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What we don't do the quest as long as possible to maintain a pretty face! Persistently force-fed the skin with the oil of masks, magic creams, injections and other inventions beauticians. In fact, the attractiveness is not dependent on miracle treatments! Our youth and beauty depend on the posture! For example, the well-known common syndrome today...

Novel according to popular legend, Labastie — servant of Satan who leads the souls of the grieving. He enters the house in a ball of fire, takes the form of a lost wife and tempted by the devil's caresses. If the victim is cured of sadness, then a few months Lubatti takes her soul to hell. ...Blizzard was making the bed, kicked the snow, city ... This article describe tags: folk legends, the short story

Many cities have nicknames or some other popular and shortened names. Odessa — it's "mom", "dad", St. Petersburg — St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg — Eburg, and Nizhny Novgorod — just the Bottom. And here in Novgorod the Great no nicknames and short names had never been. It has always been and forever — Lord Novgorod the Great, open... This article describe tags: Veliky Novgorod, the ancient city

Vasilchikov did not stay in the favorites of Catherine II favorite very soft and very passive. And the Empress is already over forty, she's eleven years on the Russian throne. Catherine II wants to do away with the Crimean khanate, which constantly disturbs the outskirts of the Russian Empire, burning settlements, killing ... This article describe tags: Catherine the Great, Grigory Potemkin, Russian Empire

Infostil — one of the latest trends in copywriting and journalism. It was formed quite recently, although individual features of the style existed for a long time. it's Hard to say how infostil popular. He has fans, followers, even fanatics, but judging by the most advanced... This article describe tags: copywriting, journalism, office

Ilya Repin finished a portrait of Peter Stolypin in 1910, shortly before the death of the policy. Many mysterious rumors were accompanied by the works of the great painter. "When Repin painted my portrait, I jokingly told him that if I was a little severnee, never dared posy... This article describe tags: Ilya Repin, Peter Stolypin

This year my zigokaktus Schlumbergera not pleased with the blooms, although flower buds were laid on time and expectations were high. But, unfortunately, did not. Having experienced a lot of frustration, I began to find out what it is. And immediately found several... This article describe tags: zigokaktus, plant care

The Tale "Crocodile Gena and his friends" by Eduard Uspensky was published in 1966. But the real success of the gene and Cheburashka was yet to come. It was so... go to the previous article One day Director Roman Kachanov looked... This article describe tags: Eduard Uspensky, Shapoklyak

Nuremberg — one of the most interesting cities not only in Germany but also in Europe. The first mention in history dates back to 1050. "Nuremberg Germany, Nurnberg city, Nuremberg sights" — all of these fra... This article describe tags: city description

One of the most notable styles is now considered boho. With the ability to combine the images of things of different textures, his popularity continues to gain momentum, and if you possess a creative approach in the choice of clothes should pay attention to it. the Basis of style, In a sense, this style of clothing can be considered successful by the collaboration of several styles. Among them are: Ethno. Tissue often present the ornaments and accessories used is unusual in... This article describe tags: clothing style, boho

Without doubt, among those who decided to become a mother for the first time after forty, there is a very healthy women who are fortunate enough to avoid all sorts of difficulties and complications related to age. I to this number — alas! — not exactly belong. the first, with the second child we had a long time to be in Pediatrics,... This article describe tags: choosing a name, story of life

Books Eduard Nikolayevich Uspensky I child clinically had no luck. Then I was able to read only a wonderful tale, "Down the magic river" and "School of clowns" which was released in the magazine "Murzilka". For many years I was under the illusion that Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka, Uncle Theodore, Matroskin with is heroes, solely cartoon. ... This article describe tags: Eduard Uspensky, Cheburashka, tales, history of cartoon, cartoons, USSR crocodile Gena

People, which was directed by mind or spirit has always inspired the world. But move it mostly materialists. However, often themselves becoming the rotting matter early. Quite a bit of observation and analysis to understand that we live in an era of triumphant materialism. How to Sovetsk... This article describe tags: materialism, cultural values

This article can help lovers of history and nature to answer the question: "Where to go to relax?" In this city and the surrounding area you can spend time in nature and at the same time to expand their knowledge about the era of Peter the Great.One of the Russian cities which is worth a visit — Vyshniy Volochek, a town with a population of a little more than 50 thousand people, located in the Tver region, 120 km from the regional ... This article describe tags: description city Vyshniy volochëk

Nothing on Earth comes for free. In the song, this phrase sounds different, but it works. The owners of the sites and applications, without requiring fees, earn, bombarding the user... This article describe tags: cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency mining