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During repairs in the nursery one of the most important design elements is the Wallpaper. But the first thing you need to correctly choose to fit the interior and like the owner of the room. Choose Wallpaper for the nursery is much harder than in any other room, since it is necessary to consider the age of the child and his personal preferences. the Basic nuances of design glass,... This article describe tags: bedroom for child, the color of the Wallpaper, room decor, interior design nursery, baby Wallpaper, choose Wallpaper, children's room

It was not even in my youth, but rather — in childhood, in those days, when mobile phones, there was still no hearing, nor spirit. Venya by this age considered themselves to be already quite an adult, but how to prove it REB... This article describe tags: wrist watches, childhood

Tell me, is there someone who would like their friends and loved ones harm? Unlikely. On the contrary, it is a pleasure to care for them, help them, protect them and to protect you from all sorts of trouble. We can even take the tasks that are difficult and unpleasant for them. The fact is that we sacrifice ourselves for them. to Help loved ones is unconditional... This article describe tags: psychology of communication, learned helplessness, self-help

A Bank to "burst" the next? Bank "knockout game" in a big way is already a few years, with each new round of ruthlessly "cast out" all the larger banks from the playing field. A series of Bank scandals makes us seriously concerned for the safety of their savings and to remember a textbook phrase: "Keep ... This article describe tags: saving, money storage

For some reason, late autumn and winter occurs particularly acute desire to buy a new plant. This often happens when you step on the dreary long night. Probably due to the absence of bright colors on the street, and the soul asks of celebration and delight for the eyes. And then the legs themselves are in flower.... This article describe tags: winter plants, house plants, indoor plants, buy plants

The UK has a rich history, preserved for us many unusual facts: the British Empire was the largest government in the history of mankind, and had colonies on all continents, and English for over a hundred years of domination of the Empire actually became world in many spheres of life. Make sure you know about Britain? ... This article describe tags: tests

Decorative, interior or stabilized moss yet not often used in floral decoration. It is used so rarely because few people know how to unlock its potential. it's a stretch... This article describe tags: indoor plants, interior design, moss, ekostil

In November of this year marks the 50th anniversary of the song of course and rightfully holds a special place in the pop culture of the last decades, rising to the level of something more significant. The story of the song is a bit complicated, had a hand in its creation many. First French pop composer Jacques Revo writes in 1967, the song from cat... This article describe tags: history of the song, popularity

Not so long ago in the list of interests of our craftswomen appeared new passion — creating a topiary. This kind of contemporary art is incredibly fascinating, and the result is the so-called "tree of happiness", or topiary — not only pleases the eye but also can serve as a great gift with a hidden wish. the legacy of the Renaissance the Name of this form of art moved from the sphere decorative garden art. The word "topiary”... This article describe tags: contemporary art, topiary, interior design

Don't know about you, but I'm in my thirty-five years in Santa Claus believe. First, everyone needs someone to believe in, and secondly, who, if not this cute grandpa, puts me under the tree every new year's night a lovely gift? And who, if not he draws in frosty night, the patterns on the window glass? after visiting the Great Ustyug, I realized that not in vain... believe Santa Claus exists, he lives... This article describe tags: Veliky Ustyug, Santa Claus

People are always interested in the origin of the different phenomena of nature — whether frequent regular rain or the extraordinary beauty of the lights in the sky. And today there remain many unsolved mysteries of nature, the inexplicable events that attract the attention of human... This article describe tags: tests

Have you ever seriously on what is a long-term basis and that even happy marriages? Yes, love, Yes, respect, Yes, of course, children, affection, habit, finally... All the way. I'm not so long on their own experience convinced that the cornerstone of our tandem is another one, not mentioned in this list feel. About him and will tell... This article describe tags: humor, family happiness, the story of life

Sadly, some people absolutely don't care what atmosphere they create around themselves. No-no, is brawler, eager to vent their negative emotions. As a result he calms down, and his companion could not regain composure. Then the cycle repeats again unpleasant... This article describe tags: negative emotions, emotional balance, self-control, psychology of communication

About November in most plants, a period of rest. At this time, they stop growing, slow down the metabolic processes in tissues. Therefore, the watering of plants at this time is fundamentally different from the summer. In the period of intensive growth and during the bloom... This article describe tags: house plants, indoor plants, watering plants, winter plants, house plants, a period of rest, the roots of the plants

In may 2017 I had a chance to do a little volunteering at the animal shelter. I never thought that there I would have to have conversations on literary topics. Nevertheless, with one of the employees we talked about Chekhov, about the history of the writer. to Move to the first article And again... This article describe tags: story writer, Anton Chekhov