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10 rules for solving conflicts is Not a secret that to avoid quarrels not easy. Even in the happiest families quarrels happen. Of course, to build relationships so as to completely avoid quarrels almost impossible. But to learn how to exit from conflict situations should. You do not need a huge scandal, right? The best option is a compromise. Find a solution that works and the one and [...]

3 main types of stress and how are they dangerous sometimes we All experience stress — it is an integral part of life. But there are several types of stress, and if you understand the difference between them and learn to distinguish them from each other, we will be able to manage your stress, and in some cases even avoid it. 1. Acute stress Acute stress occurs [...]

50 ways of improvement: 1. Prefer simple food. 2. Regularly eat and sleep. 3. Thoroughly chew eat. To walk away from the table with a sense of light starvation. 4. Remember: we are part of what is eaten. 5. To do the exercises three times a day for 5 minutes. 6. The most important thing is the air. 7. There is sunlight, there is artificial light. 8. Water [...]

Why women associate money with love, and men with freedom? Men and women have different attitudes to money, British scientists have found. Psychologists at University College London led by Adrian Furnham asked more than 100 thousand Britons about their attitude to money. Respondents passed the online test on the BBC website and had to rate 36 statements about [...]