latest chipsets. Before such devices were called "killer flagships". Some of the recognized is considered to be the OnePlus 6, and the second can rightly be called not so long ago appeared Pocophone F1 from Xiaomi. For a long time it OnePlus 6 was considered the most successful in terms of price and quality, but now some believe that Xiaomi managed to pull the blanket over himself. Read the full article

If the question from the title, you answered "Yes", then we invite you in the comments to the post below to discuss other issues. Who? Why? 10 gigabytes — a number of no memory, perhaps, most sold in our country laptops and PCs, which are usually entrusted with more responsible and difficult tasks than on a mobile device. Working and gaming issues are still being addressed with less memory, and successful. However, Western sources reported that OPPO is excited to hit the Telecom market a new figure. Read the full article

In the world Today, most photos done on smartphones. Every modern device has some sort of camera, and even several. Around occurs a lot of interesting events that I want to capture the memory. But I think everyone at least once, getting to the gallery of your device, found a series of selfies or other pictures that each other are almost indistinguishable, or even identical. And he was those shots that have failed, where the smartphone did not have time to focus, or did it incorrectly, and it turned out blurry. Read the full article