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Brand the app store, Play Store Google once again updated. On my main smartphone is still using a version of 20.1.17, although relevant 20.2.09. But the situation is easily corrected if you know where to download the updated version from Google Play, and also how to manually install apps from unknown sources. Sources, of course, needs to be checked, if you don't want be installed on your smartphone some modified Play Store with bedorom or Trojan. Read the full article

When you talk about Harmony OS being developed by Huawei, probably, no one has clarity about its future. Can remember the news when it was reported that it should replace the usual Android. But also easily recall the refutation, when it was said that Huawei has no plans to change "green system" with the other, and Harmony OS actually for other needs and gadgets. Only time will tell what happens next. But now walk on the network photo of the smartphone that allegedly runs on this OS. Read the full article

Microsoft has released a free app to keep track of everything about the coronavirus COVID-19. The app will tell about the rate of spread of infection in the world, about the success of the struggle, and about the issues that arise. Working on data pulls from its own search engine Bing. In short, if you want to be aware of this relevant today themes, you should consider downloading and installation. Such software products we regularly talk to the Telegram. It seems to be it, what we love, and the important issue is to bypass the party is not worth it. Read the full article

The Heating of PC components is an acute problem today. Moreover, many devices on the inside become more efficient and powerful, require more power, stronger heated. But they work often enough in a stuffy building. Extra fans, of course, helps. You can often lower the overall temperature ten degrees, but to achieve the same indicators that the open stand is unlikely to succeed. At some point you will hit a plateau when installing another cooler or waiver of 120 mm in favor of 140 mm will not give a noticeable effect. Read the full article

MIUI 12 was recently announced, changes there is a very decent amount, we are already preparing this material, where in detail with screenshots and descriptions tell you everything. He will appear in the Telegram. One of the chips, which impressed the audience became animated live Wallpaper, which was previously ported to some other Xiaomi smartphones, not just in the fresh range Mi 10. Now the guys from the XDA forum went further, adapting apk to run on devices from other manufacturers. Read the full article

Strange, these guys (or girls) from Xiaomi that the naming deal. Like Redmi separated into a separate brand, but in the official press release they write "Xiaomi is", and then about the new smartphone Redmi. And yet they say that Huawei Honor requests separately to position. At the same colleagues in Facebook reported that sales think bragging about his numbers, the total for Huawei and Honor. Orange seem to be the same. This time to boost sales, the company releases the next smartphone Redmi Note 9S. Read the full article

Can be long and hard, in theory, to argue, as the capacity of the battery affects the battery life of the smartphone. Here, of course, there is a direct correlation to the number of hours from the figures, which the manufacturer describes your battery, but not only depends on the length of time without recharging. Very much depends on optimization, other hardware that is installed in and consumes energy, and also from features of a design. Excessive heat drains faster gadget. Read the full article

NVIDIA last week released drivers for their cards, but the release was not too successful, requiring quick launch patch version 445.98. It is based on version 445.87, but ispermset accidentally introduced bugs and issues. Last driver version was produced with optimizations for RTX Minecraft beta, Saints Row: The Third Remastered, Snowrunner, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered. In the end, had some problematic moments with deleting the Shader cache, as well as incorrect processing of brightness when HDR is active in some of the grahas. Read the full article

It is Time to start talking about Wi-Fi 6. Intel is actively promoting the standard that other equipment manufacturers support. Given how fast the technology is evolving around us, improving the speed and performance of the transmitters is necessary. Yet first and foremost geeks, but soon it will feel and ordinary users. The availability of new types of communication and entertainment that helps. In addition, the pandemic resulted in additional load on the network as a whole, and to be able. Read the full article

The First project in the genre of Action-RPG, developed by Blizzard North released Blizzard Entertaiment for PC called Diablo and was launched in the year 1996. In 1997, there were unofficial Diablo: Hellfire developed by Sierra Entertaiment. Landmark for the company began in 1998, when the game was first ported to the PlayStation. 4 years later after the release of the original, on the shelves of shops around the CD with a continuation of the Saga — Diablo II. Read the full article

Realme Smartphones have already become popular in Russia. Of course, Xiaomi or Honor they have not yet caught up, but the company is the right course. Produces not only good specs and first impressions iron, but and nags his shell. Unfortunately, our editorial staff about the company's products can be judged only by moments of getting devices into the hands on presentations that don't take too long. Samples for normal tests to us yet do not reach. Maybe with longer use it will get out any negative aspects. However, the audience the brand has because will tell about the planned updates to those phones. Read the full article

In fact, to write such texts regrettable, but necessary. Because it means that the consumer's opinion today does not matter. We behave that allow brands to manipulate us somehow. The strategy of "people shavaet" continues to operate successfully. After all, Chinese brand caught in such behavior has not the first time. And it repeated again, although, of course, should be ashamed so much that it stopped once and for all. After all, the idea may be the user's trust to lose. With the cheating pictures, then benchmarks, then what else that have not yet floated to the surface. Read the full article

In our opinion this is a very interesting news, as ADATA as part of its XPG produces interesting devices. Let me compare with Xiaomi when the usual market price tag the company offers a device that is at least something more interesting competing models. If SSD, then it will be either the same specs as a top today, but cheaper. Or similar price, but the characteristics will be more attractive. The company is not afraid to give the normal guarantee periods to show that is responsible for quality. Read the full article

16 week 2020 has passed, and we already have the statistics about how smartphones have caused the greatest curiosity among the readers. Numbers have traditionally divided the guys from the portal GSMArena, having extended information, including the fact that some smartphones appear in the U.S. faster than in Russia. This time we are waiting for a funny trick from the old iPhone SE. On the wave of interest in iPhone SE 2020 old model flew into the rating. Apparently, consumers sravnivayut the device, wondering whether to buy a fresh offer Apple. Would you have taken? Read the full article

Problems periodically happen, even in large companies. Well, when you about them advance warning than we are doing now. It's one thing to install some kind of curve the software, which you can then safely carry, if it does not work. Quite another if the "curve" begins to run the operating system. Microsoft has released a security patch with index KB4549951, which, as it turned out, was unsuccessful. Some users it causes a blue screen of death, random reboots, problems with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Read the full article