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There are a lot of amazing and memorable places, and one of them is undoubtedly the monastery of Mega Spileon (Great Cave), located high in the mountains of the Greek Peloponnese on the site of the finding hidden in the cave of the miraculous icon of the blessed virgin Mary Spiliotissa made of wax by the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke during the life of the virgin. According to legend, during the persecution of the early Christians, the icon was sheltered from shame in the cave located on the steep... This article describe tags: Greece, monastery, Peloponnese, Mega Spileon

Candy is a favorite treat for many. And if you are an avid sweet tooth or a chocolate connoisseur, then you'll appreciate this easy recipe for chocolate candy. I love chocolate. No, not so. I love chocolate! Like absolutely everything in it: color, smell, taste... Sho... This article describe tags: cooking recipe, chocolates