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To Find and buy a good keyboard with scissor mechanism today, alas, is not easy. In selling them at the moment very little. The market is swamped with mechanics or membrane solutions, and those, like laptops, there is a very limited number, if you do not take noname-China Aliexpress, and a Russian engraving. Yes, the ones with short stroke keys, soft. Therefore, we decided to form a list of not only models, but also brands that have such solutions can be found, including describing his impressions of the devices. Read the full article

Wi-Fi 6 closer. Talking about this at least already updated the price tags on the device. For example, routers that support IEEE 802.11 ax are not exorbitant, though a few months ago in "Yandex.Market" was scared to go. Someone will object that we are today, and Wi-Fi 5 missing and even a potential of this technology on full is still not used, and will be in its own right. But vendors pushing us to ensure that the transition to a new generation is inevitable. After all, better get used to it. A number of gadgets around us is growing albeit not geometrical, but of progression. Read the full article

Reading is not only our reviews, news and information sites, textbooks on geography and history, articles on business, marketing and growing radishes in the suburban area. Modern man is increasingly immersed in this process by necessity, or by compulsion, when you want to get some new knowledge. A thing certainly useful, but not always effective because when required when necessary when necessary, and not when you really want the efficiency of perception and assimilation decreases. Read the full article

Vivo renewed its line of flagships, ready to launch a smartphone vivo X50, X50 Pro as well as TWS-headphones Neo. The main feature that should attract attention and highlight a product among competing solutions you can call the system stabilization. So now the smartphone advertise in social networks and banners contextual advertising. Well, rejoice for the success of vivo. I hope that they are not only on paper. But we can check if the device gets to us for testing. Read the full article

In the Summer many there is a need for a spare SIM card. Absolutely typical situation when, during outings or get-togethers over the city are addicted to and kill the remnants of the traffic. And like minutes or sms is fine, but Telegram or WhatsApp to play anyway. Yes, and maps, YouTube, music services and social networks without GB to become unavailable. And then it can be useful to the SIM card of the operator Danycom.Mobile, which is already familiar to the readers what produces a free tariff plans. Yes, it happens. Read the full article

Around March this year, the owners of the AMD Radeon began to complain of black screens in different applications. In toys, to a lesser extent, although it has happened. But the most common symptom was the use of applications that support hardware graphics acceleration. For example, the browser is one of the most caseicolum programs on any PC. Modern browsers are able to use the resources of the graphics card to help, but had to give up to do at least some use of the browser. Read the full article

We all love rankings, especially not just compiled by the editors or bloggers, and which come from reputable organizations to which people have confidence. Well, let's see how to evaluate the current smartphones "Rascacielo". The specialists of the portal has made a rating of the best smartphones with the cost of to 20 thousand rubles. The price range chosen is also the most popular. More precisely, according to statistics the most popular retail even cheaper, but 15-20 thousand those that want to own. Read the full article

The LEGO Group and Nintendo in the framework of collaboration presented a new set that includes a game console the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and the model of retro TV made from LEGO blocks. The new product allows you to build a gaming console with all the features to take in the nostalgia for childhood, and to recreate the atmosphere of the 90-ies. The kit will help to reproduce familiar gameplay and will appeal to fans of the legendary games Super Mario Bros, as well as adult fans of LEGO. Read the full article

Because Of the difficult situation that has developed worldwide in the pandemic of coronavirus, many private entrepreneurs were forced to put the business on pause. After the end of quarantine and the phased lifting of restrictions, 90% of small shops have to open from scratch. Due to the introduction of changes 54-FZ, according to which retail stores are required to transmit the data to the tax through the online box office, you definitely need to buy equipment for retail trade. We mean different scanners, printers, terminals, POS peripheral, cash register equipment. Let's have a little more focus on what the devices need to legitimate the existence of a retail store. Read the full article

The charging devices can be heard often in different interpretations. Someone is afraid to leave the smartphone or tablet is connected to the network at night. Others fear that the degradation of the battery will occur if you leave the gadget for half an hour and more is connected to the outlet than the device has already gained and shows 100% charge. Online you can find plenty of statements from various experts, which, oddly enough, sometimes contradict each other. We did it very revealing living example of how modern devices behave when they are left on charge for a long time. We decided to share this experience with you. Read the full article

You also throw in the mailbox advertising magnets on the repair of refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances? Once I had a decent collection of these trophies, but they won't fit on the fridge. Very useful were the emergence of new models of refrigerators from the company Candy. Now is where to turn, continuing to complete your collection. A thing, of course. Actually Candy just after a short pause updates the model number, resuming production, which, by the way, is Naberegny Chelny. Read the full article

Google Camera is a very cool app from the search giant. Let's not paint how quality get pictures taken in it, just give the link to the article where we did a visual comparison. Xiaomi recently brought up the camera quality on their devices, but to the success Google has not yet took the leap. However, despite the fact that the app is being developed exclusive for owners of smartphones Pixel, the enthusiasts of the community, peel ports, which allow you to run it on other devices, including chipsets MediaTek, Exynos and Kirin. Read the full article

The Market of operating systems terribly conservative and scarce. In fact we have Windows which is used by the majority of users, the Mac OS, which will highlight separately, as well as Linux, which has grown from the brainchild of Apple. And we have long been accustomed, and as I have not seen any breakthrough updates and new features. No, if you dig into memory, it is possible to give several names ,but few people know, if you look globally. The situation can change Huawei. This company today causes us deep respect. Read the full article

For some reason the mouse is always difficult. Just had a very long time ago, when I sold another mouse with balls inside, but only came optical.Then came some time when the mouse went up in price but dropped in quality. Buy a new one, it works for long. Then the problems begin, or scroll or buttons. Dblclick different or opposite the taps passes after a few weeks of work. And now the mice became much appeared including quality. But the choice is so great that it is difficult to choose which is actually better, easier, nicer. And all to buy and try — no budget is not enough. Read the full article

Xiaomi though separated Poco in a separate brand, still in the official releases continues to point to his belonging to a subsidiary of the company. Do not argue, it is. But we think that in this case, Poco self is not perceived. Still goes to Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro — just as a single line of devices, orange. We enough have not heard of the phrase "flagship killer", but in the case of this Xiaomi smartphone uses it again. to kill plans since July 13. Read the full article