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Work / The selection of domestic personnel


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Vacancy personal driver one of the most popular and expensive in Moscow agencies on the selection of domestic personnel. Personal driver is responsible, serious, dangerous profession. Naturally, the selection of a man, who will trust so much, are treated with special care.

Several years ago, looking through some foreign film and seeing that in the homes of American and European businessmen, not necessarily aristocrats, work cleaners, cooks and other household staff, few would have thought that the demand for this category of workers will soon become urgent in our country.

If your house there has come a trouble, seriously ill someone from the family or appropriate care for an elderly person and you need to hire a nurse, our Agency on the selection of personnel will always help you with this.

Do You need a qualified domestic personnel? Having addressed in our Agency, it is enough simply to say: "Looking for a nanny Moscow" or "Looking for a nurse with accommodation in Moscow" and we will quickly offer you the suitable candidates, taking into account any needs. We will carefully carry out personnel selection: checking their qualifications, documents of future candidates. All applicants obligatorily have fresh medical help and advice.

Good staff and, in particular, drivers not easy to find. Especially if you need the driver for the Gazelle or the driver of a category "E". In this case important professionalism of the employee, responsible, as well as his human qualities. After all, you have to trust a man of considerable wealth. His honesty and integrity depends very much.

The Life of modern man is very broad. You must catch a lot to reach a position in society, to make a career, to spend time with the family, to communicate with friends and just relax. And if there is a country house in which your family visits periodically to rest from problems and bustle of the city, but it proves to be difficult, as you have to take care of area, to clean up and cook? In this case, the only way is to advertise looking for a married couple to work in a country house.

Despite the fact that earlier in Russia was made to hire Tutors for education of children, in our time, this is the exotic. However, recently replaced spoiled by demand from middle class to governesses are increasingly coming unpretentious and more reliable in many ways Tutors.