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News Universiteta ITMO

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To Create a robot that landed in the forest, do all the analytical work for the person, will determine the "bad" graffiti and erase it or for all human canons of beauty painted Christmas toy or the balloon? Easily, believe in the Youth center robotics when megafault of computer technology and management ITMO University. Here design robots Champions of numerous Russian and international competitions. What are working on now the authors of the projects where the most daring ideas and how these skills will help students in the future — read our material.

Love robot competition, which is now so popular, and in my spare time, gather your? We have good news. Now the two strongest capital in the field of school robotics will hold your tournament — a Tournament of two capitals, organized by the ITMO University and the Department of education of the city of Moscow. About features tournament, key dates and prizes — from iPad and gyrometer to special scholarships and 10 points for the exam in our material.

Saturday, March 18, in Moscow ended with a meeting of the International Council for increase of competitiveness of leading Russian universities among leading research and educational centers. The universities of the 5-100 Project, composed of 21 members of the first and second waves — gathered to talk about the results for 2016, their plans on the roadmap for 2017 and scientific breakthrough projects.

How to find classmates that were lost decades ago to always be aware of the latest developments, initiatives and developments of the University, to influence its development and to be able to get to any event of the University even years after graduation? Often the contacts you need has to look at the social networks, but the events turns out to know only after the fact, after the publication of materials in mass media. Such problems should stay in the past, believe in the team of the alumni Association of the ITMO University. Under the new concept of development, now the members of the Association will have new opportunities for joint communication. That will help to collect in a single network of 40 thousand graduates and how to work the new interaction...

19 Feb technology platform HackerRank has summed up the results of University CodeSprint competition between universities, which aims to identify the school with the most prepared and talented programmers. Serious separation on points from the second place (361.9 — 1st place; 299.58 — 2nd place) final standings topped the ITMO University, confirming its status as the Alma mater of the Champions of sports programming.

At the end of September last year, the specialists of the University ITMO in cooperation with the University of Texas at Dallas has won a grant — the funds in St. Petersburg in the next three years will be built first in Russia laboratory where scientists will create optoelectronic devices with qualitatively new functionality. Based on international team will take a hybrid perovskites, and the output plans to obtain improved light emitting diodes (LED), new lasers (e.g. flexible injection lasers and even polariton lasers), solar cells and photodetectors. How will a unique laboratory that is flexible lasers, what are they so good and how realistic is it to create a terahertz device that allows you to see through walls, in our material.

Today, February 9, at the Government House of the Russian Federation held a solemn ceremony of awarding prize of the Government of Russia in the field of education for the year 2016. The Minister of education and science Olga Vasiliev and Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets presented the nineteen prize winners. Five awards were awarded to employees of the University ITMO for the development of an integrated methodology for the selection and training of qualified personnel of international level in the field of information technology.

War of viruses and anti-viruses similar to the "cat and mouse": a new threat appears, turns out the security update, and well to new attacks. What if you close malware the possibility to unceremoniously break into the user's system and change her behavior? Tutor of the Department of secure information technologies of ITMO University and CEO of project CODA Arthur Khans told ITMO.NEWS how to do it.

Published the results of an international web ranking of world educational institutions Webometrics Ranking of World Universities. The ITMO University took the 836 place, improving its position by 28 points, stands in sixth place among Russian colleagues. It is known that this time was without warning changed the method of counting the most significant indicator of the rating Impact.

The international research centre "Biotechnologies of the third Millennium" and the Department of applied biotechnology of the ITMO University students to start a course of interactive lectures on the application of a scientific approach to cooking. The course starts in mid February and last until may (the exact dates will be informed later).

ITMO.NEWS continues to share stories and lifehacks creators of high-tech business. In today's material undergraduate Department of computer technology of the ITMO University and the founder of the company Serokell Arseniy Seroka tells the story of how he found his calling as to effectively manage the international team and why is Haskell better than Java and C++.

In the world Today lives only one man who could cure the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) after surgery. This case inspired medical scientists, and now the world is nearing to find an effective cure for this disease. The Russian company-the resident of Technopark of the University ITMO ", Agility" begins preclinical studies of the technology of treatment of HIV using gene therapy based on transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells using site-specific editing of the genome. According to the Director of the company Marina Popova, editing the genome is a medical breakthrough that in importance can be compared with the invention of the wheel or space exploration.

ITMO University Team headed by the Director of the translational megafault information technology Alexander Bukhanovsky received the award of the Government of the Russian Federation for the creation and implementation of "an Integrated methodology for the selection and training of qualified personnel of international level in the field of information technologies" ICT Excellence. This is a continuing education programme aimed at the training of elite personnel in the field of broadcast IT. Such technologies are being introduced to the enterprises and organizations to optimize. The uniqueness of the program in that it covers all stages of the study, carried out in partnership with foreign universities, and its graduates are prepared for work at the...

In the European Parliament began discussion of the rules of human communication and artificial intelligence. Lawmakers must decide whether to grant robots the status of "electronic personality". These measures should protect people from psychological or physical harm from the introduction of artificial intelligence in everyday life. We asked the experts of the ITMO University, whether it is time to create a "rebetiko" if the threat of artificial intelligence for man and how it is useful to compare it with a human.

An international research consortium which includes the Centre for nanophotonics and metamaterials of the ITMO University, was among 25 winners of the grant Horizon 2020, beating more than 500 other contenders in 2016. Together with the Institute Fresnel in Marseille, Centre Neurospin of the Commissariat for atomic and alternative energies, the Center of magnetic resonance in biology and medicine (CRMBM), University research centre Utrecht, Aalto University and other partners of the St. Petersburg researchers will work on new technology to improve magnetic resonance imaging. For four years, scientists plan to create ready the device, based on a new approach that significantly accelerates and improves the MRI procedure. Researcher, Centre for nanophotonics...