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Google for many who works partnerid, releasing their gadgets and new version of Android, but it usually doesn't about that widely, writing letters to partners. However, this time, announcing Android O, the company highly praises Sony and talks about how the Japanese helped with the work on the sound in the new OS. Apparently, the search giant really impressed by the achievements of colleagues who have used this version of Android. Read the full article

Now Samsung officially got involved in the race of manufacturers of electronic assistants. Intelligent assistant of a company called Bixby and dwell in your Galaxy S8. The smartphone will even be a separate hardware button for quick access to the assistant if necessary. Read the full article

On 16 March 2017, Moscow. From 10 to 12 March in Saint-Petersburg in the building of national research UNIVERSITY "Higher School of Economics" held a hackathon to create projects using artificial intelligence technologies. The event was organized by community of Russian scientists Science guide together with venture Fund Flint Capital, Haxus and Embria Ventures. Read the full article

Recently on the shelves of Russian stores officially launched smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime. Many consumers interested in the model, reflecting on the acquisition. This, incidentally, is evident from the search queries that you come to visit us. We have had the opportunity to get acquainted with this device and even to produce a number of materials about the device, but still on the pages it was not a classic review of the gadget. Today we will correct this omission. Read the full article

Sony Playstation lived a long life. For many it is remembered as one of the most expensive consoles at launch. Then she had to fight for a place under the sun with the Xbox 360, the battle was not easy. But in the end, the Playstation 3 found its niche in the market and prevailed. All because of the exclusives that are coming out for this platform. Now its era ends: Sony announced to stop the production of PS3 in Japan. Read the full article

Looks Like another top-end smartphone flagship will be less than expected. Well, that is Xiaomi Mi 6 get chipset easier than we could and wanted to. In other words, the inside will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, not the freshest Snapdragon 835. Read the full article

Camera on Samsung Galaxy S8 will be 12 megapixel, but the camera will see one interesting feature. However, earlier we already showed similar Sony. The gadget will be able to remove video with frequency up to 1000 frames per second. In addition, the scanner iris will improve, adding to it the camera at 3.7 megapixels (in addition to 8-megapixel frontalka), which can increase the recognition accuracy. Read the full article

Google has many who gave of their intellectual assistant Google on Assistant smartphones with Android Nougat. Then it became known that the Assitant will Appear on devices with Marshmallow. However, Google every time talking about smartphones, or their partners, but that's smartphones not to mention tablets. Android Police in this regard turned to Google for an interpretation of the situation. Read the full article

It Became known that Google is preparing two new smartphones. The ones that will join this year's lineup Pixel. Their code names "muskie" and "walleye". This is confirmed by various Western sources. Although, of course, we do not doubt that the gadgets are already in development. And here are the names we hear for the first time. But interestingly, also add another code name "Taimen" and comment that it is the third smartphone, which deals with the search giant, but it is not Pixel. Read the full article

Kantar Worldpanel share statistics observation of modern mobile market. Data for the period until January 2017. In principle, the results are not surprising. All became clear a long time ago. Blackberry and Windows Phone are leaving this world, but Android and iOS are expanding their influence and strengthen the position. Read the full article

In January HTC graced us with two new devices: HTC U HTC U Ultra Play. However, despite the fact that smartphones are interesting, it's not the flagship that we're used to seeing from the Taiwanese. Public attention quickly shifted to LG G6, and now the Samsung Galaxy S8. And now HTC is trying to stir interest in your brand by posting teasers on the page in Facebook. Read the full article

The Days go by, and release date Xiaomi Mi 6 comes close. Such a paradox happened because previously it was assumed that we will see this device in April, but according to the latest rumors, it will not happen before may. Date moved. The reason is the same - lack of chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, but because some vendors have to wait several weeks to bring to market their devices. Read the full article

Latest rumors about Galaxy S8 tells us that Samsung will release a smartphone with one killer feature that everyone was waiting. It was assumed that the device is a thumbprint scanner, located directly beneath the screen, which may count your pattern, no matter where you display is not touched. Now reported that Samsung simply does not have time with this feature, sanem will be the most common. Read the full article

Is Now still too early to judge the success of a new Nintendo console Switch. The company has certainly managed to cause a modern audience interest in his toy, but it does not mean that the console will survive for a long time. Although, NIntendo can already be proud of success, because sales were good. Over a month has sold more than 1.5 million units. Not sour. Read the full article

Researchers at Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. discovered a new vulnerability in online platforms popular messengers WhatsApp and Telegram — Telegram and WhatsApp Web Web. Using this vulnerability, attackers could take over the account of the victim and to access personal and group chats, photos, videos and other transferred files, contacts and so on. Read the full article