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When it comes to Logitech products, we can safely say that it deserved the company. Logitech produces exceptionally sturdy accessories, they sometimes offer the market something new and not quite normal. However, this does not mean that every product of Swiss — masterpiece. Sometimes fails to find equivalents, but for a much more attractive price, even from less famous firms. But sometimes Logitech shoot so that the other was not even close. For example, in the case of wired keyboard k280e Pro. Read the full article

In the Google Play Store once again in the campaign, in which anyone can download sets professional icons designer to install the system. Thus you can transform the standard look of Android. To do this, just to have a modern launcher. 99% of today's launcher will be able to work with these packs of icons. A decent choice today — available 24 kit. However, tomorrow some of them will again be paid, because too long to download choice and is not necessary. Read the full article

Statistics show that most Android users change their smartphone approximately every two years. Although, if we are talking about flagships, and you are a super-geek, then resource top-end smartphone you can last for a longer period. For example, now many of those who use the Galaxy S6 though Samsung recently released the Galaxy S9. But does this mean that your 6th Galaxy is hopelessly outdated, and its time to change? Let's see what this think experienced guys from AndroidCentral. Read the full article

Huwei actively leaned on the Russian market. The company not only invests money in promotion and advertising their devices, but continues to release all new models. So everyone can pick out something, because in virtue of the number of a huge number of gadgets with different capabilities and price tags. Characteristics also differ so that any buyer can find a unit with a focus on those aspects which are more important to him. Now Huawei launches yet another device — 7A Honor cost 8990 rubles. Read the full article

Remember the story of the "Megaphone"? Well, when even German Klimenko was amazed at the idea, camera is in mobile traffic subscribers so that users saw the banners right on top of the sites visited. The hype was a lot, but, as usual, beyond words, soon forgotten, is not gone. Therefore do not be ashamed also to do and another operator. Subscribers will make some noise, but will stop and more money you earn. Today we are talking about Tele2, which is usually noted only positive reason, but decided to change the image. Read the full article

Tablets today — the type of device, the peak of popularity has passed, but they continue to be produced, as the demand for these gadgets is still there. However, the number of new models, vendors, significantly reduced. when it comes to budget decisions, the situation is not the easiest. There was an unsuccessful model, for which you, however, will pay the money. Not to get into such a situation, the guys from AndroidAuthority decided to make a list of tablet models that are worthy of attention. Read the full article

About the operating system Fuchsia that Google is secretly preparing, we hear not for the first time. What not told about it until the developer commented that it is not a substitute of Android, as long as such plans from Google there , and a new OS that aims to run on devices of different types. At some point it even launched on a Chromebook, and we saw a video of her work. Now, independent developer offers itself to poke at unfamiliar interface of the new OS. Read the full article

About the Black Shark from the beloved Xiaomi today we write the second time (here was the first), fortunately there are new details. The smartphone is aiming at the gaming segment in the footsteps of Razer Phone. It is already known that the gadget will get 8 gigabytes of RAM, and a screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9. of course, andropen is a very powerful and productive. in order to impress fans of virtual entertainment, Xiaomi plans to give a matrix with a resolution of 2160×1080 pixels, in other words, FullHD+. the Inside will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 845, and a graphics accelerator Adreno 630. the Internal memory will be at least 32 gigabytes. Also suggest that the smartphone will be able to work with memory cards of the format MicroSD. Some...

Along with the release of its ThinkPad, Lenovo introduced several new models of Yoga: the ThinkPad Yoga X1, Yoga and X380 L380 Yoga. Among them one can see some similarities: Intel latest generation attempts to make extremely hardy devices, they are tested for endurance and strength, recommended by the Ministry of defense. As well as the use of biometrics for identification of the owner. Also available since mid-March. You can search the stores and place orders. Read the full article

Earlier many times it was said that the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix will be the front facing camera. However, this point obviously no one doubts does not cause or cause. Another thing is that arguing about its location. Was the version that will be inset into the screen where a camera and sensors. someone thought that will be just a very slim frame. And now the official rendering that appear in Weibo And on this model, which will soon show, the front camera can not be considered. Is it not? Read the full article

About 10 years ago, when the U.S. created the first eSports League gaming has gone beyond the Amateur game has become a favorite for many in the profession and became a stable source of income. Today, eSports events are collected multi-million dollar stadiums, and gamers become real stars. In 22 countries, the e-sports recognized as an official sport in universities, the faculties appear, where you can get an education that allows you to participate in cybersociology at a high level. What you need in order to grow from an Amateur to a real professional? Read the full article

Lenovo has announced in Russia from a number of notebooks for business and mass market. For example, a family of traditionally working machines experts today called "workstations" was expanded to include three models: ThinkPad T480, T480s and T580 . They are available for order from mid-March. Cars pulled iron up to modern solutions of today: 8 generation of Intel processors, fresh IPS panels (including UHD), narrow scope, etc., as well as software solutions to ensure reliability and efficiency. Read the full article

Today, netizens expressed their outrage on the pages of Reddit, aimed in the direction of Google. The fact is that after updating to Android 8.1 smartphone Google Pixel XL got a bad bug. The problem is a potential danger not only to the device, but also the owner as related to improper behavior of the gadget when charging. Although, Google representatives still unsubscribed, the bug is actually not dangerous, as many believed before, and the patch for it will be released soon. Read the full article

Technique today is not very cheap, and models of everything offers quite a number. If you like to play, it would be nice to have a home gaming machine to even the last toy run and pleasing visual and sound effects at good settings. And at work and office tasks, this configuration will show themselves great and will bring only pleasure. Work will be comfortable. How much will it cost? We'll see, but I will try to get the final Assembly of about 40 thousand rubles. The resulting capacity is enough for the next few years, with some margin, and will leave opportunity for tochechnogo upgrade. Read the full article

Mobile communications and smartphones are so firmly and thoroughly into our life, becoming its integral attribute that most of humanity is not your ordinary day without them. We offer you the TOP 5 service centers in Kharkiv, which in the case of malfunction of Your phone, quickly and efficiently repaired. JOB'S SERVICE is a highly specialized service center for repairs of Apple products: iPhone repair, iPhone glass replacement, display replacement, camera repair and other technical services from qualified professionals. Experts of the service center Job's Service have appropriate knowledge, experience and skills to the solution of a wide range of issues brnda Apple. We have performed repairs of Apple technology of any complexity at the component and...