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The CRO-magnons, the first humans, genetically indistinguishable from us, there were approximately 40 000 years ago. But the history of human civilization did not begin with the first man, and not even with the conquest of the first people of the fire. the First crops — that gave rise to human civilization and became the basis for the explosive growth of human population during the Neolithic revolution. To some it may seem ridiculous, but human civilization began with the first cakes and cereals&nb;... This article describe tags: civilization, human civilization, crops

As rightly noted Ovid, hairstyles great variety. And more to come. There are criteria that allow almost immediately to determine which of them deserves the attention of girls, and the photo which is better (with a sigh of regret) to postpone. of Course, hairstyle and pick up for growth, and to the figure. However, the decisive factor remains, as usual, the shape of the face. Simple and austere if you are sure that possess a classic profile, feel free to Zach... This article describe tags: modern fashion, hairstyle, hair

Historical Syunik (Sisakan, Zangezur) — a very loose concept, from the shores of lake Sevan in the North, to the modern border with Iran to the South, bordering with Karabakh in the East and sometimes even including now the Azerbaijani region of Nakhichevan in the West. the History of its saturated weight of any kind of processing. For example, in the middle ages the same Dzor was part of Syunik Kingdom. Lori later became the present Armenian territory, but on the other... This article describe tags: Armenia, interesting attractions

I have is a question: why, with all the technical progress and so-called human evolution, our life becomes easier, simpler, and we, therefore, happier and on the contrary, are forced to spin a squirrel in its wheel faster and faster? yesterday to find out that there mom what Saratov and Dnepropetrovsk, we had first come home, or on the telephone, to dial a phone number with country code, and before &... This article describe tags: human needs, consumption

Long ago dispelled the myth that love in the virtual world looking for only losers. Beautiful smart women, and wealthy adequate men also sit in the evening sometimes for the monitor in the hope of "today" to find in the vastness of the Internet your soul mate. And despite the failed attempts, repeat the search again and again. How is solved the issue of creating families before the emergence of the world wide web? was a matchmaker... to Contact them... This article describe tags: online Dating, family creation, virtual communication

The situation with the question, of course, is quite curious, since the media often reported on high-profile trials, during which the stars of show business and cinema are trying to obtain financial compensation for their intimate photo. Sometimes they manage to win the trial. But most often the court rejects the claim on the grounds that the photos were in free access and permission to view them or use prin... This article describe tags: use photos, information security

We have already invited you to visit three beautiful city on the great Volga river — Samara, Togliatti and Syzran. We talked about the longest in Russia Samara embankment, which is so pleasant to drink original beer of a local brewery, one of the oldest in the country. Talked about the city of Stavropol, which was moved to a new location and renamed Togliatti. Even wrote about Syzran "tomatoes" because tomatoes from this city is officially the most delicious... This article describe tags: river Volga, travelling in Russia, interesting sights

This question may seem very easy for the reason that the answer is "spinning" in the language: of course, chili! Indeed, the pepper is very spicy and burns so that tears flow from the eyes and breath, even if a bit on the language taken in excess. However the answer is wrong. Why? the fact that in Russia and some other countries made all the hot peppers with a spicy flavor called "Chile", naively believing that their homeland... This article describe tags: hot pepper, spicy taste

The Book by Susan Forward "Toxic parents" consists of two parts and is intended primarily for those people who in childhood was what is called, a child unloved and/or abused (in the book it is called the word "abuse” on the part of parents. The book will be equally interesting to psychologists and psychotherapists, as well as those interested in the topic of domestic violence. it is important that Susan does not theorize about the cruelty of parents, and gives a clear class.... This article describe tags: description books, parent-child relationships

No city can exist without the infusion of pure water and without sanitation. It is only in the Middle ages the Europeans somehow managed to live without spilling wastes through the Windows into the streets and on the heads of passers-by, from-for what there was a fashion for very wide-brimmed hat: if you throw a chamber pot, will suffer only the hat, and it can be cleaned. However, more than 1,000 years before that time the capital of the Roman Empire already had plumbing and sewers! aqueduct in Rome. This article describe tags: Ancient Rome, water supply and drainage

May persistently knocking at the door. Here it is the long awaited and beautiful spring, which is so wanted! Warm days, we waited for you! The weather forecast is calling for the city to nature, where you can finally sit in the cheerful company with friends, cooking kebabs or barbecue. Listen to the birds singing and enjoy the silence after the noise of the city. But what do people who do not have the ability or time to travel to the country to enjoy the classic get-togethers? That's what happened to h... This article describe tags: Russia, Moscow Park, a walk in the woods

Wonders of nature Russia is difficult to surprise someone. The vast territory rich in them. Why, I ask, to go for the exotic in overseas countries (where the crowds of tourists), when you buy a train ticket or bus — and then admire all sorts of natural curiosities. And the beauty we are very different. And there is even a kind that you'll see only in Russia and only in one place. For example, a true wilderness in the forest. I will say that it does not happen? Happen! And you can see... This article describe tags: travel, Russia, Russian nature, natural wonders

Love old movies! Here I go along the street people — normal, nice people. And between them is not, and knocks, something humanoid, monstrous fists, which the trunk as a wardrobe and a vile expression of the face, and not even the muzzle — Hari! This is an obvious gangster or Mafioso. And the surrounding, according to the script of the film do not see and talk to him, as a man, expecting him adequate human reaction and wondering why he is gangster, not human. This article describe tags: appearance of the person, criminal physiognomy

The First half of the 1970s is considered the "Golden era" of so-called progressive rock. Many rock musicians (mostly European) suddenly started to record the whole Symphony with rich arrangements and complex structure, drawing its inspiration in the classics, the folklore, the new possibilities of synthesizers. it Came to the fact that one song could occupy an entire side of the album, and the album tracks to have the separation grooves and smoothly peretekut... This article describe tags: rock music, musicians, instrumental music, Mike Oldfield

Why modern children are so hard to instill the value and love of reading? What to do in order that the kid loved the world of the printed word? For starters, let's try to speculate what gives the modern child's reading? What is its uniqueness and difference from other sources of information? we Must try to be honest. What now? A wealth of information? For us, experiencing growing up in another, "pre-Internet" era, the book was the only repository of knowledge... This article describe tags: reading books, love of reading, books, thinking the child