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News Universiteta ITMO

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Today's digital assistants are very popular among active population: time planning, selection of relevant information, advice and automation of some common operations – all this makes the user's life, making her comfortable. And what if to take the assistant as a basis, to delegate to him part of human action, to lay in the values, personal characteristics and "release" in the digital world of the University, where "live" and communicate the same users (e.g. students and teachers)? About the idea, stages and timing of its implementation, the team, uniqueness and relevance we tell in our article about Avatar ITMO.

Today St. Petersburg celebrates his birthday. 317 years ago in the North of Russia, a city that will become one of the world's cultural and technological centers. But now in the South of the Northern capital — in the satellite city South is working on a new project, which aims to become a powerful driver for the development of the city and the country. ITMO Hipark is scientific-educational and innovative centre of world level, here will be built a Second campus of the University ITMO and research centers, dormitories for students, and in the future — will accommodate Technological valley (Tekhdolina) and Business Park. About the project history, stages and timing of its implementation, past, present and future, as well as on what tasks to tackle new...

The Inhabitants of our country in the seventy-fifth time point Victory in the most terrible war in human history. May 9, and on the eve of the great feast of Russia recalls the story of the war, its heroes, known and unknown, her numerous victims, large-scale battles. Chronicle of the great Patriotic war and Victory consists of millions of different stories: people, cities, villages, institutions, theatres, museums. Together with the Museum of history of the University ITMO talk about our heroes and the trials and victories that helped the University get through these difficult times for the world years.

Pandemic coronavirus in the first months of this year have seriously changed the lives of people around the world and led to the cancellation or the transfer of mass events — in particular, epidemiological conditions will not allow for the now familiar March of the Immortal regiment. In this regard, the organizers have decided to share online, so people can remember their loved ones at the front and tell their stories. This helps them to specialists of the National center for cognitive development (NCCR) of the ITMO University: they suggested on the basis of already created app "How we survive" to carry out online procession of the Immortal regiment 2020.

Post-Graduate student of the New Institute of the University ITMO Dmitry Gerihin became a winner of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society. This is a prestigious award for young scientists working in the field of physics of microwave radiation. The Committee evaluated the results of Dmitry on the study of topological insulators and decided to Finance his further studies. The correspondent of ITMO.NEWS contacted a physicist and know what it looks like the work of a modern scientist-investigator, what it's like to spend new year holidays in the lab, and also about how open door can distort the research results.

In early April because of the epidemic of the coronavirus students of St. Petersburg has moved to distance learning format. Then it became known that nearly 17 thousand children lack the necessary equipment to continue learning from home. The request to help students from low-income families responded to one of the graduates of the ITMO University Maxim Gavrilov and purchased for the students of computer 54. In addition to this, he sent more than 800 of respirators to the General City hospital №2. He explains the initiative that at that time he just had the opportunity to help. We contacted Maxim and talked about mutual aid during the epidemic, about the study at ITMO University, the first business idea born in a Dorm, and how to normalize the working day...

In the context of pandemic coronavirus everyone out of the house becomes a risk for humans. Whenever people are faced with a choice: whether to go to the shop or better to call the service, it is better to take the metro or safer to walk to work on the street. Scientists of the ITMO University on the basis of mathematical models have developed an application where in the form of a game shows how the strengthening or weakening of the measures of isolation and quarantine affected the risk of acquiring new infection in different countries. This work is part of a larger project on modeling social processes in the conditions of a pandemic.

If you are sitting in isolation, has managed to learn all the angles of his apartment, put all their books in alphabetical order, learn to play the clarinet, but all this does not help with the anxiety and loneliness, experts of the ITMO University have come up with a lesson just for you. They have created an app HowWeSurvive to see on an interactive map, what are people in another country, in another city or another house. The correspondent of ITMO.NEWS contacted the developers of the application and learned how it works.

Next week, Russia declared broken, and we are confident that this is the best time to take care of themselves and loved ones and stay home. However, bored in four walls it is not necessary, so GO ONLINE with us. And so you will not feel lonely, we issued special cards for the forced isolation of coronavirus pandemic, where the main St. Petersburg attractions — Peter the great, the Sphinx, the Atlanteans and the others already online. The time will come, and again we will walk at the bronze horseman. But in the meantime take care of yourself and your loved ones.

ITMO University is celebrating its 120 birthday — 26 Mar 1900 in a trade school Tsarevich Nicholas was revealed to Mechanics, optics and horology Department, from which the University and traces its history. Today is the First non-classical University of Russia is one of the leaders of higher education in the country, regularly strengthens its position in the international rankings. At the University ITMO developed as a classical discipline, and the new, with the contribution of all the scientists is difficult to overestimate. To describe the diversity of areas of study and science at the University ITMO in one article is impossible, however, ITMO.NEWS contacted several scientists, that they were talking about the past, present and future of their areas...

At the ITMO University in 2020 began the work of scientific-educational center of genomic diversity under the scientific guidance of the famous American scientist Stephen O Brian. The new structure should be an important Russian centre for bioinformatics, which will work for the Assembly of genomes of various living organisms, the study of genetic diversity of animals and people. This work should help in the fight against many diseases and also give a deeper understanding of the processes of proliferation and loss of biodiversity on the planet. The correspondent of ITMO.NEWS met with leaders of the opening of the center and found out what research they plan to conduct in the near future.

One of the most famous world platforms for programming contest — Codeforces celebrated the decade of its work. At the end of 2000-ies it was created by the lecturer of the Saratov state University Mikhail Mirzayanov as a virtual community for those who are interested to solve programming tasks. Today, Michael works at the University ITMO, which became the new home for Codeforces. The correspondent of ITMO.NEWS attended the gala evening, talked to visitors and learned from them what impact Codeforces has had on their lives and on the community.

In the ITMO University was completed Winter school "You decide!" 2020, organized by the ITMO University and the savings Bank. Five days of lectures, workshops and group work under the guidance of mentors has allowed each of the eighteen teams to prepare their own project and defend it in a short presentation. The best six projects were in the finals, and the winners received not only the opportunity to enter University with credit the entrance examination, but also valuable gifts. On the results of the winter school and its winners discuss this material.

One of the world's largest platforms for competitions on sports programming — the Codeforces platform — celebrates its tenth anniversary. In the early 2010s, it was started by a teacher of the Saratov state University Mikhail Mirzayanov. Since Codeforces has become a real social network for sports programming, where the games are held, is the communication of professionals and Amateurs from different countries. Only last January, the audience share amounted to about half a million people from around the world. The founder of platform one and a half years ago joined the team of the ITMO University. The correspondent of ITMO.NEWS met Michael and found out what the difference between competition venues ICPC, Codeforces than last year and why now the project...

The head of the laboratory hybrid nanophotonics and optoelectronics, chief researcher at physical-technical faculty of the University ITMO Sergey Makarov became the laureate of the presidential Prize in science and innovation for young scientists. The official results were announced today, February 3, in Moscow, the text of the Decree posted on the website of the President of Russia. The award recognizes the contribution of physics to the study of resonant optical properties of semiconductor nanoparticles, the use of which can help to improve solar panels and optical microscopes, as well as in the future — to advance in the fight against cancer and the creation of optical computers. Read more about the work of the researcher and its results — in the...