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1000 secrets

1000 secrets homemaking: secrets of home coziness, beauty and health. Cooking tips, useful properties of foods.

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Hair needs of each person. Quickly dry your hair after a shower, put them in your hair style - these are the main tasks of the hair dryer. Manufacturers offer many different models, all of them dry out hair, but need to know which is best. The modern market offers a huge selection of models, fans of different capacities, number of heads, the location of the handles and control buttons. Hairdryers on the specifics of the [...]

Blueberry is a real treasure of useful substances, it is also valuable medicinal plant. Not only the berries, but blueberry leaves restore many functions of the body, preventing the aging. In national medicine use not only the berries, but also the useful properties of bilberry leaves. Use them both fresh and dry. Blueberries are rich in vitamin A, b vitamins, With [...]

Cranberry - tasty and useful berry, it has a lot of useful and medicinal properties. How to use and store the cranberries help of our helpful tips. Cranberries are usually collected in the last months of autumn. It grows in wet swampy areas and frequently it is simply impossible to collect until podmerznet. In ancient times people understood that cranberry has a lot of useful [...]

Preparing for any occasion, whether a wedding, an anniversary, we must think almost the most important thing - gift. It is not easy, because you want to presented thing remained on the memory was correct. Not always an invitation comes from close friends, choose a gift for which it is difficult because these people you [...]

Many plants possess useful properties. Especially appreciated aloe (agave). The amazing healing ability of this plant is still not fully understood, but it is useful to grow in every home. Spiky green fleshy stems in pots - for many familiar from childhood picture. This plant is cultivated grandmother, many homes have it now. Care of the agave simple. [...]

The human Brain is the most unknown and wonderful organ. What determines the mental activity and memory? The effect on the ability of human food and way of life? Many believe that mental abilities depend on genes, smart parents and children, intelligent, and this is already apparent in early childhood. But there are the cases when the twins, who grew up in different conditions, [...]

Ability to behave at the table always distinguished cultural rights from the savage, so good manners taught from childhood. But if not taught, it does not matter, simple grandma's secrets will help to find them at any age. Learn how to behave at the table is not difficult, the rules are not so many and all of them know and those who do not know [...]

Today one of the most popular design solutions is led illumination of interior. Skillfully using the directional lighting allows to drastically improve and decorate the room. Skillfully set lighting accents give the possibility to extend space and to provide the necessary elements of the interior. A wide range of techniques allows the designer to create unique effects with the play of light and shadow. On the lighting market [...]

Lighting in the living room is one of the most important tasks in the interior. Only the right choice of lamps and optimal placement will emphasize the dignity of the premises and hide its flaws. Long gone are the days when the only way of lighting the living room was chandelier in the center of the ceiling. Beautiful lampshade served as an important element of decoration. Under the chandelier was a table covered with a tablecloth, which [...]

Going to visit friends in addition to the usual set - cake, candy, a bottle of something not very useful for health, many people try to find an original gift, something that will surprise and delight. Such a gift should be inexpensive and non-binding, if you invite a guest, not on the occasion of important events, and just chat. A small [...]

Sometimes there is a feeling that our discontent was born before us. Otherwise, how can one explain the fact that we recently have suffered from the heat and stuffiness with the arrival of the first autumn days begin to dream of a beautiful summer sun? And let's do the opposite, run the spleen and will not simply enjoy the cool autumn days, but try to create a [...]

With the onset of the cold season in fashion are warm and dense materials, including luxurious velvet. The word «velvet» I want to add the adjective «Royal», since for many centuries, this material was available only to the elite. Velvet comes from China, where it was made of silk already in the III century BC In VII-VIII [...]

Healthy skin of a person with white teeth, thick, shiny hair is the dream of every woman. Every day look beautiful without makeup, you should always take care of their appearance. Beautiful dreams to be for every woman! Very young girls for a long time looking at himself in the mirror, trying to assess his appearance. Young girls suffer from all sorts of troubles - of spots, freckles, extra pounds, which spoil the [...]

Winter skin of the faces of many people flakes, becomes dry or rough, lips crack. Winter winds and cold weather can't be undone, and care for the skin you want. Useful advice for face skin care in winter. Adverse factors affecting the condition of the skin in the winter Cold, wind, low temperatures adversely affect the human skin. Exposure to cold causes thickening of corneal [...]

Lose weight is a dream of many. And start this process usually recommend with medical starvation or strict adherence to the requirements of any diet. But very often, the better results will only change some habits. Thick not to be so beautiful and it's not OK. Slim figures always more attractive than swollen fat. Skinny people more active and healthier. That's why most of us tends to [...]