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Among the attractions of Paris there is a Museum with some unusual name "House of Nissim Camondo". The history of the Museum Nissim de camondo roots in Spain, during the atrocities of inquisite... This article describe tags: Musee Nissim de camondo house Museum, Paris

The Inhabitants of Staraya Russa very proud of their city and praising its visitors, suggest — what we need to look into. For me, when I was driving, the main thing was — to see the House-Museum of F. M. Dostoevsky, which... This article describe tags: house-Museum of Fyodor Dostoevsky, Staraya Russa, the town's history

Satirical-a mathematical novel, illustrating the understanding of the psychological problems of the concepts of trigonometry. Example of the unusual approach to education. Ferapont Titovich Villicus stretched herself luxuriously, feeling the elastic... This article describe tags: Novella, psychological problems

Art Deco for over a century, is striking in its expressive luxury. As designers are able to combine original and exclusive interior objects, avoiding the unnecessary frills? To know the answer to this question only after reviewing the history of this style and its inherent peculiarities. How did art Deco? Translated from the French means art déco "decorative art". It is considered that this design originated in France 20-ies of the last century. This article describe tags: art Deco interior design, creativity

This undemanding shrub, good as a hedge, and as the original vegetative Mat on the flower beds for plots of land. In addition, it will delight your eyes almost all year round and act as a natural doctor.Nothing to do with the dogwood ... This article describe tags: rozotsvetnye, cotoneaster, ornamental shrub

A Strange feeling arises when, after living a long and probably the best part of life, suddenly, like a child, meet an unfamiliar word. Previously, you had mom, dad, ask, now, — he guessed, he razvedeni. Internet &m... This article describe tags: old words, Lviv, jargon

Staraya Russa is a small town of the Novgorod region, the center of Starorussky municipal district, with a population of 30,000 people. It is located 90 km from Veliky Novgorod and about 200 km from St. Petersburg. Than&nbs;... This article describe tags: Staraya Russa, in the

Liquid shadows are increasingly attracting the attention of girls who are not indifferent to the novelties of make-up. Let's define what features should to consider when buying and what effects you can achieve in make-up application of this beauty product. Despite the fact that the liquid shadow is to a certain extent, new cosmetics, professional makeup artists are able to evaluate their merits. the Characteristic features of the Production... This article describe tags: new cosmetics, eyeshadow