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Sometimes you want to send everything far, far away and buy a round further than even the damn middle of nowhere. Then Rome, then Berlin and Santo Domingo. I want to go where there is no Internet, cars and people. Where I work simple instincts. You're hunting, you hohotat... This article describe tags: reviews, film distribution, films, art, cinema

Cats, fluffy and smooth, gentle and Moody, restless and lazy Asses... Charming meowing creatures that many of us have settled in the houses and in the heart. And interesting facts about them great many. Test your knowledge with our test. ... This article describe tags: tests

The Mist creates a strong distortion of the objects, change the distance and color. If the fog is strong enough and, among other things, in the middle of the night, you should think: do not postpone a trip till the best times? But if you go all the same need, you have to take the risk, only a novice driver to the distortion of reality can lead to disaster. Although the fog is not just a beginner can get hurt, but experienced, so this subject is serious and must be painstaking research. History "And the inter... This article describe tags: traffic safety, fog, driving, difficulties, cars, humor, safety

Vera Alentova and Vladimir Menshov — these names in the minds of the Russian audience always inseparable. However, not all was wonderful in the beginning of their career, and family happiness of this couple in his younger years, has repeatedly come under threat... Vera Alentova — old actress. She was born in exile acting family, which was exiled by the Soviet authorities in the Northern city of Kotlas for belonging to a noble family. Parents got a wonderful cast... This article describe tags: USSR, Directors, biographies, Actresses, art, cinema

Three lakes in the Bykhov district of the Mogilev region, in the village of Grudinovka are located in a very interesting manor house of the XIX century belonging to the counts Tolstoy. Here for a long time lived with the Tolstoy family and their estate preserved until now. once this place was famous for its gardens... This article describe tags: monuments, architecture, Belarus, travel notes, places of interest, tourist

Cooperation of Alla Pugacheva with Marc by Mykovam was successful. Interestingly, when Minkowski came to the singer to show the ballad "don't give up on love" with him the meeting was attended by another composer Eduard hanok with his "Song of the first grader". According to the memoirs of Khanka, after a meeting minkow said: "I think your song is not really good for her". At first it seemed that my colleague is right. His "finest" hour "Song ... This article describe tags: USSR, biographies, celebrities, songs, popular, show business, music

Once in high school English class we argued the choice: private house or apartment. Remember voodushevlenno speech to your classmates about what the block is like a beehive where all the fun and live together. Other argued. You can make friends and across the street, living in a private house with its own garden and shop for get-togethers at the gate. the Modern high-rises too, as a hive of bees, each of which ... This article describe tags: prose, people, neighbors, communication

If someone rages ever Russia, not America, and our liberal intelligentsia. And not the most oppressed part of it. the Lawyer Navalny, who all his life someone worked, changing one employment to another, without achieving success. This article describe tags: prose, politics, society

Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830) — English painter, portraitist. The son of an innkeeper. When he turned 18, he moved to London. At the time, he was already a famous portrait painter, the first Royal order — the Queens portrait... This article describe tags: portrait, biographies, artists, paintings, painting, art

Arnik opened his eyes and blinked. Bright rays of the sun penetrated into the room through the open door of the loggia, for a moment blinded him. "Slept through the sunrise, this has not happened," thought the boy, wearing shorts... This article describe tags: prose, tales, desert

Long Ago, when kings and princes wore fluffy clothes to dazzle and amaze others, people believed that the beautiful plumage of some birds was given them as a magical gift — a token of gratitude or mark the heroic deed. the Arab chroniclers tell us that king Solomon gave to the hoopoe, the Golden crest. One day, Solomon, the wise and mighty king of Israel and Lord of all mages flew over their country, educa... This article describe tags: legends, birds, appearance, nature

Modern interiors in most of them suggest the presence of very limited bathroom space. Partly because of that, and sometimes following the fashion trends, most people prefer a shower... This article describe tags: shower, plumbing, repair

As the former analyst of the Central intelligence Agency Morgan Jones in the book "problem solving manuals special services", there are seven features of consciousness that have the most negative impact on our ability to analyze and solve problems. Most of them are not controllable, and can change, but knowing them will help you to make fewer mistakes. 1. The emotional component is No secret that emotions prevent us from thinking logically. Often we rash... This article describe tags: self-education, personal psychology, work on yourself, problem solving

Ivan Petrovich Kulibin from childhood surprised contemporaries with a natural wit and an inexplicable attraction to the art. His first mechanical passion steel watch. Nizhny Novgorod in the eighteenth century was a major trading... This article describe tags: Russian Empire, a biography, inventor, history

Our life is unpredictable, and sitting behind the wheel of a car, you make it even more unpredictable. No matter how good your car, no matter how many trendy "bloat" it did not stand still, they're a big piece of metal (excuse me for the comparison). I do Not argue, much depends on the quality of the "iron horse" and the skill of driving, but still, there is always the element of unpredictability. Too many factors impact on you ... This article describe tags: accidents, traffic, cars, accident