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In Moscow, according to the forecast of the city authorities, residential property sales in 2017 could increase by 30%. Analysts also look forward to the spring, which is expected to bring a recovery in the real estate market. So, what are the forecasts for the next three months?

"Why do you need a residence permit or a passport of another country?" Most people answer this question this way: "For the children"! Everyone wants the child to study in the best universities, worked at leading companies, stayed up where he was comfortable. But not everyone understand how obtaining immigration status helps to achieve these goals.

Rostov the sharer won a lawsuit from a developer who is "attached" eight meters of living space of her apartment neighbors. Despite a tricky clause in the contract about the error square, her court has not only returned the difference for the stolen footage, but also to pay moral damages,

Moscow authorities announced that before the end of the year are going to find to legalize of not less than 500 thousand houses, for which their owners do not pay taxes. These statements, reinforced by rumors that the owners of unregistered buildings fines

The rental housing Market continues to shrink and go into the shadows. Authorities are looking for new ways to spice up and whitewash. So, to acquire patents on delivery of apartments in rent want to allow all citizens, not just registered as individual entrepreneurs.

The Article will be useful for realtors, specialists in rural property, which due to the nature of professional activity is necessary to work with cadastral and title documents of the land, the owners of cottages and plots of land.

Experts of the mortgage market, operating in various sectors, told the readers of the bn, the development of any trends we should expect in the coming year. The main question of all the current mortgage forecasts how the market will affect the expected lifting of a programme of gesubsidieerde.

Ministry of construction and housing expects growth of cost of square meter in 2017. This was announced by Deputy Minister of construction, housing and utilities Nikita Stasyshyn at the joint conference of the savings Bank and Ministry of construction of Russia on the results of the mortgage market in 2016.

The Openness of the developer is one of the main criteria, which is evidence of its good faith. Under this somewhat vague term usually means the design documentation that the developer shall provide to any purchaser.

After a vote in favour of leaving the EU forecasts the UK market was entirely negative. Nevertheless, the country not only survived the test of a referendum, but, having stood the test, showed a positive trend in the residential sector.

How to rebuild the capital? In Moscow have passed public hearings on draft Rules of land use and development that changes the General Plan of Moscow 2010. Moreover, according to many, not for the better. Muscovites threatens a massive loss of common property in adjoining areas.

On the real estate market of Moscow region has developed a rare situation: the prices per square meter can not find the bottom. Opinions of experts concerning prospects of the housing market is divided. Optimists believe that a price reversal will start in the spring. Pessimists say that "the miracle did not happen until the end of 2017".

At the moment, most realtors are not certified in the professional guilds, the law on their activities seems to be long overdue, but the whole experience of lawmaking in this area was unsuccessful. Experts believe that should start with changes of the law on advertising.

A Fund to help real estate investors will begin work on 1 January. Experts discuss the pros and cons of innovations, paying attention to possible abuse and probable increase in property prices. Now, most likely, the authorities will be less ways to attract investors to long-term construction.

The Demand for recently popular luxury property in the center of Turkey began to decline. Political unrest and oversupply in the market inhibit the sale of real estate in Istanbul. The cost of apartments in high-rises is reduced, which attracts more discerning customers. However, the demand for real estate in the coastal cities remained stable at a high level.