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News Universiteta ITMO

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Russian company to develop solutions for information security InfoWatch opened in the University ITMO training center "ITMO–InfoWatch". The ceremony took place on January 18. In the specialized computer class students will learn to work with the analytical information security systems of the company. Thus, students can learn first-hand about the modern tools used in the leading IT–companies of Russia and CIS countries.

The Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation and the Council on grants of the President of the Russian Federation summed up the results of the open public competition for grants of President of Russian Federation for young scientists and graduate students who carry out advanced research and development in priority directions of modernization of the Russian economy in 2018-2020. Applications filed more than 2,000 participants. Among the 575 researchers who win scholarships to eleven young scientists of the ITMO University.

The international scientific-educational center for physics of nanostructures of the ITMO University together with Professor Andrey Rogach has won the megagrant of the Russian government, within which will be created in the laboratory "light-Emitting carbon quantum nanostructures". In it, researchers will explore new methods of synthesis of carbon points to be used as elements of the LEDs, as well as for biomedical sensing, that is, the determination of chemical substances in living tissues. New environmentally friendly structure will be consistent with the trends of "green" nanophotonics.

Fiery hair ambitious robot Seldon, almost and became a YouTube star, "lit up" at the international robotic competition RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2017, which ended recently in Thailand. With his room, he took second place in the category On Stage among juniors. Overall, the Russian team were worthy of the contest and the Pacific. So, the team from Yekaterinburg became the winner in one of nominations in the Junior category. Five teams, representing Tomsk oblast was among the winners in the various leagues.

A Team of first-year students of the ITMO University took the first place in the competition Robotex-2017, recently became the largest robotics competition in Europe. Just the competition was presented on 24 nominations. The team of the ITMO University won in the category of unmanned aircraft (DJI Drone Race), ahead of the Tallinn University of technology. ITMO.NEWS talks about the new team of winners and how the participants gained their first win of the status of students of the ITMO University.

On the Eve in Costa Rica concluded world robot Olympiad WRO-2017 – international competition for talented pupils and students from more than 60 countries. School team of the ITMO University under the guidance of coach Igor lositsky. won gold in senior category. In General, the Russian team received the highest awards in all three age groups, main categories, took all the prizes in the Junior category, the third place in the robotic soccer, and also scored two wins in the creative category.

Group the world's leading experts on attacks on devices quantum communications from the University of Waterloo (Canada) under the guidance of Professor Vadim Makarov conducted a security analysis of quantum networks established at the ITMO University. As a result of joint research, the scientists verified the existence of potential vulnerabilities and suggested ways of addressing them, which is extremely important for the practical implementation of the technology. The work carried out at the ITMO University, as well as key prospects for the development of quantum communications for the next five years — read our material.

Today Artem Oganov is considered one of the most famous Russian scientists of a new generation. Crystallography-theorist, Creator of a number of new materials and the main methods that allow you to access the new content, a few years ago he decided who was considered an unsolvable problem of predicting the crystal structure of a substance based on its chemical composition, have created a program that is able to predict stable chemical compounds in the set of source elements. Open so impressive that many consider it to be one of the potential candidates for the Nobel prize in the coming years. Having worked abroad in England, Switzerland, USA — 17 years, at the age of 37, he decided to return to Russia, where he became a Professor of Skoltech and headed the...

Today, October 28, at the residence of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region (Yekaterinburg) were summed up the results of the meeting of the Council on enhancing the competitiveness of leading universities among major global scientific and educational centres, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets. Council members appreciated the success of the universities-participants of the Project 5-100 and their road map for 2018-2020. A leading group of Project 5-100 entered the HSE, ITMO University, MEPhI, MIPT, NSU, nust "MISIS", TSU.

On the Eve of one of the cinema capitals of the world, in Cannes, hosted the annual international Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. For seven years on the Cote d'azur for victory and recognition in the field of corporate and documentary films are competing filmmakers, agencies, television channels and even students. This year the ITMO University took part in the event and immediately won in the category "Marketing communications – B2C" won the silver "Dolphin".

High School robotics team of the University ITMO took place in the final of the International robot Olympiad, which will be held in November in Costa Rica. The main theme of this year's competition – sustainable development in environmental, economic and social spheres. So, the school team the first nonclassical of the University will show the world your robot Forester, which can automatically monitor the environmental status of forests. In addition to the "Forester" in Costa Rica will go three more Russian robot.

Scientists finally got the opportunities they wanted for many decades – they opened on September 1 in Hamburg, together with x-ray free electron laser (European XFEL). In the near future thanks to megosteve the world can expect the most important discoveries that previously simply was not powerful enough equipment, I'm sure the graduate student Dmitry Potorochin that is already in the middle of September will go to Germany to work on projects for the XFEL. An aspiring scientist has become the first graduate student who will study at joint educational program between the University ITMO and the Freiberg mining Academy, which aims, in particular, to develop research projects for mega-installations. Dmitry told ITMO.NEWS that he expects the work, which science...

For the right to host the twentieth anniversary of the international conference on solution chemistry in 2019 struggled universities from Switzerland, Greece and Russia. The winner was the application of the ITMO University, scientists who won prestigious prize in the field of Sol-gel technology Ulrich Award. At the conference, the University plans to welcome about 800 young scientists from all over the world.

September 1 was the official opening of the European x-ray free electron laser (European XFEL) in Hamburg. Megosteve will allow you to track chemical and biological reactions, physical processes at the atomic level and even record these processes in a video format. Due to this, scientists will be able to see processes that are impossible to detect by other means. This can lead in particular to the creation of new medicines and for fundamental breakthroughs in physics. In opening ceremony took part the rector of the University ITMO Vladimir Vasiliev and the Vice-rector for international activities of Darya Kozlova.

High school of the light design of the ITMO University entered the top 5 best universities in the world in the field of lighting design for the largest version of the European Convention of lighting designers PLDC and authoritative award PLDR. Among the nominees for the prestigious award in the short list were universities and industry professionals from Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK. The winner will be announced in November 2017 in Paris. On the criteria of the competition, key projects and how in just two years the graduate school of the light design of the ITMO University, the school managed to create a new approach to work and educational process at ITMO.NEWS.