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Well-Known American author of self-help books Wayne Dyer once said that in neighborhoods where the unemployed live, nobody cleans garbage and broken bottles, though locals have a lot of free time. Pity for the inhabitants of the bottom, as a manifestation of humanity, supported by a false understanding of the nature of benefits and the role of random in the intricacies of fate. Became impartial to... This article describe tags: prose, spirituality, life

There are two popular opinions about the trade on the exchange. Some people think that you can earn solid money on the transactions with the currency can only professionals, others that success can be easily achieved by everyone. Of course, the truth lies somewhere in the middle- to become a successful trader you have to work hard, but to be an economist this does not necessarily. If you... This article describe tags: exchange

During the Crimean war in 1854 — 1855 years Malakhov hill became the main stronghold of the defenders of Sevastopol. But initially, no defensive structures built there was not. From this direction, from the South-East, the strike is not expected. But it so happened that the attack on Sevastopol fell from this side. ... This article describe tags: Russian Empire, name, city, interesting fact, story

Often in people who play sports, crossfit, and other types of physical culture and which occasionally happen various injuries, sprains, bruises and dislocations, the question arises: how to catch up on the bar — with raised shoulders or not? the main points: how to correctly grip a pull-up — wide or narrow, direct or inverse, to get the result and not harm the health in their training? But I would like... This article describe tags: muscle, exercise, workout, health

Spring came, and the duration of daylight increases. Slowed winter metabolism in early spring accelerated, but "winter drowsiness", which affects 90% of the population still does not allow us to cheer up. And most importantly — it is necessary to increase a reduced level of efficiency! The lack of desire to work makes meaningless the very existence and can lead to depression... This article describe tags: larks, psycho, biorhythms, people, performance, health

Many cat owners are faced with the fact that their fluffy pet from a cute kitten turns into biting the prankster that terrorizes the entire household. Why is this happening? It seems that the cat by nature is kind and gentle creature. But not all of us... This article describe tags: aggressiveness, cats, Pets, Pets, education

About witnesses who could confirm the fact of violation or non-violation of traffic rules, in articles on "Shkolazhizni" mentioned more than once. Not superfluous to recall that, according to article 25.6 CRF of AP "a witness in the case may be... This article describe tags: Protocol, traffic police, traffic rules, violation, car, traffic regulations, driver

Post (Internet) to post (religious) turns "about the food". There is no challenge, on the contrary, it would be more interesting and more correct to start. Especially that Homo named (maybe somewhat prematurely) Sapiens, started mostly with rusty... This article describe tags: post, traditions, nutrition, food, history

What is early development? When mom teaches them to read two year old toddler? When grandma forced to write letters to a baby that pencil in the hands not holding? For someone it is, but in reality everything is different. Parents as if divided into two camps. Some require to leave children alone and give them back their childhood, with its carefree games and sleep for half a day... the Other... This article describe tags: development of abilities, education, training, child

Cappadocia is a historical region in the Central part of Turkey. Here, in the land of incredible cosmic landscapes, surrounded by unique rock formations is an amazing world. In this millennial underground city going down to tens of meters, and the ancient cave churches and monasteries recall the days when Christianity only... This article describe tags: travel, ballooning, balloons, Turkey, tourism, attractions

The United Nations for the fifth time invites the inhabitants of the Earth celebrate 20 March as the international day of happiness. The UN established this holiday to emphasize the importance of happiness in life, without exception, all people... This article describe tags: humanity, humanity, society, holidays, happiness

It was in the days when the combination of the words "personal computer" was considered not only impossible, but meaningless. Why you need a home large wardrobe full of complex semiconductor circuits? For what ass... This article describe tags: computers, progress, inventor, machinery

Here come the long-awaited spring. Very soon everything starts to come alive, the sun's rays will flood the earth, green trees. Autumn and winter Blues will give way to a good mood and desire an active lifestyle. Them... This article describe tags: health, exercise, running, healthy lifestyle, sport

While you will not directly touch it, not even imagine to what heights reached modern chemistry. And it turns out... There is such aerosol packaging different European manufacturers, about the same principle of its action. And if suddenly you have it on hand, and with the wheel having a problem, get it out of the glove box and do as written in the poorly glued to a small-sized paint can with a piece of paper... This article describe tags: traffic, prose, the driver

These small, brightly colored bugs are considered pests of fruit and forest trees, but with all this respect and affection for its extraordinary architectural skills. Last summer I had the opportunity to meet with one of the members of the family of Weevils of the Coleoptera — oreshnikova trubkovich, or s... This article describe tags: Zhuk, Zoology, insects, nature