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"a Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" — once said by Lao Tzu. This saying is repeated very often. However, to apply this wisdom in my life is not so simple. Probably, if ... This article describe tags: overcoming difficulties, creative crisis, the meaning of life

What should you know before going to Amsterdam: how to get from the airport when housing prices are the cheapest and other useful information. to Visit Amsterdam dream of all. Some travelers associate the capital of the Netherlands with Smoking grass, the smell of which ... This article describe tags: travel, Amsterdam

Boulos Makarius Ibn al-Zaim al-Khalebi, he Paul of Aleppo, an Arab traveller and the archdeacon of Antioch Orthodox Church, wrote about what he saw in the XVII century Kolomna near Moscow: as for the descriptions of the city, it seems like this. He's the size of a city Amess, but its walls built of big stones and solid wonderful brick red, the terrible height. Its towers are like those of Antiocheia, or even better and more beautiful in its structure,... This article describe tags: Kolomna, Dmitry Donskoy

No matter How cute the songs of the debut album of THE CURE, your original sound and concept Robert Smith associates formed on the second album "Seventeen Seconds". Before you begin recording, they fired bassist Mike Dempsey, replacing him with Simon Gallup, whose bass couples... This article describe tags: The Cure, Robert Smith, Gothic rock

The Young generation is not that more recently, even landline phones were not available to all. There were areas of the city, where, except for street pay phones, and other means of communication were not. To spend in the flat of an ordinary telephone, had a few years to stand in line. the Other option is to use "communication", that is OK... This article describe tags: the telephone, old things

Despite the fact that technical progress has gradually replaced the horses of the main helpers of man, for many people, the horse is still a favorite animal. Often the horse come to the stable, just to interact with animals. There is even a method of rehabilitation of a person&... This article describe tags: tests

Not long ago I was introduced to one of the story of computer games. I'm not a gamer, so I watched and listened very carefully. And here to what conclusions I came. first, in these games you can try yourself in a variety of ro... This article describe tags: computer games, psychological problems