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Yes, the transition to a new major version of the OS takes time. Samsung smartphone users of this brand know about it not by hearsay. And those who are still waiting for the firmware with EMUI or MIUI 10 11. Earlier we talked about the fact that smartphones Galaxy S9 started to get the sixth beta firmware with Android 10 but a stable release does not yet exist. And that Galaxy S8, it seems that the update to Android 10 not count. Now here is the schedule of updates for several Samsung devices. Read the full article

The owners of the Xiaomi smartphones, as well as the holders of the gadgets Huawei/Honor, too, usually look forward to updates to their devices. We appreciate colleagues, part of our editorial staff also machines manufacturer from orange and love using it, and only to Android by default. Because I can not share the good news that on XDA attentive members of the community (yshalsager) posted links to download the beta version of the firmware MIUI based on Android 11 10 for multiple devices Xiaomi. Read the full article

Today, many start to think about the security of its data and prevent unauthorized access. An increasing number of users begin to pay attention to personal data and control access to them. And this works for home users and corporate. the Response to such thoughts and queries devices that are equipped with hardware-based encryption methods. Today we have on testing a hard disk with a thumbprint scanner, encrypting all user data is 256 bit AES algorithm — model Verbatim Fingertprint Secure Hard Drive. Read the full article

Motorola some period of time and not so often delighted us with new models of devices. However, in the last year the company decided to return to the Russian market, issuing several machines, but even more of them showing at Home. Not all of them got get to an official retailer in Russia. But even those devices that are sold in Russia, are of interest from our readers. Even the announcement of the device Motorola Motog G8 Plus gathered a decent quota of curiosity of readers. Because we just can't pass up this gadget without making it a review. Meet Moto G8 Plus. Let's see what this device we can please, surprise or upset. Read the full article

Google ordered the vendors producing Android devices, update them, at least giving users, if not buoyant fresh version of the OS, then at least the security patches. Have Huawei and its sub-brand Honor is now a huge number of devices that are hard to maintain in such numbers because the company found out that began to distribute updates for them at different intervals. Some devices get updates monthly on other updates come only on a quarterly basis. Read the full article

Using mobile devices, we are constantly faced with pastrami advertising content, which not only covers most of the screen and slows down the Internet, but also badly affects the eyes. The result is that you find the information you need on the web sources becomes a real pain. Today we will look at how to get rid of ads on your phone and to prevent its recurrence. There are many ways to remove ads on Android devices. Consider the most effective. Read the full article

The Guys from AnTuTu picked up a useful habit to divide smartphones into groups that depend on the prices of the devices. Because without measurements and tests it is clear that the most powerful will be the smartphone the most recent chipset, currently on Snapdragon 855+ 855 or Snapdragon. Next come the small nuances of the design and other specifications. For example, the amount of RAM, speed and type of ROM chips, etc. But primarily affects the chipset, because the modern CPU hardware picked to match the radical subsidence is usually not. Read the full article

Almost everyone loves to watch movies and TV shows, buy on this large screen monitors or TVs with a wide smile, as touching the world of movies is not always only in theaters. But not always, getting a nice and big screen, we complete get good sound. Or a loud sound. Sometimes the quality of the speakers or just their power leaves much to be desired much more. In this case, you will have to look at the individual acoustics, which can be connected to available to us the source of the sound with a beautiful picture. Today, the market has a different solution, and we test one of them — SVEN HT-202. This audio system 5.1. Read the full article

Hi all! Present a selection of slim laptops with passive cooling (without fans). This is the cutest desktop computers for home and office, for those who don't need exorbitant power. At its core is the advanced typewriters with the ability to playback multimedia content (movies, music, YouTube) and surf the Internet. And the main advantages stylish appearance, sufficient autonomy and budget price. Just don't forget about one important aspect – the screen. This is what you see with your own eyes all the time of use of the device. All laptops collection of quality matrix. Read the full article

Group of companies VinGroup, which already accounts for 2% of GDP of Vietnam has decided to increase the turnover and profit, taking up new business production of smartphones. The Vietnamese in this case is that the newcomers, but from the outset decided to go their own way, not just selling Chinese smartphones, putting on their own label, and build a plant for the Assembly of these devices. We in the editorial is already one of the samples, which will soon review. It proudly bears the "Made in Vietnam". Read the full article

Choosing a model for today's selections we are faced with the fact that diversity on the market not too little. Vendors stamp their smartphones literally tons and millions, but they are very similar to each other. In other words, there is one basic model. Then there's another, very close at a price that differs from the first cosmetic design changes and a couple of hundred mAh battery. Well even if the set of camera lenses will be different. The quality of photos and overall impressions of using the device will be very similar, if not identical. Read the full article

The Idea of space travel have fascinated mankind for centuries: it was the inspiration for the myth about Icarus and the first flight to the moon 50 years ago. The opportunity to explore our world and what lies beyond, was the main motive for adventure lovers, explorers, artists, and dreamers. The spirit of adventure has not dried up today: Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic and his team continue to translate into reality the dream of space tourism, more and more closer to launch regular flights into space on a commercial basis. Read the full article

Company BQ seems to be able to read the minds of his fans. More recently, some have asked what can you advise in the spirit of the smartphone BQ Intense, as the company has announced that it is on sale updated Intense 5530L received at the same chip – more capacious battery. In addition, after the publication of the release, we noticed many inquiries about this model, but the opportunity to write a review it appeared only now. This model came to our office, and we were puzzled how she is a good and relevant today. Let's look at the device more closely. Read the full article

Adidas and Zound Industries have had a mini presentation of new wireless headphones. Adidas with the national consumer sure is. Zound Industries well know for the production of equipment Urbanears and Marshall Headphones. In nojo the headphones were sold a solution to a real pain modern athletes. The company sought to create a headphone that would satisfy their needs and was comfortable to do for physical activity helping through your favorite music to achieve better results in training. Read the full article

You Know how it goes — you start the game and first thing you know, the Intro with the tippet, with the horrible dubbing and no subtitles, skip it to go to the settings and include the original voice acting and subtitles, and then looking to restart the video? For me, the most typical scenario. And for this reason, Caligari Games, creators of The Great Perhaps, endeared himself at the outset of the dialogue, before the roller by displaying the choice of language voice and subtitles. Who knew that exactly in this game, these manipulations are unnecessary... Read the full article