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Housing Problems exist for centuries. Housing no free. New housing is not built. And the queue for the Executive committees of all augmented by those who before others has the right. The neocaledonica ahead pervoocherednikov. And those and others abound, and hope for change is hardly necessary. Same situation with the ATO. After all combatants have a right to priority [...]

Debts debts to Pay. Sometimes there are difficulties. Then the problem of collection threats facing many Ukrainians. Often during performance of its work, the collectors are outside the scope of the law and the legal ignorance of citizens gives a good reason for this. What should you do if you are threatened with punishment for non-payment? How to act if you ... Read more "

Ice this year was, unfortunately, invincible to public utilities, and not less merciless to the inhabitants of towns and villages. Emergency rooms and trauma wards are filling up, because the citizens know yourself fall and break limbs. What to do in this case? It is worth to know everyone! Need to know the priority actions in the fall and the injury, then had the opportunity to ... Read more "

The System of free legal aid is rapidly developing. A growing number of Ukrainians knows and uses social programme implemented by the Ministry of justice of Ukraine. To find out contact the nearest centre or Bureau, the Ukrainians can call 0-800-213-103. What has changed and what are the successes in the system? From 1 July 2015 across the country opened 100 local centers for free secondary legal ... Read more "

Remember the saying "the Law is there, but it's not working"? On paper says one thing and lives another. So for a long time and had benefits in education of the combatants — the ATO participants, their children, children of fallen heroes, children of immigrants. People grumbled, complained, filed lawsuits, in a word — banging his head against the wall. Finally, ... Read more "

More recently, there have been changes in the regulatory framework for the issuance of passports. Thus, the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 26.10.2016 No. 745 approved the Order of registration, issuance, exchange, transfer, withdrawal, return to the state and destruction of the passport of the citizen of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of 02.11.2016 No. 770 approved prices for services in registration of a regular and foreign passports. Where you can get a passport ... Read more "

Rest in Carpathians can be very diverse — from sightseeing tours organized by tour and travel agencies to independent Hiking on developed trails. The climbs in the mountains, goes to the mountain, gathering mushrooms and berries, visiting waterfalls, ski lifts, museums, castles and much more will bring so much impressions that will last for a whole year, because next ... Read more "

The Mountain rivers and streams in the Carpathian mountains a lot. They all take roots in the upper reaches of the mountains and gradually getting more small channels, becoming deeper and faster. One of the biggest rivers in the Carpathians — Prut, Tysa, Cheremosh. It Cheremosh, but if you have more then the Black Cheremosh river, became a favorite place for lovers of rafting. Zip on the raging river, ... Read more "

To receive the benefit malomernym, you need to declare and confirm the income of all family members in the previous six months. What do women, if the husband is the income certificate can not take? In such a situation, a significant advantage will be the income support issue which will be easy now. Families of ATO participants often turned to the social protection agencies to assign benefits to the poor. In a situation when ... Read more "

The Government of Ukraine to stabilize economic situation of the population and all of our state of balance of work of the enterprises of housing and communal complex, the conservation and economical use of budget funds, changes were made in the Procedure for granting housing subsidies and the regulatory framework for housing and communal services. What lies behind this phrase? Too many wanted and were issued a grant in the last heating season. ... Read more "

Always nice when the income increases. The more the better. But often only the regular increase of incomes due to the increase of the subsistence minimum. last time it was raised from 1 September 2015. In 2016 it was raised from may 1 and will next rise on 1 December. On what to expect and how ... Read more "

Combatants interested in whether they are eligible for an exemption from the registration fee and administration fee for registration of rights to immovable property. Answered the question consultants Seventh Krivoy Rog state notaries. Who is exempt from the administrative fee for registration of rights on real estate? According to the Law of Ukraine "On state registration of the ware rights to immovable property and their encumbrances" are exempt ... Read more "

If negligent parents evade alimony payments, the moms who have to think how to keep themselves and their children independently consider every penny. And how disappointing when the time comes, money is worthless, and debts are rising. Now child support will be subject to indexation and their size will be at least slightly, but increase. Indexation of the alimony by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on 17 may ... Read more "

Returning from a front line soldiers, especially if they are over 50, not so easy to find a job. Some of them gladly took to early retirement. But for this to be possible, you need to make a number of amendments to the legislation. And such amendments have already been prepared. If MPs agree, the defenders of Ukraine, participants of the ATO, can still confer the right of early exit ... Read more "

Rights of combatants primarily written in the Law of Ukraine "On status of war veterans, guarantees of their social protection". But very often, in order to enforce certain provisions of the law, it is necessary to examine the entire database and regulations standards. If we are talking about bishopstone reception of medicines, this order is defined in accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 17.08.1998 №1303 ... Read more "