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On 6 October the ITMO University held the II Regional School competitions in the field of security in St. Petersburg "SPb School CTF-2018", organized by the ITMO University and the "Association of chief information security" (mroo ARSIB). Victory among school teams of the city was won by the team of the ITMO University ITMO KIDS. It is noteworthy that the "gold" team consisted of only two participants — Artem Siloviki from the 11th grade of gymnasium №261 and Yuriy Grishin from the 7th grade of Lyceum No. 486, while the teams they were involved in an average of six people. In addition, the competition was attended by the team from Moscow.

In Stockholm ended with the Nobel week. This week it became known that the Nobel prize in physics for 2018 was awarded to Arthur Askino, Gerard Moore and Donna Strickland for pioneering inventions in the field of laser physics. As noted by the Nobel Committee of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, their discoveries revolutionized laser physics, which is why the "extremely small objects and incredibly fast processes can be observed in a new light." Together with scientists of the ITMO University scientists explain the essence of the proposed methods and what opportunities they have opened and may yet open in the future.

In 2010, Andre Geim became the laureate of the Nobel prize in physics for the discovery of graphene. Since then, the wonder material — it is the name assigned to the graphene in English literature — has become a really hot topic. Today the research group of Geim at Manchester University continues the study of two-dimensional materials and making new discoveries. Recent results and perspectives of studies of 2D heterostructures scientist presented at the conference MATENANO-2018 in Sochi. And in an interview with news portal of the ITMO University ITMO.NEWS and corporate journal of MIPT "For science", he talked about how why not a lifetime to engage in the same research area that motivates young scientists to go into fundamental science and why researchers...

In Sochi has opened the third conference on nanophotonics and metamaterials MATENANO-2018. The event takes place on September 21 on the basis of educational center "Sirius". About the latest developments in science tell leading scientists from around the world, including the Nobel prize in physics in 2010 Professor, University of Manchester Andre Geim. His report on recent developments and perspectives studies of 2D heterostructures. In General, this year the conference brought together more than 300 participants from Europe, USA, Australia and Southeast Asia.