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News Universiteta ITMO

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On August 26 at the ITMO University has opened its 20th international scientific conference (the XX International Sol-Gel Conference) dedicated to research in the field of chemistry of solutions and colloidal systems. For the first time in 38 years, it takes place in Russia. More than 500 participants from France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Canada, China, Japan and other countries gathered in St. Petersburg to discuss the development of science in this field, to share experiences and evaluate the best work. The slogan of the conference is The next generation reflects the idea of the event in a new format. Performance of the most highly cited scientists in the world to the plenary Dokladi, support young researchers, panel discussions, an opportunity to talk...

PhD student of ITMO University Gennady Korotkevich once again not conceded to anyone the title of winner of international programming competition Google Code Jam, held this year in San Francisco on August 9. This is the sixth victory in a series win strike programmer within the bulk of the contest. In addition to the winner, in the top three of the competition, the Japanese Makoto Soejima and MIT student Andrew Heh, the debutant of the contest. Every year Google Jam is attended by over 50 thousand programmers from around the world, of which one in the finals only the top 25. Among them are also graduates of the ITMO University Boris Minaev and Eugene Kapun.

Summarized ITMO.STARS contest — a unique achievement among the talented students wishing to enroll at the University ITMO. The purpose of the program, launched last year, is to enable talented and motivated school leavers to study for free at the ITMO University, even if their exam scores do not qualify for a budget place (the only condition is that the set of minimum points). This year the competition received twice as many applications than in the past. And the winners were 15 participants who received the right to study at the University at the expense of the University.

More than a decade ago the New York Times included Marina Soljacic (Marin Soljačić) to the list of 70 authors of "exceptional and brilliant ideas." The famous scientist, laureate of numerous awards and MIT Professor primarily famous as a researcher in the field of wireless non-radiative energy transfer. His experiences and work in this area and the spirit is often compared to the ideas of Nikola Tesla. Over the past years Marin Soljacic working on the application of photonic crystals in solar energy and the use of machine learning algorithms in Photonics. A report on their latest research scientist presented at the conference MATENANO, which ended yesterday in St. Petersburg. And in an interview ITMO.NEWS he told of how IT tools are already used in science...

Oliver Graydon (Graydon Oliver) over ten years and is the chief editor of Nature Photonics, the most prestigious international journal that publishes results of original research in the field of optics and Photonics. The day before he arrived at the ITMO University, where he visited the laboratories of the International research center for nanophotonics and metamaterials, got acquainted with works of young scientists of the University, but also went to the Museum of optics. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS Oliver Graydon spoke about the key, in his view, changes in Russian science in recent time that it was most surprised in St. Petersburg, and also gave some advice to young researchers who want to publish in major international journals.

In St. Petersburg opened the fourth conference on nanophotonics and metamaterials MATENANO 2019. Every year, the event brings together scientists from universities and research centers of Germany, France, Spain, Italy, USA, UK and other countries. This year the conference, organized by the International research center for nanophotonics and metamaterials of the ITMO University, has expanded the geography and the composition of speakers and participants. Recent advances in nanophotonics, metamaterials, Biophotonics, quantum technologies and other relevant research directions will share more than 400 professionals.

From 21 to 30 June in Minsk hosted the second European games — a large-scale sporting events involving teams from more than 40 countries. At the ceremony of opening and closing, the organizers conducted a comprehensive immersion in augmented reality at the same time on mobile devices, information screens in the stadium and broadcast live on television. The development of the AR-part of the show involved the Laboratory of interactive visualization of the ITMO University. Read more about the work on show and the difficulties of development at ITMO.NEWS.

Acting of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov presented awards to the scientific staff of the ITMO University. Employee physical-technical faculty, Ivan Iorsh received the award of Euler for achievements in fundamental physics, and the research team consisting of Alexander Kapitonov, Igor and Evgeny lositsky. Savarin received the Award of St. Petersburg Government for outstanding achievements in the field of higher education and secondary vocational education expert jury paid tribute to the scientists in the development of communication between the school and the University.

The Rating was made by the edition "BUSINESS Online" to the four-year anniversary of the IT capital of Tatarstan — Innopolis. As emphasized by the authors, it included people that determine the success of the industry. Tutor of the faculty of information technologies and programming, ITMO University, two-time world champion in programming Niyaz Nigmatullin entered the top 50 ranking. A graduate of the University ITMO directs the methodological part in school Olympiad training at Innopolis University, where students from all over Russia are preparing for national and international competitions.

What does a double world champion on sports programming in graduate school? Why is still involved in various competitions in sports programming and selects as interesting? Trying to get the title "Hero of Belarus"? In all these and other questions were answered by the winner of the award "sobakawa" in the category "Science and life", PhD student of ITMO University Gennady Korotkevich. Interview the champion took Professor Anatoly Shalyto the winner of the "TOP 50. The most famous people of St. Petersburg" in 2017, and the organizer of the broadcast of world Championships in programming, a graduate of the University ITMO Lidia Perovskaya.

April 28, in Tomsk ended the national round of the world robotics competition creativity RoboCup-2019 – RoboCup Open Russia. In total, the championship was attended by 120 teams and about 500 people of different ages, all kinds of robots designed and presented by the pupils, students, and graduates. In the most creative category of the competition – "Show of robots" (RoboCup OnStage) – was made by students of the Laboratory of youth robotics in megafault of computer technology and management ITMO University. The children showed a new robot ELSA, and took the "silver" of the championship.

Recently, Forbes magazine published a new annual ranking of the "30 under 30". Specifically for the project invited members of the jury selected young visionaries to thirty years, which have already received national or international recognition of the professional community. The final list of ten people got a graduate of the University ITMO and founder of "Motor skills" Ilya Chekh, and in the hundred candidates – the General Director of small innovative enterprises of the ITMO University "Quantum communication", is also a graduate of the University Arthur Gleim.

4 April in Porto (Portugal) hosted the culmination of the international collegiate programming contest ICPC-2019. Champion's Cup is the oldest and most prestigious global programming tournament for the second time in a row goes to Moscow for the eighth consecutive year — in Russia. On the first row of the table, the ICPC — the team of the Moscow state University, which for the first time in the history of the championship, won the Cup twice in the same composition. The second result was shown by the mit team received gold medals. At the closing ceremony of the championship it was also announced that the following contest will be held in Moscow next year the championship will take Moscow Institute of physics and technology.

Yesterday in Moscow has awarded the medalists of all-Russian contest "I am a professional". This year more than 500 thousand Russian students, winners, winners and medalists of the Olympiad 3472 human. Gold medals were awarded to more than 100 participants, among them four students of the ITMO University and one graduate student. In addition to the cash prizes, the winners of the contest receive incentives to enroll in master's and doctoral studies, as well as the opportunity to complete internships in major companies. We talked with the winners and learn why they participated in the competition that they helped to win, how they plan to use won features and tools, as well as any interesting incidents happened during the competitions.

Announced the results of the national student competition "I am a professional". This year the competition was attended by more than 500 thousand students from all over Russia, medalists, winners and medalists of the Olympiad 3472 students. Among the participants who showed the best results, more than 80 students of the ITMO University, among them five gold medalists. Winners of the Olympiad will receive privileges at receipt in a magistracy and postgraduate studies in the leading universities of the country, as well as the chance to do an internship in the leading companies.