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Grigory Orlov was serving in Moscow, where the epidemic is raging plague, where he successfully managed to organize events for the destruction of the foci of the epidemic. Returning to St. Petersburg in the light of the glory of the winner, he doesn't realize that he was preparing another trap. ... This article describe tags: Grigory Orlov, Catherine the Great

Net neutrality (Network neutrality, NN) appeared long before the Internet. This principle became the basis for the Telegraph, invented in the XIX century: "Telegrams are delivered equally, on equal terms, without attempting to discern their contents and adjust their belonging to this or that technical method of delivery." After 100 years, network neutrality was the basis for developing the world wide web the World Wide Web. In 2015, the Obama administration transferred the rule ... This article describe tags: download speed, net neutrality

Small European country, where life goes steadily and quietly, impresses with its traditions and customs. To be interesting here, and people are always welcoming and friendly. It this appears before your... This article describe tags: description of city, Prague

In Concluding my review, I left for a snack the most interesting, from my point of view, the new foreign music 2017. But of course I heard not all, but first of all that dangling, so to speak,... This article describe tags: music hit, foreign music

A Variety of toys help kids learn about the world, to develop motor skills and imagination. Dolls, cars, puzzles, designers... every year the number of toys in a child's room increases, and it is time to think about the rational storage things. the First thing you should pay attention, looking for a place for Teddy bears and a collection of small cars — how comfortable is your child to reach in and remove the toys. To accustom the child to order a hundred... This article describe tags: children's room, storage room

This evening, the thermometer outside the window sank lower. The mood also became cold. Pauline really wanted to make the outline of a new story in your favorite notebook. But the thoughts took another direction. Approaching date, which was perceived with no small degree of antipathy — birthday. Many... This article describe tags: birthday, memories of childhood