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Telegram today extremely popular. Not surprisingly, in Google Play you can find now a large number of alternative clients for the Protocol it uses. One such alternative customers have recently been Challegram, which drew the attention of the developers of the official Telegram. The company eventually bought the product and then changed the name on the Telegram X. Now this messenger is the official alternative to the official client. Something like that. Read the full article

Jack out of Meizu told me that the company plans to release its milestone smartphone. Unit while what is called the Meizu 15 Plus. This name has turned out in honor of the 15th anniversary of the company in the Telecom business. It will be the flagship model that Meizu will show some cool chips are capable of. Read the full article

Fans to change the appearance of the system and trying something new can rejoice. In Google Play does not stop regular promotions by distributing free products and resources for free. We continually monitor interesting suggestions to choose from interesting options for customization of the system. This time, today, adlos to record 8 straight sets of icons for Android. Of course, they pay the rest of the time. Read the full article

Qualcomm last year announced the release of the Snapdragon chipset 845 on which will work the vast majority of the flagships of 2018. Among them will be expected by many Xiaomi Mi 7. In addition, it became known that the Chinese company plans to take part in the exhibition MWC 2018, which will be held soon. In this exhibition, visitors will be able to get acquainted with the smartphone. Read the full article

2017 has given us many new smartphones, not all of which are already updated to Android 8. Some just getting ready. Google and a lot of vendors are always talking about updates and trying this process to speed up, but from year to year not much is changing: we are looking forward to them and not always wait. Read the full article

Remember recently was actively discussed that Apple deliberately samelet the performance of older devices? A little later, some Android vendors have been mentioned, saying that they are similar tricks are not foraged. Among the deniers were also, and Samsung, which now make the case of the Italian Antimonopoly service (Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato or AGCM) is scheduled for the artificial aging of the gadgets of this company. Read the full article

How good it can be when some useful SOTF the developers give a good discount or even for free, for free, as it was with Office 2016. Or as it happens with giveaways paid icons in Google Play Store. But, unfortunately, from the brand of Google, similar to Microsoft's recently proved to be a complete irrelevance. Because applications for the desktop and Windows 10 you have to catch on third-party sites. Read the full article

Time once again to marvel at the duration of support devices Xiaomi, which in total has released or will release a firmware with MIUI 9 for 40 of their devices. Although, Yes, the company that makes sometimes quite slowly. At least this is true for some models. Read the full article

When a product becomes very popular, almost always there are those who are trying to make money using the most honest methods. We have not once wrote a utility to work with a rights-superuser in Android, which was called Magisk. Thing today very popular among fans of the green robot. Not surprisingly, now that the popularity of exploit in any order. Recently, the network appeared the website that is not an official the app, but trying it like. Read the full article

Do You remember what tax is on Google? In Russia, we've been through. But fellow Belarusians is open only today. But in a different way. In Belarus from January 1, also introduced this tax, kabasawa foreign companies to pay VAT. If in Russia in most cases this resulted in higher prices for products and services, in the end, this tax is in fact paid by the consumer, in Belarus tax on Google took over the search engine. Yes, it happens. Read the full article

Goznak watching some distrust of Russian citizens toward new banknotes in denominations of 200 and 2,000 rubles has launched a mobile app for smartphones on Android and iOS (coming soon) that will help distinguish real money from counterfeit. the app is called "Banknotes 2017". It is available to everyone absolutely for free. Read the full article

The Latest rumors about the new version of Android P leads us to the data that Google and among developers today is called "Pi". Some helpful forum members of XDA love to dig deeper in the code, resulting in sometimes found interesting discoveries. Like a future version referred to as AOSP. Read the full article

Last year, the Internet at some point has poboril on the theme of the new OS from Google. It was named the successor to Android, which in the future needs to replace and the green robot and Chrome OS. Why? It is not clear. Time passed, and before any release, it is still far. Yes, and the letters of the alphabet not yet over, Google is preparing a fresh version of Android Pi. If we pay attention to Fuchsia OS, for not writing on the Linux kernel and decided to use a different. It is curious. Read the full article

We often praise the Xiaomi smartphones. But in fact the company, like everyone, there are shoals, sometimes very unpleasant, sometimes quite funny. But any problems, no matter how critical they may be, bring users inconvenience. There's no escape. One of the last did not give fans of chats and instant messengers to communicate properly in the popular WhatsApp service. Read the full article

Western buyers of the Xperia smartphones have reported that their devices began to receive updates. The joy appointed for gadgets Xperia XZ, and X XZs Perfomance. Basically it is an update that affects the security of the system and raises the version to 41.3.A.2.24. The set also includes security patches from Google Android in January. Read the full article