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This story, or rather extravaganza, was conceived by Alexander green in the distant 1916. A beautiful story about a dream come true for a little girl first, and then an adult girl who wouldn't stop believe in miracles. Few people know that the tale was written by a writer in the famine years in Russia, when Soviet power has not yet been definitively established. The muddy streets wandered poor and hungry l... This article describe tags: dream, fairy tale, wonder, writers, happiness

In the article "How to avoid maternity "Groundhog day"?," I wrote about ways to dispel maternity yearning, to escape from a forced home isolation and not to lose yourself in an endless cycle of diapers, diapers and other delights of caring for young children. But not enough to eradicate the consequences — it is necessary to understand, why does that same longing and sense of loneliness among people. Not so long ago, some a few decades ago... This article describe tags: female, decree, children, psychology, family

I want to tell you an amazing story about an ancient doll, the case will become our family heirloom. so, in one of the cosy evenings, my mom, chatting about everything, looked at pictures of different dolls. Mother suddenly became sad and, with the words "Oh, my doll...", began to gather home. was Miserable and I understand why mom's sadness. And it was this ... This article describe tags: dolls, dreams, toys, family

To Live in a house called Hill Trolls (Troldhaugen) — binding to something. Trolls, whether "real", whether the virtual creature is not the most pleasant and even downright malicious. the Mysterious fantasy of the North — something that was not in European romanticism. Trolls and other mythical creatures of the North... This article describe tags: classic, composer, Norway, North, musicians, music

When comes the time of exams for pupils and students, probably, each of them experiencing psychological stress. And it is absolutely normal for the organism in a stressful situation. In mild emotional stress R... This article describe tags: rules of conduct, students, student, training, study, exam

The Expression "In food we trust" became a symbol of the current era of abundance of food. People's thoughts are busy with your food. Some have elevated food into a cult, others see the food is the worst enemy of harmony. I propose to stop this vicious circle forever. Food for us, not for food! Food is a vital necessity, ... This article describe tags: food, healthy food, food health

Cozy grandma's kitchen, the window wide open right in front garden-flower bed, round antique table, a samovar on a warmer in the form of a widow, as if descended from the paintings of Kustodiev, a porcelain Cup, which ran scented tea, and sugar... Milk, freshly brewed, and certainly in the bowl with tweezers... And so one day I decided memories vprikusku with sugar, or Vice versa, they decided to try to cook this simple treat, so firmly associated with childhood. This article describe tags: sugar, prescriptions, comfort, history

— Mom, look, all the balls flying in the sky, and only my not. — Oh, baby, let him go! what you would like to be free? From bad memories, bad habits, destructive emotions, people pests? I'm sure you know how important it is to be free! Here are some of the air exercises from the book "learning to let go. Simple practices", may they bring you a little levity. What's up with you?Many years chronobiology... This article describe tags: psychotherapy, freedom, psychology

Beauty and the Beast — the old, old world story, bypassed many countries. In the romantic tradition, however, the Monster is often endowed with good human feelings thanks to the Wonderful and Kind Beauty to the end of the story are evident. The long history of the plot proves in some way its vitality... Gothic romance, frankly, is not my favorite genre. But manage to find a Gothic story in a Grand, even a little... This article describe tags: Opera, theater, France, legends, attractions, music