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Plumb lines and water levels are gradually fading into oblivion, because most masons and decorators use laser levels and builders of planes that maintain the quality of work at a high pace. We will tell you about the different types of levels and seostrategy.

None of the infield is not without currants. which says a lot. What is different varieties of black currants from the red and white, how to grow and care for her how to increase the yield? This and many other questions will be discussed in this article.

After many years of use on the bottom of the well accumulates a lot of silt, the water becomes cloudy, there is an unpleasant taste and smell. To avoid loss of useful depth and reduction in water quality, periodically clean and repair the well. How to do it with your hands, you will learn from our article.

, the Speech today will focus on how to bring back the old metal or acrylic bath is the old look, which was spoiled by the limestone sediment and rust. Are the stages of mechanical and chemical cleaning, variety of specialty chemicals and enamel paints.

Is it Difficult to develop their own circuit water heating in multi-storey building? Of course, its difficulties in this matter, but in General, the collateral performance and a proper combination of standard solutions. We want to tell you about what the scheme of heating is optimal for a two-story house.

This article provides step-by-step how to build folding attic stairs. You will learn how to assemble the main hinge member, to make sections of steps and how to reinforce the design into the installation position. The article contains diagrams and drawings.

If your house has many expensive appliances, it is better to take care of the comprehensive protection of the electric grid. In this article we will talk about the devices of protection against pulse overvoltage why they are needed, what are and how to install.

After Reading this article, you will learn where to pick a location for the optimal placement of water wells on the site how to choose where to install and how to connect the automatic pumping station for the construction of Autonomous vodopada country house or Villa, what types of pipes are best to use for this and how to choose filters for water purification.

In this article you will learn what problems can occur in automation of gas boilers, why does ignite a pilot light, which the boiler can no reason to disconnect, and most importantly, understand what actions you need to take to diagnose and resolve the defect.

Now get free electricity from wind is possible. There are several options of turbines: vertical and horizontal axis. To collect the vertical wind turbine with your hands can practically everyone how to do it, read our article.

Having high creative potential, many of us want to design their homes on their own, but don't know where to start. Offer you advice on what to look for and how to Express their ideas in the process of implementation of the design project of the interior on their own.

For many artists of the repair hammer is the main working tool and its failure becomes a real tragedy. To work is not standing, should learn how to serve the punch and be able to perform small repairs on their hands directly in the workplace.

For drilling of wells and excavation of garden drill may be an indispensable tool. We will tell you how to do a manual garden auger with their hands, consider the basic variants of manufacture and of operation. Will also be given practical advice and tips.

Strawberry or, as it is called, strawberries are incredibly tasty and useful berry, which can be found on almost every plot. In the article we consider the basic intricacies of growing and caring for this popular culture, the observance of which will allow you to obtain a good harvest.

Offer you to discuss the construction of housing for home guard dog. We will tell you what enclosure is best to keep your pet, what materials to build shelter and how to organize the interior to the protector of the home spent time with comfort.