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Every summer, urban heating network carried out a complex of actions for repair and examination of the main networks. Autonomous system of water heating is no exception, on the contrary they need more attention. About summer service water heating we will cover in this article.

Contrast bathing is an integral and very useful part of bath procedures. But often there is only a bath tub with Procida, and meanwhile to build a small plunge pool is not as difficult as it may seem. About its performance in the home bath we will cover in this article.

Ground water is able to clean the soil under the Foundation of a country house that can cause severe settling of the building. Also perched groundwater can seriously hinder the growing of many fruit trees. How to make a drainage area with your hands, you will learn from this article.

Brick screen heater is advantageous high ability to accumulate heat, provides additional protection from burns. Self-impose a sauna stove, the task is not particularly difficult. We have prepared for you a detailed guide to the selection of materials and technique of laying.

Even the most unsightly fence, entwined with twine plants, looks beautiful and original. In addition, such a planting will help to protect the area from dust and noise of the street. We will tell you how to select and properly plant the plants for landscaping fence or pergola and how to care for them.

Finish fireplace natural stone looks much more impressive in an unassuming brick walls. For facing the fireplace stone with their hands must learn to choose the right material to prepare base and carry out facing works. We will tell you about the main nuances and fine works.

In our how we described the types of technology insulation of brick walls under facade "wet" technology. You will learn about the benefits of two major types of insulation, their application in different climatic conditions and the process of assembling the insulation of the building.

There are different ways of insulating walls of expanded polystyrene. Some are used only during the construction phase, for example, permanent formwork or kolodtsevaja masonry, and there are those that are possible for the old house. And at least two such "universal" way feasible with their hands.

So exactly and neatly cut glass, no need to be hereditary glazier, enough high-quality glass cutter and a little preliminary practice. Today we'll show you how to use two basic varieties of curtains, let's discuss the aspects of the selection and techniques for working with them.

Plumb lines and water levels are gradually fading into oblivion, because most masons and decorators use laser levels and builders of planes that maintain the quality of work at a high pace. We will tell you about the different types of levels and seostrategy.

None of the infield is not without currants. which says a lot. What is different varieties of black currants from the red and white, how to grow and care for her how to increase the yield? This and many other questions will be discussed in this article.

After many years of use on the bottom of the well accumulates a lot of silt, the water becomes cloudy, there is an unpleasant taste and smell. To avoid loss of useful depth and reduction in water quality, periodically clean and repair the well. How to do it with your hands, you will learn from our article.

, the Speech today will focus on how to bring back the old metal or acrylic bath is the old look, which was spoiled by the limestone sediment and rust. Are the stages of mechanical and chemical cleaning, variety of specialty chemicals and enamel paints.

Is it Difficult to develop their own circuit water heating in multi-storey building? Of course, its difficulties in this matter, but in General, the collateral performance and a proper combination of standard solutions. We want to tell you about what the scheme of heating is optimal for a two-story house.

This article provides step-by-step how to build folding attic stairs. You will learn how to assemble the main hinge member, to make sections of steps and how to reinforce the design into the installation position. The article contains diagrams and drawings.