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March 12, 2018 in Moscow clinic died Oleg Tabakov, a famous personality, the greatest Russian actor and Director of theatre and cinema, a talented pedagogue, people's artist of USSR, laureate of State prizes of USSR and Russia, full cavalier of the order "For merits before Fatherland". Artistic Director and Director of the Moscow art theatre. Anton Chekhov, the founder and artistic Director of the Moscow theatre under direction of Oleg Tabakov ("Snuffbox" the President ... This article describe tags: people's artist, well-known personality

We are too spoiled the benefits of civilization. Our life today is too sweet. For greater sweetness in all desserts and most natural juices add sugar, although it is available to people 100-200 years ago, and was invented a few centuries ago, whereas in the days of Ancient Greece, and sweeter than honey and the people knew nothing. the Greeks sweet was the wine, and in those days their wine, they were diluted with clean cold water. Why did they do it? Too long ago it all was... This article describe tags: Ancient Greece, wine production, wine

In December of the current year, Illinois will celebrate its anniversary — 200 years ago, he became part of the United States. The state was in memory about a group of Indian tribes (Illinois, Illinois), who lived before the colonization of the current lands of Illinois and surrounding States. the Population of the state comes to around 13 million people and ranks fifth in the United States in size. Illinois has several nicknames: land of Lincoln, corn state, state of simpletons, the Prairie state. ... This article describe tags: USA, symbols, Il

The state — the guarantor of peaceful life, the bulwark of virtue, the best ever invented by human devices of co-existence... the State protects, helps, heals, and cares About... so, for millennia, the state urged the citizen. However, not all that thought and think today. 1. "The totalitarian state establishes irrefutable dogma and change them from day to day." John. Orwell. How many times have we witnessed how rfcd... This article describe tags: state, government

Remember how much time today did you spend in silence or listen to music, not watching TV or flipping through a web page? And yesterday? How often do you shield your mind from extraneous sounds? And why do the need these moments of complete silence and absolute sound isolation? I do Not argue, create in everyday life with its frantic pace, the conditions for perfect silence, except that you can high-quality earplugs. In apartments with noisy neighbors, the sounds of the street... This article describe tags: silence, impact on health

Friendly partnership or a psychological addiction? Mad passion or the pursuit of reliability and security? Or... a dozen or — and we're going to get confused in the terminology and trying to explain where is the line between one and the other, the second and third, third and fourth. Get stuck in trying to classify all the manifestations of feelings and put them in separate cells. the Idea of useless, plus each of us wants to believe (and believe), ... This article describe tags: relationship as a couple, love relationship