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Once in school we were taught the poem of Pavlo Tichini "Song of the tractor driver", written in 1930, when the Soviet Union ruled the roost MTS. The abbreviation MTS is meant not of the mobile operator and not the Moscow Theatre of Satire, but just mA... This article describe tags: Ukraine, resort, travel, vacation

Why today, in the era of computerization and robotization, we again and again appeal to the heritage of the ancient world? Maybe we are bored with the modern machine age and we involuntarily directed his gaze to the past in search of answers to tricky questions of life? Maybe humanity, addressing the legacy of antiquity, are nostalgic for their childhood and adolescence, when much was unknown? the Pythagorean Theorem marked the beginning of rapid development of scientific thought and the further progress of civilization. She's a CAS... This article describe tags: irrational numbers, the Pythagoreans, geometry, BC, Pythagoras, the Pythagorean theorem, the scientists, the ancient world, mathematics, numbers

Everyone is experimenting on their children in the best of. And, increasingly, in the opinion of young parents, on their relationship with their children is influenced by psychologists. At the newly moms and dads lots of counselors, but psychologists are a unique group of untouchables... ... This article describe tags: testing, child psychology, professionalism, child

People tend to sulk and become despondent for several reasons. A bad mood is a natural part of our self, but today the sadness unpopular. Surrounding us, we demand one from others: cheerful and good mood. Do we need this "... This article describe tags: usefulness, psychological health, emotions, depression, mood

Without encroaching on the laurels of Agatha Christie, just to inform you that it is most likely a raccoon penetrated the mobile home from the roof via mauled by a falling tree aeropearl. He has mastered a comfortable living space between the ceiling and roof, between walls and outer walls to the base (skirt).... This article describe tags: prose, animals

The Phenomenon of motherhood repeatedly considered and studied by scientists, psychologists, philosophers, geneticists, and not just foreign. To motherhood regular fit from different angles, trying to explain its essence, to understand the psychology General... This article describe tags: personality development, Sigmund Freud, postpartum depression, maternal love, psychology of communication, motherhood, self-esteem, mom

Public transport in Budapest, but rather the cost of the fare is quite amusing thing. The fact that the transport tickets in Budapest and their costs vary depending on many factors. encouragingly that in the capital of Hungary there is a single ticket. By this ticket, regardless of where you purchased it, you can ride the bus... This article describe tags: Hungary, public transport, Europe, tourist, travel

Each of us at least once in your life forget to take the card out of the ATM, turn off the iron or lights of the vehicle to pick up from the seller just paid for the product or change. All these situations have one thing in common: we're wrong after I had fulfilled the basic action — received cash, make... This article describe tags: personal psychology, work on yourself, self-organization

Traditional Russian pancakes and lush Aladushkin all used to. We bake them on Shrove Tuesday, a day off, and just to treat yourself and family tasty. But the word "pancake" is familiar to many. What it is, how it is prepared and what it eats? the Historical roots of PA... This article describe tags: pancakes, national kitchen, baking, cooking

Let's be honest: I, like many users, I want to make a lot of money, of course, with minimal investment. So I can be patient, asked advice from more experienced friends and started to dig in this direction... This article describe tags: money online, independence, opportunity, success, money, business