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Approaching March 8, which will mark the arrival of the real spring delicate aroma of Mimosa, tulips of various colors and women's happy smiles. Did not have time to choose gifts? This does not mean that you need to run to the nearest Department store and buy something that first comes your way. Another scarf, earrings and especially cosmetic set long ago, no surprise. Lenovo offers a selection of functional and useful gadgets that fit exactly modern girl. Read the full article

, I can say that 90% of smartphones are similar to each other. Like so much that is a coincidence not to name. Someone started (we all know who), and others have picked up, good, if sometimes giving even the slightest radiation and not using a blueprint. In the end, machines are distinguished only by reading the various logos vendors are not identical devices. However, recently, Apple decided to break the usual order of things, boldly releasing the iPhone X the inset at the top of the screen. Read the full article

Aliexpress today - extremely beloved by many residents of our country platform. Despite the fact that today a lot of goods available you can buy in any Auchan or to grab at the box office in Dixie, and at the same price, what happens when you order online, a huge number of users in the habit of asking for Ali. Well, however, it is not unreasonable, if it is quite optimized to save money and catch all the buns. In the end, so it is possible to bonuses and cashback, and something else. Read the full article

The Representatives of Xiaomi in Russia once again join the email database, arranging the generous (the last few words can be read, as quoted and without). The official offer and the luckiest to try to grab a Redmi apparatus 4A for 990 rubles. But it is not so simple. The fact is that if you read the comments to our previous news on this subject, it appears that the server of the online store regularly can not withstand the load created by the influx of visitors to the website simultaneously. Read the full article