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Than today interesting smartphones of Google — they are not looking for huge numbers, but pleased with the quality of the user experience and camera. That is, the opposite tactic many vendors who like to add 1 more lens, or to increase the number of gigabytes of RAM, hoping that it will attract users. Thus, it appears that moving forward can only increase capacity, but the increase in the cost of iron. But no, Google tells us plainly that I can think about optimizations. Fresh smartphones Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL that another prominent examples. Read the full article

Yesterday, ZTE held in Moscow the presentation of its new flagship, which we haven't seen in about 2 years. Remember a beautiful phrase from the employees of the brand that the release of a major smartphone on the market requires serious preparation. And it sounds true, on the background of running conveyors from a heap of various vendors, which are long forgotten about what it means to do something new, but to put fresh hardware in the new generation of gadgets. However, we cannot say that ZTE updated Axon 9 Pro throws innovation. For the market and the consumer is by and large another flagship. Read the full article

Today, there are several Chinese brands that offer smartphones with the characteristics of the flagships, but lower price, including working on the latest chipsets. Before such devices were called "killer flagships". Some of the recognized is considered to be the OnePlus 6, and the second can rightly be called not so long ago appeared Pocophone F1 from Xiaomi. For a long time it OnePlus 6 was considered the most successful in terms of price and quality, but now some believe that Xiaomi managed to pull the blanket over himself. Read the full article

If the question from the title, you answered "Yes", then we invite you in the comments to the post below to discuss other issues. Who? Why? 10 gigabytes — a number of no memory, perhaps, most sold in our country laptops and PCs, which are usually entrusted with more responsible and difficult tasks than on a mobile device. Working and gaming issues are still being addressed with less memory, and successful. However, Western sources reported that OPPO is excited to hit the Telecom market a new figure. Read the full article

In the world Today, most photos done on smartphones. Every modern device has some sort of camera, and even several. Around occurs a lot of interesting events that I want to capture the memory. But I think everyone at least once, getting to the gallery of your device, found a series of selfies or other pictures that each other are almost indistinguishable, or even identical. And he was those shots that have failed, where the smartphone did not have time to focus, or did it incorrectly, and it turned out blurry. Read the full article

Despite the fact that modern monitors have a lot of advantages, many people are hesitant to purchase large displays with 4K resolution because of the unusual scale, on a huge space on the desktop the icons are too small, uncomfortable to work. Philips has considered this point and has released a monitor with a diagonal of 31.5 inches with a resolution of Full HD. Judging by the announced specs of the Philips 328E suitable for professional graphics and color. But we will not hurry and will consider all in order. Read the full article

The Company Neoline has released an interesting new video recorder G-TECH X27, looks like a rear view mirror. Their direct functions, the device is not limited to: it not only relieves the traffic situation in front and behind a moving vehicle, but also serves as a Parking camera. Looking ahead, we note that in the scope of delivery includes the external GPS module. The DVR is equipped with base fixed means of control, which allows you to determine the radar in the path of the car. Let's start unpacking and testing. Read the full article

The Company offers AOC monitors for home and office use, professional graphics and color as well as for advanced gaming. Games line of AGON is well-known to eSports players and computer enthusiasts: it presents the displays with an aggressive design and technologies for exciting battles. The hero of our review, AOC G2590PX in the "fire" series is not included, but the parameters had the most that neither is a game: high refresh rate, low response time, Input Lag and support of technology AMD Free Sync. Let's get to unpacking. Read the full article

It was Impossible not to notice that Apple has once again set the trends entering the fashion for "bangs" in smartphones. The public resisted, the Internet was seething and expressed outrage, but the vendor bent his, or rather Apple-line releasing devices with the notches in the screens. In the end the market a wide range of devices. But now with the appearance of fresh iPhone XR, XS, XS some Max noticed that Apple returns to the standard screen, classic, without "bangs". Apple company did not do their teardrop-shaped or less-large, she's just trying to hide them. Read the full article

IPhone is hardly affordable smartphone. On the backdrop of a huge number of offers from other vendors and it is always expensive. In addition, adheres to the philosophy that each new generation of iPhone should be more expensive than the previous. On followers the Apple it works, people are ready to enter production more money. And for others, it creates a field for some trolling and marketing campaigns. Remember, someone called a Chinese Apple? Xiaomi has given a course when the offers to purchase for the cost of a new iPhone several of their devices. Kit, I must say, it turned out attractive. Read the full article

Huawei calls for an increase in the number of sensors in the camera running at the same time, to improve the quality of the pictures. The Chinese have release gadgets with camera with 3 lenses. Google is going to show the Pixel 3, which will be the back camera with just one pupil. But apparently, it should give the quality of the frozen image is not worse than Huawei P20 Pro. After all, Google can't afford to produce a reference smartphone which will be worse the partner devices. They say that selfie from the Pixel 3 will be all the same a stereo camera. Paradox. But steeper and then all went to Nokia. What trifles something! Read the full article

When we talked about the fact that MGTS, which is represented by a white egg on a blue background, is unaffordable for the average connection rate "for their Smart" with a very interesting and pleasant conditions. We even told the story about how you can get it. But there is in the market for another operator, which is represented by a white egg on a red background. And almost not surprising that MTS also have a tariff with exactly the same name — "Smart for his." The proposal is also not public, and the conditions of service are very similar. Let's look at it closer. Read the full article

Meizu today held a presentation of 2 new smartphones that draw attention to themselves. Both devices turned out to be quite pleasant and interesting appearance, in addition, use some new technology to which we are not yet accustomed to, because they do not exist in bulk solutions of larger vendors. The Chinese (not only Meizu) today moving Telecom market forward, knowing that consumers will not be surprised and lured by just increasing the numbers in the specifications. Today we need new solutions and chips. Read the full article

Honor 10 Smartphone already went on sale and available in the official online store of the company. Huawei now for purchase even offers gifts, as much as 2. To choose headphones Monster Honor 2 Honor or wireless Sport. Second, the choice: poverbank Honor AP08Q, fitness bracelet Band Honor 3 or Huawei external battery CP07. But today we are primarily interested in the effectiveness of GPU Turbo, which promises a 60% performance increase in games and 30% lower battery consumption. Maybe in this case, external batteries are not needed. Read the full article

The Developers of Yandex.Maps with the next update of the product approached the issue outside the box. We've learned that opening this app or web service will look for an address or company name-institution, route route in the end. But it turns out that you can otherwise. Indeed, many often have to look for some cafes or restaurants that are worth a visit. But it is important that the menu was your favorite dish or something that you intend to try for the first time. And here Yandex.Cards now will help. Read the full article