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In Ukraine from 1 December 2017 to raise the subsistence minimum on the average up to 1700 UAH. per person per month, respectively will grow and all the social benefits attached to it. What sizes do you expect the Ukrainians, who receive social assistance from the State budget of Ukraine, learn the article. So, for basic social and demographic population groups with 1 [...]

From time to Time in the media there are reports that the differential voltage consumers of electricity, burned electrical engineering. What to do in case of such emergencies in your apartment? You need to properly document the violations, in order then to prove the guilt of the perpetrators in court and pay damages. First and foremost, you need to call the dispatcher of the power grid [...]

What to do if you have substandard utilities? Each of us may be faced with unsatisfactory heating, voltage surges, flooding apartments, and the like. What to do if you want to appeal the actions of the supplier, to achieve recalculation of the accrued payments? To make a complaint. Let's learn to do it right! Regulatory framework 1. The law of Ukraine “On protection of consumer rights”. 2. The law of Ukraine “On housing and communal services”. 3. [...]

Pravobranitelj National project "I HAVE a RIGHT" is implemented by the Ministry of justice of Ukraine in cooperation with the system of free legal aid and the territorial bodies of justice. It aims to raise legal literacy of Ukrainians and establish a new legal culture in society. The project aims not only to inform citizens about their rights, but also to teach them how to protect these rights For this ready [...]

Ukraine has stirred up plenty of discontent of inhabitants of apartment houses. They are faced with the fact that one gas suppliers have sets of housing the meter, others without their consent, against their will — obschedomovoy. Disagree to install common parts charged exorbitant amounts. Kryvyi Rih, monay, Yellow Water, Zelenodolsk... this is a list of the cities of the Dnipropetrovsk region, where residents actively stated: "We agree!". The legal basis [...]

The Issue of ensuring inclusive education is often raised by parents of children with disabilities. How to organize a bid of assistant teachers in the school? Where to go and on what basis this should make the management of the institution? According to the number of pupils with special educational needs the head of the educational institution determines the number of teachers of special education, assistant teachers and, if necessary, assistants of the child. This corresponds to paragraph 3 of the order of the Ministry [...]

Remember that every citizen to protect their rights has the right to appeal to the court (including appeal against the actions or inaction of state authorities, actions of other persons and the like). To appeal to the court need qualified legal assistance provided by lawyers. According to the law of Ukraine "On free legal aid" provides for the provision of free secondary legal aid to certain categories of citizens. [...]

We will talk about some of the easy (electronic) and effective (written) application forms in Force of Ukraine "About addresses of citizens" and according to the law of Ukraine "On free legal assistance". To distinguish between the legal grounds for appeals should learn, because it affects the result. Therefore, every citizen has the right to appeal, which he may make a complaint, [...]

Very often because of our ignorance we lose the opportunity. We don't know where to ask, where to get legal information, don't know what it is, what is the norm can help us in solving problems. Tell you a secret. There are organs where everyone knows. And if you do not know, are required to send a citizen for the free primary legal assistance by appointment during the [...]

The income support provided by the Law of Ukraine "On state social assistance to needy families". But the formula is so complicated that a change in the subsistence level of families applying for this type of support from the state, there is a lot of questions. Let's count together? For the purpose of this type of allowance is taken account of guaranteed subsistence minimum, the size of which is: for able-bodied [...]

Live and learn! especially if you want to use the subsidy. Since the legislation on this issue changed at least once a year. What are the new changes, what the Ukrainians expect from the state – could, correspondents Boosters.Info. April 26, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted decree No. 300, which was a landmark. Because it brings to the Ukrainians a nice [...]

May 1, 2017 in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On state budget for 2017" increases the minimum subsistence level. And that will be the precondition for increase of social payments, the amount of which is pegged to the subsistence level. The size of the subsistence minimum from 1 may 2017 To working — 1684 UAH. For the disabled (persons with disabilities) — 1312 UAH. [...]

Are There any benefits to training for immigrants? For persons up to 23 years of targeted government support for vocational and higher education, for all other vouchers from the State employment service. The conditions, procedure and regulatory framework find out in the article. What should be the procedure of immigrants to receive state targeted support [...]

Housing Problems exist for centuries. Housing no free. New housing is not built. And the queue for the Executive committees of all augmented by those who before others has the right. The neocaledonica ahead pervoocherednikov. And those and others abound, and hope for change is hardly necessary. Same situation with the ATO. After all combatants have a right to priority [...]

Debts debts to Pay. Sometimes there are difficulties. Then the problem of collection threats facing many Ukrainians. Often during performance of its work, the collectors are outside the scope of the law and the legal ignorance of citizens gives a good reason for this. What should you do if you are threatened with punishment for non-payment? How to act if you ... Read more "