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In Stockholm ended with the Nobel week. This week it became known that the Nobel prize in physics for 2018 was awarded to Arthur Askino, Gerard Moore and Donna Strickland for pioneering inventions in the field of laser physics. As noted by the Nobel Committee of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, their discoveries revolutionized laser physics, which is why the "extremely small objects and incredibly fast processes can be observed in a new light." Together with scientists of the ITMO University scientists explain the essence of the proposed methods and what opportunities they have opened and may yet open in the future.

In 2010, Andre Geim became the laureate of the Nobel prize in physics for the discovery of graphene. Since then, the wonder material — it is the name assigned to the graphene in English literature — has become a really hot topic. Today the research group of Geim at Manchester University continues the study of two-dimensional materials and making new discoveries. Recent results and perspectives of studies of 2D heterostructures scientist presented at the conference MATENANO-2018 in Sochi. And in an interview with news portal of the ITMO University ITMO.NEWS and corporate journal of MIPT "For science", he talked about how why not a lifetime to engage in the same research area that motivates young scientists to go into fundamental science and why researchers...

In Sochi has opened the third conference on nanophotonics and metamaterials MATENANO-2018. The event takes place on September 21 on the basis of educational center "Sirius". About the latest developments in science tell leading scientists from around the world, including the Nobel prize in physics in 2010 Professor, University of Manchester Andre Geim. His report on recent developments and perspectives studies of 2D heterostructures. In General, this year the conference brought together more than 300 participants from Europe, USA, Australia and Southeast Asia.

International Union of pure and applied chemistry (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry — IUPAC) and UNESCO has officially endorsed the holding of the fourth in the history of the conference, dedicated to the periodic table of chemical elements. The venue of the conference, which kicks off exactly one year later, on July 26, 2019, will be the ITMO University. The event will be held in celebration of the International year of the periodic table of the chemical elements UN and will bring together leading scientists-chemists, physicists, historians and philosophers of chemistry, faculty of chemistry, Russia, USA, UK, Spain, New Zealand, Taiwan, Italy, Germany, Poland and other countries.

The President of LEGO Education International Esben stark and the head of the Russian office of LEGO Education Russia&CIS; Olga Lombas visited the ITMO University to discuss cooperation opportunities with the University in the development of educational projects. Mission LEGO Education and the ITMO University are the same: is the education of creative, outside the box thinking professionals who will work in an ever-changing world of new technologies. The collaboration of the company and University will allow to develop in children those skills are still at school, then they become motivated and not afraid of challenging professionals.

On the Eve of the youth Day, held its annual Ceremony honoring the best graduates of Saint-Petersburg. At the ceremony, held for the 16th time in the Atrium of the Commandant's house of Peter and Paul fortress, sounded the names of the best graduates of the city. To congratulate young specialists came the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Vladimir Kirillov, the first Deputy Chairman of the Union of rectors and other representatives of universities of the Northern capital. University ITMO was represented by master of the Department of computer technology of the ITMO University Gennady Korotkevich is the most famous programmer in the world.

On the Eve of the Innopolis University in Tatarstan, has ended all-Russia robotics Olympiad. School team of the ITMO University on robotics took first place in the senior group creative categories, developing the project "Strawberry Fields" to create a "smart patch" using technologies of Soft Robotics. But members of the younger group presented on the competition of Apple picker "AppleBot" and in the end won the silver medal. Just for a victory at competitions and the opportunity to be part of the Russian national team and represent our country at the WRO 2018 fought 600 enthusiasts from 60 regions of Russia.

Scientists of the international scientific laboratory SCAMT of the ITMO University together with the developers of the project Aira and information security specialists develop a system to control the entire manufacturing process of drugs and chemicals. The system is being implemented on the basis of a new lab product called "Nanodoctor" product based on chlorine dioxide, is able to neutralize almost all the virus and bacteria. Product feature — improved structure which does not allow to accumulate harmful substances in the production process and the new organization of the quality control process of the drug based on blockchain technology. According to the concept of the project, owing to the developed system by the end user, by scanning a QR code...

Seven years ago at the University ITMO was created the laboratory "Metamaterials". It started with grant, who won the world's leading scientist, one of the most cited physicists Yuri Kivshar. Over the years the University has opened the chair, and then the international research Centre for nanophotonics and metamaterials. Under the leadership of Yuri Civera researchers at the center were among the first in the world, who started to work in a completely new direction — dielectric nanophotonics, or "medoptika", as he calls it himself a scientist. While the scientist was in St. Petersburg, asked him about current projects, prospects of the non-classical direction nanophotonics and why should not a life of the same scientific theme.

At the end of April, Dublin hosted the final competitions in solving engineering problems Google Hash Code 2018, which annually gathers tens of thousands of students and professionals in the field of programming from Europe, Middle East and Africa. A team of students of the ITMO University, which included world Champions on programming 2017, undergraduates, Department of computer technologies Ilya Sbang and Ivan Belonogov, bronze medalist of this year, a second year student of bachelor CT Department Mikhail Putilin and silver and bronze medalist of the world championship 2016 and 2014, student, Department of information systems Adam Bardachevich won, beating out 39 teams from 15 countries. In the final, participants had to solve the optimization problem...

How to create instruments that allow early detection of dangerous diseases? We helped to construct a surface that allows you to grow neurons in artificial conditions? And why are scientist today not enough to be an expert in a particular narrow area? These are the questions we asked the Professor of Tallinn technical University, invited Professor of the international research center of functional materials and devices of optoelectronics of the University ITMO Irina Khusainova. This year for her work she was awarded the title of "Scientist of the year" in Estonia, and recently Irina Khusainova came to St. Petersburg to continue the joint research. Of key developments in the field of Biomedicine and additive technologies, the prospects of working with the...

In Beijing April 19, the culmination of the world programming Championship ACM ICPC-2018. The championship trophy once again went to Russia, but this time, for the first time in history, in Moscow. At the top of the standings ACM ICPC Moscow state University. The second result showed the team of the Moscow physical-technical Institute, received a gold medal. For the rest of the Russian teams games in Beijing has not been the most successful. The team of the ITMO University, the current record holder for number of victories in the championship, won the "bronze" of the competition. Among the winners of the ACM ICPC-2018 — four of the Russian team.

Became known the results of the program the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program in 2018, which is supported by the Ministry of foreign Affairs and international development of France. One of the winners of 60 scholarships for PhD from all over the world became post-graduate student of chair of applied biotechnology, member of the International scientific centre "Biotechnology of the third Millennium" Darya Kuznetsova. Participation in the program enables young scientists to conduct research under the guidance of specialists from the leading laboratories of France. Now she is doing research and development of functional foods that will be able to expand the range of possibilities in preventing the development of neurodegenerative diseases such as...

On Sunday at the ITMO University summed up the results of the Olympiad "ITMO Vkontakte". This year the competition was attended by more than 3000 students from 70 regions of Russia and CIS countries, who were able to test their knowledge in six disciplines. An open lecture about data analysis and machine learning technologies to the finalists of the Olympiad was made by the Director of growth and research, "Vkontakte" and a graduate of the University ITMO Andrey Laws. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, he talked about how machine learning algorithms are already changing the most popular social network in Russia, students can now begin to take in this area and what skills will be useful to those who want to become part of the team of "Vkontakte".

On Sunday, April 8, at the ITMO University has defined winners and prize-winners of the Olympic games held in the social network "Vkontakte", — "ITMO Vkontakte". This year more than three thousand people from 70 Russian regions and CIS countries took part in Olympiads, without leaving the social network. Reached the final of 449 students, during the on-site phase which was held from April 6 to April 8 in St. Petersburg, the best of the best competed for the main prize — 10 points to the total score of the exam for individual achievement for admission to the ITMO University, as well as branded gifts from the University and tickets to the biggest festival of St. Petersburg VK Fest.